Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 8/03/17 #62

Episode 62: Asesino sin escrúpulos

It’s later. Mateo and Manara have relocated to the apartment’s bedroom. Sadly, no, not like that. She asks why he thinks the crash wasn’t an accident. Did the police say something?

Mateo stares at her and then starts screaming at her, asking who she told she was here.

No one! Who knows on his side?


So he thinks Isaac told someone that she was here?

No! Isaac knows he was meeting with his dad, trying to put Rafa and Amado in jail and he’s on their side, because he’s a piece of crap!

Well, maybe he’s with them, but Manara’s with Mateo. If he wants they can go accuse Amado and she’ll tell the media.

Mateo’s freaking out because he was supposed to be on that plane.

Manara begs him to just tell her what he wants her to do!

She said it–if they kept going with this someone was going to get hurt. Well, they killed his dad!

Manara asks what if it really was an accident.

Mateo tells her to leave. Tired of being yelled at, she does.

His phone buzzes. Chalino’s on the other end, in tears. He loved Moisés like a father. He wants Mateo to tell him the truth–does he really think it was an accident? Of course, Mateo doesn’t.

Chalino hands Valentín the phone. He’s sorry about what happened, but they’re with him. He wants Mateo to come to Mexico City.

Mateo checks to make sure Valentín’s not on speaker before telling him not to tell Cafre, but this is what they’re going to do…. (That does not sound good.)

Rancho Zabala

Rafa’s in the rehearsal casita singing Yo Solo Quiero Cantar to himself. He’s remembering Amado telling him it’s too late to cry about the plane going down. He abruptly stops, grabs his phone, and calls Isaac to give him his condolences.

And Isaac says “they” did it.

Rafa whines at him about letting his brother’s paranoia get to him, but Isaac hasn’t talked to Mateo. If he founds out Rafa had anything to do with this, he’ll kill him himself.

Rafa starts freaking out and unfortunately for him, Neto was right there listening. He can see he’s not the only one who suspects Rafa.

Rafa complains that Neto thinks everything bad that happens to the Solars is his fault. Who does he think Rafa is?

Neto knows he has no scruples. He’ll be getting the label now, so Neto hopes he makes plenty of money with it. He’s not leaving Rafa any if he dies.

Rafa says this is just the pretext Neto has been looking for to leave everything to that gata because he’s a viejo rabo verde. Neto slaps him.

Rafa still doesn’t shut up. He says Leti’s got Neto by the balls because she’s good in bed, which he knows because he tried her out, but she’d better not mess with him.

Neto pulls “dad” rank and tells Rafa he’d better not touch Leti, Itzel, or his grandsons or he’ll deal with Neto. He’s so ashamed of Rafa, he doesn’t care if he dies in the hospital or in jail. He has nothing to lose anymore.


From a café, Manara talks to Bianco. He’s worried about her since he heard Mateo’s dad died.

She’s sure Amado’s involved. She’s going to go ask him to his face. She’s not going to let him keep hurting people.

Casa Matamoros

Selva’s angsting over what happened to Moisés. She feels bad for Celestina and Gilda. She’d like to give them her condolences in person, but is that a good idea? Should she send flowers?

Amado tells her to do what she thinks is best. He talked to Canseco, but since Mateo never came in to give his statement, they’re putting out a warrant for his arrest. If she hears from him, will she let him know?

Selva says she will. And she’s gotta go, she’s got a busy day. Amado says his smushy goodbyes to Selva and the baby before she goes.

So, speaking of police, Julia wants to know if there’s any news on her request.

First Amado would like to know why she wants this done.

Because Sabrina hit her and humiliated her.

Amado gets that. And she’s Nico’s girlfriend? He’s surprised at Julia’s attitude. It scares him. But he’ll help.

Julia thanks him and says they can talk about her contract when she gets back from class.

After she leaves, Canseco calls Amado. Amado tells him he needs someone investigated with immigration, but Canseco has bigger news for him. His sister’s coming to LA. She was seen taking a plane in Houston. It took him some work, but he found the taxi driver who drove her to the airport and got the address where she was coming from.

Amado wants him to focus on Mateo and he’ll take care of his sister.

Casa Mateo

Belinda’s sobbing in her bedroom. Isaac tries to comfort her, but she’s not crying about his dad–she’s upset that his mom hates her. It makes her anxious. Isaac holds her anyway and says he’s the oldest, so he’ll be taking his dad’s place. He’ll take care of the business and everything else.

Belinda asks why he’s thinking about that now. (Thanks for noticing!)

Well, because if Mateo keeps up like this he’s going to jail. And Moisés always supported him and was always there for him, so Isaac owes it to him. He’s not going to let him down this time. Belinda agrees. (And there it went.)


A pair of booted feet come into Moisés’ apartment. They’re attached to Ramón. He heads upstairs, pulling out his gun, but the apartment is empty. He calls to inform someone that Mateo’s gone.

Casa Matamoros

Manara comes into Amado’s office. Here they are again. Did he kill Moisés.

Where is she coming from? Manara tries to say “Mexico City” but he calls her a liar. She was in Houston, with Mateo. They wanted to turn him in, along with “the old guy,” but Amado got him first. So now she has a problem.

Manara offers him a deal. She leaves here with Julia, Agustina, and the baby and takes them to Mexico. She won’t turn him in and he’ll never see her again.

Wrong. He’s protected, so she can’t stab him in the back again. He sent Agustina to where he never should have taken her out of. Somewhere far away from his son. And that’s where she’ll stay until Manara behaves.

Manara, frustrated, tells him to just kill her already and stop messing with everyone else.

Kill her? They’re siblings! She and Julia are his weaknesses and he’s not letting her take Julia so she should just go have her success with Bianco and take the path she chose. If she keeps messing with him, she knows who he’ll take it out on. She has five minutes to get out of his house.

JC Records

Ms. Guzman is waiting in the board room. She thinks it’s odd to have a meeting today, considering the tragedy.

Oh, it’s not a meeting, Rafa just wanted to talk to her alone. They have to make decisions. Moisés is dead, Isaac’s not part of the business, Mateo’s on the run. It’s just the two of them and Gilda on the executive board. He needs to know if he can count on her vote to get the company.

Of course. She believes in him and she thinks he’s the best person to take control of this business. But they should wait for Moisés’ funeral.

Rafa complains that they can’t wait so long. They have artists they need to launch, they need work on the fusion with Treviño, and they need to send a message that this company is bigger than the Solars.

Guzman gives him the tiniest smirk.


Cafre announces Mariscal’s finally arriving. He didn’t bring guards with him, so they’d better behave themselves. He’s their key to getting to El Diplomático.

Mariscal comes in and greets Valentín. He says he just brought some guys with him who like his songs.

Suddenly, Mateo’s there, with a gun, and he and his crew take Mariscal and his guys hostage. Mateo starts complaining about being tired of promises not being kept. He wants to meet El Diplomático, so call him and tell him to come over NOW or he can do without Mariscal and his people.

Mateo asks if they’re joining forces or what?

Mariscal’s surprised that’s what he wants. Cafre explains that he said they’d help go after Amado.

Mariscal asks his name. What exactly is he trying to do here?

Mateo says he wants to meet El Diplomático, see him face to face. He’s sick of promises. They said they’d kill Matamoros but they didn’t, because they wanted to take advantage of him. The people who killed his brother killed his dad and Davis. Didn’t they love Davis?

Mariscal thinks Cafre’s on their side, but Cafre insists this wasn’t the deal! Mateo’s getting out of line and he had no idea what he was planning.

Mariscal understands where Mateo is coming from. He’d be angry too. And they DID love Davis, so they have an enemy in common. They’re GOING to get him. He just needs Mateo and the guys to put their guns down or he won’t consider them allies.

Mariscal makes a phone call. He tells Mateo El Diplomático’s on the way.

Mateo asks if it’s really him or just some people coming to kill him.

Nope, it’s el mero mero himself. So if he were Mateo, he’d get ready, because he’s bringing a LOT of people with him.

Casa Mateo

Gilda checks Celestina’s blood pressure. Isaac wanders in and Celestina tells him she wants him to take care of getting his dad’s body. She can’t stand thinking about him who knows where.

Isaac promises he’ll do it and Gilda bitterly snaps at him not to promise anything. She thinks they should get a lawyer to do it.

Isaac complains that she’d rather have Mateo take control of the family, but he’s a fugitive!

No, he’s not. And Isaac wants to take control of the family when he can’t even even control his own life!

Celestina says this is no time to fight. If the two of them can’t agree on things then SHE’LL tell them what to do.

Now, she wants Isaac to do whatever he has to to get his father’s body back so they can bury him in peace. And Gilda’s going to need to be on her toes because Rafa’s going to try to take the label. And the two of them need to quit fighting!

Casa Matamoros

Amado’s upset to see that Manara hasn’t left and now she’s in his bedroom. She refuses to leave until she sees Agustina back here with her son.

“MY son!”

Not as far as Selva knows. Just because he helps people, he thinks he owns them. It won’t be her–destiny will show him how wrong he is. She’s not leaving until she sees Agustina.

If it gets her to leave, fine. He tells her to wait downstairs–he’ll be there soon.


Julia dances to No Perdamos Tiempo. Her teacher thinks she gets better every time. (I still think she looks like she’s marking it.) Julia suggests she record it on her phone next time so she can see what she needs to correct.

Right, but also, she can use it to promote herself to the labels. She’s already ready. Lucía agrees.

Julia confesses Manara called and said she might get hired as one of Bianco’s dancers, but she also has an offer from JC Records to be a soloist. She’d be singing, not just filling in.

Lucía doesn’t think she’d be filling in with Bianco. And she can’t compare JC Records to Megavisa. Megavisa have TV, radio, everything. Just look at Manara–she’s everywhere.

Julia says Manara took her chance and now Julia’s going to take hers. She only wants Bianco to hire her so she’ll be closer. But imagine living in the city where her brother is the mayor and she had a contract with JC records–of course she’d take that.

Lucía didn’t know Julia was so interested in her brother’s power. She was always against him.

Well, now that Manara’s gone, she feels like she has so much more in common with him. Manara’s different. She left everything for her career and Julia would rather be happy than be unhappy but have success.

So she’s staying for Nico?

Yes, but they’ve got all this distance because of Sabrina.

Lucía suggests getting to Nico through “her ex.” Julia calls Santiago to ask him to go out with her and Lucía.

Um, he didn’t have a very good breakup with Lucía. But it’s good to talk to Julia. He knows she and Nico had problems and Nico told him some things that he found hard to believe. He hears screaming and ends the call.

Rancho Zabala

Neto’s still in the rehearsal casita, having pain. He admits it was the argument with Rafa that brought it on. Santiago helps him up as Neto says they can’t let his mother or Leti see or they’ll freak out.

Lucho’s office

Lucho sets up his camcorder before answering the door and letting Alexis in.

Alexis is furious that Lucho published the news of the crash on the front page of his magazine, suggesting that it was sabotage.

It sells more that way. Did he have another suggestion? He only visits when he has orders from “upstairs” so what is it?

Alexis insists he’s supposed to be focusing on the private tragedy.

Lucho tells him to dial it down a couple of notches because this is HIS office and only HE gets to yell in here.

Alexis had no idea he was so sensitive. HE’S the one who gives Lucho work.

No, what he means is that he makes mistakes and Lucho has to fix them. That stupid “fight between the bands” story went badly for him. Valentín’s album is selling more than before. And the mayor’s angry at HIM when he only did what Alexis told him to.

Alexis tells Lucho to do as he says. That’s his job. He needs to quit publicizing Valentín and start talking about El Mayor and how Rafa’s label is going to fuse with Treviño Media. And he’s got some pictures for him (of El Mayor). He’s preparing something big…something crime-related…for the front page for him.

Lucho needs to stop complaining and do what he says because the mayor is watching him and he doesn’t like it when people screw him over.

JC Records

El Mayor comes into the label. He thanks Rafa for the contract and the opportunity…did Gilda sign it already?

Rafa says he’ll make sure she does. But he thought El Mayor was in Mexico.

Eh, he missed his plane. Too much partying. He’s on his way now, though.

Rafa says once he takes control around here, El Mayor will be singing everywhere so he’d better get used to more work and less partying.

El Mayor’s cool with that. One thing though…he thinks 30% is a lot to take.

Rafa says that’s what he charged JC and Manara and look how far they went.

But they’re not with him. Well, one died, but Manara left.

Rafa snaps that she didn’t leave because of the money, she left because she’s a trepadora (a social climber, ambitious). So El Mayor had better not say that again or he won’t even be able to use the bathroom in this city. NOW GET TO WORK!

As he’s walking out he tells the receptionist to call him on his cell if anything comes up.

Casa Mateo

Celestina doesn’t like that the pills make her feel like she can’t think. Gilda says they calm her. Does she want to go upstairs and sleep?

She’d rather make tea. She gets up and leaves Gilda and Belinda on the couch.

“Do you see why I said you should let ME tell her anything important?!” Gilda hisses. Belinda says that it was important to her too. No one could have anticipated a tragedy like this!

Sure, but she could have anticipated falling into Isaac’s net. Especially after Gilda told her so many times she was tired of it!

Belinda says she can’t control her feelings like Gilda can. Look at the way she dumped Dylan! Gilda fell in love with Isaac. She couldn’t help it.

Gilda’s surprised that Belinda’s in love. How could she?!

Belinda says she loves all of them and she loves her baby and he needs a father.

Exactly, a father! Not an uncle. Isaac’s his uncle.

They hear a noise outside and Rafa walks in. Gilda accepts his condolences, but Celestina asks him how he dares come here after what he did. Does he have no shame?!

Rafa didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, he just wanted to offer his condolences.

Well, she doesn’t want him in her house (or Mateo’s house, or whoever the hell this house belongs to). He has no idea what he made her husband suffer until the last moment of his life.

If he’d known, it would have been different.

Yeah, it’s too late for him to be sorry. He knows perfectly well she doesn’t like him. He wanted to give his condolences? He did, he’s done, he can go.

Rafa says he understands how she feels, but besides their friendship, he and Moisés were also partners and there’s a lot to resolve.

Business. Right. He can take that up with Gilda. She’s in charge. She turns to Belinda and suggests they feed the baby. She gives Rafa one last glare.

Meanwhile, Isaac’s at the airport trying to get them to release his dad’s body and supposedly because it’s unrecognizable they need special authorization? (That sounds fishy. I’m seriously holding out hope that Moisés survived and this is a scheme of Amado’s.) Isaac calls Rafa.

Rafa admits Celestina’s right, he and Moisés weren’t getting along. It was hard to separate business and friendship.

Gilda says that has nothing to do with the business, it’s his ego. He thinks everything is about him.

Rafa understands they’re going through a bad moment, but they have a lot to resolve, artists to sign…they need to show they’re strong.

Yeah, she’s got it. He wants to go running off and choose the new president right now. Well, that’s not happening. If he wants to straighten things out before they bury her dad…that, they can do.

She walks away and leaves him to answer Isaac’s phone call. Isaac wants a meeting with the mayor today.


Amado’s surprised that Manara’s waiting for him. Is she sure she wants to see Agustina? Once she does there’s no going back. He’ll wait outside for her and if she doesn’t come out in five minutes, he’ll leave.

He nearly does, but Manara runs out and says she’s coming with him. As much as he wants to manipulate her, she’s not going back.

Amado snottily says this will be a good dose of reality for her.

Manara points out the armored SUV and increase of guards. Is he worried that Mateo is going to come get revenge for his dad? Or is he going after Mateo. Maybe he has even more dangerous enemies?

Amado says after today they’re going their separate ways. He’s disappointed in Manara. He gave her everything and all he asked was her support. But she’s too arrogant and proud. She had to do everything her way and she ruined everything. She set off this war.

If there are two sides to this war, then sure they’re going their separate ways, because she’s never going to be on his. He gave her everything. He took her out of the worst moment of her life, but she doesn’t accept the person he’s become. Nothing he’s been through justifies him turning into a killer. Where are they going?

To where he got Agustina. Where she belongs. He gave her everything, too. He tells Manara to get out of the car–he needs to get to his office.

Vidal walks Manara over to a building where two armed guys open the door for her. Inside there’s a chain link cage with several people inside, including Agustina. She begs Manara to take care of José.

Manara insists Agustina’s coming with her right now and starts pulling at the lock and screaming at them to open the door.

Vidal hands her the phone as Agustina pleads with her to do as Amado says.

Amado starts off the conversation with “How are you?”

Manara tells him he’s disgusting.

Hey, he just put Agustina back where he got her. He wanted Manara to see the problem they have.

Wait, is he saying he’s going to hurt these people if she talks?

No, because she isn’t going to talk. She sees how things are and this is how they’ll stay. Vidal will take them home, like she asked. Now he’s gotta go.

Vidal lets Agustina out of the cage and she hugs Manara, crying. He tells them to wait there and hands Agustina a cloth, telling her to clean up.

Manara’s sorry. Agustina’s here because of her. Agustina sobs that she doesn’t want to be here again. She begs Manara to do what Amado wants. He’s evil! He has no soul! Look at the way he treats these people! She can’t defy him again or he’ll hurt her too.

Manara knows she’s still alive not because he loves her, but because he hates her and wants her to have to see what he does. But she can’t do it anymore. She’s going to Mexico. She’ll disappear. That’s what he wants.

Agustina asks if that means leaving Julia with him. Manara sobs.


Mateo snatches Marisca’s phone and uses it to call his mom. He won’t tell her where he is, but he says he’s fine. How is she?

She really doesn’t know. She feels like God gave her everything–a loving husband, a beautiful life–and she can’t understand why he’s taking it all away.

Mateo says his dad loved her until the end. He’s going to make sure life doesn’t take anything else from her.

Celestina tells him she doesn’t want to lose him. He needs to take care of himself. Where is he? What’s happening?

Mateo says goodbye and hangs up on her.

Valentín announces that there are a bunch of trucks outside.

Well, this is what they wanted, right?

A bunch of guys in suits come pouring in and Mariscal screams at everybody to calm down. They have to put their guns down.

Mateo says he will, as long as they do. Mariscal tells everyone to lower their weapons.

But Chalino, holding a gun on Mariscao, refuses. Cafre shoots him in the arm. He angrily announces that they screwed up and now they have to pay. Mateo grabs Cafre’s gun, puts it to his own head, and tells Cafre to kill him already.

Mariscal tells him to calm down! Sorry to disappoint them, but El Diplomático’s not coming to see them. Mateo, the troublemaker, is coming with him.

A couple of guys escort Mateo out with Mariscal.

Casa Maramoros

Julia gets home and Petra happily tells her if she’d been home an hour earlier, she would have seen her sister. Selva hears that as well. It looks like Julia’s about to throw a fit because Selva says it’s good news, but instead she asks to talk to her.

She apologizes for the way she treated Selva before and she wants to ask for help with something, but she doesn’t want Amado to know.

Amado said Rafa would sign her at JC and she thinks that’s best for her. That way she could live here and be close to Selva and her friends. She wants a career as a soloist, but she needs to get free from Megavisa. She had to sign a contract for school (as a minor?) and she’s afraid they won’t let her out of it.

She didn’t tell Amado about it because he’s busy and she wanted to do this on her own. She heard Lorenzo was going to Mexico and he’s a lawyer, so can he help?

Selva agrees. And they won’t tell Amado. Julia’s right, the fusion is going to benefit both companies and she’ll have a great future there.

In her room, Julia looks at the pictures on Sabrina’s generic Facebook substitute. Amado calls her, happy that she’s made peace with Selva. And Selva’s happy that she’s staying and signing with JC. Did she tell her about the fusion?

Yes. And what else did Selva say?

Was there more?


He’s calling about the favor she asked. Sabrina has some problems with her visa, but he doesn’t have any info on her. He asks for her address so he can send immigration to go pick her up today. (Aside from it being a shitty thing to do, if she does this, Nico’s going to know it was her. Sabrina’s name isn’t on that apartment.)

He ends the call when Rafa walks in, saying he’s got a meeting. Rafa tells him he’s sorry to interrupt, but if they can get this guy on their side, he can guarantee he’ll get the label.

Julia looks at Sabrina’s profile.


Neto’s doctor says the pain he’s feeling is due to a perforation in his large intestine. He’s going to have Neto admitted to the hospital now and move up the operation. It’s a delicate operation, but they’re sure it’s going to well. He needs to have everything ready in case it takes a long time to recover.

“You mean in case I die.”

The doctor makes a “No!…Maybe.” face.

Mayor’s office

Rafa ushers Isaac into Amado’s office. Amado gives his condolences and invites Isaac to sit down.

The last time Isaac saw him was at his brother’s funeral. They always seem to see each other when bad things happen.

Hey, as long as Isaac’s with Rafa, that makes him a friend.

Isaac’s here to get help getting his dad’s body back. And since he’s here, they might as well talk business.

Amado pledges all his support.

And what about the truth? Will they tell him the truth? Because Isaac has a lot of questions and he wants them to tell him to his face.

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