Guerra de Ídolos Friday 8/04/17 #63

Episode 63: El Diplomático da la cara

Amado finishes up a call and tells Isaac he’s got the chief of police working on it and he’ll take care of the body personally.

Isaac says that will be good for his mom. Rafa chimes in that she’s hypertensive. Amado’s face: “Am I supposed to care?”

He doesn’t have a lot of time, so what did Isaac want to talk about?

Isaac’s heard things and cuando el río suena, es que agua lleva (when the river sounds, it’s carrying water; where there’s smoke, there’s fire).

Amado’s sure some of the things they say are true. Can he make a confession?

Isaac has a hard time believing politicians, but OK.

Amado says he runs crooked businesses and laundered money to finance his campaign. “Everybody” does it. But people are jealous of him and they make things up.

Isaac asks what the two of them had to do with his brother’s death.

Amado says he had nothing to do with it. Mateo made it all up. He thinks it’s Amado’s fault Manara is with someone else, so he’s trying to destroy his career. And Amado wants him to know, he won’t let Mateo do that.

So it WAS the two of them who sent guys to Monterrey after him?

Amado laughs that off. What’s he talking about? Mateo made that up too. Does Isaac believe him?

If he did, he wouldn’t be here. He came to talk business.

In that case, Amado wants to know what his price is. He tells him to just speak honestly and get it over with.

New York

Cristian and Dylan are walking down the street. Dylan’s upset that no one will take his calls. They’re interrupted by a group of women wanting selfies. Interruption over and Dylan continues that no, Gilda especially is not taking his calls! He knows she’s angry, but with her father’s death…. The poor guy.

The poor Solars, Cristian corrects. So much death in such a short time. And who knows what Mateo’s up to. Dylan says if anything happens to him, his family will be destroyed.

Casa Matamoros

Agustina comes into the house with Manara and wants to go check on José. She asks Manara to keep Selva distracted.

She runs into Petra before she can get very far. Petra notices her face, but Agustina asks if José is in her room. Petra says she fed him and put him to sleep. Selva wants them to organize a dinner for Manara…is she OK?

Agustina says as soon as she’s had a bath she’ll help with dinner.

Manara asks about Julia and Amado. Julia’s in her room and Amado’s been delayed but he’s on his way home.

Upstairs, Julia has Sabrina’s address typed into her phone, finger hovering over the send button. She presses it.

Manara walks in just then, startling her. Julia notices her eyes and asks if Manara’s been crying. She hugs Manara while Manara sobs.

Manara says it’s just that she’s going to Mexico on tour and she’s going to miss Julia. Well, Julia misses her too. That’s why she’s been sleeping in her room.

Manara begs Julia to come with her. Bianco’s working on her contract and it’s practically done. It would be good for her as a dancer, the tour will be incredible, she’ll learn a lot.

Julia says Amado offered her a contract at JC Records and she’s made a decision. She doesn’t want to be a dancer, she wants to be a singer, a soloist. She asks Manara to be happy for her and she hopes Manara will support her to stay there.

Agustina’s checking her face in the mirror. Selva comes looking for her and Agustina says she just got back and she was going to go see Petra…. She won’t look at her and Selva turns her face. She asks what happened. Who hit her?


Nico checks in with Neto, who says he’s doing fine. Leti and Itzel come in next and he says it’s just some pain and the doctor’s moving the operation up. He didn’t say anything because he didn’t want them to worry.

And he doesn’t want them telling Rafa! He’d just go to the press and try to milk the story.

Itzel asks Santi to step outside. She wants to know if he talked to Neto about….

No! Of course not! He argued with Rafa. Can she imagine? If he’d told him? That would have killed him and Santi would never forgive himself.

Itzel says his dad can carry it on his conscience, but Santi doubts anything gets carried Rafa’s conscience.

The infamous El Diplomático

The SUV arrives at what looks like an office building. Mateo asks if Mariscal’s planning to throw him off the roof. Mariscal tells him to just get in there and quit asking questions.

Inside, Mateo asks if this is a lawyer’s office. Mariscal says it’s an investment company and can he quit talking already because he’s had about enough of Mateo today. He walks out as Mateo tells him he ought to learn to control his temper.

Alone, he picks up a picture on the desk of Davis hugging a woman with dark hair. That woman walks in now, in slim high-waisted black pants, a white shirt and tie, and severe ponytail. I’m getting a Robert Palmer vibe.

She asks if he’s Mateo and he asks who she is. She just smiles. “El Diplomático?”

Eh, she knows Diplomática suits her better. She’s Bárbara Montoya. She invites him to have a seat. Davis talked about him a lot. She said he was stubborn and after today, Bárbara has no doubt.

“So you’re…?”

El Diplomático’s wife. His widow, actually. He died some time ago and she’s been managing everything since then.

Mateo says he’s sorry for her loss.

And she’s sorry for his–his father’s and his brother’s. Death is implacable.

Her husband was a great businessman with a huge organization. When he died, she decided to keep it going by doing what she does best–finance. He’d made a name for himself and she and Davis didn’t want it to die. She wanted Mateo to write those corridos to feed the legend. And it worked as a screen. And a brand.

Mateo doesn’t know where to start. He’s here because he was told that Davis was loved by El Diplomático and he can see that’s true.

Bárbara says Davis was her sister. She wants revenge for her death, but her husband taught her to let her decisions mature. Animals act in haste and that’s why they fall into traps.

So the problem now is–are they going to make Amado pay HER way, or is she going to make Mateo pay first? A couple of guys walk in and she tells Mateo it’s not just because now he knows who she is, but for making her waste her time.

Mateo has no intention of making her waste her time. What happened with Davis was that he asked for a favor in exchange for his services as a writer and producer. He asked for a bullet and they didn’t take his request seriously. He did his part and she can have these guys shoot him for saying so, but they didn’t follow through. They betrayed him.

Bárbara says he’s famous–he’s used to having things the way he wants them. And she’s in business. She wants things her way. His “proposal” didn’t work for her then. But now things are different. They’re going to make a new agreement.

Mateo asks how it would work.

Well, everything was going to go through Mariscal, but Mateo’s stubborn, so here they are. What does he have to offer her? Starting with what unites them–what does he know about Amado?

They investigated when he asked…he guesses…so they know the same things.

No, she knows about his business, but nothing about his private life. How many sisters does he have?

That’s public knowledge. He wrote a book about himself. He’s been telling everyone about how he grew up poor so he could get votes.

So, he doesn’t have any family besides the two sisters?

Wait, is she going to get revenge for Davis through his sisters?

Bárbara tells him to chill. She knows he likes that singer who’s all over the place.

No, he’s worried about both sisters. And any other innocent person who gets in the middle. If she’s going to make Amado pay, “an eye for an eye,” she can count him out. She can tell these guys to kill him already, he won’t help her.

Bárbara sighs that she’s not going to go after his sisters just like that. He reacted so quickly! Did he ever think that if he’d acted with more frialdad (coldness) he wouldn’t have lost everything.

Mateo says he hasn’t lost everything.

Well, the way he is…the losses he’s suffered…he needs to let them win. Or at least, make them think they did. Let them get to the point they dreamed of. And there, when they’re trusting and calm, THEN they’ll get them.

Mateo says he’s not good at waiting calmly. Not while they’re burying his father and the people who killed him are taking his father’s life’s work, and his.

She insists plans take time and patience.

To be honest, he’s just met her and he has no idea how this business works. What the [bleeped] can he offer someone like her, who’s important and powerful. Why did she let him get here? There’s something she’s not telling him. He thinks she needs her. Or is he wrong?

She says there are two reasons he’s here–one is that he knows Amado well and she’s interested in that because she wants to make him pay for her sister’s death.

The other…she can’t tell him yet.

She calls in Mariscal and tells him to make sure Mateo’s friends are OK.

“You’re just going to leave me like this?!”


JC Records

Laura Guzman offers her condolences to Gilda. She can’t believe what happened. Gilda thanks her. Rafa comes in, apologizing for being late.

Gilda tells him to get to the point. She doesn’t want to be here–she sees her dad everywhere.

Rafa says he’ll be brief. He’s sorry they can’t properly mourn Moisés, but they have things to resolve. They need to replace the president and he wants to put Isaac back on the board.

Gilda’s horrified. Her dad would have been against this!

Rafa calls for a vote and Gilda stares at the two of them.

If he wants Isaac back, it’s because he made an arrangement with him. Her dad knew that and that’s why he fired Isaac.

Rafa tells her to stop with the conspiracies. There’s no head of the company, her brother’s gone and no one knows what happened to him. The rules say, in that case, the executive board makes decisions. With her dad gone, it’s just the three of them. He’s trying to get someone from her family back on the board, he’d think she would be happy.

He’s trying to do what’s good for HIM.

Guzman asks if it wouldn’t be better to respect Gilda’s pain….

Gilda cuts her off. She can stop the fake niceness. When her dad was giving her work she just adored him, but now Rafa’s offering her a deal with the Mayor and she’s on his side, right?

Laura suggests they let the waters calm, but Gilda says the waters have rotted. Everyone’s taken their positions so why don’t they just take the masks off and vote already. She votes to NOT bring Isaac back.

Rafa votes in favor.

Gilda tells Laura she has the opportunity to respect Moisés’ decision…but Guzman votes for Isaac to come back.

Casa Matamoros

Julia’s furious at Manara. She doesn’t need opinions or advice, she needs support. (And sometimes, that means telling you when you’re being a total ass!)

Manara says she IS giving her support–she’s getting her the opportunity to perform on stage, go on tour, and with all that experience she can be a soloist later.

Julia asks if it’s so hard for Manara to accept what she chose.

Amado comes in, asking what’s going on, and Julia says she’s telling Manara she wants to stay and Manara won’t support her!

Amado asks if Manara doesn’t want Julia to be a soloist.

Manara says it’s between them. And she’s leaving.

Well, Julia’s happy they’re BOTH here because she thinks it’s time they all told each other the truth, the way they’ve never done in this house. Are they prepared to talk to her like that for the first time? (Are YOU prepared? I think not.)

In Agustina’s room, Selva says she can’t be fooled like Petra can. Who hit Agustina?

“My son’s father.” Yeah, he left, but he came back and when she got angry at him for leaving, he hit her.

That’s it, Selva wants his information and they’re going to talk to Amado and press charges!

Agustina begs her not to tell Amado. She’d be embarrassed to have him find out. She begs Selva to keep this between them. “Please let me trust you.”

Selva insists she can, but Agustina has to understand that she can’t ever let anyone humiliate her or hit her like that. (Ugh, she didn’t “let” anyone do anything.)

Julia says they’re all getting ready to go do their own things and she wants them to tell the truth like “mature” people. Amado gloats that he likes that she’s making her own decisions.

Julia says she’ll start. She did something bad today that she’s not proud of. She got someone deported because she’s after Nico. Amado helped. She tells Manara not to look at her like that. She’s ready to know Manara and she wants the truth, not just her “perfect” side.

Manara points out that Julia used Amado’s power JUST to get Nico.

“I’m not proud of it, but I did it. If I don’t have your support, then I don’t care about your approval.”

Amado innocently says he tried to talk to her, but she made her decision.

Exactly! They’re her SIBLINGS, not her parents. So she needs them to tell the truth and stop judging her.

Manara asks if she thinks she feels old enough for that. Because to Manara she’s being more immature and spoiled than ever. What she did was low! (Hey, you wanted the truth….)

Amado tell Manara to stop judging her. He thinks she’s just jealous now that Julia’s going to be her competition.

Now Julia turns on him, telling him to stop manipulating her. She wants the truth! (You can’t handle…no, but seriously, she can’t.) She’s trying to be honest here. It would be good if they did the same. She walks out.

Manara says Amado must be so proud.

“Is your suitcase ready? Get out and leave my sister alone.”

Manara’s walking out the side gate to get into a cab when Julia catches her, all upset that she was going to leave without saying goodbye.

Manara says Julia ruined someone’s life and look at her–she’s acting like it’s nothing. She tried to protect Julia from Amado, but he poisoned her.

Julia snots that at least she fights for what she feels! She’s fighting for her love!

Fighting for love doesn’t destroy people.

But…Sabrina took the man she loves and put it all over the Internet. She made everyone believe she tried to commit suicide over it. What was she supposed to do?! Let her get away with it? She had to make her pay! Manara wants to leave Mateo and make her career the excuse, but Julia knows how she feels. She’s just afraid to fight.

Manara, sobbing, says she’s not afraid to love.

Then why isn’t she with him? Why, when she has it all–career, contract–why isn’t she with him?

Manara looks up at Amado, half leaning out the upstairs window to listen.

Julia goads her–doesn’t she have anything to say?

Manara tells her to stop it.

Julia says Manara encouraged her to be a dancer so she wouldn’t have competition, but now she’s going to be a soloist and she’s going to do it here.

“I said stop it!” Fine, Julia says it’s her fault? When their mom died, she tried to guide her. She took responsibility and she never was up to it. She made mistakes. Because she wasn’t that much older than Julia and she treated her like a little girl. But now she’s grown.

“I’m glad you noticed. Stop treating me like I’m stupid.”

Julia has no idea what she’s saying. So fine, that’s Manara’s fault too. But now that she’s grown and made her decision, Manara challenges her to realize what’s really going on around her. When that happens she’ll be waiting for her, with all the love she’s always had for her. Always.

She looks up at the window, but Amado’s gone.

Amado finds Agustina in his room and asks what she’s doing there.

Selva had a last-minute meeting and Agustina didn’t want to interrupt him while he was with his sisters. She guesses dinner is cancelled.

He asks what she talked about with Selva.

Selva asked who hit her and she said it was her son’s father…one she invented. So Amado will know in case she asks.

He thanks her for letting him know. He warns her she’s testing her limits.

Agustina says she knows. That’s why she told Selva a half-truth–she’s smart. Agustina understands now like Manara does. If she’s here, it’s to do what he wants.

He’s glad they both understood. He’s worried about Julia, though. She’s very “hormonal.” (Jerk.) She’s making bad decisions and doubting him. If she goes to Manara, he’ll take it out on Agustina. Does she understand.

What? What is she looking at? He’s taking his clothes off for a bath, not what she thinks. He tells her to get out.

Lucho’s office

Lucho transfers the video of his conversation with Alexis to a USB drive. His assistant comes in, looks at all the boxes, and asks if he’s moving.

Something like that. He asks her to put this USB with the rest. He’s trusting her now like no one else.

Yes, but what’s happening?

Nothing yet. And he won’t let it happen. That’s why she needs to go where he goes. It’s dangerous to be here. “Do you like Miami?”

Mayor’s office

Amado’s gone home, but he left instructions for Canseco to help Alexis do something “concrete” for that singer from his inauguration. He wants a strong star at his side, someone more famous than that Valentín.

Yeah, Alexis knows. Since they can’t make him into an idol, they’re going to make him a martyr. He’s going to raise the stakes on the (manufactured) band war. Does Canseco know people in the DF?

He does. What for?

To give him press! And they can take advantage of it to look for Mateo and Valentín. Alexis already has a couple of guys working on that.

Mexico City

Bianco tells Manara being away from her family will help her find clarity. Too much stuff has happened lately. When she gets here they can talk calmly. He tells her to have a good trip.

He announces to Anahí, who heard his end of the conversation, that Manara’s coming back. He suggests they invite her to dinner to raise her spirits. And he wants Julia’s contract ready soon.

Well, that just got more complicated. A lawyer called and they want her out of her contract.

Bianco assumes this is Amado trying to screw Manara over. He tells Anahí to call and find out what they want. He doesn’t want to have any doubts when Manara gets here.

Anahí calls the office and tells them to put her through to Julia’s lawyer. Yes, now. She puts the call on speaker and Lorenzo answers. She asks what’s going on with Julia’s contract.

Lorenzo says he wants her out of it. She’s taking classes and not being paid and she’s got a professional offer. Anahí says he’s wasting his time.

Lorenzo reminds her she’s a minor–they’ve got a lot of ways to revoke that contract. What time can he meet her in her office?

Anahi, at Bianco’s frantic hand gestures, says she’s not in her office. She’ll have her assistant call later and schedule a meeting.

Bianco tells her to get Julia’s offer ready. He’ll talk to Manara.

Right, but Julia’s JUST going to be his dancer. She already gave her an audition, so he’d better not contradict her. He’d better not think just because he’s providing such good service (atender bien) he can go so far.


Mariscal tells the guys to put their guns down–it’s all been cleared up.

Cafre decides he’s going to pull a Mateo and starts griping at him about “I’m not dying alone!” and putting his gun to Mateo’s throat. He’s been pissed off at Mateo ever since he did “what he did” to Davis. (Uh, can you be more specific?)

Mariscal has to pull them apart. El Diplomático wants him alive. He kicks Cafre out and tells the others they’ll bring clean clothes for them to change into. There are bedrooms and bathrooms back there. And they could seriously use the showers. He takes the plaid-shirted guys with him, but the suits stay.

Valentín asks what just happened.

“I sold my soul to the devil to get out of this.”

He saw El Diplomático? What did they arrange?

“I don’t know? Even I don’t know what happened.” (See, that’s what happens when you make rushed decisions after living on a diet of beer and anger.)

This was the plan?

El Mayor and Gisela arrive at Las Animas Bar and start unloading. The band’s inside rehearsing already and he encourages her to hurry up and get inside before the fans arrive. So far, the parking lot looks empty.

Gisela’s confused–they’re going to hide from the fans? They need them! They need photos, autographs, fame. It’s good for her and she likes it.

He assures her she’ll have all that and more with him. He tells her to go inside.

And just then a truck drives by and a couple of guys with rifles start shooting. They miss Gisela, but they hit El Mayor.

Alexis finds Rafa in the board room at JC, alone, and congratulates him for moving so quickly. He wants to see El Mayor’s contract.

Excuse you! On what authority? Is he president of the station already?

Alexis laughs. Selva’s just pregnant, not sick. But she will be going on maternity leave. And with her money, at her age, she’ll probably like the kid so much she doesn’t want to come back.

Well, when that happens, THEN he can come asking for contracts. Until then, no.

Alexis asks who he thinks Amado will choose to be president of the multimedia company.

Wait, he came her to challenge him?!

Alexis says he’s just trying to work on a press strategy with El Mayor’s contract. Rafa’s so sensitive! He should pay attention to the news and call him so they can do something for El Mayor together.

In New York, Dylan and Cristian are recording Todo with some third guy we’ve never seen. When they finish, someone shows Dylan his phone, just so he knows what’s happening. He knows Dylan’s “their” friend. Dylan says he’s not going to talk about that private stuff. The guy agrees it’s best.

Cristian asks Dylan if he thinks someone is still alive, but Dylan doesn’t think they’d be capable of that. They’ll he’ll have to see.

Cristian says Mateo took it hard after his dad died. He doesn’t blame him, but…

Hey Dylan’s saying there’s no way. This is surely a plot to get them out of wherever they’re hiding.

Cristian says it’s getting uglier. What do they do?

Cristian’s not doing anything! He needs to finish his tour. Dylan’s already done. He’ll go see what he can do and Cristian needs to focus on his thing.

Rafa makes an angry phone call to Alexis. Killing El Mayor was his strategy?!

Yep, and Alexis wants to see his contract.

Rafa calls him “crazy.”

“You do your job and I’ll do mine.” At least Alexis is committed to “the cause.”

Rafa accuses him of using cheap politics to win over the mayor.

Alexis says he wins people over with his work. And he’s gotta go, he’s about to do a radio special about El Mayor. If Rafa has a demo he should send it over.

Rafa’s pissed that Alexis dared to hang up on him. He calls Amado.

Oh, Amado approved this plan. El Mayor will look like a victim. Alexis is talking to the press. Does Rafa have any suggestions?

What “suggestions”? Isn’t he going to blame this on Mateo and his friends? He’d better find another strategy, because this is NOT going to get him to come out of hiding!

Amado tells him to worry about the music and he’ll worry about everything else. Or is he angry at Alexis because Alexis is doing things for his “cause” and Rafa only goes halfway? If he keeps doing that, he’s going to get left behind.

Raquel comes in. Rafa screams at her that he wants to be ALONE!

But it’s important. Lucho’s called saying there’s a rumor that his dad is in the hospital.


Leti teases Neto, saying he’s not getting away from her this easily!

He asks her to get an envelope out of his suit pocket in the closet. He was thinking about what she said and that’s her copy of the adjustments he made to his will. The house will go to Itzel, his grandsons will get his songs and some money. But the rights to his songs, name, and legacy are going to her, not Rafa. Her and Santiago, as his successor.

Leti looks angry. Is he sure about this?

Yes. He doesn’t doesn’t trust Rafa. He knows she’s coming from the bottom, from need. She needs to help Santiago with his colmillo (being cunning). It’s not going to be easy to keep his legacy going. Does she accept?

Upset, Leti says of course she does. It’s a lots of responsibility. She swears she’ll care for his legacy and Santi, but not alone. They’ll do this together because he’s NOT dying.

Neto ignores her. He’s told Paulino to be her right hand and take care of her.

Leti refuses. She doesn’t trust him. He’s on Rafa’s side. She doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Neto tells her to trust him. Paulino has been loyal to him, not Rafa. He’s always told him everything.

Leti angrily asks if when she was with Rafa, Paulino told him? Because he was always there.

Neto quietly says of course he did. Neto already knew. And he didn’t care, because from the first day he saw her, he wanted her for himself. And he got her. Or didn’t he?

Leti says that’s why he does NOT have permission to die! They have lots more to do together.

Neto realizes he forgot San Juanita (Virgen de San Juan de los Lagos). He sends Leti to go get her.

Out in the lobby Rafa arrives with Paulino, griping at the others for having “no discretion.” Do they know the press are outside?! They probably found out from them.

Itzel says this is his fault for upsetting Neto.

The doctor comes over and sarcastically (I think) apologizes for the interruption. They’re waiting for the operating room and then he’ll be taking Neto in. If they want to talk to him, they should do it now before his first operation. They’re going to fix the injury caused by the stress and then worry about the tumor. Depending on the circumstances he may be able to do both at the same time, or separately. If they’ve got anything pending, they’d better deal with it now.

Rafa starts walking down the hall with Paulino and runs into Leti. Who’s still holding the papers that clearly say “TESTAMENTO” even if it is half covered by her hand and upside down. He demands to know what she was doing in Neto’s room. And what are those papers?

Leti stashes the papers and tells him not to get confused–she doesn’t answer to him. She asks Paulino to take her home to bring Neto’s things and his Virgencita.

Paulino asks Rafa for permission and Rafa tells him to go ahead. Paulino says he won’t be long and to call if he needs anything. (OK, if Paulino really has been on Neto’s side all this time and kissing up to Rafa to make sure he knows everything, I might like him a little more.)

Casa Mateo

Isaac tells Celestina he’s got all the paperwork signed and they’re sending his dad’s body. She wants to bury him in Houston and then stay there. And she wants a misa de cuerpo presente (Mass with the body present, funeral Mass) at Padre Efrain’s church.

Isaac makes a face. There? His dad was important. He was thinking of something bigger, with live music, and he wants to sing.

Celestina starts screaming at him that even at such a terrible time he’s only thinking of himself! She doesn’t want any homenajes or hypocrisy!

“Mom, it’s not–”

She insists she doesn’t care! She slaps him and says he’s not taking advantage of this!

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