Guerra de Ídolos Friday 8/11/17 #68

Episode 68: Selva abre los ojos

Selva asks Petra for a glass of water and the phone. She calls Lorenzo.

At his apartment, he’s apologizing to a still-dressing Itzel for making her feel bad. She tells him it’s not his fault (in that way that totally means it’s his fault). He answers his phone and says he’s on his way.

To Itzel, he says Selva and Julia were in an accident. He’s sorry, he’s gotta go. He leaves her sitting there crying.

At Manara’s apartment, Candelaria’s on the phone to Bianco. He wants her to wake Manara and bring her over to the restaurant so she can meet the producer of the Sunday program.

Candelaria thinks Manara’s already awake and tells Bianco they’re on their way over…but she’s not expecting Manara to be headed out the door with a suitcase, on her way to LA. Cande stops her to try to get more details, but all Manara says is Julia was in a car accident.

Cande’s sorry, but Manara can’t go–she has an interview tomorrow.

Manara screams at her that Julia’s a dancer and she broke her leg. She doesn’t care who gets angry, she’s going! Cande wails an ineffectual “You can’t do this to us” at her back as she leaves.

In her room, Julia’s sobbing to Agustina that everything has gone wrong since she distanced herself from Manara. This is all Amado’s fault! She shouldn’t have trusted him! He’s a bad person!

Agustina tells her not to say that out loud. And not to tell him that she said something like that.

Julia asks if Agustina’s still with him, but she says she’s not. And that was meant to stay between them. Did she tell Selva?

Julia gives an unconvincing “No.”

Amado checks on Selva. She feels sad. Amado says he understands and they’ll come out of this stronger, together.

Selva pulls her hand out of his and says she’s not going to talk about this right now.

Amado keeps pushing, saying he imagined he could lose her too and if anything happened to her, he’d be the most miserable (miserable) man in the world.

Selva says someone capable of hitting a woman is the most miserable (awful) man in the world.

He whines that he didn’t want to do it, it was just a reaction. She has to believe him!

Of course. And her father “reacted” like that with her too. She promised herself she would never let anyone touch her again. She never thought Amado was like that.

He begs her to forgive him and swears it won’t happen again. It’s just that being mayor is a lot of responsibility and things got out of hand. He promises he’ll adjust and it won’t happen again.

Selva says she needs time to adjust to this.

He tells her to take all the time she wants. He hired the best medical team to care for her and her recovery. She won’t even have to leave the house at all. And he’ll be here with her and she’ll be fine. (Oh, I think Selva’s reading between all the lines now.)

Outlaw Records

Dylan and Mateo pop open some beers. Dylan was loco por (crazy about, anxious to) get back here and back to the team and pay what he owes. And he’s sorry about Moisés. Mateo thinks it will be years before he understands that he won’t see him again.

But that’s how it is. How’d the tour go?

Dylan said he got paid. And it’s thanks to Mateo. Which is why he’s here.

Mateo says Dylan doesn’t owe him anything. They’re family.

Eh, not so much. His sister blocked him all over social media and she won’t take his calls.

Mateo kind of grins at that. “She’ll get over it?” He’s sorry he put Dylan in this situation. It wasn’t right to put him in the middle.

Dylan says they had to get payback for the knifing and then he started having to hide everyone’s secrets, which he’s terrible at. Maybe it’s time to tell her.

Mateo refuses. She’s fine, she’s far away from him, she’s not at risk. And he promised his dad.

Right, but she’s out there with his mom, running the label, and they’re surrounded by wolves. Hiding things from each other is how the problems started. He knows it’s a family thing, but….

Mateo doesn’t want to cause any problems for them, or to lose the label. He needs Dylan’s help with that, with “this lady’s daughter.” She’s a big fan of his, she’s intense…Mateo thinks she still needs to grow a few more brain cells.

Dylan says Mateo can count on him. He’ll get the label back and Dylan will get Gilda back, and they’ll go back to LA.

JC Records

Laura arrives. She’s looked over the documents and she has no problem with having Celestina on the board. Gilda’s all set to hold the vote for interim president, to give Mateo more time before he gets replaced. Laura understands Gilda and Rafa are the candidates.

Yes, but first Gilda wants to make Celestina’s entry official and have everyone say whether they want her there or not. “Isaac, what’s your vote?” Isaac just stares at his mom.

After an awkward silence, he says it’s a pointless question–it’s her right to be there.

Laura says yes without being asked. Celestina belongs there. Rafa says Moisés would have liked this and welcomes her.

Celestina thanks him like she knows how much this is pissing him off. I laugh.

OK, so NOW they can vote for interim president and Rafa and Gilda can’t vote, so it’s up to the other three.

Celestina votes for Gilda, not because Gilda’s her daughter, but she’s a smart woman, she’s prepared, and she’s the only one here with a carrera (degree). Rafa doesn’t have one, right?

Laura votes for Rafa. It will be easier to do the fusion with him as president and then their investment will be worth more.


Isaac starts looking over at Rafa kind of funny and Rafa starts getting nervous. Isaac votes for Gilda, “in honor of” his father.

Gilda accepts her win, emphasizing that she’s an INTERIM president. (Woo hoo!)

Rafa wants to sit her down and explain the fusion. She has “no idea” what he’s discussed with the Treviños.

Hey, Gilda’s all for making an appointment to talk to Selva. Tomorrow would be great. She thinks they’ll be able to handle things better woman-to-woman. And if they’re uniting the two families, they really ought to limar asperezas (make up, mend fences).

Casa Matamoros

Agustina has Petra walk the nurses up to see Julia. She tells Amado Manara is on her way. He needs Agustina to talk to Selva before Manara gets there. He whines that she’s sad about the baby, and he’s said too, but she’s angry at him because of what she saw, so he needs Agustina to calm her down. Just make something up if she has to.

Agustina gets going as Lorenzo arrives, asking what the [bleeped] happened to his sister.

Selva’s remembering what Julia said about Agustina and Amado. Agustina walks in. She’s sorry about what happened and that she hasn’t been by yet–she’s been with Julia. Julia’s not doing well, thinking she won’t be able to dance again.

Agustina asks how Selva’s feeling.

Like…she spent a lot of time in the darkness, but she’s in the light now. She opened her eyes and saw so much that she lost her mind and that’s why they had the accident and she lost her baby. But here she is and she wants Agustina to tell her right now why she lied to her.

Amado tells Lorenzo this was all El Diplomático’s fault. He sent some gatos (lackeys) to give them public works projects or they’d explode his sister’s school with her in it. Canseco wasn’t prepared and Amado had to do it. What happened to Selva wasn’t an accident, it was an attack. (I don’t know if he’s lying or he really thinks this is what happened.) He lost his son.

Lorenzo’s sorry. How is Selva?

Sad. But he’ll take care of her. He needs Lorenzo to take care of what he asked him to do. Has he talked to Manara about Mateo?

He’s left messages, but she’s not answering.

Then forget her. Go for Mateo. He’s the bridge. He’s the one doing all this (again…lying or deluded?) and it’s Lorenzo’s fault because Lorenzo’s the one who sent him after Amado, so Lorenzo gets to deal with it.

Upstairs, Agustina’s confused–lied about what?

Selva amends that–she hasn’t lied yet, but she kept things quiet. This is Agustina’s one chance to tell her the truth. Did she have a relationship with Amado–yes or no?

Agustina starts hedging. The doctors said she needed to rest and be calm….

Well, the only way for her to be calm is to know where she stands. Does Agustina have something to do with Amado?

She doesn’t. She did, in the past.

Lorenzo shows up and Selva asks her to leave, for which I’m sure she’s grateful. Selva thanks him for coming.

Julia’s not happy to wake up and see Amado there. He begs her not to blame him for what happened, but she insists this is his fault for locking her up and smothering her. Suddenly she realizes no one has told her what happened to Selva. Is she ok? Did she lose the baby?

Selva tells Lorenzo the pain and guilt are so deep she can’t describe them. Lorenzo doesn’t think there’s any reason for her to feel guilty. It was an accident. Life will give her a chance to get better.

She knows, but she doesn’t want to recover here, close to Amado. She doesn’t believe in him anymore. She saw him hit Julia and the mask came off right in front of her. He’s a liar and she doesn’t trust in his doctors or that she needs SO much rest. She thinks he’s trying to lock her up.

Lorenzo says he thinks the rest is necessary. And he won’t let anyone lock her up or make her do things she doesn’t want to. (Like stay in this house? Too late.)

Julia remembers the accident. Amado gives her some pills for her headache and asks if she remembers what happened. Did the guards scare Selva? Who was responsible for his son’s death?

Julia says she doesn’t know. It’s impossible to know. And they can’t change it. But she knows what’s going to happen–as soon as she can get out of this bed, she’s going to live with Manara. She doesn’t want to keep living with him.

Casa Manara

Candelaria explains to Bianco that Manara said her sister broke her leg in a car accident. She couldn’t stop her!

Bianco says if Julia can’t dance this is going to get really bad. Does she think Manara suspects her pregnancy?

Cande has no idea, but women realize when their bodies start changing and on Manara’s body it’s going to be obvious soon. Why don’t they send out a press release saying they’re separated. That he left her because he met someone else.

Bianco refuses. Not after all the time he’s “invested.”

Cande says if he wants to “keep” her he only has a little time left to do something.

Casa Matamoros

Manara arrives just after they’ve given Julia a calmante (painkiller). Agustina says she isn’t doing well and she wouldn’t stop crying. She doesn’t know how Selva’s doing, but the doctors recommended rest. Before Manara sees her, they need to talk.

Amado says that’s going to have to wait–he needs to talk to her Manara.

Manara goes to see Julia first, but she’s sleeping. Now that she’s seen her, they go to his office. She says she’s sorry about Selva.

Then she gets mean. She knows how much he wanted a son. This must really be hurting him. She’s really sorry for Selva, but not for Amado. She hopes everything he’s going through humanizes him and he learns.

Amado says everything he’s done has been for one reason and the only thing he’s sorry about is hitting Julia. If he had contained himself, it wouldn’t have happened.

Manara asks him what he wants.

He wants her to tell him if she knows who El Diplomático is, if Mateo has talked about him.

Manara says she doesn’t know a diplomat.

Amado says it’s this guy who’s extorting him to get more power in the city.

Manara says it sounds like some debt from the past, not Mateo’s doing.

Amado insists Mateo has teamed up with El Diplomático against him. They kidnapped one of his people in Houston and tried to kill Julia. Why does she think he locked her up? To protect her! And look what happened. He killed Julio César and now Mateo wants revenge and he doesn’t care if one of Amado’s sisters dies.

So he’s saying it’s all Mateo’s fault? It won’t be so easy to convince Selva and Julia.

Amado says he accepts his responsibility, it hurts him, and he’s paid for it. He wants her to talk to Mateo and make him see “reason” and leave the family alone. Because Mateo knows what he’s capable of.

Manara takes his glass, says she thinks he needs to quit drinking, sets it on his desk and sashays out of the office.

Agustina cries and rocks José as she tells Manara that Selva knows she had a relationship with Amado. Julia told her and she asked and Agustina confirmed it. She couldn’t lie to her! She knows it was a mistake–she shouldn’t have been honest and now Amado’s going to take it out on her.

Manara hugs her and says nothing’s going to happen.

Outlaw Records

Chalino thanks someone on the phone and gives Mateo an address. Is he really going to do this alone?

Mateo says he is, so don’t tell the guys.

Valentín appears in time to say goodbye to Mateo. Chalino tells him to go wake up Básico and Dylan and tell them to get ready and go. Mateo? He’s just doing a little quehacercillo (a little chore).

Casa Manara

Cande opens the front door and she’s surprised to see Mateo there. She tells him Manara’s not here. Mateo says he brought something for her. Cande just gapes at him.

Manara’s on a trip. Does he remember her? Candelaria–they met at the competition a year ago.

Mateo says he does remember perfectly. Anyway, to make a long story short, he and Manara wrote songs together and he came to leave her a check for her royalties. Cande takes the envelope.

Mateo asks if Bianco is here. Cande explains he doesn’t live there. And he’s busy.

Mateo thanks her and leaves.


Selva takes a call from Rafa. He tells her that last night Gilda Solar was elected interim president and he wants to have a meeting about the fusion. Sounds good to Selva, is she on speaker? She congratulates Gilda and she also wants to meet with her as soon as possible. Can they do it at Amado’s house? She hopes Gilda doesn’t mind that, what with the problems between Amado and Mateo.

Gilda says she’s taken over responsibility for the company and she wants to mend fences and create a larger company. Selva will have her assistant call to coordinate a time.

While they wait for Selva’s assistant to call, Rafa’s going to go work on that demo with El Mayor, Diego, and Gisela. He brags about how he’s invested so much time and money in it and it’s going to be their re-launch. Gilda looks forward to hearing it.

Her cell phone buzzes and Rafa gives her the room. She apologizes to her mom for leaving so early, but she wanted to let her rest.

Celestina asks if she’s talked to Mateo. No, Gilda wanted to check things out at the label first. Celestina reminds her that they did this to get the label back and let things cool off until Mateo can get there.

Gilda tells her all she’s doing is having a meeting with Selva. She’s going to try to handle this fusion woman-to-woman, without any of that damn testosterone that got them into problems before. She promises not to sign anything and as soon as she gets things organized she’ll call Mateo. Who knows, maybe she can even resolve the problems he’s having with the mayor.

At the mayor’s office, Canseco has more bad news for Amado–he can’t find the people El Diplomático bought. And a lot of his people aren’t answering their phones. El Diplomático and his people have power, they have banks, they operate in the shadows. He and Amado are exposed–they have to negotiate.

Amado scoffs that he didn’t think Canseco would fold so quickly. He takes a call from Rafa.

Rafa starts off asking why Julia never made it to the photo session and Amado explains that he’s being attacked. (Meeeeee! It’s all about meeeeee!) Selva and Julia got into an accident, Julia broke her leg, and Selva lost the baby.

Rafa’s sorry. He didn’t know. Selva didn’t tell him! She invited him to a work meeting at the house.

Amado gripes that she has to rest. He’ll call and cancel it.

Rafa begs him not to hang up. What’s happening? Who’s attacking him?

Amado says it’s someone working with Mateo.

In that case, Rafa’s got good news–this meeting is with Selva and Gilda and Gilda and her mom don’t know he has a problem with Mateo.

Amado gets pissed off at the thought that Rafa’s going to bring Mateo’s sister to his house.

Rafa figures if Amado has her, he can negotiate with Mateo and the guy who’s attacking him.

Mateo gets back to the warehouse…uh, loft? A bunch of random guys are hanging out. Behind the board, Chalino tells him Azul must be on her way since the advance guards are here.

Mateo wanders over to the kitchenette while he answers his phone. Celestina wants to know what the problem is with the mayor and the Treviños. (How much time ya got, Celestina?) He asked her to get into the business, she did, and now she wants to know what’s going on. She wants the truth.

Mateo remembers his dad saying he didn’t want her getting involved and sips his beer.

Amado asks Rafa how he knows Celestina and Gilda don’t know what’s going on.

Because he knows them. They’re “innocent.” They have no cunning. And Moisés was a machista who never wanted them to involve them in things. He’s sure Mateo’s following the same instructions.

What about Isaac?

Isaac doesn’t care about anyone or anything.

Amado wants Rafa to make sure this isn’t some plan of Mateo’s to get his sister into Amado’s house as a spy. If she’s clean, then bring her over and Amado will take care of it. Canseco’s face: You’re trusting HIM to do investigative work?

As Rafa ends his call and steps out of the booth, the engineer–possibly the famous Junior–hits the record button on his phone.

Mateo swears he’s told his mom everything, but she’s still accusing him of not wanting to share information. Mateo says the problems with Amado are personal.

“Because of Manara?”

Yes, because of Manara. Why? Did something happen?

No. She just wants to know if he’s going to fix these problems he has with the mayor or not. Gilda’s president for now, but is he going to be able to come back or not?

Of course. He just needs to find the right moment to do it. Let Gilda take care of things for now. She won’t do anything without telling him. He wants her to promise the two of them will stay away from Matamoros.

Celestina’s not sure Gilda will, but Mateo’s not worried. He’ll talk to her. He’s glad his mom’s involved in the business now. He’s got to go get to work.

Chalino’s been trying to get his attention to tell him Azul is ready to record. And also he thinks Mateo should tell his mom and Gilda the truth. He’s putting them at risk by not telling them. Mateo gripes that Dylan said the same thing. Chalino’s sure there’s a reason for that.

Mateo says he’ll call her. In the background, Azul and Dylan are jamming.

He gets Gilda on the phone and teases her about being in the president’s chair. He can just imagine Rafa’s face when he saw her and Celestina!

“You have no idea.” And Isaac didn’t dare vote against her in front of their mom. Why isn’t Mateo here enjoying this?! She says he’s gotten all caught up on everything–the numbers, the negotiations.

Is there something she wants to tell him?

Gilda says he can’t right now. She doesn’t even know, really. She’ll tell him at the right time. He’s so far away, but she doesn’t know what he would do. Probably something “savage.”

Mateo says he’ll be “crazier” if he doesn’t know what’s happening. He begs her not to make decisions without consulting him.

Gilda says to trust her. And she’s gotta go–Rafa’s here.

Mateo tries to put Dylan on the phone, but Gilda says she’ll call him later.

Chalino suggests they go ahead and record the song. Azul says she’s ready. Mateo tells the entourage not to move or talk.

Rafa tells Gilda that Selva’s assistant called and they can schedule the meeting for whenever, but Selva had an accident and lost her baby. Gilda says that’s serious. She thinks they should cancel, but according to Rafa, the assistant said she wants something else to think about.

He wants to tell her some stuff about the fusion before Mateo comes back…because he’s had problems with Amado and the Treviño’s.

Gilda cuts him off, saying she’s been looking at the numbers and this could multiply the value of the company. Rafa, annoyed, says he knows that already. It’s good for all of them.

Gilda tells him to leave Mateo to her. She hasn’t talked to him, but she knows Selva and they’ll close this deal.

Casa Matamoros

Manara visits Selva and asks how she’s feeling.

Selva says she’s trying to get better. She’s talked to Agustina and she knows Manara lied to her too. She knew about Celestina and Amado.

Manara says that was a long time ago.

“Are you sure?” Because Selva’s wondering if José is Amado’s son and they’ve been making a fool out of her all this time.

Manara insists Amado’s not the baby’s father. And why is Selva asking her?

She’s putting things together. Agustina confessed she had a relationship with him. And she remembers that one time Agustina said the father of her child hit her, and Amado is an abuser. Or is she just making all this stuff in her head?

One of the maids comes in to say Julia’s awake. As Manara gets ready to go see her, Selva tells her not to tell Amado or anyone else what she talked about with her, or that Julia told her about Agustina. Manara says she won’t tell anyone.


Celestina’s at Mateo’s house, looking at the pictures of JC and Moisés. Isaac asks if she’s OK. She remembers them every time she goes to the label, but she’s getting used to it.

He wants to know who convinced her not to sell–Mateo or Gilda?

She says it was his dad’s memory and her conscience as a mother. She wants her children together and it breaks her heart to see them all going their own way.

Isaac admits he fought with his dad and his siblings. He knows he needs to change, but for that to happen, he’d like her to accept his relationship with Belinda.

He really wants to talk about this right now, in front of JC(‘s picture)? His relationship hurts the family and the last thing she needs to hear is that he wants to marry her. If he wants to get himself together, he needs to leave Belinda now.

Belinda’s downstairs remembering her last night with JC and him teasing her about naming the baby Julio César Junior.

Azul finishes the take and Mateo tells Chalino to play it back for them.

Belinda calls him. She got his number from Celestina’s address book. She’s talked to everyone else and they’re all judging her on her relationship. Can she at least count on him?

Mateo’s sorry, but she’s caught him at a bad time. He doesn’t look down on her for it, but he doesn’t agree with it. It just seems wrong to him. But she and Junior can always count on him. They should talk more later, in person.

Belinda gives him a rushed “love you, thanks” as Isaac comes into the kitchen. She says she was just talking to an aunt in Houston.

Isaac wants her to come to the label with him–he has to tell her something important. (Again?)


Candelaria tells Bianco about Mateo’s visit and the envelope. Bianco opens it (not that it was sealed) and finds a note saying the money is her part of the songs they made together, but the check is an excuse to see her and congratulations on her success.

Bianco starts ripping it up and Cande’s worried about what Manara will think when she calls Mateo and he mentions the envelope. He says she’s not going to talk to Mateo. Does he look stupid? Their relationship is already public and he’s not letting her go back on their deal.

Cande’s appalled (took you long enough). What does he want to do? She’s pregnant and they don’t even know if it’s Mateo’s or Rafa’s baby. Where does he fit?

He says he’ll fit. Nobody steps on him! He tells her to get Ezequiel on the phone.

Ezequiel will rip her apart! He already warned her the other day!

Bianco basically says “screw her.” When he’s got Ezequiel, he apologizes for bothering him, but Manara did it to them again. She went to LA without permission and left them and the program sponsors hanging.

Cande just stands there looking unhappy.

Julia tells Manara that Amado tripled the guards, locked her up, and she heard rumors from her friends that there was a bomb at school. Can she believe it?

Manara angrily asks what happened in the accident.

Julia whines that it’s because she was locked up. She wanted to get out and Amado didn’t want her to go, and he got angry and hit her. Selva saw and she offered to take her and Julia was so angry about what happened that she told Selva about Agustina and Amado. Agustina told her a few days ago.

Manara says that she shouldn’t have told her. Now she’s not just nervous, she also doesn’t trust them.

Julia says she knows. She thinks the crash was her fault. She feels like she deserves this for having been bad to people. Because of what she did to Sabrina, Selva, Agustina, Manara…and for not listening to Manara. She let Amado get into her head and she lost everything. She doesn’t have Nico or her career or anything and she deserves it for being so evil. (Ouch.)

Itzel meets with Nico and gets a look at the photos of Santi in his traje. Nico says it’s just what grandpa wanted, only it’s in her suits. “Hey, my suits are incredible!” Itzel says Neto really didn’t take Santi’s “preferences” well. Nico thought with his illness he’d open his mind, but he guesses not.

Itzel says he needs to give him time. He’s from another generation. But she didn’t come here to talk about that. She doesn’t want him to be scared, it’s nothing serious, but Julia had an accident. She broke her leg. She thought Nico should know.

Manara’s glad that Julia knows she did something bad. What about that girl? Is there anything she can do?

Julia doesn’t know, but she does know Nico has lawyers helping her. She complains that he obviously chose her.

Manara says she’d better hope they don’t deport her–not just for her sake, but for Julia’s.

Her cell phone buzzes and Ezequiel’s on the other end saying he heard she took off and stood up the radio program and their advertisers.

Manara tries to explain about Julia’s accident, but this is what they talked about days ago. Ezequiel’s not going to let her manipulate him. Either she gets back tonight or she won’t work again until her contract is over. And because of her age, if he freezes her out she’ll have no career.

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