Guerra de Ídolos Monday 8/07/17 #64

Episode 64: Manara tiene un aliado

Celestina just slapped Isaac. She goes upstairs as Belinda comes over to see if he’s ok.

Isaac says he understands what she’s going through, but he thinks it’s best if she leaves. And if Gilda goes with her, better. Then the three of them can be alone in this house.

He’s headed to an important meeting and he needs Belinda to come with him. She goes to get her purse.

Celestina’s crying in Gilda’s room. She explains, amid sobs, that they got her dad’s body back and all she wants is to velar (have a vigil for) him at the church they went to when they were young.

That sounds great to Gilda. She supports whatever decision Celestina makes.

Well, Isaac wants a big event with everyone singing the way he likes and she got so angry she hit him. She thinks she’s going “crazy.”

Gilda says it’s good she did that. He had it coming. It’s the slap Moisés never gave him. (Except he did that one time.)

Celestina complains bitterly that he’s down there with Belinda. He’s got her engatusada (tricked). He acts like he’s the father of that baby. How does she allow it?!

Gilda agrees Isaac’s not ok and Belinda’s even worse.

Celestina starts talking about wanting to sell the label and go back to Houston. She wants Gilda to come with her. She can go back to work at the hospital and Celestina can try to find some meaning in her life. She’s just sick of this.

Gilda points out that if they sell the label, it will be hard for Mateo.

Well, he’s not here, that’s the reality.

Gilda’s sure he’ll do something when he finds out Isaac is back on the board. Isaac and Rafa definitely have something going on between them.

Wherever Celestina looks, everything is chaos and disaster. She’s going to sell. She goes off to her room, still upset.

Gilda’s phone rings and she makes a face before answering. What a miracle! Mateo’s finally calling. Did Dylan make him do it? Is he there?

Mateo says he’s finishing his tour. He said he called her and she wasn’t answering.

It’s better that way. He can hide whatever he wants to from her. If he is with Mateo, she wants Mateo to tell him he’d better not come to the house.

Mateo SO doesn’t care about her and Dylan’s drama. He wants to know how their mom is.

Bad. She wants to sell the label and go back to Houston. Rafa’s getting everything. He put Isaac back on the board–Rafa and Guzman both voted for it. And once Isaac’s president he’s obviously going to fire her.

Mateo begs her to tell their mom to wait, but Moisés’ death isn’t the only reason she wants to sell. Isaac and Belinda are dating. She just found out and so did their mom and that’s why she came back.

So that’s why their dad was coming back? It was Isaac’s fault?! (Uh, not exactly?)

She asked Moisés not to tell him. He can blame her if he wants to, but can they just dad rest in peace? It’s taking a lot for her to deal with this.

Mateo says Isaac has done nothing but betray them all. He hangs up the phone.

JC Records

Moisés, Belinda, and Junior get to the label. The receptionist tells him Rafa left, so they go upstairs to wait for him.

In the board room, shit gets weird. Isaac walks slowly to the head of the table and sits down. Belinda says it suits him, hands him the baby, and perches on the edge of the chair like it’s some kind of ceremony or they’re posing for pictures. (I was waiting for her to reveal she’s been behind supporting Isaac’s push to take over or the baby’s really his or something. It just had that feel to it.)


Mateo sits on Chalino’s cot and says it feels like his dad’s not the only one who’s dead. They’re all a little dead. This isn’t life.

Chalino agrees if looks that way, but they ARE alive. They have to give life meaning again.

Mateo’s glad Chalino’s OK. His dad’s dead. He needs him.

Chalino says Moisés’ death is hard for all of them. Is Mateo thinking the crash wasn’t an accident.

He’s sure it wasn’t. They were meeting to see how they could put Amado in jail–Manara, the lawyer, Moisés. And Mateo was going to come back with him on the plane, but Manara didn’t want him to go and neither did Moisés.

Chalino is alarmed–did she know it was going to crash? Is she Amado’s accomplice?

Mateo doesn’t think so. What she was afraid of was that Amado would kill him or put him in jail. He was with her and his dad called him from the plane. He knew it was going to crash. He called to say how much he loved Celestina and Gilda and everyone. (But not Isaac. Just saying.) It was the first time he’d said it.

Chalino tells him that’s why he has to be strong and support his family.

They hear footsteps and Básico and Valentín grab their trusty pieces of wood. It’s Mariscal and his guys. They brought clothes and vigas (wood? Slang for instruments?) so they can kill time. Mateo’s going to see El Diplomático tonight, so he needs to get ready.

Casa Diplomático

Cafre gets brought in. He hasn’t seen Bárbara in a while. She wants to know who was there when her sister was killed. She wants all their names, not just Amado, who sent Cafre as his messenger. She wants all the details. One of her guards hands him an envelope full of pictures.

She asks if he’s sure Rafa wasn’t involved. Cafre knows Mateo says he was an accomplice, but when her sister was killed it was just Matamoros giving the orders and the rest obeyed. But if she wants, he can go right now and make them all pay. Sitting on the desk are the pictures of Amado, Canseco, Ramón, and Rafa.

And now she reminds him that he knows the rules of this business. She had to learn them, but he was raised with them.

Cafre argues that he did what he could, and more.

Mariscal was there when Davis told him to leave. He disobeyed her and that’s how they were able to get to her. He has to die. She’s sorry.

Casa Manara

Manara gets home and thinks about what Mateo said about her arranged marriage and selling her soul. How now they own her.

Bianco finds her sitting on the couch crying and says it’s good she’s decided to come back and go forward with things.

Manara says she’s thinking about Julia. She’s staying because Amado got her a contract at JC as a soloist. Rafa’s probably taken control of the label now.

Bianco offers to block Julia, since they have a contract with her. And he still has space for a dancer, so he has her offer prepared.

Manara wants to think about it.

Bianco wants a hug, but she really wants to be alone. Oh, no, he’s not letting her get even more depressed. He picks up his guitar and insists she sing.

Bianco and Manara are harmonizing on Me Gustas but Manara can’t stop crying. She apologizes for sounding horrible.

Bianco disagrees. It sounds good and they should sing it for Ezequiel one of these days. He goes on ahead to get ready for dinner and says he’ll send his driver back in an hour.

The doorbell rings just after he leaves and Manara calls to someone to answer it. Which is apparently code for “I don’t really care who it is just let them walk right into my house,” because here comes Lorenzo.

He apologizes for visiting with no warning. Julia gave him her address so he could represent her in her contract stuff with Megavisa. They won’t release her and Amado wants her for JC.

Manara says that’s a label thing for them to deal with. Or is he here to threaten her on behalf of Amado?

Lorenzo says he’s not. Amado’s their common problem. He’s manipulating everyone. She doesn’t want Julia to go to JC, right? Well, he can help her. He actually came here to talk to her–Julia’s just a pretext. He thinks this is a good time to stop Amado. They have an opportunity and he wants to take advantage of that. They have very little time to do it.

Manara doesn’t know how she’s supposed to trust him when he told Mateo that her brother’s the one who killed his. Does he know what he caused? Mateo’s dad is dead and he’s a fugitive!

She kicks him out, but Lorenzo won’t go. She knew Amado killed his dad, so why didn’t she turn him in? Just like him she was threatened by Amado. He practically has Selva kidnapped, just like he does Julia. And the two of them do things to protect them. It’s time to end this, but they have to be on the same side.

What he’s saying is serious. And she knows he’s a lawyer. Where is he going with this.

He understands she doesn’t trust him. They barely know each other. He knows she’s with Mateo and he did send Mateo after Amado…because he and Mateo have unfinished business. Mateo tried to shoot his dad and he burned down the publishing house.

Manara’s sure he wouldn’t have done that.

Lorenzo suggests the next time she sees him, she asks about that. If Mateo’s being honest, he’ll tell her.

Manara asks him to leave again. She’s got an important dinner to get to and she’s running late. Lorenzo offers her his hotel info and asks her to please meet with him so they can help their sisters.


Rafa calls Neto’s lawyer and then confronts his dad BEFORE BIG SCARY CANCER SURGERY about putting Leti in his will. He mocks Neto, saying she wanted to get his money and now he’s fallen for it. (Who does that? Oh wait, Rafa.)

Itzel, says now isn’t the time BECAUSE SURGERY, but Neto wants to hash this out now. Rafa’s out of the will and he gets none of Neto’s “legacy.” Leti’s managing his songs and his grandsons are getting the royalties. She’ll be like a manager for his legacy, along with Santiago. Neto doesn’t believe in him anymore. Rafa disappointed him.

Rafa picks on Nico, asking if he’s happy to be left out of “everything.”

Nico says he wasn’t left out of anything. Santiago just has more afinación (being in tune) with grandpa’s music.

Rafa tries to get backup from Santi, but whatever Neto wants is fine with him.

So Rafa, because he’s a world-class creep, mocks Neto for saying he doesn’t know him when he REALLY doesn’t know his successor. Everyone tries to shut Rafa up, but no. He tells Neto Santiago likes men.

Neto accuses Rafa of trying to upset him. Rafa insists he’s telling the truth because no one else will dare. Nico goes after Rafa, shoving him out of the room while Itzel tells him to calm down.

Now Neto looks at Santiago in shock. Is this true?

Santi says it’s not quite as radical (extreme) as his dad makes it sound.

The doctor interrupts. It’s time to take Neto in to surgery.

Nico begs him to please forget it. It’s all going to be OK. Itzel says she loves him and also assures him it’s going to be OK. She’ll see him when he gets out. Neto and Santi don’t even look at each other.

As he’s being wheeled out, Itzel and Nico keep reassuring him.

JC Records

Rafa arrives as Isaac and Belinda are coming back downstairs after doing their weird little thing up in the board room. For all that Isaac wanted Belinda to come to the meeting with him, now he’s sending her home.

Rafa frowns at them and waits until he and Rafa get back to the boardroom (see, nothing good ever happens in there) to ask if they’re together. Isaac says they’ve been for a while, but this is the first time they’re telling anyone. He imagines Gilda’s told Mateo by now, not that he cares. He’s just as much Julio César’s brother as Mateo is. He can take care of the kid.

And the money, Rafa jokes. (Well, I mean, in a Rafa way. Which is to say it’s not funny and most of the time nobody else laughs.)

Isaac says he doesn’t need the money. He has a job. And now he’d like to talk about his salary.

Except…that Belinda comes back in to say that Celestina and Gilda just got there. Rafa looks terrified

Celestina comes in, furious that Rafa’s reinstated Isaac. Moisés isn’t even buried yet and he’s already making decisions.

Rafa says they’re all going through a bad time. His dad was just admitted to the hospital. They have to make decisions for the good of the company.

Well, if he wants to make the decisions his way then he can get his money together and pay her what the label is worth! Gilda hands over the documents from the last amount he and Moisés agreed on. Celestina wants to sell and she has every right as Moisés’ heir. After he’s buried they’re all going to vote.

Isaac (shut up) starts asking everyone to calm down and saying he supports his mom’s decision. Gilda tells him not to get ahead of himself–they’re going to talk about it later. Celestina doesn’t care what they discuss. She just wants her money, got it?!

Some time later, Rafa looks at paperwork while Isaac hits the booze. He says his mom’s always been like that–explosive, like Mateo. It’s why she’s hypertensive. (Shut up. I blame you.) But hey, it’s good she wants to sell. So why’s Rafa making that face?

Rafa knows it’s good and it’s what’s best for all of them, but it’s not because of what his mom said. He’s fighting with his dad and he’s in surgery. If something happens, he doesn’t want to be fighting him for all eternity.

Isaac calls them brothers of the same suffering. His dad died, they were fighting. They have to look at the positive side. Here they are, after all the frustrated plans and secret meetings. The company is going to grow as big as they want it to. Everything looks good from here.

Rafa says he told Isaac, but he didn’t want to believe him. He said they’d get everything and Mateo would be hundido (defeated).


Zion and Lennox are performing Mi Tesoro with Bianco while Manara, Ezequiel, and Anahí sit at the dinner table watching.

Ezequiel thanks them for the performance and Z&L thank him for the contract. Which is apparently what they’re all celebrating tonight. Ezequiel toasts to success. Manara looks sad.

Ezequiel leans over to tell Manara that he approves of her decision not turn Rafa in. She has lots of talent and there’s no reason to give away her career. After Manara thanks him for his support, he tells her to get that look off her face and look happy, because not just anyone sits at his table.

Manara manages a smile for a few seconds. She raises her glass when Bianco toasts, but she isn’t drinking.

The chatter at the table goes on without her. Bianco’s talking about how tours are the best, every audience is a challenge. Anahí says Manara did a tour already, right? A few months back? With Rafa. (I hate her.)

Manara says she was just the opener. It’s different. She takes a sip of wine and accidentally spills some on herself.

Oh, that’s right, Anahí smirks, Rafa’s an “uncomfortable” word at this table. Bianco says yes, he was there recently with Zion and Lennox but unfortunately his name is a forbidden word. He went over to the competition and bit the hand that fed him. Ezequiel grumbles about him making a pact with Treviño Multimedia and stealing his advertisers. Zion says these things happen in this industry.

Manara excuses herself to go dry off. Ezequiel grabs her hand and says when she gets back he wants her to sing something, just her. She yanks her hand away and says of course she will. Bianco follows.

Manara makes a rushed call and sets up a meeting with Lorenzo tomorrow early. Bianco asks who she’s talking to.

“No one! Do I have to tell you everything?” He laughs. Does she want to deal with Ezequiel alone? He’s untrusting and he misses nothing. So she’d better pay attention if that’s what he wants from her, and not disobey Ezequiel or he’ll take it badly.

At the table, Anahí asks Ezequiel why Bianco and Manara are taking so long. It’s incredible! He’s here and they leave? They don’t understand the word “respect.” They don’t even respect him! He nods and agrees with her and she calls for another toast. (For an alleged badass he sure is easy to manipulate.)

Manara says she was just talking to Julia. She misses her. She was thinking about what Bianco said about her being one of his dancers.

But that’s not going to happen. Anahí found out Lorenzo’s her lawyer and it’s all ruined. The Treviños are their new enemies.

Well, that’s all the more reason not to let her out of her contract, right?

Bianco says they don’t really like her family right now either. Her album is being released in a few days. Just do what Ezequiel says, sing, and be happy.

Manara complains that it’s not so easy after what she’s been through. She begs him to understand.

He tells her to do what Ezequiel wants, when and how he wants it, or he’ll freeze her out. She’s not so young she can afford to start over. So get the song ready like he asked. (Yeah, that was both nicer and creepier than I made it sound, if that makes any sense.)

Date night

Bárbara’s guys report they got rid of Cafre. Now what about the other one? Does she want him to come here?

Yep. It’ll be more private and relaxed that way. Mariscal goes to pick him up.

Bárbara’s pouring tequila when Mateo arrives. He thanks her for the clothes and the instruments and says Chalino’s doing better–the doctors got there in time.

She says that warehouse is safe and comfortable. But does he think it would be good enough for a studio?

Uh…he doesn’t know? He wasn’t paying attention. They have more important things to discuss, don’t they?

Bárbara (Montoya? El Diplomático? La Diplomática? I don’t know what to call her. Nothing feels right.) tells him to get comfortable.

Look, Mateo can’t get comfortable. His family’s in pieces, he got kicked out of the company, and his dad’s in a box, so could she please tell him what he’s doing here? What does she want? No more rodeos (talking around it) or life advice or threats.

She asks him to stop thinking about his dad and his other problems for a few minutes, but no, that’s not happening. She warns they’re not going to understand each other if he doesn’t try to relax.

Suddenly Mateo’s reminded of Davis. She didn’t take “No” for an answer, either. That must run in the family.

On the contrary, Bárbara doesn’t think they’re at all alike. She doesn’t mix business with other things like she knows Davis did with him. She wants that clear. (Well, I guess that’s a relief.) Now, will he relax and get comfortable?

Mateo nods and sits down and Bárbara tells the guys to bring “her” in.

“She” is a teenager in a sparkly top with a sweet, innocent expression that would have made Julia v 1.0 look bitter and jaded. Bárbara explains that she lost her father, but music got her out of her sadness. “Right, princess?”

This is Azul, her daughter. She’s a singer and an admirer of Mateo’s. She loves his music. Bárbara wants him to make her a star. (Uh, how is this not mixing business with “other things”?)

Azul just loves what he does. All his songs make her feel things. Everyone’s better when he produces them. He has magic.

Mateo’s a little confused. He thanks her and says she has a pretty name.

Bárbara says she’s expressive (no kidding), and she wants to sing, but they can’t find anyone to guide her who Bárbara trusts.

Mateo says she’s the perfect age (whatever that means) and she’s pretty, but um, he’d have to hear her to know if she can sing, not just see her. Maybe they can arrange an audition. (LOL, oh Mateo!)

Bárbara says she’s ordered dinner and he can listen to her while they wait for it. As soon as he agrees Azul goes over to her mom’s computer and explains that this is a song she wrote and she’s got a backing track for it, very elemental (simple).

I’m bracing myself for her to be awful and Mateo to have to figure out how to say it without getting killed, but she’s good. She sings Once Again, or the prototype for it. (Getting a little meta for a sec, there is now only one song on the soundtrack that we haven’t heard on the show, which leads me to believe the estimates of 75-80 episodes are more likely to be correct than the estimates of 150.)

During dinner, Mateo says to be honest with her the song needs work, but that’s not really her job. Her voice is pretty. She has a solid base.

Azul wants to know about that fight between the bands she’s been hearing about on the news, but Mateo says it’s just publicity.

OK. Well, she likes when he does more pop. She LOVES Manara. Mateo gives an awkward nod and says she’s talented. Azul followed her since her debut in Monterrey and then the single, and when she got more sales than Isaac….

Bárbara says she’s bought all the singles and Azul sings them very well. Azul heard that her new album is coming out and they say he wrote all the songs…can she sing something from it?!

She gets up and fiddles with Bárbara’s computer again and starts a backing track for Sobrenatural. Mateo listens and smiles a little sadly (his heart breaking again as he thinks about all the half-naked hotel writing sessions, I imagine) and applauds politely when she’s done. He looks over and sees Bárbara smiling at him.

Casa Matamoros

Julia listens to Sobrenatural and looks sad. Amado comes in and she admits she was listening to Manara. She misses her, no matter how much they fight.

Amado says they’ve lived a lot of years together. And now the two of them will adapt to this new life, right?

Amado’s so loving to her, she can’t understand why Manara’s scared of him. What’s so bad about him? She can’t figure it out. (Seriously?! He helped you deport someone!)

Amado says he and Manara are just different. But he and Julia aren’t so much. And they accept that they aren’t “saints.”

Julia really feels bad about Sabrina. Did they already go pick her up? (Oh, so you do have that at the forefront of your mind, but you don’t find it scary at all that he could do that? Or that you could take advantage of his power like that?)

Amado says he can’t do anything about it now. It’s out of his hands. In life, sometimes you have to do bad things to get what you want. Everything has consequences. You have to learn to live with it.

Surely, when they catch up to her, she won’t just sit still. Julia’s worried Nicolas won’t forgive her if he finds out. Amado promises no one will find out. If he doesn’t help Julia, who will? (Crap, she’s probably dead already.)

Command performance

Manara sits on stage with her guitar playing Si Alguna Vez and openly sobbing. Ezequiel looks angry. Manara remembers seeing Agustina in a cage. She breaks down and stops and Zion and Lennox applaud in encouragement.

She starts again, now remembering Mateo saying that these people own her. She ends the song again and everyone applauds, but Anahi and Ezequiel look upset. Ezequiel asks to speak to Manara alone.

In the other part of the dining room he asks what’s wrong with her. Her emotion wasn’t because of the song. Or is it because she’s away from her family?

Manara says she misses her sister. But Bianco’s talked to him about that already.

Look, he’s not hiring her sister–not as a singer, or a dancer, and she’s not staying in their school either. He doesn’t want any of her family near him, starting with her brother. He’s stealing his advertisers and teaming up with Rafa. And Manara’s only here because Bianco is like a son to him.

She snaps that she’s here because she’s a singer…and a good one!

In that case he wants her to pull herself together before she has to do autograph signings to launch her album. He needs to know if she’s going to leave behind her sister and her problems with Rafa. He doesn’t want to hear about them.

Those are his conditions for opening the door of this company for her. If she can’t handle that, then she’d better say so and they’ll stop this now before they go any farther.

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