La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 3/14/17 #85


Yep, Luciano just called Damiana’s death “luck” and Octavia’s having none of it. She tells him to shut his mouth and not even bother trying to walk it back.

Octavia calms down some, but Luciano still wants her to consider his “offer.” Pfft–of course she won’t, just like none of the other board members would. He’s just trying to keep the Castelós in power.

Well, yeah, and he thinks they’ve done a damn fine job of running this place. It IS his family’s business, after all.

Octavia corrects him–the business belongs to more than just his family and he’d better quit trying to push them aside. The other shareholders grumble in agreement. In that case, Luciano’s taking his marbles and going home.

This gives Octavia an opportunity to take charge of the meeting and assure them the Toscana is going to enter a new era. Cris looks disturbed.

Luciano complains to Cris. His main objection to Octavia seems to be that she dared act like his equal. He talks about firing her, but Cris wouldn’t advise it. He tries to encourage Luciano to show her some respect and negotiate with her. But it’s not a good idea to fight in front of the kids…uh, the other shareholders.

She’s smart and she’ll make decisions that will benefit the company, Cris is sure of it. And defending Alessandro’s shares is proof to him that she’s not trying to destroy the hotel. Look, it’s his job to protect the interests of the company that pays his salary and he’s gotta say, proposing kicking Al out of the company was absurd. He’s not going to ruin his wedding by telling him what he heard in that meeting or Al would be very disappointed.

Octavia gets back to her suite, ready to celebrate her “triumph” over Luciano with Lencho.

El Vendaval

Alessandro begs Sr. Cruz to give him some extra time…they’ve got his order all loaded up, but the road is closed…oh, he’s heard…if they don’t deliver today, the deal is off?!

Al goes inside to beg another client for time from the office. He seems like his eyes are bothering him as much as Marcela’s do. Sagrario comes in and he admits to her that all of their customers are cancelling their orders. He’s not giving up, though–he’s going to use his father’s contacts.

Marcela’s ready to go searching for Al, since Alba says his truck is outside, but Conchita and the assistants come in with the wedding dress. They want her to try it on immediately, but Marcela insists she can’t do it right now. She walks out of the room with Em on her heels, leaving Alba to beg Conchita to understand–Marcela’s head hurts and she’s got a bunch of stuff to do.

Conchita can’t imagine that anything could be more important that her wedding dress! As Alba surveys the sea of tulle, she wonders if this isn’t a bit…much…for Marcela. It’s so hot here–won’t she roast? Conchita doesn’t take it well.

Al’s finding that his dad’s contacts aren’t getting him quite the discount on helicopter services he was hoping. He breaks it to Mateo that it’s not going to work and Mateo proposes they face reality. Timo’s trying to sink them. Al won’t give up–he promised Marcela he’d do this.

Marcela walks in just then, demanding the truth and Al admits there’s no way to get stuff out and most of the clients have cancelled their orders.

Eulogio delivers that same news to Timo, who hopes he’s gonna score major points with Octavia for this. I tune out his babbling.

Marcela asks about the cañada, but Al says they tried. He can’t ask the bank for time, since the idea was to pay the first several months with this shipment. Emiliano offers his savings, but Al says he’ll take care of it. Marcela refuses. She won’t let him pay a debt that’s not his. And she’s sure there’s some way out of this.

So here’s her idea–she wants Mateo to go to town and tell everyone that she’s giving away her crops. Everyone is confused, including me. She wants to be practical about it and she’s not going to let everything rot here. Tell people the trucks will be at the entrance first thing tomorrow and hell, let them be the ones to tear down that gate.

Al wants to argue, but Em asks him to just let it go. Marcela’s upset and she needs to relax.

Sagrario’s upset at the idea of giving away the crops too, but neither she nor Mateo can think of any other way. Mateo watched Al try everything, but it’s all gone against them. He even wanted to pay the first few months’ payment to the bank, but she knows how Marcela is–she’d rather lose the hacienda than let Al pay.

Marcela goes out to visit her dad’s grave and the wind kicks up. Maybe a friendly reminder that if she doesn’t just let Al pay she’s going to have to dig him up and take him with her?

Emiliano wants to know what Al’s going to do if Marcela won’t let him help. The only thing he can think of is explaining it all to the bank and trying to go through a second round of negotiations. He decides to head for Huatulco and take care of that now.

Silvana oohs over the dress and she’s likewise shocked that Marcela wasn’t impressed by it. Conchita calls her weird and predicts failure if Marcela doesn’t start helping with the organization.

Al’s looking for Marcela in their bedroom when Maria Laura wanders in and faux innocently laments the news that they might be losing the hacienda. Since she said Marcela left on her horse, Al knows where to find her.

ML rushes over to brag to Nisa that Marcela’s about to lose the hacienda–won’t that be perfect for her wedding day. Nisa kinda feels bad about that, for her brother’s sake, but Maria Laura is looking forward to being there to console him in his suffering.

Al rides up just as the wind picks up again. She asks what it means and Al says it means all she has to think about is that they’re going to be married the day after tomorrow. Maybe her dad arranged all this so he could be here, ready to defend what she loves. *smoochies*

Marcela apologizes for neglecting the wedding. If he weren’t here, none of this would be worth anything. *major smoochies*

Sagrario and Rosa fix dinner…and Sagrario reminds her NOT to put so much chile in Conchita’s food. Silvana walks in, asking for Marcela. Could Sagrario tell her that Silvana needs to talk to her if she sees her?

Sagrario and Rosa complain about Silvana only caring about the wedding and not paying any attention to the crop situation, but I’m wondering if anyone bothered to tell her.

When they come up for air, Al says he’s going to Huatulco so he can talk to the bank and hope he finds someone willing to help. He has to try, at least. Marcela hopes he doesn’t mind her giving away the harvest, but nah, he’s cool with it.

Al tells his mom about his trip to Huatulco. And no, it can’t wait. He’ll be back in time for the wedding. He barely explains hat he couldn’t get the crops out before he’s leaving.

Marcela wants Mateo to go with Al, at the very least so he’s not driving alone, but Al says nothing’s going to happen. Sagrario brings him a sandwich and a bottle of water gives him a blessing. She assures Marcela that God’s not going to abandon them. Marcela sure hopes not.

Oh, and also, her suegra wants to talk to her.

San Bartolo

Octavia and Lencho are in the sack when Timo calls. She says she’s in an important meeting and hangs up on him. Timo keeps pretending she’s there to save face in front of Eulogio. He’s thinking he should go over and give Octavia the news in person.

Uh, Eulogio doesn’t really like the idea of having to be the one to face Marcela, et al, but Timo offers to raise a statue in his honor and name a street after him if he dies in the line of duty.

Camilo’s impressed that Amadeo did so good on his first try. In fact, a couple of townies wander in saying they heard he made Selma see stars. They were hoping for the same. He offers them coffee and flirts.

Emiliano explains to Valeria that Marcela’s giving away the crops and Al’s going to Huatulco. He offered his savings, but….

Valeria can’t believe he’s THAT in love with Marcela. He’s going to need that money now that he’s decided to stay in town. He insists he respects Marcela and her marriage, but Valeria knows that doesn’t keep him from feeling what he feels. His office is going to be a shrine for her. He just wants a reason to be near her. She warns him to be careful and not let Alessandro realize his feelings or he can kiss both his friendship with Al and any relationship with Marcela at all goodbye.

Amadeo’s coffee’s delicious, but ALL the women in the café are jonesing for a bit more than coffee. Camilo’s offended that his generous offer to help with their needs gets ignored. They’re all going to come back every day for more coffee.

Suddenly a little kid comes in, jumps up on a bench, and announces to everyone that Marcela Morales is giving away her entire harvest and if they want in on the action they’d better be there early tomorrow. Camilo and Amadeo are both like “WTF?”

El V

Alba finds Marcela in her room, relaxing. Ish. She skipped out on Silvana. She’s not in the mood for a scolding about not paying attention to the wedding. Alba says she’s just worried. Marcela shares Valeria’s conspiracy theory with Alba.

Al’s driving and trying to reach Felgueres and set up a meeting with the president of the bank tomorrow.

Silvana calls Luciano, who won’t calm down and who hasn’t explained what happened. He’s too concerned with getting in touch with Al. Silvana explains he’s on the road, heading for Huatulco to deal with the harvest problems himself since Luciano couldn’t be bothered to help.

Luciano whines that he’s not going to call in favors for “that woman.” She corrects him, saying Marcela’s his daughter-in-law, but that just annoys Luc and he hangs up. (Ooh, good trick for future use….)

Silvana’s curious about the meeting, but Marcela comes knocking on the door. Sure enough, Silvana starts in on how she’s sick of Marcela’s seeming indifference when she and Conchita are trying to give her a fabulous wedding. Marcela asks what’s behind that–is she just trying to make her look bad?

Amadeo arrives at the hacienda kitchen with bread. And, um, is the rumor about the crops true? Mateo says yeah, it’s been one misfortune after another. He asks Rosa to serve him some coffee and she’s, like, totally into it, ’cause he’s totally hawt!

Silvana has no idea what Marcela’s talking about, of course. Marcela dumps on her about how she hates the dress, she’s not wearing it, she’s not eating foods she can’t pronounce, she’s not having flowers brought in when there are way prettier flowers in her hacienda. And she can save herself the trouble of telling Conchita, because Marcela will go tell her right now that she’s not impressed with all that stupid stuff! They’re doing all of this her way. It’s over. Silvana probably wanted to show Al that she’s not good enough for him, but Marcela’s not going to let her.

Marcela rushes out of the room, past a spying Maria Laura.

Conchita’s in tears and the assistants are trying to reassure her that Silvana will take care of everything…when Marcela comes in and tells them they’re going to re-do the menu, use flowers from the hacienda, and they can use whatever tables and chairs they want…but that dress is getting altered.

Conchita’s prepared to defend the dress, so Marcela threatens to come out in a towel. Or naked! She scares Angelo and Tuti into compliance and even though Conchita tells them to let her take the dress, she’s still surprised when Marcela takes it. She passes out on her bed while the assistants fan her.

Marcela hauls the ton of tulle into Sagrario’s room and demands she fix this dress and make it simple.

Maria Laura comes into the guest cabin, saying she couldn’t help hearing Marcela’s screams. Silvana doesn’t get it–why is Marcela accusing her of wanting her to look bad? All she wants is to show all the guests how wonderful she is, and how beautiful she is–inside and out.

ML says it’s ’cause she’s not. And this is only the beginning–she’s going to separate Al from his entire family. She hates them after the way Luciano treated her.

Well, that’s really confusing, because Silvana’s always been on her side!

ML says Marcela’s evil. She’s taking out her claws and this is nothing compared to what’s coming. All she cares about is the hacienda and she’s just using Al to save it. (Which is why she refused to let him pay? All part of her evil plan, right?) Silvana looks bothered, but doubtful.

ML claims she heard Marcela telling Mateo that giving away the crops was just a way to push Alessandro to pay off the debt with the bank and that’s been her plan since she found out Al had money.

But…Marcela said she loved Al!

Sure, like she’s loved sooooo many others. Of course she didn’t want to tell Al about them, but if these walls could talk…. Marcela’s way more materialistic than she lets on. She stole a pair of earrings once.

Silvana’s alarmed to hear that Marcela’s capable of theft.

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