La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 3/11/17 #84

El V

Nisa’s checking out the org charts for the Toscana to see where her dad can put Camilo to work. She contemplates Manager of Recreational Activities, but then she remembers that department was Cuchi’s downfall.

Maria Laura fishes for info about Conchita. Nisa’s known her forever–she’s organized a bunch of weddings Nisa’s been to. Like, you know Chayanne?

She organized Chayanne’s wedding?!

Well, Nisa doesn’t know but she was at a wedding that Chayanne also went to and Conchita organized it. And her assistants are the best–Nisa’s known Angelo and Tuti forever. The new one? No idea. Nisa doesn’t even know her name.


Marcela and Emi don’t seem to realize that Al is genuinely upset. She even jokes about coming alone because some things have to stay between doctor and patient. Emi says she’s kidding and they can go back to the house and he’ll fill Al in.

Emiliano explains about needing to see Mar’s previous test results and that she’s gotta be on a strict diet and take her vitamins. Al promises he’ll make sure she follows al his instructions while they’re on their honeymoon. And then he keeps rushing Mar out of there. He tries to discourage Emiliano from showing up to work on the road, but Emi’s already committed and they’re not going to get rid of him that easily, haha.

Al: *glares*

Marcela thanks Emi for everything and God for putting him in their path.

Al: “Uh huh, let’s go.”


Later, while Al and Emi are working on clearing the road in their matching undershirts that look like they’re fresh out of the same package, Emi brings up how stressful the wedding is for Marcela. Oh, not that she told him, he’s just guessing. They oughtta just run off and do it and screw the big party. Al gives him a suspicious look.


Do I even want to know where Camilo got a suit? Having his shirt unbuttoned that low ruins the effect. They do a slow-mo silent scene of Cami offering Luciano his hand to shake…or rather, shoving his hand in Luc’s face…and Luc walking away.

Road. Clearing. Grass flying.

Marcela. Hairdo test #3,487. Marcela rebels. Al walks in wishing he’d stuck to clearing grass.

Hospital. Sev. Timo. No reaction.

Lencho. Mauro. Lessons.

Silvana. Conchita. Wedding magazines. (A little late for that, isn’t it?)

Plaza. Camilo. Amadeo. Random women. Rejection.

Cami. Nisa. Toscana pictures.

Sasha. Searching. Maria Laura. Spying.

El Vendaval

The road is neeeeearly done. They’ll be ready to start delivering people’s orders. Marcela’s glad to hear it. She’s been stuck inside dealing with Conchita all day every day. Al starts talking about just running off and getting the church wedding taken care of just the two of them…

And then Mateo comes running into the kitchen to tell them there’s something they’ve gotta see.

So, out they go, in Al’s SUV. Marcela blinks like she can’t be seeing what she’s seeing.

Pipes. Lining the road for miles. Marcela’s had it. She’s ready to accuse Timo of abusing his power.

This must be the infamous Friday before the wedding, which is Sunday. Silvana’s annoyed that Luciano’s heading back to Huatulco. He says he has a board meeting. Nothing important. He’s just going to propose the idea of building a hotel in San Bartolo.

Silvana asks if that’s really it, or does he want to kick Al out of the company? Hey, Luciano can see that Al’s only concern now is the hacienda. He wouldn’t be surprised if the shareholders don’t start asking why a company executive isn’t spending his time working. Silvana reminds him she’s NOT letting him kick Al out. Luc insists he wasn’t thinking of it–she brought it up. OK…then she’s expecting him to protect Al against any complaints on behalf of the other shareholders. Suuuuuure, Luc will do that.

San Bartolo

Business is good at the ciberpanadería. And Camilo’s encouraging Amadeo to give everyone free pan y café today. Amadeo’s little speech gives him the confidence to approach Alba…but Camilo has one more test in mind before he’ll consider Amadeo ready for that. I have the fear.

Eulogio jumps and hides under his desk when Marcela, Al, and Mateo come barging in. The want those drainage pipes removed NOW! Eulogio claims this isn’t a municipal project and Timo’s out right now trying to get it stopped, partly because he knows it’s blocking them in and partly because it’s not good for Timo’s own interests either.

Marcela tries to demand that they remove the gate at the front of the property if they want to prove it really wasn’t done on purpose, but Eulogio refuses–one has nothing to do with the other. Al and Mateo have to keep Marcela from jumping over the desk and throttling Eulogio. Al and Mateo warn him this doesn’t end here.

Timo’s in his pj’s, hiding in his house and looking out the window. He asks July to tell anyone who comes looking for him that he’s not there. For reasons of national security. Possibly this might even affect Europe. July thinks this is about Octavia, of course, so Timo has to ‘fess up that it’s about El Vendaval. So the plan is, she’s not going to open the door to anyone and I guess if she does, she’ll tell them Timo’s gone to the city.

El V

Al and Marcela are so ready to knock down that damn gate, but Mateo talks them out of it–he doesn’t want them getting thrown in jail. Marcela’s head is killing her. Al sends her home to rest and calm down and he’ll deal with this.

Emilio just found out about the pipes. One of the workers fills him in. (I wonder, hypothetically, how difficult it would be to just build a bridge over the pipes.) Emi also thinks this is something Timo did on purpose.

Al gets Marcela into bed and makes her promise to get some rest. As she’s complaining about all those customers wanting their merchandise, I’m thinking Al could just tell her everyone cancelled, but that probably wouldn’t calm her down any.

Al goes out to the living room, where Emi, Alba, Mateo, and Sagrario are all agreeing this is Timo’s doing as part of his endless quest to get his hands on the hacienda. Al asks Emi to check on Marcela and Sagrario to get her some cold compresses. Alba goes to make tea and Mateo goes with her.

Leaving Silvana to tell Al that his dad split and Al to tell her they’ve been blocked in. Again!

Al gets hold of Luciano before he gets on the plane. He’s finally decided to try to ask him to have that friend with a fleet of helicopters help. But Luciano’s not lifting a finger to help That Woman and The Hacienda That Al Doesn’t Even Own. “Thanks, Dad. I knew I could count on you.” Al tells his mom that his dad’s a hypocrite.

Emi decides to give Marcela something for her blood pressure. And he’s confining her to bed. Al’s taking care of the merchandise, so she needs to focus on her health. Sagrario promises to tie Marcela to the bed if she has to. Alba threatens to guard the door with the shotgun.

The cold compresses aren’t staying cold, Marcela’s sick of tea, and she’s tired of being a prisoner in her own house. A prisoner to Conchita and this wedding she doesn’t even want and this sickness and Timo’s crap. She should be feeling free, on this land her dad left her, at the side of the man she loves.

Emiliano’s brushing her tears away as Silvana comes in to check on her. Marcela grouches that she’s not up to any wedding stuff right now. Uh…Silvana just wanted to see how she was doing is all. And let Marcela know she’s there, if there’s anything she can do.

When she leaves, Marcela tells Emi she’s sick of how Silvana’s so nice to her when she secretly hates her. Is she wrong? Emi really thinks she needs to quit trying to resolve her entire life in one day and just relax.

The wedding dress has arrived. I don’t know who thought Marcela would agree to wear that. Conchita thinks showing it to Marcela will help with her headache.

Dude, no

Camilo takes Amadeo down to the cantina, calls a woman over from a nearby table and tells her his friend here needs “servicio completo.” She’s into it, but still…gross.

Mystery woman takes Amadeo to a generic-looking room that’s definitely NOT at the Hotel Hell. Amadeo verbally says he doesn’t want to have sex with her and tries to leave, but she keeps pulling him back.

Camilo’s still waiting for Amadeo to get back from the cantina. He gets back and gives Camilo a big nod. Mystery woman proclaims him a tigre who made her find true happiness. Uh…well, I was concerned about the lack of an actual “yes” but it now appears there’s some enthusiastic snogging going on.


Al gets the workers together. They’re going to have to take that dangerous road through the cañada.

Al checks on the condition of the road before the trucks get rolling. A nervous Mateo watches his slow progress in a small box truck. The road’s barely wide enough and several large rocks go tumbling down. The guy driving doesn’t think they can do this. It gets even narrower up ahead. Al is forced to concede…and tells him to back the truck up. (AAAAAAAAAAAAH! As if it wasn’t bad enough going forward!)

Marcela’s feeling better and wanting to go help Al. Emiliano forbids it–they’ll just end up having to tie her to the bed! (Especially after she sees that dropoff into the river.) She complains about how much Al has given up and though Em has heard the story, tough cookies. She’d better let her eyes and her heart get a rest.

The intrepid box truck gets back to the staging area and Alessandro tells Mateo it’s a no-go. Al’s going to try to get the buyers to give him more time, but he swears he’ll come up with a way to get these (perishable) crops out of here.


Cristian’s at work, unable to focus on work. He calls Nuria’s doctor to get an appointment.

Nuria’s wearing her hair a little more flippy. I like it. She has tea with her mom and complains about not wanting to go to Al’s wedding. She doesn’t want Cristian to see Alba again. Who knows what could happen! Mom knows Cristian has to go, so she thinks Nuria had better get used to the idea. And start by getting a new dress so even the bride won’t look better than Nuria. Nuria looks doubtful.

The rest of the board is assembled and waiting for Luciano. Is it just me or did half the table coordinate outfits beforehand? Octavia walks in wearing red and “reminds” Luciano that she’s a shareholder. And a major one, now that she’s inherited Damiana’s shares.

Luciano wants to talk about this in the hallway. Cristian rushes out after them. He has to break it to Luciano that Alessandro and Damiana were married por bienes mancomunados. And then Octavia brags that since the divorce never happened, she inherited Damiana’s half of the bienes. (Which makes no sense to me. If they were held jointly, shouldn’t that just mean that Al gets them? This really bugs me.) Cris backs her up, that’s how it went.

Luciano’s now forced to either accept her being at the meeting or not have a meeting while he gets legal verification.

Cristian’s sorry, but there’s nothing Luciano can do about this. He and Al had plans, but then Damiana died. Luciano complains about Al’s stupidity and hopes he didn’t do the same thing with Marcela. Um, no, they did bienes separados. Well, Luc’s glad about that at least. And now he’s prepared to go back into that meeting and destroy Octavia. (What?)

Octavia asks why Silvana’s not at this meeting. Luc explains it to everyone ELSE–she’s organizing Al’s wedding. But they’re not going to talk about anything “important.” He just wants to discuss building a boutique hotel in a very pintoresco little town surrounded by vegetation and with some fabulous hot springs–Sen Bartolo Petaquillas.

Octavia snaps that the Toscana hotel chain will NEVER build a hotel there! Everyone else looks around at each other, confused.

I don’t know how Luciano planned to push this through if, as Octavia says, the company policies say they can only invest in “Triple A” locations and San Bartolo is, well, not one. Everyone at the table who’s not Luc is nodding along with her objections. Luciano tries to pull rank and says HE can make a success out of it with all his expertise. He invites them to San Bartolo to check things out. (Hahahahaha…and where are they going to stay?)

Nope, Octavia still objects. They need the resources elsewhere. Their hotel in Venice, for example, has been getting fewer bookings. Hey, Octavia’s just looking out for her interests. And everyone else’s. Why should they always do what benefits the Castelós? Otherwise why are they partners? They need to start doing what’s good for all of them and not just a few.

Luciano magnanimously agrees (’cause he’s beat) and says they’ll discuss it another time, after he’s put together a formal proposal. They can’t really object to that.

And now he wants to get to his second point. Alessandro isn’t interested in working with them anymore and he wants to buy Al’s shares. The room erupts into shocked and concerned faces.

Octavia says it’s ridiculous for Luciano to propose this. So what if Alessandro is working on other things, those are still his shares and she doubts he wants to sell. She asks Cristian to back her up and he agrees–if Al wanted to sell, he’d be here making the offer. Luciano smarmily tries to say he’s just looking out for the peace of mind of the other partners. Isn’t that what Octavia was talking about just a minute ago? Cris says selling Al’s shares doesn’t give ANYBODY peace of mind. A few guys shake their heads, agreeing with him.

Luciano starts getting loud, saying it gives HIM peace of mind that some other gold digger isn’t going to come along–Octavia objects to that, but he tells her she has nothing to say in this matter.

Cris, with saintly patience, says Al is still the VP of the hotel chain. Luciano screams that he’s never there! The other female board member who’s not Octavia is like “Can we PLEASE stop it, ’cause this is sounding like a family squabble.” The other board members agree. If Al wants to sell his shares, let him say so.

Well, Luciano still thinks the best thing is for Al to sell his shares. And Octavia too–he invites her to sell off those shares that fell so fortuitously into her hands.

Did he just…call her daughter’s death “luck”? (Um, yeah, he did. In the middle of a board of directors meeting that he made all these people give up their valuable time to attend. Make him pay, Oct!)

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