Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 8/10/17 #67

Episode 67: Discreción absoluta

Manara wakes up to Bianco touching her face. He gives her some water before telling her she took some pills and fainted. Was it his fault?

Manara doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Bianco assumes she took them because she was feeling overwhelmed, and if that’s the case, they can break off their deal.

Manara explains that Candelaria told her those pills would give her energy, but she wasn’t trying to hurt herself. She’s not about to leave all the people she loves alone. She’d sooner get killed trying to take care of them than kill herself out of fear.

Bianco assures her this is all private. They’re not even telling Ezequiel. There won’t be any scandals. She’s completely safe.

Going back to what he said about being overwhelmed, Manara admits she gets nervous seeing him in interviews, talking about their relationship. And she did tell Mateo about the wedding and he was angry. And that bothers her, because she still loves him.

She knows their deal goes with her contract and that breaking the deal would be like betraying Bianco and Ezequiel and ruining her career. All she’s asking for is patience. She needs time to adapt. And if he can’t give her that, he can do whatever he wants to. He can tell her to leave if he wants.

Bianco knows that the death of Mateo’s dad was a shock. Plus fighting with Julia upset her, and her brother’s threats. They’ll give it time. He knows she’ll adapt. But for now, how about they change the topic and have some food?

Manara doesn’t think she could eat. The pills destroyed her stomach. She’ll be fine for the auditorio, but…she runs off to puke. (Um…?)

Los Zabala

Rafa assumes Nico’s here to talk about why Rafa called Santiago about doing the publicity campaign, but not him. That’s because he’s sure once Nico’s contract is up, he’s leaving.

Nico tells him without Manara and Valentín around, he’s the artist who sells most, but whatever. He’s not here as an employee, he’s here as a son and he doesn’t need a contract for that. He explains that he wants Rafa’s lawyers to help this girl in his band who got picked up by immigration. And maybe if Rafa helps him out with this, he’d renew his contract when Rafa’s the owner.

The nurse leaves when she’s done changing out Neto’s IV bag. Santi wants to know if Neto’s going to answer him.

Neto says in order to support Santi still being his successor, they’d have to make sure his “thing” is an absolute secret and no one knows. If not, rather than being his successor, he’d be the destroyer of Neto’s legacy.

Santi asks how he can be so extreme. There isn’t just one way to sing or one way to love. The world accepts it–look at the laws, there’s marriage equality now.

Hey, Santi may understand the world, but Neto understands the music. Rancheras are meant for seducing women. Zabala is a dynasty of “men” and his name is synonymous with that. If Santi opens his mouth, he’ll be a laughingstock and that would hurt their business.

Santiago says he’s a Zabala too and he’s free to be how he wants to be and love who he wants to. When Neto was being so sensitive before the operation, Santi thought Neto would understand and accept him. Is he not going to say anything now?

Neto says as much as he thinks about it he just can’t understand how the [bleeped] Santiago can like hairy legs. (Seriously Neto? What does that have to do with anything? Women can have leg hair. Dudes can wax. Get over it.)

El Diplomático’s lair

Mateo checks in with Bárbara. She asks if he did what he wanted in Houston.

Sure, he saw his mom, said goodbye to his dad…and how did it go with her with Amado?

Bárbara says he’s having a bad time and it’s only going to get worse, which is exactly what they wanted. Mateo seems doubtful.

She explains she’s taking away control of the police first. He only has a few corrupt ones, but she has contacts at higher levels of government, including federal. She’s making Amado sign contracts for public works projects and use her financing.

Mateo doesn’t see how. It’s not like she can just go up and ask him to do this. Is she using his sisters?

Bárbara says she told him that wouldn’t happen. (Yeah, is she lying or does she not see it that way?)

Right, she also said she’d take care of him in Houston and look what happened. She used him as bait to get Amado’s men. They could have shot him in the head at any time.

Bárbara insists she never used him as bait and tells Mateo to trust her like she trusts him. Does he think she’d just hand her daughter over to anyone?

Speaking of Azul and Matamoros’ sisters–she shows him the cell phone picture of Azul and Manara. Azul says she’s so pretty, she just loves her.

Bárbara thinks Manara’s a great woman, talented…but it must be hard to be in love with the sister of the guy who ruined your life.

Mateo’s not here to talk about her. He has nothing to do with her anymore.

Bárbara reminisces about times when she got all schmoopy in bed with El Diplomático. They used to talk about this Japanese legend that said a red thread connects people who are destined to meet. But hey, that’s just silly lovers’ stuff.

Mateo says his and Manara’s story is less romantic. There’s no red thread. He thought they were united by music, but the only thing that unites them is her brother killed his brother.

Davis suffered for him. Bárbara understands why now–he’s in love with someone else. Her situation is more complicated–she’s in love with a man who’s dead.

She offers him tequila. Nope, no whiskey in this office–it’s tequila or nothing. Mateo accepts a tequila and toasts to red threads and dead people.

Jail again

Lucía knows something happened with Nico, but she doesn’t think getting depressed is the solution. She suggests she and Julia go to the beach instead. Julia agrees–she’s got so much going on she feels like she’s going to explode.

Instead, they’re not even out the door when Vidal stops her to say her brother’s waiting for her at home. Julia asks him to just tell Amado she’s going to the beach, but Vidal insists Amado’s waiting and she knows he just follows orders.

Amado gets home. Canseco says Julia’s on her way and they found the bomb just where that guy said it would be. They’re not messing around.

Amado wants double security 24 hours a day. And he wants Canseco to find out which of his guys sold them out so he can kick his ass personally.

Selva walks in asking what’s going on. Why is there all that security outside?

Amado blames it on terrorist threats. Selva’s annoyed anyway–she came to the US because she didn’t like living surrounded by guards.

Julia walks in asking why she can’t go to the beach and why there are all those cops outside. She feels like she just took a trip to the past where she can’t even go near windows.

Amado says the state made this decision, it’s not his. They’ll just have to do what he says, for their own safety, got it? (I would hope for a little more ‘tude, but they’re just making faces at this point.)

Days later

Manara’s giving an interview, talking about how her first tour dates were sold out and it’s been her dream to sing in “the auditorio” (the National Auditorium?).

As the starts answering the interviewer’s question about how she writes her songs, Cande comes over to whisper to Bianco that the doctor from the other day is here and he wants to talk to Bianco and Manara. This was the only place she told him he could talk to them both.

Instead, Bianco goes alone. The doctor gave him the most urgent test results, but a few more have arrived and he decided to bring them over personally, since the results are…delicate. He doesn’t know if they might already know, but since they’re the ones who pay him….

Bianco asks if she’s sick.

No. She’s pregnant. She had an allergic reaction to the pills and fainted. It’s routine to do some additional tests and one of them was a pregnancy test.

Bianco says he didn’t know. He doesn’t think she knows either. How far along is she?

The doctor would have to talk to her and do an ultrasound to find out. Is she going to be much longer giving her interview? (Oh, he is so not going to talk to her, I can see it in his face.)

The interviewer talks about the video where Bianco openly talked about their relationship. She heard that the song Sobrenatural was inspired by him.

Manara doesn’t think she should be talking about her personal life. But as for Sobrenatural, that song was written by Mateo Solar just like all the songs on her album. She owes a lot of her success to him.

Bianco says Manara’s a star and she’s been launched with all the promotional power of the label behind her. She’s about to go on tour. A badly “managed” pregnancy could be a huge financial scandal. Who else knows about this?

When the doctor assures him it’s just the two of them, Bianco says he’ll handle it with Manara and he’ll be giving the doctor some extra cash for his discretion. He asks Cande to see the doctor out and then come back. (So help me, if you tell her and not Manara….)

JC Records

In the lounge, Raquel says Isaac’s looking good.

This is all Belinda’s work, she’s in charge of his image now. And everyone else’s once Itzel quits. Belinda’s ready to start as soon as someone lets her know when.

Raquel says they’re waiting for Rafa–they can’t start without the boss. She walks off and Isaac sneers at her calling Rafa the boss.

In the board room, Rafa says he’s been at a “friend’s” house for the last few days, which is why he hasn’t asked Santiago how it went with his grandfather.

He hasn’t talked to him since the hospital. He decided to go recover at the beach apartment with Leti.

Rafa brags about how he gave Santiago a position, his support, and his love. He asks to check out the outfit he brought with him.

Santi’s still planning to sing rancheras and wear trajes de charro, but he wants to use the ones his mom designed.

Rafa gloats that Neto hates those. But that’s ok, he likes them. (Lay it on a little thicker, why don’t you.) Is Itzel not coming?

Um, no. He knows she won’t work here while he owns the label. He takes his garment bag and goes off to change.


Itzel’s sorry she stopped by without warning, but he never calls her and he’s on trips all the time. He’s barely sent any messages.

She sees the paperwork on the coffee table and Lorenzo says he’s busy, as she can see.

She’s not here to talk about work. He pushed her out of his dealings with Amado, but he also pushed her out of his life.

Lorenzo says he has a lot of problems right now…Amado’s not having a good time…his sister’s “crazy” with her pregnancy…he doesn’t want to get into details, for Itzel’s own safety.

What about HIS safety? Does he think she doesn’t worry? That she doesn’t think about him? “I miss you. I love you. I need you.” *smoochies*

Casa Matamoros

Julia’s running down the stairs with her suitcase, screaming at her driver about being late for the photo shoot. She doesn’t care about the traffic!

Amado starts fussing at her to stop yelling and asks what happened. Julia says the driver he assigned her didn’t show up and she’s late for pictures with the label! Amado starts talking about protocols and saying she should just trust him.

Trust him? Everything she trusted him with has gone badly! Nicolas won’t talk to her, and he knows how important Nico is to her. Manara was right! This house is hell! And no, she won’t calm down! She’s going!

Amado grabs her by the shoulders and starts slamming her against the wall and saying she’s not going anywhere. Agustina tries to intervene, but he shoves her. She falls down the stairs, Julia kicks Amado and starts running. Amado catches up to her at the bottom of the stairs and slaps her.

And Selva (finally!) sees him. There’s no hiding what just happened, Agustina’s sitting on the floor rubbing her leg. She asks Amado what he’s doing.

Julia inspects her face in the mirror and screams at Amado that if he leaves a mark on her face and ruins her photos, she’ll press charges!

Amado whines that he didn’t want to hit her, he’s just doing it for her own safety, he’s under so much pressure as mayor….

Selva comes over, in full-on mama mode, and tells him not to touch her! She inspects Julia’s face and says it’s just red. They can cover it with makeup. She’ll drive her to the label.

Amado says they have to go with a driver, but Selva cuts him off. She tells Julia to get in the car and asks Amado what he’s going to do if she doesn’t calm down. Is he going to hit her too?

Agustina asks him what’s going on. He tells her not to get involved. When they get back, she’d better calm them down or he’ll send her back to the cage.

He calls Canseco to tell him Selva and Julia are leaving in Selva’s car and he wants them followed. (After all his ranting about the need for security because of his “powerful enemies” this is the first time I’ve seen his concerns justified. Only I think he’s also learning that no security is good enough.)


Manara does an acoustic version of Una Y Otra Vez. The interviewer would like to hear her do a duet with Bianco, but not Me Gustas. She heard they’re releasing a duet version of it. She wants something new. Can someone go get him?

Cande tells him Manara’s already sung for the interviewer and they’re waiting for him–weren’t they going to close it together?

Bianco just blurts out “Manara’s pregnant.”

Cande’s floored. She’s about to do an album tour. Ezequiel’s going to kill her! Who could take so little care…. (You’re heading into “dislike” territory, Cande. Watch it.)

Bianco says they’re the only ones who know. He thinks. She didn’t say anything.

Cande assumes the baby is Mateo’s.

But Bianco tells her that Rafa raped her. The baby could be his or Mateo’s. (Oh, crap. I didn’t even consider Rafa.)

While Cande’s trying to process that, Manara pokes her head in and asks if Bianco’s not going to come sing with her. (Hey, is that the dress Julia brought her from London?) She notices his face and asks if something’s wrong.

Bianco says they were just going over some administrative stuff.

Oh. She saw him leave and she was worried when he didn’t come back. Is everything OK?

He says it is. He’ll come sing. Manara tells him the interviewer doesn’t want Me Gustas, so he suggests Pasa la Página.

Manara reminds him they’re waiting. Cande watches her walking out, still looking shocked.

Running late

Rafa’s lawyers found out that Sabrina entered the country legally, so she can appeal. Nico asks if they can do anything to keep her from being deported. Rafa says anywhere in the world you can do anything you want with enough money, but he’s not going against Amado.

And is Nico still with Julia?

Nico asks why Rafa can’t just do something selfless for once. Can’t they just be father and son?

Rafa accuses Nico of “testing” him.

Well, yes, he is–would he rather be on good terms with the mayor than his own son?

Rafa says they’ll talk later.

He goes over to Isaac, who says they’re waiting for Rafa, but Rafa says they’re waiting for Julia–it’s something he promised Amado. Raquel says the receptionist just told her Gilda’s here. Rafa assumes she brought the paperwork. He and Isaac will go talk to her while Raquel finds Julia. Raquel starts dialing

Julia answers from the front seat of Selva’s car. She knows…she’s on the way, she swears!

Julia thanks Selva for getting her out of the house.

Selva asks if that’s the first time Amado hit her.

Yes, it’s the first time he hit HER. I thought I was imagining the emphasis, but Julia goes on to say that now she thinks he hit Manara multiple times and Manara didn’t tell her about it.

Selva asks, disgusted, if he hits Agustina. She saw her on the floor.

Julia doesn’t know if he does, but he pushed her down the stairs for trying to protect her. They used to be like a family–Manara, Amado, Agustina, and Julia. She doesn’t know what happened.

But she thinks Selva deserves to know something. Agustina had an affair with her brother for years. She tells Selva to open her eyes! He plays with people and then screws them over. Look what happened to her for not listening to Agustina!

Selva wants an explanation–Agustina and Amado what?

Julia notices the car following them and starts flipping out. Then she looks out the front windshield and screams at Selva to be careful. They hit another car and Selva’s ends up getting pushed off the road.

JC Records

When Rafa and Isaac get to the board room, Gilda’s showing her mom a financial report. Isaac didn’t know she would be here.

Celestina announces that she’s thought about it and she’s not selling the label. Her lawyers said she has a right to have a seat on the board, so she wants to participate in the election for the new president. They’re having that today, right? Why don’t they get started.

Isaac’s still fixated on why she didn’t tell him and when she made this decision. Hey, she JUST made it and she wanted to talk to the lawyers first. They confirmed that half of his dad’s estate was hers while he was living and now that he’s dead, all of it is hers.

That includes a seat on the board…assuming they’re going to allow it, right? She just wants to work as a team and learn from them.


Lorenzo and Itzel lounge in his bed, presumably post-sex. She asks if he really wants to stop seeing her just to avoid upsetting Rafa. Is he going to sacrifice their relationship for that pair of “idiots”?

Lorenzo clarifies that what he’s saying is he can’t be left out of Amado’s “game.”

What game? They could kill him!

Lorenzo insists he needs to be there until his sister’s baby is born. It hurts, but he can’t keep seeing her.

Itzel can’t believe this. She looks around for a minute, at a loss, mutters “I can’t believe this,” and gets up with all the covers.

Lorenzo just lies there with that “whatever ” look on his face. (I would not want to play poker with that guy.)


Amado remembers Davis warning him he would around the personal fury of El Diplomático and having to carry that cross for the rest of his days. He drinks and throws his glass.

His cell phone starts buzzing and he apparently gets the call about the accident. Asking if they’re alive is quickly followed by asking if the press is there. He tells whoever’s on the other end not to let anyone find out. He’s on his way.

Amado gets to the hospital, where a doctor explains that his mujer and sister were in an accident. They’re out of danger, but there are always secuelas (consequences). Selva had a miscarriage. He’s sorry. She was driving, it wasn’t a very high-impact crash, but she did have a miscarriage.

His sister was also hurt. She broke her right leg. They’ll do everything they can to restore mobility, but it’s going to be difficult. He’s very sorry.

Amado asks how this could happen to the two people he loves most. He tells Canseco they’re never going to forgive him. They’re going to blame him. He lost control.

Canseco assures him they’ll get it back. (I thought Amado meant lost control of his behavior, but Canseco seems to think he’s talking about control of the city.) He mentions increasing security on the hospital, but what Amado wants is to take them home to recover. And since Canseco couldn’t keep this from happening, he’d better make sure no one finds out.

Canseco’s starting to look like he doesn’t like his job so much anymore.


Manara and Bianco sing Pasa la Página and Bianco talks about their great chemistry. The interviewer asks if they’ve thought about recording this song together.

Oh, he hopes they will, and maybe some of her success will rub off on him! Manara tells him not to even joke about that. There are very few idols and Bianco’s one of them.

The interviewer notices as he puts a hand on Manara’s knee and says from the first time he saw her, he knew he wanted her at Megavisa. He won’t let this “diamond” stop shining even if she covers up old idols.

The interviewer talks about Bianco making his “crossover” into the American market. Manara chimes in that if she had half his success, she’d feel realizada (fulfilled). Bianco’s a great example to her.

The interviewer decides to end it on Bianco and Manara looking at each other all schmoopy.

In the other room, Cande is talking to the doctor on the phone, asking for a copy of the test results WITHOUT the pregnancy test on it. Bianco doesn’t want Manara to know yet. Didn’t they talk about that? Yes, send it to her email and send the bank account information so they can wire the money for his fees. “Thank you for your discretion.”

Manara says goodbye to the interviewer and marvels to Bianco that she was really prepared. Bianco says he’s going to be handling their relationship with her. He’ll send her information and she’ll only publishes what he tells her to.

He asks if Manara’s OK. She thinks she’s just tired after what happened the other day and she hasn’t recovered. Bianco agrees things have been stressful. Manara’s still worried–didn’t the doctor give him any results yet? What if she has something and they could give her something to make her feel better?

Bianco tells her to let Cande take care of it and changes the subject to the interview again. He’s been on stage with the best and he’s never felt a connection like that. He tells her to go change–they’re waiting for her at the radio station.

While Manara’s off changing, Cande says she’s got the doctor sending over the bloodwork minus the pregnancy test. They don’t have a lot of time, though–Manara’s going to realize she’s pregnant when she starts missing periods.

Bianco wants to know if she already knows and she’s just hiding it from them. He wonders how long they have before they have to start “managing” it.

Manara comes back, ready for the interview, but she’s still feeling so tired. Is there no way she could cancel? Cande says Ezequiel wants her to do this. There’s nothing they can do.

Manara reluctantly agrees to go, but Bianco calls them back. He tells Cande to take Manara home. He’ll make everything OK with Ezequiel.

Outlaw Records

Azul sings Once Again for Mateo while Bárbara and her security guys all listen. I notice when she’s done the guards don’t applaud. She’s got ’em trained.

Mateo’s assessment is that Azul learns fast and she’s growing. Azul wants to go out to eat, the three of them, not at home or the office.

Security announces the musicians want to come in. Mateo explains they went to get Dylan.

Azul gasps. She knows who he is! Everyone knows him! She loves the song he did with Cristian.

Mateo says not to tell him that.

Azul begs Bárbara–she wants to meet him! And Valentín and Básico did her backing track–she has to meet them!

Mateo says they’re trustworthy and Bárbara tells her guards to let them in.

Later, Dylan, Valentín and Básico do their version of Mejor Sin Ti. Mateo brags on them, saying this is with no rehearsal. And when Azul is ready, they’ll record her album. Azul is leaving the question of when she’s ready entirely up to Mateo.

Mateo explains that Dylan’s finished with his tour and going to stay with them.

Azul points out that he’s with another label…she knows because she follows all his social media accounts. Dylan looks awkward and says he’s got lots of followers lately. And yes, he’s officially with JC Records, but he’s going to help out here and…um…

Mateo says the lawyers will take care of all that. Don’t worry about the labels.

Valentín and Básico come over to officially meet Bárbara. She tells Valentín that Davis was very fond of him.

Mateo asks her opinion on what she heard. She’s not an expert, but she liked it. She tells the guys it was nice to meet them all and listen to them. But she has to go. They can eat with Mateo some other time. They say goodbye and she and Azul walk out with all the guards trailing after them.

Dylan’s surprised at this reception. Is that the widow Mateo was telling him about?

Valentín says now that he’s seen her face, he can’t say anything or his next concert will be in hell. Básico does his impression of the flames.

Mateo tells them to quit acting like clowns and rehearse. Also, he likes that “la” thing Dylan was doing earlier. (Heh, I was just guessing he forgot the words.)

JC Records

Rafa knows Celestina was behind Moisés for a long time and this all seems so familiar to her, but it really takes a lot of years both on and behind the stage to learn it.

Gilda disagrees. She’s a doctor–she’s never been on stage or behind it, but she’s been doing the financials for a year and she feels capable of doing it on her own.

Isaac says she’s confused. Dad was always telling her what to do and she has no idea how to manage it.

Celestina tells everyone to stop for a second. She knows they’re uncomfortable with her being here, but she just wants to help.

Rafa complains about having “brought” them the fusion with the Treviños because he wanted to buy the label, but with all this he doesn’t know if it’s going to end up getting complicated. And the investors are waiting for it!

Celestina says it’s going to happen, but without Mateo here they need an interim president, to get the business going and get things organized.

Rafa agrees. Why don’t they just make it official that it’s going to be him.

Gilda says if it’s temporary then she proposes herself as president. (I know who I’m voting for.)

Isaac complains that Gilda’s the one who told Celestina not to tell him about today. She made him look stupid in front of Rafa.

Celestina says she made the decision on her own. There’s no plan behind it. What’s wrong with her wanting a place here? (Yeah, Isaac, what’s wrong with it?)

Rafa comes back, apologizing for interrupting their family squabble, but he’s got a bunch of artists and photographers waiting, so can the election wait for later. Besides, Laura isn’t here.

Gilda tells him to call her and tell her to come over and they can hold a vote after they photos. Celestina agrees, she can wait.

Rafa grumpily agrees, but says they should go, everyone’s waiting.

In the lounge, Diego, Lila, and El Mayor are taking advantage of the wait to keep working on their “fusion” of Mejor Sin Ti that Lila thinks would be “more fusion” if she did her thing on the chorus. They try it out and I’m like, whatever. Rafa’s not interested in hearing it either–they need to get photos done already.

He barks for Raquel, who was out with the photographer getting some water since he’s been WAITING for hours. Nobody mentions Julia’s still missing. Raquel gets them all up on the stage and Rafa’s sexism is blatantly obvious. Even Julia in the shot wouldn’t have made a huge difference.

Over at a table, Gilda and Celestina are whispering to each other about how nervous they made them! Now they’ll have to see what happens when they vote.


Cande says Manara’s booked on tomorrow’s radio show that’s Ezequiel’s favorite. She’s going to be singing and giving away concert tickets and she absolutely cannot miss it.

Manara’s sure she’ll be fine tomorrow, she just needs to rest.

Cande apologizes for the pills. She just wanted to help, but everything went all wrong.

Manara tells her not to worry. She’s just going to have a bath and rest and Cande should go rest too.

Oh, no, Cande’s staying here. It’s safer for everyone, for everyone’s peace of mind if she’s nearby, OK?

Manara agrees, but she looks confused.

Casa Matamoros

The doctor tells Amado he has everything ready, just like they discussed. He’s got a doctora who he trusts completely to be on call, but he’ll be monitoring everything.

When he leaves, Amado tells Canseco to bribe him to change Selva’s diagnosis to something more serious, like if she moves she’ll be sterile, so she’s too scared to leave the house.

Agustina sends Petra upstairs to see if Selva needs anything. She tells Amado she’s sorry about what happened.

Amado ignores her. Lorenzo and Manara are probably both on their way. He’ll take care of Lorenzo. Julia’s probably calling Manara. If it goes badly, he’s not even saying what’s going to happen to Agustina, so she’d better take care of it.

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