Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 8/01/17 #60

Episode 60: Manara, armada de coraje

Moisés thanks Manara for being there and introduces the lawyer.

Before Manara’s ready to talk in front of the lawyer, she asks to speak to Mateo and Moisés alone. Arias makes himself scarce.

JC Records

Oh, what a treat (*snort*). Rafa’s playing Yo Solo Quiero Cantar for Isaac, El Mayor, and Gisela. For a second there, I thought it was just an ego trip, but this is the song he wants El Mayor and Gisela to record so they can put it on the radio. El Mayor thought they’d be singing one of his, but OK. He and Gisela take off.

Isaac says he’s really going to sign them and write a song for them, just to get to Mateo? Rafa says if he’s signing them, he’s not giving them anything for free!

Uh huh. And speaking of business, he’s partnering up with Treviño’s…oh, sorry, Matamoros’ station..since they both know he’s going to get everything.

Rafa smarms about it being the beginning of a fusion between businesses. And Isaac can be in on it from the beginning.

Isaac’s more concerned with getting an answer to the question he asked on the phone. He wants to get the answer face to face–did Rafa have something to do with the death of his brother?

Rafa laughs at him for asking. He already said no! He’s not capable of it.

What about Amado?

Rafa suggests he go ask him.

Sounds like a good idea to Isaac.

Rafa asks who’s putting ideas in to his head–Mateo? He’s poisoning Moisés against Rafa. The mayor isn’t going to like them sullying his reputation. Isaac needs to decide what side he’s on–theirs or Mateo’s?

Amado’s office

Amado explains to Canseco that Rafa’s with Isaac, trying to get information. Canseco says they might not have to. There was a plane rented by a company connected to Moisés and it’s waiting to go to Los Cabos. He thinks they’ll find Moisés soon.

Canseco doesn’t have as many friends in the Houston police department as he’d like, but Ramón is discreet. If they’re in Houston, they’re planning something. There’s nothing in their name, no hotel reservations.

Amado warns him to take care. He can defend himself against an accusation, but it’s better to avoid the scandal. He wants Canseco to ask around at the courts and see if anyone’s been asking about him. Canseco’s sure they’ll have news soon.


Moisés is sorry he doesn’t have anything more to offer Manara but water. There’s beer, but it’s early for that. He starts reminiscing about the previous house and how it was full of toys and kids running around when they first moved in…here it’s just going to be him and Celestina. They want to leave the past behind.

Manara’s been getting teary-eyed as he talks. She knows he needs more than just to change houses to do that. His mind needs to be at peace. He needs justice.

Moisés agrees. And Mateo told him what Manara wants to talk to them about. Why didn’t she do it before?

Manara says she couldn’t. She was living with Amado’s threats. It wasn’t until she started making music that she could get out. They’ve both helped her and now she wants to help them. She owes them.


Valentín and Básico are still hearing noises approach…annnnnd it’s Chalino and Cafre. They get a laugh out of Valentín and Básico being so scared. They probably thought it was Matamoros coming to get them!

Chalino brought their instruments to keep them entertained. Cafre’s doing better. So now they’re just waiting for Mariscal.

Mateo’s off in el gabacho (the US). Hey, as long as he’s not in LA! Valentín asks if they’re safe here or if they need guns.

Well, Cafre could get them pink elephants if they want, but first they have to wait for Mariscal.

Básico suggests they relax with some music…as in going to see El Mayor’s gig and paying him a visit.

JC Records

El Mayor and Gisela rehearse Yo Solo Quiero Cantar. Raquel’s all set to have them record it, but El Mayor starts giving her attitude about they still have to talk to the musicians and see what kind of arrangement.

Raquel tries to convince them the longer they wait, the worse it will be for them. Rafa wanted to start playing it right away.

And Rafa also said he wanted them to sign an exclusive contract first.

Right, well, Gilda has to review it first, so why don’t they finish recording the demo….

El Mayor, who’s been dismissively calling her “honey,” says there’s no point rushing. If he doesn’t have a contract, he doesn’t record. And he’s got another offer, Rafa knows. So right now he’s taking Gisela to Mexico for their gig and she can stay here and fix this. OK, honey?

In the lounge, Isaac is asking Rafa about his “bonus” so Rafa pulls out his checkbook while Isaac talks about them always having an affinity for each other and they can deal with this “team” thing later, but right now Isaac needs support in the form of that check. Rafa hands it over and says Isaac’s going to have to cash in the Bahamas. Isaac’s impressed with the amount–is his conscience that dirty? Rafa tells him to just take it.

Raquel comes in and announces that Gisela and El Mayor won’t work without contracts. Plus he warned her he had another offer. Rafa assumes it’s from Megavisa, just to screw him over. He tells Raquel to just do a contract with the amount he said and Gilda will sign it.

If Gilda’s on her way then Isaac is leaving. Rafa reminds him this is how the business is–he can’t let opportunities pass. What side is he on?

Isaac says Mateo’s always wanted to get what’s his and he does anything to win.

Rafa says it’s Mateo couldn’t get Manara, so he’s making up this story about him and Amado to defame him.

Isaac agrees his coartada (excuse) about Manara sounds convincing. But he’s worried about a different loose end. Nothing to do with Manara or Mateo or the label. It’s Leticia. What is Rafa going to do with her?

Rancho Zabala

Leti and Neto get back from picking up a horse. Neto shows off the console display for backing up the truck and trailer. (Seriously, Ford, how much did you play for all the product placement and you didn’t push Telemundo to keep this on the air?)

Leti doesn’t understand why Neto drove this horse himself, so he explains…it’s hers. Leti thinks it’s pretty, but she wanted to talk about something more serious. She does love the horse, though. She asks permission to touch it and Neto’s like “It’s your horse.”

Leti has to be honest, she doesn’t respect Rafa. She knows he’s doing business with Amado. Neto assures her that they won’t mess with him or her.

But he’s going to be defenseless. They’ll ignore any deals they had with him. He saved her life once and now she wants to return the favor and look after him.

He tells her the lawyers have it all arranged, but where Leti comes from staying calm is a luxury. She’s not going to let Rafa take what’s Neto’s, or his grandsons’. Doesn’t he trust her? Who could be better? His grandsons are young, Itzel hasn’t left the house, and Leti doesn’t just need his trust, she needs power. She asks him to think about it.


Manara explains she kept quiet because of her sister. Amado threatened her and she thought if she said something he would hurt her. Julia doesn’t know anything. They lost their mother when they were young. Their mother wasn’t married and when she died, Manara thought she and Julia would be separated. But Amado adopted them both.

She didn’t even know her mother had another son. He just showed up with papers and a DNA test to prove he was their brother. She thought he was their savior, but he locked them away so his enemies couldn’t get to them. They were prisoners.

He didn’t let her make music until recently–and only because Rafa was her padrino, Mateo adds.

Once he got into politics, he wanted Rafa’s support. He offered her to Rafa like merchandise, but she wouldn’t submit. That’s where the war with Amado started. He threatened to hurt the people she loved. He had killed Julio César to get Selva–Mateo adds that he also got Treviño’s companies–and he told her to make her an accomplice and to keep her away from Mateo.

Moisés asks if she thinks Rafa was involved in Julio César’s murder. Manara says that he’s always denied it, but she’s sure he was involved.

She understands how Moisés feels, but before this gets out she needs him to assure her that her sister will be safe.

Moisés gives his word and asks her to trust them. They have to prepare their accusation as quickly as possible. He sends Mateo to go bring the lawyer back in.

Casa Matamoros

Julia’s going out and Agustina asks if she’ll be back in time for dinner. Julia says she’s not. She’s going to Megavisa’s school and then meeting Amado for dinner. Agustina asks if Amado wanted that.

Julia accuses Agustina of trying to watch her, or wanting to know so she can tell Manara and Manara can keep controlling her from a distance.

Agustina says Manara has never wanted to control her. Any freedom Julia has is thanks to Manara. Manara loves her more than anything and she doesn’t deserve this.

Julia’s just tired of everyone telling her how to think and how to feel. She’s starting to listen to everyone’s “versions” of what’s going on in this house so she can draw her own conclusions. In that case, does Julia want to hear hers?

Agustina talks about how when she first got to this country, she met Amado. He gave her a job. He had just adopted Julia and Manara and asked her to take care of them. She had no idea what she was doing, but they were like a family.

Julia remembers that. She thought Agustina was in love with Amado.

Agustina was, for years, but it hurt her. Amado is selfish. That’s why she doesn’t want Julia to let him manipulate her. Manara has legal permission now for Julia to be with her–so she can learn from Manara’s experience. They should be together. It’s what’s best for her.

Julia, annoyed, points out that she just took time to listen to Agustina and Agustina used it as an opportunity to tell her what to do. Is it too much to ask to let Julia decide what’s best for herself? Agustina backs off and says Julia’s right.

Rancho Zabala

Nico tells Santi that Sabrina’s in the hospital. Her aunt called and said she took a bunch of pills. Santi asks if it was a suicide attempt, but Nico doesn’t know. He knows Sabrina hit Julia and apparently Julia went back to her place to hit Sabrina….

Santi warned him what he was doing was risky.

Nico tells him that Sabrina said Julia threatened to have her deported. She’s got problems with her visa.

Santi doesn’t believe Julia would be capable of that.

“Well, you know how women are.” (Shut up, Nico.)

Santi says Nico would know better than he would. Speaking of that…he’s been thinking about what Nico said and he’s going to work on a song with Leti and see if she can help him tell grandpa “you know what.”

Nico’s glad, but why doesn’t he just tell him? (Dude, this was your idea!) Neto needs to know who he is. Santi’s going to be his successor, and that has nothing to do with Santi’s sexual “preferences.” The world has changed. Neto needs to understand that.

JC Records

Isaac doesn’t manage to leave before Gilda catches him. He claims he was just there trying to get a job as a singer, since they’re signing so many artists and they’ve got this alliance with the Treviños. What? She didn’t know? See how Mateo doesn’t do his job well!

Gilda says they have to talk, but Isaac says if she wants to know what he discussed with their dad, she’ll have to ask him. He’s thrown Isaac out of the label, but Isaac’s feeling better than ever. He’s freer than the wind!

Free enough to go after his brother’s “woman”? Since he couldn’t get the label, is he going after his nephew’s money?


Manara’s willing to make her testimony confidentially so they can prepare their strategy. The lawyer asks permission to record and sets his cell phone on the coffee table. He asks Manara to tell them what she knows about the death of Julio César Solar.

Manara says her brother, Amado Matamoros, confessed that he was the autor intelectual (mastermind) of the murder of JC Solar. She doesn’t know who actually killed him, but Amado never works alone. All his businesses are a façade for his dirty dealings. Since he went into politics, Rafa has been his partner.

Amado’s the guardian of her sister and he’s threatened to hurt people if Manara doesn’t do what he says. She doesn’t have any evidence against him. She knows he’s an arms dealer and his construction company uses undocumented workers. His right hand, David, told her, but Amado killed him.

Mayor’s office

Gloria comes in and asks Amado if he’s worried about something. He says he’s the mayor of a huge city. He’s worried about everything.

Gloria reads out his agenda. He’s visiting a special education school that’s re-opening their auditorium. He’s inaugurating a new transportation line that’s all eco-friendly, so that’s going to get lots of press…. Amado asks her to make time in his schedule for Julia this afternoon.

Gloria’s on her way out of the office as Canseco arrives. He’s found out that Mateo’s parents sold their house in Houston are looking for a new apartment, so he figures if he checks with all the real estate agents, something in the last month has to be theirs.

JC Records

Diego sings Mejor sin Ti for Rafa. Rafa’s ready to record it right away. (Hasn’t this song been “ready” for months?) His phone buzzes.

Amado’s on the other end, looking for an update. Rafa says Isaac would do anything to screw Mateo over, but not his dad. He’s sure they’re together, though?

Amado says they’re in Houston. He expects more information when he calls later.

Rafa asks if he knows where his sister is.

No. He knows Rafa’s upset because he let Manara manipulate him, but it won’t be the same with him with him, he has her under control. Rafa doubts that. Anyway, he’s gotta work.


Manara’s phone starts buzzing. When she says it’s Amado, Mateo tells her to answer it.

She’s afraid to. He already suspects her. He doesn’t know she’s here, but he doesn’t trust her. She had to sign her Megavisa contract behind his and Rafa’s backs. She says that’s when the problems and the…revenge…started.

She explains that what happened to Gilda was meant as a threat, to get her to stay away from Mateo.

Moisés says the attack left her unable to get pregnant. Isaac said he recognized the attacker, but he swears he’s dead and he didn’t know his name. Mateo scoffs that Isaac would say anything to keep from looking like he’s involved.

Arias asks if Mateo thinks Isaac is capable of hiding this information. Yes, Mateo believes he’d do anything.

JC Records

Isaac whines about how much longer Gilda’s going to keep him here. Don’t they need her inside signing contracts?

Gilda wants him to know she’s not going to keep covering things up for him. Belinda feels awful.

“Of course! Because you’re tormenting her!”

No, Isaac’s tormenting her! Reminding her of Julio César, taking advantage of that to get closer to her. What’s their dad going to say? Or their mom? Or everyone! He wants to be the stepfather of his nephew!

Isaac says that’s up to Belinda. But he’s going to keep seeing her. They get along. They understand each other. “See ya, doc.”

He walks off and Gilda lets out a heavy sigh.


Belinda’s holding the baby, looking at a picture of the three Solar brothers together. She remembers that day JC and Isaac were working on No Sirve de Nada and she was teasing JC for seeming older than his brother.

She starts crying and tries to call Mateo, but gets a busy signal. So she calls Celestina instead.

Belinda says the baby’s fine, he misses her. She just doesn’t like hiding things from her. She told Gilda and she was looking for Mateo, but he’s not answering his phone. She knows Celestina’s blood pressure is bad, but she’s a strong woman and Belinda loves her and thinks she deserves to know….

“Tell me! You’re making me nervous!”

Well, it’s what she was worried about. Belinda and Isaac are together.


Mateo suggests a break, but after what Moisés has just heard he wants this over with. He can’t wait to get Amado in jail. Manara agrees, but they have to keep in mind that Amado has the police, the unions, judges, and through Selva, the media. Mateo wonders if they should go after Rafa first.

No, Arias says they should get them both at the same time. But without proof it’s Manara’s word against his. (So, let me see if I understand this…because he told her and she didn’t turn him in, she’s an “accomplice” but now that she’s ready to turn him in her word isn’t good enough. That sounds a little unfair.)

Arias suggests that if Manara were willing to get into Amado’s house and help them find proof…. Mateo says no. Moisés wants a clear plan first.

And then Celestina calls. She will not calm down and she has no idea what Moisés is up to, but she’s going back to LA. Did he know Belinda’s with Isaac? He seduced her. She’s going to go talk to him right away. The press is going to destroy them!

Moisés just tells the others that Celestina was getting nervous and didn’t want to be alone. She wants to go back to LA, so he’ll have to go join her. He’s not telling her anything and he doesn’t want Mateo to either. Not until they have a plan.

Arias suggests that if Moisés drops him off in LA they can work on the plane. Mateo warns him to be careful with the recording. Arias assures him it’ll be secure in his safe.

Mateo wants to go with them and make this public right away, but Manara says it’s too risky. She wants to get evidence. Mateo doesn’t want to let her.


Ramón calls to tell Canseco that Moisés isn’t going to Los Cabos after all. He’s going to LA with two other people and Ramón’s sure one of them is his son.

Canseco passes on the information to Amado. Amado supposes maybe Mateo’s coming back to turn himself in. Amado wants them to sabotage the plane so it crashes and they can rid of all of them at once.

He’s just said that when Julia arrives. Canseco leaves. She looks around and asks if this is what Amado fought for. He wanted this, Manara wanted to be a star. What’s she going to get to do? Be the little sister?

Amado says Manara’s a star thanks to him and now it’s time to help Julia.

What does she have to do in exchange? Because as far as she knows, nothing with him is free. She suggests they speak plainly.


Nico brings Sabrina home and starts asking about why she took the pills. If not for the cleaner showing up they wouldn’t be talking right now. She was lucky.

Sabrina whines that she feels persecuted. She was afraid at any moment immigration would come get her. She was desperate. He doesn’t know how it is to be thrown out of the country he wants to be in. He doesn’t know where she came from.

Nico says Julia said she didn’t threaten Sabrina, but Sabrina insists she’s lying. She begs Nico to help her. Julia’s the mayor’s sister. She doesn’t want to lose Nico. She loves him.

JC Records

Gilda tells Raquel she knows she’s just in charge of “finance” but even without Mateo here, she can tell her he won’t sign these contracts. Not for people who screwed over him, Básico, and Valentín. And what’s with this clause? It seems like an error….

Raquel says that’s her commission.

Right, but Mateo’s the one who discovered Gisela.

Well, Mateo’s not here and Gisela chose her as a manager, so it’s hers. And she already got Rafa’s signature as an artistic decision maker.

Gilda gets a call and asks Raquel to excuse her. Moisés is calling. He’s in the bedroom packing and Mateo won’t be able to hear him from the living room, so…did she know about Belinda and Isaac? Her mother told him. She’s on her way to LA and so is he, and he’s bringing Mateo.

Gilda asks if he’s “crazy.” The police and the press are looking for Mateo. Moisés says Mateo knows what he’s doing. He’ll explain when he gets there. He’s bringing the lawyer too.

Gilda says they’re both stubborn. How is Moisés going to let Mateo confront the law without even knowing what he’s being accused of? Why don’t they let things settle so he’ll know how to defend himself. And when he finds out about Isaac and Belinda, he’s going to want to kill Isaac. Maybe they shouldn’t tell him.


Mateo’s all packed and ready to leave. Manara says he’ll be putting himself right into Amado’s hands.

Mateo’s planning to make everything public. Wasn’t that her strategy? To protect herself by being famous?

But Mateo tried to kill him! Amado will put him in jail. They don’t even know what proof Amado has. Mateo’s sure he has nothing.

He calls Moisés, who’s already at the plane. Mateo’s staying. He’s been talking to Arias and he says it’s best. They’ll go to LA and figure out what the situation is. They’ll come up with a strategy and find out what proof Amado has.

Mateo says that he’ll catch up to them, but Moisés insists he’s staying. He asks him to put Manara on speaker so he can ask her if she needs anything. A plane ticket? Manara says she’s fine, she’s got a private plane someone loaned her.

Moisés thanks her for her honesty, but she doesn’t think any of the family have anything to thank her for. She’s the one who needs to apologize for keeping quiet and for what her brother did. Moisés says that’s not necessary. He understands why she didn’t do anything. Their lawyer will be in touch.

Mateo asks what he’s doing. Is this about mom?

Moisés says it’s about Isaac and he’ll fix it. “What did he do?” Nothing that would surprise them. But Moisés still hoped that one day Isaac would be the head of the family. It’s clear to him now that’s going to be Mateo’s responsibility.

Yeah, and Mateo can tell he doesn’t like it.

Moisés is just worried because he’s so temperamental–shooting at Amado, trying to get justice by his own hand.

Mateo agrees, he shouldn’t have done that. That’s why he wants to go back to LA and show his face.

Moisés says they’re not going to make it so easy for Amado. And as for Mateo, maybe they’re not the same, maybe Moisés doesn’t think like Mateo does, but he respects his courage and his strength. He’ll see him later.

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