Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 8/09/17 #66

Episode 66: Solar contra Solar

Mateo tells Ramón to just kill him here, but that’s not Ramón’s decision to make. He tells Mateo to get into the back of the truck.

Mateo asks Ramón to pass him the phone if he talks to Amado.


Gilda gets a text from her mom (or says she does for Belinda’s benefit) and she’s going to the apartment. Isaac volunteers to stay with their dad.


Cande goes over Manara’s itinerary with her, saying Bianco wants to talk to her after dinner about their press strategy. As in “their” press strategy. She mentions Bianco has tried this fake relationship thing with other women, but he’s never gotten so far with any of them or trusted them as much.

Manara says she gets how important it is and she’s not messing around with it. But she’s got a headache and she’s seriously agotada (exhausted).

Cande got her those pills they talked about. Manara’s supposed to take one when she feels tired and it’ll boost her energy. (I looked up the pills, and they’re real, but they’re apparently an antihistamine. I hope nobody gets any ideas.)

Manara changes into her jammies. She looks at the bottle of pills, but reaches for her phone instead.

Casa Matamoros

Selva and Lorenzo arrive while Canseco’s still in the foyer with Amado, waiting to hear from Ramon. Amado does his fake-nice routine and when Canseco gives him a significant hand wave, tells Agustina to bring them drinks. Selva takes Lorenzo into the living room to wait.

Canseco says he has Mateo. Amado says to kill him already and then go home and rest–he deserves it. He calls to Agustina to bring him a glass of champagne.


Ramón says no one wants to talk to Mateo. He gets into the SUV and tells the driver he knows where to go.

They don’t even make it to the end of the block before they get blocked in by a truck and an SUV. At the end of the shootout, Ramón’s the only one of Amado’s men still alive. He turns around to go ahead and shoot Mateo now, but Mateo convinces him not to. He’d only get himself killed.

Ramón looks around, puts his hands up, and lets Mariscal take his gun.

Casa Matamoros

Lorenzo says this fusion with JC is going to be really big. Amado jokes about her taking all of Megavisa’s advertisers, but Selva says she’s just giving them a discount. Lorenzo warns they’re going to retaliate, but Selva insists she has to do it.

Amado snaps at Agustina and gets scolded by Selva. I guess he thought she was taking too long pouring the champagne.

After she’s handed out the glasses Agustina checks her phone and sees that Manara’s trying to call. She asks permission to go check on the baby if they don’t need her for anything else.

Selva asks her to bring the baby in so Lorenzo can meet him. She brags about how cute and well-behaved he is.

In her room, Agustina calls Manara and says Amado’s fine. He’s happy. He’s got Selva and Lorenzo in the living room with him.

Manara wishes she could say she’s doing well with the interviews and stuff, but everything that’s happening destroying her. Agustina counsels patience and staying calm (like that ever works) and reminds her she’s been through a lot of serious stuff in a short time. What happened with Rafa, and Mateo’s dad dying.

And what Amado did to her. Manara can’t get that image out of her head, people caged like animals. And then there’s Julia–she can’t deal with her rejection. And Bianco still wants to go on with his strategy.

Agustina asks if he really has to do that now?

Well, she’s being pressured to do it. Mateo said she was going from one jail to another and he was right. She can’t forgive herself for it and she feels so alone.

Agustina reminds her that Mateo loves her and he has to understand that marrying Bianco is just for the press. They’ll be able to have a private life later. She’s smart. She doesn’t have to let them manipulate her–she has to manipulate them. Manara doesn’t reply.

In the living room, Amado answers his buzzing cell phone. Ramón apologizes, but there’s someone here who wants to talk to him.

He hands the phone to Mariscal, who points out that he now has one of the people who was implicated in Davis’ death. Amado knows who he’s talking about, right? He’ll be sending over some documents on behalf of El Diplomático. And again, he knows Amado knows who he’s talking about. But what Amado doesn’t know is what he’s capable of, so they’re going to show him.

Amado looks back at Lorenzo for a second before hanging up.

Up in his office, Amado tells Canseco that who ever he talked to said they have Ramón. Canseco gives a “¡No puede ser!”

Amado asks when their backup is supposed to be arriving and Canseco says they just landed.

Amado flips out and starts screaming at him about how the damn cops don’t know how to do anything right and he’s going to have to take charge of this and he’ll tell Canseco how they’re going to do it. (Yeah, I laughed.)


Mariscal tells the guys to take Ramón.

Mateo’s pissed off that he didn’t get to talk to Amado, but Mariscal says right now this is their moment. He’ll get his later. This is dangerous–Amado’s moving his pieces, so chill.

Mateo says he and Bárbara made a deal and Mariscal has to follow through.

Isaac’s talking to Moisés again, telling him he didn’t deserve this. And he didn’t deserve something so small. He deserved a much bigger event with music and friends and applause. “But mom didn’t want it.” (I half expected Moisés to sit up and smack him again.) She doesn’t understand their business. That’s why when she sells to Rafa, Isaac’s going to take control. “For you.” He promises.

There’s a knock at the church door.

Casa Matamoros

Selva can tell something’s wrong with Amado since that phone call. He says it’s about financial stuff, the previous administration’s debts, some blocked contracts. Good thing Lorenzo’s here, right?

Selva will leave them to discuss it alone. She says she’ll see Amado upstairs and says goodbye to Lorenzo.

Amado wants to know who told Lorenzo about Mateo teaming up with El Diplomático. He accepts a vague “contacts from the radio station, people at other record labels” as a valid answer and tells Lorenzo to get close to Mateo. He’ll have to do it through Manara.


Manara’s listening to Si Alguna Vez with headphones on and singing along.

Suddenly Mateo’s there, taking her headphones off and freaking us both out. He looks at the pill bottle and asks her if she’s taking pills to fill the emptiness. He says people underestimate love, but when you don’t have it…all they have left is emptiness. So, what’s she going to do? Being so sexy *wink* and concert after concert, tour after tour, alone…without love.

He starts to kiss her and then he’s gone. Never there. Manara looks at her phone and there’s a video of Bianco performing an acoustic version of Me Gustas at a press conference.

After the song, one reporter mentions rumors that he’s doing the official theme for “Un Mundo Por la Paz” again. Bianco confirms it and says it’s an honor.

And about the personal rumors…. Bianco says they know he doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. OK, so the reporter will talk–just a word or two. “Manara. ¿Novia?” Bianco laughs.

Manara looks at the bottle of pills again.


Isaac opens the door of the church and Mateo walks in. He asks the obvious question, “What are you doing here?” and says it’s dangerous for Mateo to be here.

Mateo gives the obvious answer, he’s here to say goodbye to their dad. He goes up to the coffin and says they killed him.

Isaac knows. And he knows Mateo’s got lots of problems.

Mateo says he’s protected. He just wants a few minutes with dad. He tells Isaac he can leave and pretend he never saw him.

Isaac asks about his plans. Mateo says he’s getting the label back.

“It’s not lost. The only one lost here is you.” Isaac says he’s going to be the new president and it’s not negotiable.

“No?” Because he’s still the president and he’s not letting Isaac and his miserable partner Rafa take it.

Isaac starts complaining about false accusations in front of their dad. And how dare Mateo compare him to Rafa!

He’s even worse than Rafa because he’s a Solar and he betrayed his family. He’s a coward. He and Belinda betrayed Julio. Why doesn’t he just admit it now, in front of their dad–he’s working with Rafa. He told them where to find Mateo so they’d kill him. He’d better talk, because one of them isn’t getting out of here alive. He screams at Isaac to start talking.

Isaac admits it, he did turn Mateo over…but to the cops and it was just him, because he works alone. (OK, first off, LIAR! And second, turned him over to what cops? There was no warrant out for him in Mexico, so it’s not just a lie it’s a weak lie.) He brags that he’s not afraid of Mateo–if he wants to fight, go for it.

Instead, Mateo grabs him by the head and sadly reminds Isaac he’s his little brother, and he sold him out. They come from the same father. Doesn’t he have any honor?

Isaac tries to turn this around on Mateo, saying Mateo never supported him and kicked him out of the company and never voted for him. (Seriously, if I had that gif of Carol Kane screaming “LIAR!” in The Princess Bride… ’cause that’s what goes on in my head every time this jerk opens his mouth.) If Mateo only wants one of them to get out alive, then let’s go!

They start fighting and the priest comes in and yells at them, clearly seeing a couple of twelve year olds. He dismisses Mateo’s “it’s just family problems” and says if they want to stay here they’re going to do it in silence and BEHAVE or they can get out.

Mateo tells Isaac the worst thing that could have happened to Isaac was being alive. He’s always going to be the disgrace of the family. Their dad regretted him until his dying day and Mateo knows that because Moisés called HIM when that plane was going down, not Isaac. He talked about their mom, Gilda, Julio (Did he?), but he never mentioned Isaac. (Which I know I noticed, but damn, that’s harsh.)

He goes up to the coffin, thanks Moisés for what he left him, and promises to “at least” live with honor. And then he leaves.

You were saying?

Amado needs Lorenzo to form an alliance with Mateo. “What kind?” An alliance against Amado–he’ll accept that. If Lorenzo brings Mateo to him, he’ll gain Amado’s confidence. He’ll finally be part of the family. That’s what he wanted, right?


Julia gets to the dance studio and tells her guards she’s staying late, so they don’t stick around. Instead, they do, and a truck pulls up behind them. Two guys get into the back of the SUV.

She finds Nico waiting inside for her. Of course he always pops up here, he’d rather not go to her house and run into her brother. Sabrina got picked up by la migra (immigration). What did she have to do about that?

Mayor’s office

When Amado arrives, he notices Mariscal sitting in his office. Canseco hurriedly assures him he’s unarmed. He decided to bring those requests from El Diplomático personally.

Mariscal explains they’re going to have a series of negotiations.

Amado scoffs at him–just because they have one of his guys, he thinks he has some kind of authority here?

Oh, is he saying that because of yesterday’s call? Yeah, that guy’s getting interrogated right now. He’s here in memory of Davis, the lawyer Amado killed in cold blood. He knows Amado’s intrigued by the link between Davis and El Diplomático so he’s here to clear up all doubts.

Davis was El Diplomático’s sister. An eye for an eye. And Amado has two eyes and two sisters. One of them is about to pay for what Amado did.


Bianco stops by with breakfast. He’s guessing she saw the video–it had two million views–

He looks over the railing, drops the food, and runs down the stairs. Manara’s on the floor of the living room with pills everywhere and she’s not waking up. He calls Candela and tells her to send a doctor to the house and not tell anyone.


Mateo scolds the delivery guys to be careful with the equipment. Valentín jokingly asks where he got all these hours of healthy fun? Chalino thinks he brought the stuff from Houston, but the only thing Mateo brought back from Houston was peace.

He said goodbye to his dad and tried to convince his mom not to sell the label. And he talked to Isaac. And saw Mariscal sending Amado a message–this is war.

Chalino and Valentín don’t look like they’re too thrilled about that.


Julia gripes that she already told him she had nothing to do with it. The teacher’s like “Julia?” Subtext: “Can I just teach my damn class now without your personal drama constantly getting in the way?” Julia asks her for second.

Nico (not having any more respect for the class/teacher/studio than Julia) says it’s her word against Sabrina’s, is that it? This is serious, he’s going to get her the best lawyer….

Well, congratulations on having such a good heart, but if he keeps coming back here just to talk about Sabrina, then Julia doesn’t want to see him. “Don’t threaten me.” He can take it however he wants to. She can see he likes Sabrina better.

Nico walks out, past the SUV and truck that are still parked at the curb. He drives off and we get a look at the two guys in the back seat of the SUV.

They’ve got a bomb. They’ve killed Amado’s men. They toss their guns back into the SUV as they walk up to the studio with the bomb.


The doctor reports Manara’s vital signs are stable and she won’t need a lavage, but he’s waiting on the results of the blood work. She could be anemic or she could have had an allergic reaction to the pills. That he can see aren’t prescription.

Bianco asks for his discretion, and he includes not talking to Anahí or Ezequiel about it.

Candelaria scolds him, saying this is obviously too much for her. He should get someone else.

“I want her.”

Mayor’s office

Amado’s trying to call the guards with Julia, but they’re not answering. Mariscal warns him if he tries to get reinforcements, she’ll be in even more danger–Amado has no idea who he’s bought.

“How dare you threaten a mayor in his own city!” (Oh, don’t even. Like you’re supposed to get some special protection or something.)

Mariscal says if he doesn’t want his sister to end up like Davis, he’d better read El Diplomático’s requests. If they make a deal, no one touches Julia. If they don’t then it doesn’t matter how many cops or killers he sends, before he moves a hair, that school will blow up. The clock is ticking.

Los Zabala

Julia’s teacher records her performance of No Perdamos Tiempo.

Rafa hands Raquel a tablet so she can watch it. Rafa wants her to get Julia’s profile up on the webpage. They start talking about social media campaigns and needing to review everyone’s wardrobe…no, not with Itzel…and Rafa wanting an official photo of everyone from the label with JC way in the back and Rafa up front. He wants everyone’s phone numbers so he can decide who he’s calling and who he isn’t.

Raquel asks if he’s the official owner now.

Not yet, but the buyout is assured. He’s got Isaac on his side and they can kick Gilda and Mateo off the board. Raquel gets all turned on, saying she knew he’d be able to get them all.

But what about his sons? Is he going to keep them or get rid of them after what they did?

At the hospital, Neto’s not in the mood for Santiago’s visit, but Santi won’t leave. He can’t wait. He needs to talk to Neto and Neto needs to listen.

To what? That he likes guys? Does he think that’s what Neto wants to hear right now?

Santi says he likes women. He also likes men. That’s how he feels.

Rafa’s not keeping Nico. He gets nothing for daring to go against Rafa. But he’s going to tempt Santiago with a big press campaign.

Raquel says it would be a huge bomb if he came out of the closet.

Rafa wants to keep that quiet. It’s a weapon for negotiating with his dad. He even named Santi his successor! He wanted to disinherit him! Rafa’s not going to forgive Neto unless he repents! Or it hurts him.

Neto asks why Santiago didn’t just tell him, if he was so proud of it.

It’s not about pride. It’s just his reality. Neto was sick and he just kept postponing it.

Neto’s furious. Santi was his gallo (big guy?). He was going to be his successor. Neto had that hope all his life and now look. If this gets out, the business will be destroyed. And so will the family’s honor.

Santi says this is who he is and he’s not going to change. He loves music and he loves the tradition. He has Neto’s legacy in his blood. He asks Neto not to make him feel as if he doesn’t deserve Neto’s respect. He wants to be Neto’s successor–he’s wanted that his whole life. Can Neto put this aside and accept him as he is?

There’s a knock at the door and a nurse says she’s here to change out Neto’s IV bag.


The doctor told Candelaria that Manara will probably sleep for a while. She offers to watch her, but Bianco would rather she cancel all his stuff and he’ll stay.

Manara’s cell phone buzzes and Cande says it’s some guy named Lorenzo. Does he know who he is?

Lorenzo is Gabriel Treviño’s son, their competition.

She starts throwing a fit–all Manara does is sing and get him into trouble!

Bianco tells her to do what he asked, let the message go to voicemail, then erase it and erase all contact from him. He tells her to get out.

Radio station

Lorenzo shows up and Selva’s freaking out. She wants his help dealing with the first of the clients she’s stolen from Megavisa.

Maybe it’s just the baby hormones or it’s finally hitting her how huge this fusion really is. She started worrying that she’d made the wrong decision and they were going to lose everything their father left.

Lorenzo says he’s been thinking and he thinks the fusion makes sense. The business is going to grow. Besides, she’s safe. Amado’s the most powerful man in the city. It’s all going to be ok.

Selva makes a face like “Excuse you, this is about ME!” and they go in to their meeting.

The deal

Mariscal explains that El Diplomático, et al, want to manage the plazas (I’m going to go with…markets?), and they want to finance all his projects. It’ll all be legal. They know he has influence with the media and the authorities so nobody’s going to start shooting anybody.

Amado won’t sign until he knows his sister is safe.

She won’t be until they have an agreement. If he signs, he’ll be having dinner with her tonight. Mariscal’s his guarantee. If anything happens to her, just take it out on him. He’s alone and unarmed.

Amado says this is the only thing he’s signing. After this he’s tripling her security and this won’t happen again. Their plan has no future.

Sure it does. Davis warned him El Diplomático would be his cross to bear until the end. He’s going to hand over everything–this is just the beginning. Now, he can sign or they can kill the dancer. They know that’s the one that would hurt him more.

Amado swears he’s going to get Mariscal and El Diplomático.

Mariscal collects the paperwork and calmly says they’re protected by people more powerful than him. They’re in the shadows. Until El Diplomático forgets his sister, Amado will start losing all his power. This job will become his nightmare.

“We’ll see.”

Mariscal takes the paperwork and says the lawyers will come talk to him. His people are waiting outside. Once he’s safe, so will Amado’s sister be. “See you soon.”

Amado hisses at Canseco to keep him in sight until Julia is OK. And then they’ll talk about how this happened in the first place. He wants Selva’s security doubled. He screams at him to get out. (That was fun. I hope Mariscal’s right.)

This guy again

Alexis does an interview with El Mayor, who is apparently not dead. How disappointing.

Alexis is desperately trying to get El Mayor to trash talk Valentín and Básico and say they were behind the attack, but El Mayor says he’s here to talk about music. He’s not going to keep promoting them. He’d rather talk about his contract with JC Records.

But isn’t that the Solars’ label? Doesn’t he have a problem with Mateo?

El Mayor says he’s a shareholder, but El Mayor’s there for Rafa, who’s the OWNER and his producer. He and Diego are here to sing their version of a song. Diego says it’s a fusion for both coasts, produced by Rafa.

They start singing Mejor sin Ti. (It’s acoustic, but how is this a fusion of anything?)

JC Records

Raquel likes the combination and thinks it was a good idea. (She also likes Rafa. I question her taste.)

Rafa says it’s just what he wanted to promote Diego. But did she tell El Mayor to be so aggressive?

Uh, no. She thought Lucho must have coached him. Isn’t he in charge of press?

Not anymore. He’s going to Miami because he had a fight with Alexis.

Raquel whines at him not to stress out. Does he want a massage? She starts rubbing his shoulders and macking on him.

Nico walks in and asks if he’s interrupting. He needs to talk to Rafa, urgently.


Lucho’s finally finished packing. His assistant brings in some USB drives with videos of Rafa and Leti, Alexis, the fútbol manager who took bribes, judges….

Lucho wants the one of Alexis talking about Amado, that one’s the most dangerous. The rest can stay with the assistant. They’re not traveling together. He bought her a ticket and she’ll catch up to him later.

Although, it also seems like the video of Rafa could be hot. He was offered a good price for it. He’s on his way to talk to some people in Mexico and then he’ll let her know.

She gets a text from Raquel asking for all of El Mayor’s publicity stuff. He points out the briefcase full of it and tells her to take it over. And be nice to Rafa. And not tell him Lucho’s going to Mexico or that they’re closing up the office.

Outlaw Records

Mateo plugs some cables into the back of a mixing board. Chalino asks Básico why he’s not helping them. He’s too busy listening to that interview with El Mayor. He can’t believe he’s still playing the victim! And he’s got Diego with him.

Playing regional? Valentín scoffs that Diego would try to pass himself off as Mexican.

Básico says they called it “music for both coasts” and they keep talking about how Rafa’s the best producer ever–oh please!

Sounds like Lila was right, he wants the label. But Mateo’s not going to let him have it so easily.

Anyway, enough politics. They should make some music. Hey…what if they made a song that was oddly similar to Rafa’s?

Chalino laughs at that. Mateo says he’s got one that could work for “both coasts.” Valentín asks when Dylan’s done with the tour. Mateo starts talking about sending tracks back and forth. Chalino suggests calling “Junior” (I assume this is not the baby Junior) and getting him to pass them information.

Mateo tells him to get Junior to give them Rafa’s maquetas (demos) and if they hurry they can get the song out before he does and make it look like Rafa copied them.

For a second Mateo hesitates–is this manchado (dirty)? Nah, it’s awesome!

Later, Dylan gives Mateo his first impressions about a rhythm that could work for the track he sent over. Mateo was thinking faster, like 95 bpm? He asks Dylan to make a track with the lyrics he sent over and send it back for Valentín and Básico to listen to.

Dylan’s on his way right now to get it done so they can throw it in Diego’s face–how is he uniting with El Mayor after what he did?

Mateo says they’ll make him pay, he can count on that.

Dylan wants to know if Mateo’s going to share his plans.

Yes. And no one’s going to get away without payback.


Belinda offers to make Celestina some tea, but she’d rather have tequila. Gilda gripes about it being just ONE and goes to pour. Isaac asks for one too.

He brings up a photo session tomorrow at JC and talking to Rafa about the sale. Celestina nods quietly in response and remembers Mateo begging her not to sell. Isaac kisses her and takes her hand all fake-sincere and says he’s here for whatever she needs.

Gilda hands them their tequilas. Belinda says she’s going upstairs to give the baby a bath. Isaac goes with her.

Gilda asks Celestina if she really wants to sell.


Manara’s still sleeping. Bianco remembers telling her he knew what kind of person she was, that it was why he picked her, that he liked everyone knowing they were together. He remembers telling her their deal was flexible and he knew how to make it easier and kissing her. (Maybe rethinking that theory?)

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