Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 8/02/17 #61

Episode 61: Otro crimen de Amado

Manara’s ready to leave, but Mateo thinks they need to have a serious talk.

Casa Mateo

Isaac gets home and Belinda’s surprised he’s not angry. Nah, Gilda “deserved it” for being so nosy. (Deserved what? Being told the truth?)

She means for telling his mom. She’s on her way now. It just didn’t feel right to hide it from her.

Casa Manara

Bianco is rehearsing Pasa La Página for a concert next week. Candelaria comes over looking for Manara and she’s pissed that Bianco gave her the day off. She’s supposed to be at a press conference with Anahí and she’s going to be “crazy” when she hears about it.

Bianco says he’ll take care of her. Actually can she ask her to come over so he can ask her to hire Julia as a dancer.

Candelaria’s alarmed. He’s put his hands in the fire for Manara and he’s burned up to his shoulders! Are they involved?

Bianco says he’s giving himself a chance at affection. He’d rather that than just the façade. When Manara gets back, he’s telling her they should speed up the wedding. With all the press it’s going to get them, Anahí will WANT to hire Julia.

Mayor’s office

Amado asks Julia how it’s going at the Megavisa school.

Uh, great? Because she’s the sister of two famous people. But he’s changing the subject.

Amado says he’s not. He knows the owner of Megavisa sees his artists as numbers, but this fusion of Selva’s radio station and JC Records is going to value their artists. (As…cannon fodder?) He’s not sure it’s worth waiting for a Megavisa contract. She’s got an opportunity right here…unless she wants to be in Manara’s shadow?

Julia says they’re not competition.

Well, he’s offering her a career. She could be even more famous than Manara. She’s going to be a big hit at JC Records. And he’s not asking for anything, he’s doing this because he loves her.

Gloria interrupts to give Julia a tour because Amado’s got a meeting. He asks Julia to think about it and they can talk at home.


Manara and Mateo have beer and talk. He understands what she went through with Amado and he’s glad she’s getting time to recover. Unlike Julio.

Manara feels guilty, not just for lying–she helped Amado to get where he is.

He was threatening her sister. Mateo’s sure he would have done the same thing Manara did.

Well, now Julia’s feeling like she’s all grown up and can make her own decisions and Manara’s dying of fear.

Mateo suggests, since he didn’t go with his dad, that the two of them disappear for a few weeks.

She can’t. She’s going on tour.

Mateo thought from the way she was talking to the lawyer, that she’d changed her priorities.

Her career keeps her out of Amado’s shadow. Being a public figure gives her protection and independence. It’s all she has.

“You have me, don’t you?”

At Manara’s tortured look, he gets up to get them more beer. Manara remembers Bianco telling her to tell Mateo they’re getting married.

As much as she’d like to run off with him, if Amado hears they’ve both disappeared, it’s going to be more difficult for them to plot against him.

Mateo suggests he come to Mexico City with her. He can hide out there and she can visit him.

Manara thinks it’s best to wait until everything’s over to disappear.

Mateo agrees that’s the smartest thing to do, but…remember when she said that time would change all his anger and hate into love? He kisses her.


Moisés explains that he told Mateo to stay and said Arias said it wasn’t time yet. Arias is fine with that–they need to be better prepared, but didn’t Moisés want him to show his face?

Moisés says there’s an emergency in LA with Isaac and he doesn’t want Mateo there. His wife just found out Isaac’s with Belinda and Mateo will kill him if he hears.

Arias is all for working that out before they get into this legal battle. The family’s going to need to stick together.

That was easier when JC was alive. He was the center of the family. It’s been harder to stay together since he died. But they can talk about that on the plane.

Amado’s office

Canseco gets word that it’s just Moisés and another guy getting on board. He tells Amado that “the Tejano” isn’t with them. Does he want them to keep going or change the plan? They can always torture Moisés until he tells them where his son is.

Amado tells him to stick with the plan. When the plane crashes and Moisés dies, Mateo will have to show up.

Canseco tells Ramón to go ahead.


The pilot announces they’re having a technical problem and the flight will be delayed another hour.

That gives Arias time to tell Moisés he’s talked to some people in the court system and it’s going to be difficult to confront Amado in LA. He’s strong there.

Moisés says they’re in the US. With solid proof they can give him a good scare.

Plus they have his sister as a spy. She needs to check through his computer and personal items for evidence. (I really don’t think he keeps any, or at least not the kind they’re looking for.)

Moisés wants to bring the case against him in Texas so they can try to get the death penalty.

But is Mateo going to agree to use Manara as a spy?


Básico wonders why they call El Diplomático “El Diplomático.”

Valentín’s like “have you never listened to the song?” He deals with good, he deals with bad, he’s a diplomat.

Right, but does he seriously have a political office? ‘Cause Básico bets it’s higher than Amado’s. He’s just a mayor.

Valentín doesn’t know, but he’s sure he has more money and contacts. That’s what they need.

Well, Básico likes the name. It’s not cheap like some of the other ones you hear.

Chalino comes in with some “candies” for everyone. Some guys dropped it off for Mariscal–it’s a bag full of guns.

But what about El Diplomático?

Cafre says he’s coming, but he’s worried because of what happened to Davis. So they’re still waiting for Mariscal.

Básico hopes he doesn’t show up on the same day as El Mayor’s concert…but hey, if they don’t want to go with him, he can go alone.

That reminds Valentín to ask Básico for Lila’s number. He knows she wasn’t at the interview with Gisela and El Mayor and he wants to know how she’s doing.

He calls and Lila’s at JC clearing out all her stuff because she’s quitting. She says everything’s turned upside down. Rafa’s got Gisela and El Mayor in here and she’s not joining their campaign of lies. She ditched Alexis, too. She’s been trying to find Mateo–is he with them?

Valentín offers to pass on a message.

“Tell him to hurry and come back or Rafa’s going to take everything.”

Mayor’s office

Amado asks how it’s going with the label and the artists.

Oh, Rafa’s contracting people left and right and reviewing documents Moisés was hiding from him. They’ve got good money coming in and between that and Amado’s dances and the fusion of the label with the radio station, that label’s going to become an empire.

Amado says he really seems motivated.

Oh sure, until Moisés gets back.

Amado tells him not to worry. Moisés won’t be coming back. Rafa looks only slightly disturbed.


They’re in flight and Moisés asks the flight attendant for a bottle of tequila. He pours one for Arias, who’s thinking about Mateo and Manara. It must suck to fall in love with the sister of the guy who killed your brother.

Moisés agrees–that relationship isn’t going anywhere good.

Didn’t Moisés ever have a love like that when he was young?

Yeah, his wife. The mother of his children. He’s grateful to God that he has the perfect woman. She’s his life.

The pilot comes in to announce that the instruments aren’t working. He just wants to warn them it’s going to be a hard landing.


Mateo and Manara are snogging on the couch. She breaks it off because she has to tell him something important. She’s marrying Bianco.

Mateo makes an epically confused face and asks her to explain.

Well, they have a strong bond.

What, they get manicures together or they’re in love or what?


Arias starts doing some serious shots while Moisés tells him that’s not going to help the plane. He laughs at Arias, saying he thought he was braver than that! He’s going to go check on the pilot and make sure HE’s not having tequila!

Amado’s office

Amado says if Moisés wasn’t conspiring with Mateo they wouldn’t have had a lawyer with them. Moisés and the lawyer got on the plane together. Mateo’s still missing, but they’re going to find him.

Rafa asks if he’s sure the plane is going to crash.

“It’s too late to cry about it.”

Rafa says they’ve got too many problems snowballing and they’re going to get crushed.

Amado asks him to please chill. It’s all going the way they want, just be strong. Does he think someone “up there” is going to punish them?! What a coward!

Gloria announces his next meeting. Lorenzo comes in as Rafa leaves.


Moisés gets back from the cockpit, asks for the bottle of tequila, takes a swig, and tells Arias and the flight attendant to buckle up.


Manara says love is a luxury. What she needs is freedom.

So she’s getting married to get freedom? Mateo still wants an explanation.

She needs protection and safety. Her brother killed his and if this keeps going, a lot more people are going to get hurt.

So she’s marrying Bianco because Mateo can’t give her protection and safety?

Well how is he going to protect her? He’s at war with her brother.

Mateo says they’re working on a strategy to get him in jail and if that doesn’t work, he’ll have the help of someone stronger and more powerful.

Is he still on about that?! He’s a musician! A songwriter! An artist! He has nothing to do with those people!

But that’s how he’s doing it. The corridos he’s writing are for this guy and he likes them, so he’s sponsoring Valentín and Básico. The fight between El Diplomático and Amado already exists. He’s going to help him rip Amado to pieces.

Wait, so he’s saying…he’s going to protect her by confronting her criminal brother with a stronger mafioso? He can’t keep fighting violence with violence! He’s going to end up in jail or dead. How’s he going to take care of her from there?

Mateo whines that in the ideal world the good guys win, but this is not the ideal world. (Uh oh, is that a hint?) In this world it’s kill or be killed.

And that’s why he and Manara aren’t on the same side. His temperament doesn’t let him think.

Mateo thinks they’re not on the same side because she wants to be away from him.

Well, why does he think she’d want to be near a time bomb. Look, why does he think she came here? She wanted to talk to his dad and the lawyer to find a peaceful resolution. To get justice. She and Mateo are never going to think the same. She’s going.

Mateo doesn’t want her to leave until she explains why she’s marrying Bianco.

Well, what does he want her to say? They could spend all day writing music and making love, but sooner or later they’d have to face reality. When they’re together, they’re vulnerable to Amado.

Casa Manara

Bianco, in nothing but his underwear, walks Anahi down the stairs. He offers her a drink, that fifty-year-old whiskey she likes.

While he’s pouring it, she picks up some hot pink headphones and asks if these are Manara’s or his. No…he wouldn’t go that far…she sniffs them and says she likes Manara’s perfume. So what did she do for him that he let her leave?

Nothing humiliating. She’s the only one who does that–like asking (demanding?) he greet her in his underwear. He sits on the couch with says he wants her to hire Julia already. Not as a singer–he’s not contradicting her. He wants her as one of his dancers.

He usually hires people who have done Broadway. Anahí wanted her in school because she needs experience.

Bianco suggests she take advantage of her being in school and give her a promotion.

Her brother will be angry….

Hey, Bianco’s asking nicely. And her dad will support her. Amado got the Treviños’ station and Rafa’s going to help him fuse it with JC Records to form a multimedia company. They’re going to start stealing advertisers.

That’s a good point, but she needs more reasons. Lots more. Bianco starts kissing her again, but Anahí says she wants to do it where Manara sleeps. (That ain’t right.)

Casa Matamoros

Julia flips through pictures on her phone. Agustina comes in and asks if she saw Amado after all and what did they talk about.

Before Julia can answer, Selva comes in and asks Agustina to make something good for dinner–her brother’s coming over before he goes to Mexico for a few days.

Julia makes a face as she leaves and complains to Agustina that she doesn’t even say “Hi” to her anymore.

Well, it’s not like Julia’s been so nice to her lately. Look, she knows she’s not supposed to care what Julia talks about with Amado, but she knows him. Whatever he said, whatever he promised her, she can’t trust him. Julia nods quietly.

Agustina goes off to make dinner and Julia makes a phone call.

Mayor’s office

Lorenzo’s checked with his contacts and he’s pretty sure El Diplomático operates out of Mexico City, so he’s going to go there and see what he finds.

Amado’s phone buzzes and he gets up to take a call from Julia. He says she just left and he’s missing her already. (*barf*) Julia’s decided she wants a contract at JC, but she wants to talk to Amado first. He’s glad she made this decision. They’ll talk later.

He brags to Lorenzo that that was the “niña de mis ojos” Julia, just like Selva is for Lorenzo, before asking him to continue.

El Diplomático owns private banks, over 100 companies–almost all in Mexico–and 14 of them do work for the Mexican government. He’s got a cement company, a construction company in Spain, a financial network with branches in Montevideo, Miami, Madrid, Panama. He finances huge political campaigns.

Amado looks through the info Lorenzo brought over and says this is bigger than he thought.

He’s lived In secret, but lately he’s been commissioning corridos, books, maybe a TV show. Lorenzo doesn’t know why that changed. Maybe he wants to get his name out there and be more popular. That might be a way to attack him–through the media.

Amado seems way too confident when he says ego is like a drug–they all want respect and veneration.

Casa Mateo

Belinda’s nervously waiting for Celestina. Isaac says his dad’s on his way home too. Why did she tell his mom if she was going to be so nervous about it?

Because she thinks she owes his parents respect like they’ve given her since she started living with them. She wants to tell Mateo too, but Isaac tells her to calm down. He’ll take care of it. He loves her.

Celestina walks in on them kissing and starts screaming at them asking if they’re stupid and have no shame.

Isaac insists he has nothing to hide and hasn’t done anything wrong.

Celestina screams at Belinda to think. What happens if they have another child? What are they going to tell him? That his cousin is also his brother. Is that the kind of family they want to have. (I cannot back you on that objection.)

No, Belinda just wants a family that’s not full of lies. (Ouch!)

Belinda tells her to check herself. She’s here because of her child and she’s betrayed all their trust by being with Isaac. Does she really think Isaac’s going to care for him and raise him? Belinda makes a seriously pouty face. (I’m going to interpret that as her knowing that Isaac would make a lousy father, but being very, very lonely.)


So, whether Mateo gets Amado in jail using El Diplomático or legally, she’s going to marry Bianco anyway? Is that what she’s saying?

Manara says he’s supporting her and she has an agreement with him.

What? An arranged marriage for publicity?

She says it’s not like that. She’s confronting her brother and Megavisa and Bianco are giving her protection. It’s because of them that she could tell Mateo the truth.

Mateo says she’s selling her soul. She should tell them to go to hell and he’ll protect her.

It’s too late. She signed a contract. If she doesn’t fulfill her contract with them, she’ll have both Megavisa and her brother coming after her. They’d rip her to pieces.

Mateo’s upset she didn’t tell him before. How could she sign a contract? What’s next, she’s going to have a kid with Bianco? Her entire life’s going to be a lie?

Mayor’s office

After Lorenzo leaves, Amado hands over everything Lorenzo found to Canseco and tells him to start gathering information on all these people. As Canseco flips through the pages one of the names he mentions is Mariscal (CRAP!). They’re all supposed to be people who work for El Diplomático.

Canseco gets all cranky again because he got all this from Lorenzo. Sure, they’ve got him trapped because he knows they can blame him for the dead guy, but he’s sure this is just a way to keep Amado distracted so Lorenzo can stab him in the back.

Amado wants Canseco to just do what he says and shut up. (Awwwww, the honeymoon is over.) He’ll worry about Lorenzo. They’ve got the dead guy and they’ve got his sister living in Amado’s house, OK? (Wanna say that a little louder in your office hallway?)

And what has Canseco done? Canseco says the plane has been in the air for a while. Amado wonders if there’s any possibility of it not crashing.

With the damage to the instruments it would take the best pilot in the world to land that plane.

Amado’s convinced Mateo will show up now. He wants Canseco to grab him when he does.


The pilot comes back to the cabin again. Moisés asks if he’s tamed the beast. The pilot sits down and says the plane is stable, but the system isn’t responding. He’s trying to waste as much gas as he can to cut down on the risk of explosion when they hit. He suggests, if they’re believers, they entrust themselves to whoever they believe in. He’ll try to land once they’re past the mountains.

An alarm starts to sound. Moisés asks if he has a sat phone–there’s no signal on his cell. The pilot hands his phone over so Moisés can try.

In Houston, Mateo’s griping that Megavisa owns Manara now. Not just her career, but her whole life. He stops his rant to answer his phone.

Moisés wants to give him a message. He’s in the plane. It’s having serious problems. He wants Mateo to tell his mother…if anything happens to him, tell her he loves her with all his heart. His sister, too. And take care of Junior.

He’s proud of Mateo. He admires his strength. He really admires him. He asks him to use that strength to keep going all the way to the end. And then Moisés hangs up the phone and the plane goes down.

Mateo, baffled, tells Manara his dad called from the plane. Something was wrong, he said to tell…he’s not answering. She suggests he call his mom, but he has to find out what happened before he talks to the family.

Casa Matamoros

Julia sits in the living room with Lorenzo, Amado, and Selva. Selva’s talking about a meeting where she got some advertisers to accept a discount of 25% off Megavisa’s ad prices. They’re going to have lots of advertisers coming over.

Amado says they still need to do that alliance with JC Records, even though he’s not happy with them after what happened at his inauguration. He knows it’s an important opportunity for Selva and Rafael.

She thinks she should more fully investigate what happened. And it’s not even the Solars, it’s just Mateo. And besides, this multimedia company would be good for him too.

Julia looks up at them smooching, annoyed, and says she’s sorry to interrupt (no, she’s not) but she and Amado had a conversation to finish and she’s got studying to do later, so can they talk now? She sarcastically promises Selva to bring him right back.

Agus comes in with tequilas just as Selva’s suggesting she and Lorenzo go out to the terrace.

Agustina’s phone buzzes. Manara asks if Amado’s at home. Agustina says he’s in his office talking to Julia. Lorenzo’s there too. Manara will tell her what it’s about later, but she needs her to pay attention to Amado and see what he does.

In Amado’s office, Julia asks if he took all of Megavisa’s advertisers to get back at Manara or get back at them.

Both. But Julia’s on his side, right?

Yeah, well, before they talk about that, she wants his help with something. It has to do with this person…she shows him a picture of Sabrina on her phone. (Ohhhhh, Julia, what are you doing?)


At Nico/Sabrinas, she finishes up some lunch. Nico says the guys are coming over to rehearse–he thought it would help distract her. They’re going to try a new song. The doorbell rings. As he goes to answer it she thanks him for everything he’s doing for her.

In the rehearsal casita, Santiago and Leti are singing Poder Y Gloria. Neto and Lucho come in to listen and Leti throws in some extra dance moves for Neto.

He thinks they get better all the time. (Right? Leti especially.) Lucho says looking at Santi is like looking at Neto 40 years ago. Yes, except Neto thinks Santi is shy. He should be letting out that smile like a Zabala.

Santi says everyone has their own personality.

Neto’s ready to do that report on Santiago being his successor. They’ll be taking some pictures in the stable. Santi says he’ll change quickly and be right there.

Lucho’s cell phone buzzes and he answers…what? When? Are they sure?


Mateo hasn’t been able to find out anything. He tried his dad’s phone, Arias’, the airport, the control tower. He doesn’t want to say anything to his family and scare them for no reason.

His phone buzzes. Gilda’s on the other end crying. She tearily tells her mom Mateo’s fine, he wasn’t on the plane with her dad. She tells Mateo the plane crashed.

In shock, Mateo says he was there, he’s fine, she’s wrong, it’s impossible. Gilda snaps at him to calm down. They’re all in the same state over here, but the plane fell in a field. The police said there were no survivors. (How are we supposed to trust them?) She has to go–mom’s not doing well.

Mateo tells Manara his dad’s dead.

Selva gets off the phone after thanking the person on the other end. She tells Amado, Lorenzo, and Julia that Moisés’ plane crashed trying an emergency landing. Julia’s busy checking her phone. Selva doesn’t see how the family can handle one more tragedy.

Julia found something that says there were no survivors. Moisés, the pilot, and one other person were on the plane, but they don’t know who it was. Could it be Mateo?

Selva tells her not to even say that! There will be lots of stories floating around while it gets investigated. Lorenzo tries so hard, but he can’t help looking over at Amado, Amado gives him a flat stare.

The police leave Mateo’s house after handing Isaac a folder. Gilda comes downstairs, saying she had to give Celestina a sedative. Isaac says they gave him these papers…the body will come back to LA…to be honest, he didn’t really pay attention. He reaches out for Gilda and they hug while she sobs. Belinda carries the baby upstairs past Celestina who’s walking down.

Isaac asks what they’re supposed to do now, but Gilda doesn’t know. They did tell Isaac that there’s no arrest warrant out for Mateo, they just want to interrogate him. But what if they put him in jail?

Celestina says that’s the last thing they need. She wants them to call Mateo and tell him not to come home and not to do anything “crazy.” Gilda tries, but he’s not answering.

Mateo watches a news report on his tablet and shuts the cover. Manara brings him a glass of water and tries to comfort him. Mateo’s starting to wonder if it was really an accident.

Selva says goodbye to Lorenzo. She’ll want his help with the contract for the fusion of the station and the label…but after what happened that will probably be postponed.

She asks Amado for a favor. She wants him to drop any warrants that might be out for Mateo. It’s really not fair right now. Amado swears that’s out of his hands, but Selva knows it’s not. He can use his power. For her. He kisses Selva and says he’ll try.

Leti checks her phone as Neto says his goodbyes to Lucho. Lucho’s sorry to have to postpone the interview . Neto says he doesn’t have a lot of time before the operation, but he’ll call him.

Itzel’s in tears. She knows this must be difficult for Celestina. Neto’s always said the family is cursed. They’ve had more bad luck than the Kennedys.

Rafa comes in and asks what’s going on. Santiago says it’s really bad news, about his partner. Itzel says Moisés’ plane crashed. Rafa attempts to make his face look appropriately surprised and sad. I think he manages “sad” but not “surprised.”

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