Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 8/08/17 #65

Episode 65: Presionan a Mateo

Manara says she’s ready to put all her energy into growing.

In that case, Ezequiel wants no more excuses or weakness from her. He wants complete commitment to him and Megavisa.

Manara’s sorry to insist about Julia, but she really would be more effective if Julia were with her. But Ezequiel has the last word. He can count her in.

Tomorrow her entire life is going to change. He welcomes her to Megavisa, not with a handshake but with his customary grabbing of her chin.

El D

Azul thanks Mateo for the opportunity. She hopes he really liked it and wasn’t just saying so because he had to.

Of course not (*shifty eyes*). He congratulates her. Bárbara sends her home.

And now she wants the truth–does he see real possibilities in her or is she good for nothing more than school talent shows?

Mateo thinks she has a pretty voice, but she needs lots of work. It’s not easy to have a career in this business. She’s imitating other singers right now, which is normal–she’s young. They have to help her find her personality.

Bárbara likes that he’s being honest with her. She thinks they’ll start to understand each other, little by little. She wants Mateo to get Azul ready, arrange the song, and then record an album when he can.

Ok, but that takes time and he needs to get his label back and make everyone who’s screwed him over pay, like they agreed.

Yes, and they haven’t talked about how to do that, but she hopes it’s clear by now that it will be HER way.

She’s not asking for Mateo to completely devote himself to Azul’s career–she’ll set up a studio and he can do whatever he likes. But he does have to keep writing those corridos for El Diplomático.

Mateo complains that’s going to take lots of time, and patience is not his virtue. (Well…at least he’s honest?) And he doesn’t like being a fugitive.

Bárbara tells him to chill. Before she gets Amado, she’s going to take control of the city from him, piece by piece. She’ll make him lose territory and sign contracts. It’s going to take time and patience. He’s well-equipped, so they have to move with caution. Mateo will be safe here in Mexico. They’ll get Amado eventually at he’ll get his label back.

He thinks she sounds very sure about all that.

She thinks they can use “tú” now. She’s giving him her word, which is the most important thing to her. She follows through when she gives it and she expects the same in return.

Mateo asks what he’s supposed to do besides helping her daughter with her career.

Whatever she tells him to.

Well, he doesn’t have much of a choice, so OK. But first he wants her help with something, otherwise there’s no deal.

Casa Mateo

Isaac gets home and tells Belinda and Celestina that he and Rafa reviewed the contract and Rafa told him, off the record, that he’s going to do what Celestina wants.

Now that they’re all together, Gilda wants her mom to know she supports her, but this seems rushed. And Mateo’s not here….

Celestina says she, like Moisés, always wanted to keep the label, but things went wrong.

Gilda doesn’t want her to get down like that. They have to agree and maybe they can help each other. She hopes when Mateo gets back they can vote a Solar back into the presidency. Then it would be three Solars against Rafa and the investors. They could beat them. (Not if you’re counting on Isaac!)

Isaac accuses Gilda of only wanting to team up with him to get rid of Rafa, but once Mateo is back, he’s just going to kick Isaac out again. He doesn’t trust them.

Gilda can’t believe he’s saying this when their dad just died. Things have to change. They can’t keep fighting like little children.

Celestina tells them both to cut it out. She doesn’t care what they think, she just wants Rafa to pay for the label. The two of them are shareholders, they can figure out how to fight for what’s theirs. She wants to money so she can take care of it for her grandson and have something to give him when he’s older.

Gilda still thinks it’s too rushed. It’s Julio César’s legacy, a lifetime’s work….

Well, between JC’s legacy and her grandson’s future, she’s choosing life and his future. She has no guarantees Isaac won’t gamble all his money away.

Belinda reminds her she signed trust paperwork and she guarantees no one’s touching that money.

Celestina scoffs that she can’t guarantee anything if she’s with Isaac. Now, she thinks they should go get ready for their trip to Houston. She wants to bury Moisés peacefully. No more fights. Can they do that?

JC Records

Rafa looks at a picture of Julio César and Moisés on his phone and remembers his argument with his father. He accused Neto of thinking every bad thing that happened to the family was his fault. Neto said he had no scruples and hoped the label would make money for him because Neto wouldn’t be leaving him any.

Raquel comes in and Rafa starts talking about sending out a press release about Moisés’ death and Isaac’s return to the board.

Raquel got an update from the hospital–Neto only had the surgery to repair his wound and they’re leaving the more delicate operation for tomorrow. If Rafa doesn’t go see him, the press will attack him for not being there for Neto.

Casa Matamoros

Selva gets dressed for bed. She contemplates her belly in the mirror and smiles. Lorenzo calls and makes sure she’s alone before telling her he got Julia out of her contract. (“Got” is overstating things.)

Selva’s glad. She reminds him Julia wanted this hidden from Amado, so he can’t say anything to him. She’s been trying to win her over and it’s more complicated than she though.

Lorenzo asks how she’s doing. Did Julia awaken her maternal instinct?

Yes, Selva’s feeling very hopeful and she owes it all to him. He kept her from doing something foolish. He saved his nibling’s life and hers too.

Lorenzo says he’ll always be there for her. And then he turns right around and calls Amado to tell him about the contract. I know it’s all part of his plan, but what a jerk.

Amado’s ok with Selva and Julia having secrets. And did Lorenzo do what he asked?

Lorenzo says he’s got somebody coming to see him who has more info on El Diplomático so, he’ll let him know.


Julia shows up at the hospital to comfort Nico. He says Neto made it through the first operation OK, but the dangerous one is coming. He doesn’t know how long it will take so, she can go.

If he’s worried she’ll run into Sabrina, Julia promises not to fight with her. She’s sorry about what she did.

He’s glad to hear her admitting it.

She thinks the best thing for him to do is be calm. She knows how important his grandfather is to him. And she hopes Sabrina shows up so she can apologize to her.

Sabrina’s at the apartment, getting ready to meet the band and go over to the hospital, when some generic law enforcement official with a badge comes to her door and asks to see her papers.


The guys figure the corridos are working well. People are talking about El Diplomático. They think Bárbara must be pretty smart. But what does she need them for? Besides the corridos. She can get rid of Amado on her own.

Mateo explains her daughter wants to be a singer. She’s a fan of Manara and she wants Mateo’s help to record an album and make her famous. In exchange they can stay here and getting ready and be calm. He wants the label back and she wants what’s Amado’s.

Chalino questions whether he can keep that “calm” he’s talking about.

He has no choice. He’s already seen her face. She can kill him whenever she wants to.

Valentín believes it. What he doesn’t believe is that Mateo can stay calm for that long, even if they’re busy making music.

Well, Mateo’s going to be able to stay calm because he’s going to Houston first. And he’s leaving now.

Lorenzo’s hotel

Manara shows up and she’s ready to get to the point. Who attacked Amado?

Lorenzo’s convinced Mateo started it and he didn’t work alone.

And what did her brother say about El Diplomático.

He shrugs. What does she know about him?

First she needs to know how he’s going to get Amado back for killing his dad. She needs the truth.

Lorenzo says he’s trying to get close to Amado and gain his trust. His sister is pregnant and she’s practically imprisoned in Amado’s house. He wants to free her, obviously, and he thought Manara could help.

Manara says she’s not his solution–Mateo is. He’s stronger, now that he’s with El Diplomático. Since Lorenzo’s close to Amado, they should make an alliance. Yes, Mateo’s working with El Diplomático, or at least that’s what she thinks. They two of them need to make up already. Sure, Lorenzo’s dad had something to do with killing his brother, but the problems they’re having now have nothing to do with that.

Lorenzo suggests, since Manara’s seeing him, she could be the bridge between him and Mateo, but Manara doesn’t know where he is. And right now he doesn’t want to talk to her. He thinks Amado caused his father’s accident. It’s hard to have a relationship with problems like that.

He’s not sure he wants Mateo as an ally. He’d rather have Manara. Each one of them can get closer to Amado and get proof to build a case against Amado. Besides, Mateo always gets violent.

Except that she can’t get close to Amado because he threatened her sister and Agustina.

“The maid?”

Manara snaps that she’s a part of the family. Amado threatened to hurt her and take her son…who’s also his son. Lorenzo just nods at that. (Some investigator you are.)

Does he realize what she’s lived with for so many years in that house? She came here so she could become a powerful public figure that he can’t humiliate or step on so easily. But she went from one jail to another.

Lorenzo asks if Megavisa’s not treating her well. He thought they were supporting her.

Manara cryptically says the contract is demanding. And she has to go–she has an autograph signing and she can’t be late. She tells Lorenzo to think about what she said. “And don’t tell anyone I was here.”

So he calls Amado. (I swear, I’m going to kick this guy!) He thought he’d be able to find out about El Diplomático, but all he found out is that Mateo’s his new ally. He supposes it must have cost Mateo a lot, but he sure does know how to sell himself. Given his new friend, if Mateo hasn’t come in to give a statement it’s because he doesn’t want to, not because he can’t. He must be planning something.

Mayor’s office

Amado passes on the news to Canseco that Mateo is working with El Diplomático now.

Canseco says he handed over Moisés’ body like Amado asked and he put a GPS transmitter in the coffin so they’ll know where he ends up, and therefore where Mateo ends up.

Amado’s so pissed off he doesn’t care if there are people around (or he’ll be disrupting a funeral service) he just wants Canseco’s guys to go after Mateo with everything they’ve got.


Chalino says he knows saying goodbye is important to him, but if Mateo goes to that funeral the next one will be his.

Valentín agrees–obviously they’re going to try to get him.

Mateo knows, but he won’t make it easy for them. And he’s not going to not go either. It is how it is. This is war.



Celestina explains to the padre that it’s just going to be family and close friends. She doesn’t want press or anything.

She says she’d like to confess and he pulls his stole on. We aren’t privy to what she confesses.

Celestina weeps over the coffin as people file in.

Isaac looks like he’s trying to cry. He remembers Moisés saying he was disappointed in him. He apologizes and promises he’ll do everything he can to make Moisés feel proud of him. Now that he controls the label (Shut up about that already!) Moisés will see. He knows who the enemies are and it’s not going to stay like this. (That makes it sound like this has all been about him wanting to get to Rafa/Amado on his own so he can act like a big hero.)

Mayor’s office

Gloria’s trying to talk to Amado about his itinerary, but he tells her to just email it to him. He mentions wanting to do a press conference tomorrow about something I didn’t listen to.

Canseco approaches and says it’s like they thought–there’s been movement. He’s ready to get them.


At the back of the church, a door opens and we see just the flash of an envelope before going to commercial….

It’s Mariscal. He walks in and removes his hat. He introduces himself to Gilda as “Saúl Montés,” a friend of her father’s. He’d like to speak to her mom.

Celestina gives Gilda a nod, so he walks over and gives his condolences. He explains that he was a good friend of Moisés’ and since he knows the lawyer was also in the accident, he brought some documents for her. He asks her to review them carefully. Celestina’s annoyed, but she takes the envelope.


Bárbara checks in with someone. She’s glad they followed him just like they wanted. Bárbara wants a picture, but Mariscal’s having a difficult time getting one. He didn’t bring a lot of guys with him and he has his doubts. But it’s all going to go like they want.

He asks if she’s OK. She says she’s just here waiting for Azul at some music thing and asks him to keep her posted.

From the bushes, someone takes picture of Mariscal outside the church.


Candelaria explains to Manara that she’s to go directly to the table without stopping near the fans. Candelaria will get them all organized. And smile.

Azul is In the crowd of fans waving Manara posters. She makes it to the table finally and says she’s Manara’s biggest fan. Manara signs her poster, saying Azul is a pretty name.

Azul tells Manara that she’s going to use this autograph as motivation. She likes to sing and dance. Manara wishes her luck–she has a sister her age who also sings and dances.

Oh, Azul knows about Julia. She follows her on social media just like she does Manara. She’s dying to see Manara perform live!

Cande tries to bust things up so she can let another fan through (though I will say, the fans are being very polite), but Manara says they can take one more selfie. Azul hopes one day she’ll sing like Manara.

Mayor’s office

Canseco shows Amado the picture of Mariscal on his phone. He was one of the guys in that folder Lorenzo brought him. He used to be a promoter for musical events and an artist’s rep, but he went to jail for fraud. Now they say he works for El Diplomático. He thinks this is a sign.

Amado wants more people there. He screams at Canseco to send them now.


Celestina hands Gilda the envelope, saying the guy was their dad’s real estate agent. Since Arias died, he brought the papers over.

Gilda looks at them quickly, then says she’s going to go shut the door. Just like he got in, so could the press.

Isaac thought Mateo would come, but Celestina’s sure he won’t.


Mariscal sends a picture of Ramon, in HIS car, holding the camera. Heh. Bárbara says that’s one of the ones who killed her sister. She tells Mariscal to do what she asked.

Azul comes back to the car with her poster, chattering about how Manara’s so beautiful, inside and out. Her security was trying to get her to leave and Manara told her “No” so they could take a picture!

Bárbara asks to see the photos on her phone. Azul hopes one day she’ll be like Manara.

Bárbara says she’ll be even better, with Mateo getting her ready. He’s going to work on her song and then her album. And she owes it all to her aunt–she’s the one who made contact with him. She has to work hard now. It was her tía’s dream. And of course Bárbara supports her.

She goes back to looking at the picture of Azul with Manara and says she’s so pretty. (Are we supposed to be noting a resemblance? Maybe I’m reading too much into it.)


Nico’s worried. Miguel texted to say he was going to pick up Sabrina, but he can’t find her.

Rafa comes barging in, asking for his dad and getting obnoxious with the boys. Leti tells them all to chill. No one’s leaving and Neto deserves for them all to be there waiting quietly.

The doctor comes over just then to tell them he’s finished and the operation was successful. Everyone’s relieved, though Rafa still manages to look angry at the same time. The doctor goes on to explain that they got the entire tumor and now Neto will be getting chemotherapy to eliminate the cancer. He’ll need all their support. Once he’s out of anesthesia, they can see him.

Itzel and Leti start thanking God and the Virgen and Rafa sneers at them for “suddenly” being so religious. Leti tells him he can say whatever he wants about her but with what happened they’ve now seen how awful he is. What he did to Santiago is unforgivable. Itzel pulls her away, saying it’s not worth it. Nico and Julia follow them. Which leaves Santi with Rafa. He thinks they should talk.

To Santiago, his grandfather is his idol. Rafa’s nothing.

Rafa says his idol is a retrógrada (conservative) and he’s not going to let Santi do what he wants to do. He’s going to manipulate Santiago just like he tried to do with Rafa.

Santi thinks Rafa’s the one trying to manipulate him.

Rafa insists he’s free. He has his music and his company and he can do whatever he wants to and that’s why Neto’s so angry that he’s trying to turn everyone against him. He’s offering Santiago the same freedom. He’s guaranteeing it! He signed Santi to JC Records as a present for him. He can do whatever he wants. He can sing in wigs and heels, Rafa accepts him.

Santi tells him to stop exaggerating and making fun of him.

Rafa insists he’s giving him a choice. It’s up to Santi.

Radio Station

Selva tells Lorenzo the partnership will be good for the Solars and their investors. Plus it will increase their company’s value too. She thinks they should do the same with other labels. And imagine…a TV station!

Lorenzo is sure she can pull it off. She’s taken their dad’s company to a whole other level in such a short time.

Selva says Amado helped her with her strategy. And it’s good for him too, for her to have a multimedia platform.

But doesn’t it bother him that now she’s in charge of promoting Julio César’s legacy?

Nope, Selva says he goes out of his way to show her he’s not jealous by supporting her. He likes to improve himself. It’s what she loves about him. And she’s glad Lorenzo has been changing his attitude and being more supportive.

Lorenzo says he’d do anything for her and the baby.


Gilda realizes Celestina’s missing. She told the padre she would be outside getting air with Gilda. Isaac goes to look for her.

Mariscal shows Celestina into the apartment for her secret meeting with Mateo. They hug and cry…and then Mateo starts talking about getting back what’s “theirs.” Yes, he means the label.

Celestina says he can forget it. The label has been hell for her! All she wants is the money.

Mateo says they have to defend what was Moisés’ or else who will?

The only thing she wants is to take care of her grandson’s interests and his future. Or does he really think Isaac won’t waste all the money and leave Belinda out in the street? She’s selling it to Rafa so he can’t screw them over.

Mateo promises it won’t happen. He wants one chance. He begs her not to sell their family.

But the label isn’t their family! Or is there something else going on here that he doesn’t want to tell her?

Isaac can’t find Celestina. And she’s not taking Belinda’s calls. Belinda thinks she must have gone to the apartment to rest. Anyway, she needs to change the baby’s diaper.

Isaac thinks Gilda’s too calm. What does she know?

Gilda admits their mom’s with Mateo. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” Because no one trusts him after he hooked up with Belinda! He should be ashamed of himself!

Isaac thinks Mateo’s the one who should be ashamed–he sent messengers to take their mom?

Gilda suddenly realizes he’s afraid of Mateo. That he won’t forgive him for Belinda. And hey, she doesn’t like violence, but getting involved with his brother’s wife? That’s the kind of thing you pay for.

Mateo promises there’s nothing more behind this, but it isn’t just about the label for him. They’re his songs, his work.

She knows him. And she’s sure there’s something he’s not telling her. His dad probably made him promise. He always did think women were weak. His stupid machismo is what made her sick with nerves.

Mateo says his dad loved her and always gave her her place.

And she gave him his. She can’t stop thinking about the plane crashing and him being alone and the two of them fighting. And Isaac with his betrayals. And now Mateo’s a fugitive.

He says he’s not. He was going to get on the plane, but his dad didn’t want him to, probably so he wouldn’t fight with Isaac.

She knows that’s exactly why. At least one good thing came out of Isaac’s stupidity–he’s still alive.

Mateo begs her again not to sell the label, but she’s made her decision. Mateo promises her grandson won’t want for anything. He promises he’ll start a parallel label and take every dollar he earns and stick it in savings for him. He just wants a chance to get back what’s theirs. He’s been working for the label since he was seven years old and he’s not going to give that away to Rafa. He just wants one chance.


Neto tells Leti he feels like he’s waking up from a nightmare. He thought he was dying.

Hey, she doesn’t want him saying that when he needs to be strong to get through his recovery.

Neto doesn’t want to see either Rafa or Santiago. He can’t believe he failed him like this.

Leti can’t believe after life is giving him another chance, he won’t open his mind. Santi didn’t “fail” him.

Neto supposes Itzel knew. Did Leti? Did she hide this from him.

She says they had been spending a lot of time together, working on a song, and he said he wanted to talk to her about something, but he never did. What she does know is Santiago loves him. The world has changed. People love freely now, it’s no big deal. (I wish. We’re working on it.)

Well, maybe it’s because she’s younger that she sees it as natural, but he knows his business and his music. And he’s ashamed of Santiago. He’s going to have to remove Santiago from his legacy. Or does she think his successor can be a [bleeped]. Would Leti manage it alone?

Let looks nervous.

Out in the waiting area, Itzel tells Santi that Neto will come around sooner or later. What did he talk about with his dad.

Oh, she knows how he is. He beats you over the head then tries to win you over. Has he really bought JC?

Itzel has no idea. If he did, then she quits. She’s going to focus entirely on her clothing line.

Nico agrees. If Rafa buys the label, he’ll break his contract with them. And so should Santi, now before he hasn’t recorded a single yet.

Yeah, Rafa already screwed up his life. Santi’s not going to let him do it to his career too.

Miguel shows up and Nico asks if they found Sabrina.

About that…

Julia greets Amado in the foyer. Selva and Lorenzo are on their way, but she wants to talk privately.

Upstairs in her room, she says she thinks it already happened. They picked up Sabrina. She was with Nicolas. What does she do now?!

Deny everything. He has to believe her or else he has no business being with her.

But Julia’s sure Sabrina’s going to call him and blame her!

Amado says he’ll take care of her. He won’t hurt anyone…just trust him. (Whoever wrote this seems not to be aware that Amado hardly has to do anything. ICE detention isn’t like regular jail where you still at least nominally have rights.)

Agustina pokes her head in to say Canseco’s looking for him.

“See! You have all the power in the city on your side!” He tells her to stay calm. While he’s close, nothing will happen to her.

About damn time!

Mateo begs Celestina to trust him. Just let Gilda take the reins.

Celestina doesn’t see what difference that would make. Rafa put Isaac back in and the two of them with Guzman are the majority. Even if Gilda wanted to and if Mateo coming back, they’d still never let them do anything.

They will if Celestina gets on the board. She’s his dad’s heir and she has a right to a seat on the board. (Which means she could contest Isaac’s reinstatement since they held that meeting without her.)

“But I’ve never worked in my life!” (You raised four kids. That’s work.)

So what? She’s always been behind Moisés and he made decisions based on her advice. What’s she going to do, sell it all and cry for the rest of her life? He begs her not to make this decision lightly and trust him. He has to go now before the press finds out he’s here.

Celestina asks where he’s going and what he’s going to do.

Make music. The only thing he knows how to do. Earn enough money so his nephew never wants for anything. He’ll send her a message from a phone–she should save the number.

Change of plans

Canseco came to Amado’s to say they’ve got Mateo. They put a guard on the apartment and he came back. Amado questions whether he’d really be that stupid. It must be a trap.

Bárbara calls Mariscal for news. He says Amado’s guys don’t trust this, they’ve done everything according to plan and they aren’t showing up.

She wants to use Mateo as bait, but Mariscal points out they could have orders to kill him. Is she sure she wants to do that? Mariscal can see him coming out now–should he go pick him up or not?

Mateo calls Mariscal from the street. He says he can’t see him.

An SUV drives up and blocks his way. Ramón and another guy get out and Ramón says Mateo’s coming with them.

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