Guerra de Ídolos Monday 8/14/17 #69

Episode 69: Mateo, mediador entre mafiosos

Manara gets off the phone with Ezequiel and Julia asks if that was the owner of Megavisa. “Yes, and he hung up on me.”

Julia asks if she’s here without permission. Manara says as soon as she knew what happened, she wanted to be with Julia. And Ezequiel says she has to get back tonight or he’ll freeze her out and ruin her career.

To Julia it’s obvious–Manara needs to go. She’d go with her, but obviously she can’t.

Manara refuses to leave Julia like this. Ezequiel and his company can go to hell. She’s staying with Julia. Julia’s the most important thing to her right now.

Julia reminds Manara she sacrificed everything–she can’t give in now. She’s got this tour booked that’s going to be a total success. Julia’s career is ruined, but she’s not going to ruin Manara’s! She’ll just…change her “chip.” She’ll get better fast and Manara will go to Mexico and shine and be incredible. Promise?

They trade “I love yous” and Julia asks for a hug.

JC Records

Rafa’s in the studio, recording Yo Solo Quiero Cantar. Gilda comes in and listens to the last bit. She says it’s a pretty song.

Rafa was going to give it El Mayor, but now he’s thinking he’ll record it with Santiago.

They’re off to see Selva. Gilda tells the receptionist to send all her calls to her cell.

Outlaw Records

Valentín has a “surprise” for Mateo. He said he wanted to do a song similar to the one Rafa’s putting out and release it the day before, right?

Mateo says that depends on the intel from Chalino’s peeps.

Well, yesterday, Chalino’s peep said they added a female voice to make it more pop. And Chalino knows what song it is. He plays it for Mateo.

Mateo’s pleasantly surprised–theirs is way better. They’ll beat Rafa anyway.

Oh, Valentín’s sure…and he got a backup singer. Chalino wants it clear that Valentín and Básico brought her here, not him!

It’s Lila. She comes in and greets everybody, giving Mateo a “Finally I found you!” but in a totally casual way.

She felt like she had to come. It was so unfair that Rafa and Alexis and all those vultures wanted him out of the label. So she’s here for whatever he needs. Whatever any of them need. Mateo just gives her a baffled look.

He thanks her for her support, but it’s too dangerous for her to be here. “You want me to go?” Well, no, not “want….”

She talks him into doing just one take since she’s already rehearsed it with the guys.

Mateo agrees and says they’ll take advantage of this to make a few other changes to the song.

Casa Matamoros

Gilda and Rafa arrive at Amado’s house and hang out in the foyer.

At the Mayor’s office, Amado tells Canseco to beef up security now that they’ve arrived. He tells Gloria to have Lorenzo come over. El Diplomático “me madrugó” (got the drop on me) but now Amado’s going to put things back in his own favor.

From his office, Lorenzo scolds Selva for being out of bed. Too bad, she’s got a meeting. Rafa and Gilda are already here. And he needs to quit scolding her. She needs to work so she can think about something other than what happened.

Lorenzo suggests she meet with them in Amado’s office, since she’s allowed in there. And while she’s there if she could look for something for him…but no one can find out she was there. Does she trust him?

Agustina finally comes downstairs to welcome Rafa and Gilda and says Selva will be there in a minute.

And then Manara comes down the stairs. While she and Gilda trade greetings, Rafa’s in shock, remembering her calling him after he raped her. He just stares at her as Gilda congratulates her and says it’s too bad they lost her at the label.

Rafa says Gilda’s the new president of JC Records and she came to talk to Selva about the fusion. Manara doesn’t even look at him. He goes on and makes one of his stupid non-jokes, saying she’d better tell her bosses they’re going to be coming after them with everything.

Manara looks at Gilda and says competition is important for the industry. Anyway, she’s in a hurry–she just came to see Julia and Selva. Gilda’s sorry about the accident. Manara’s sorry about her dad, really. They hug.

Rafa tries again, saying it’s so nice to see Manara. Manara suggests to Agustina that they go see José.

Manara throws up in Agustina’s bathroom, assuming that seeing Rafa made her feel sick. She wants so badly to tell Selva what he did and tank this fusion.

Agustina guesses Gilda can’t know what Amado did or she wouldn’t be here.

Manara agrees–neither Gilda nor Selva knows what they’re involved in. Not yet.

In Amado’s office, Selva catalogs her injuries for Gilda–scrapes on her face, shoulder, hip. She’s been put on complete bed rest. When Gilda objects that she should be resting, Selva says she’s fine and she needs to work.

So, they’re here to talk about the fusion. She’s glad to be promoting Julio César’s legacy. Gilda knows how much she loved him and his legacy is the most valuable thing the label has.

Manara declares that enough is enough. She’s getting all of them out of here. She doesn’t know how, but she’s going to contact Mateo. She’s not letting Amado hurt anyone again–not Gilda, not Julia. She has to go now. She hugs Agustina and tells her to take care.

Mayor’s office

Gloria informs Amado that the press has been given instructions about how to handle the topic of what happened to Selva. And she’s sorry.

After lunch he’s visiting some schools and he needs to sign some documents the lawyers sent over.

Amado checks out the folder and says he’ll take care of them. She can tell security he’s on his way out.

Canseco comes in and Amado complains about the contracts and how he got screwed over. Canseco says he’s got good news for him–remember that singer? The one whose phone they tapped? She met with Valentín in Mexico City. So at least they know where they’re hiding with Mateo.

They don’t know yet if they’re in the south or east part of the city. Amado wants to be informed once they find him–he has some things he needs to do first. Canseco agrees.

Amado takes a call from Manara. The creep asks if she’s angry because she saw Rafa.

If not for Gilda she would have made a fuss in front of Selva and messed up his fusion. But that’s ok, Selva already doesn’t trust him.

Amado tells her to make sure Selva doesn’t get rebellious and Mateo calms down–he’s got his sister. Manara assures him she’s looking for Mateo, but he’s not answering her calls. She’ll talk to him, but he’d better not hurt Gilda.

Amado says he knows Mateo’s in the DF. Now that the two of them are allies, he wants Manara to be there when they talk. But she’d better not warn him about anything or Amado might get nervous and take it out on his sister.

Casa Matamoros

Selva lists her company’s assets–they have a radio station on the west coast, plus another five that all play different genres, ten magazines both online and print. Gilda supposes what they need to do is decide the value of each company and how they’re going to apportion the shares.

Rafa pipes up that they need to calculate shares and percentages, which I swear is what she just said. Luckily his phone starts buzzing, so he leaves the grownups alone to talk business.

Selva jumps at the chance to show Gilda her medical tests and ask her if she seriously does need to be on total bed rest. She won’t answer Gilda’s questions about whether she trusts her doctor, she just wants to know if she can trust Gilda.

Gilda says she can. She’s here to try to make peace between Mateo and Amado, after all. Selva’s face: “Yeah…good luck with that.”

Rafa slinks down the stairs, whining to Amado about how he hopes Manara’s really gone–he wouldn’t want her to show up and stab him in the back. Amado should have seen how upset she got!

Well, after what he did, no es para menos (it’s no wonder). Anyway, he needs a favor–he needs Rafa to make the meeting last longer, then bring Gilda to the mayor’s office. He can’t tell Rafa what he’s planning over the phone, but Mateo’s going to kneel to him. He’s going to realize who’s in charge.

JC Records

Isaac shows up with Belinda. He was hoping to get into the main studio, but Diego’s in there with El Mayor and Gisela actually doing something to potentially bring in some income. Unlike Isaac who’s just looking for a room where he can hang out with Belinda without interruptions.

Somehow, the conversation he had with his mom convinced him to bring Belinda here and propose. Somehow, he’s also convinced that JC would want someone “of his blood” taking care of Belinda and Junior.

Belinda is really hesitant. She’s uncomfortable with this. She’s also uncomfortable with Isaac asking if she loved JC more than him. She doesn’t want to give him an answer now, but he gives her some line about having to be brave and how he’s betting everything on her, so she kisses him and says she’ll marry him.

Casa Mateo

Celestina’s remembering her last conversation with Moisés. He told her to go to the spa and get massages and he’d be back in a few days. And then he’d never leave her again.

She says out loud that she had a bad feeling that day, just like she does now. Something doesn’t fit. What did he tell the kids that they’re not telling her?

Casa Matamoros

Gilda looks over the results. Obviously, Selva’s going to be a bit delicate after having a miscarriage, but she thinks recommending complete rest is taking it too far. All her tests look good.

Selva’s worried about possibly being unable to bear children. It would be the worst thing for her–she can’t die without being a mother. Gilda gets it. But it would take different tests to be sure of that. Selva begs her to do them, privately, next time they see each other.

Now Gilda’s suspicious–does she have a problem with Amado? Selva insists it’s just, you know how it is with politicians–everything’s complicated, everything gets handled in secret. And Amado’s really cautious with his image, he wants to control everything.

They hide the folder of test results before Rafa comes back with a stack of paperwork. This is apparently all the contracts they need to sign. He asks if it’s OK to do this now or if they should wait, but Selva tells him to just put them right in front of her and starts passing out folders.

As Rafa and Gilda are leaving Amado’s house, he says now that he’s seen her negotiating with Selva, he thinks he underestimated her. He gets a text from Amado and asks if she wants to go to the mayor’s office. Selva must have said something about her because Amado’s asking to see her.

Casa Manara

Manara’s back. She sarcastically asks Cande if she wants to call her boss and let him know, to stay on his good side.

Cande begs Manara not to be angry at Bianco–it was Anahí who told Ezequiel.

Manara doesn’t care. Tomorrow she’s back on schedule. Were there any messages for her? No? Good night then.

Cande says she just has to hang some things up and she’s going.

Manara calls Mateo from upstairs, just after they’ve finished another take of Sin Ti Yo Estoy Mejor. He calls for a break and Lila teases him about waiting as long as he wants.

The first thing he does, just as Cande expected, is ask about the envelope. It’s a total surprise to Manara that he was at her house today and gave Cande something for her. He admits it was just an excuse to see her.

Now that things have calmed down, they both agree they need to talk. Can he come over now? It’s important.

Mateo’s alarmed that she wants to see him right away. Is everything ok?

Manara says that war he always talks about just started. If he doesn’t come over soon, a lot of people are going to get hurt.

Downstairs, Candelaria’s done hanging up clothes and says Bianco’s with Ezequiel and they’re both happy she’s back.

Manara guesses they asked her to stay and make sure Manara doesn’t escape again, right?

Cande pouts at Manara not to be like that with her when she knows Cande’s just following orders. And besides, she likes her and cares about her. She gives Manara a kiss goodbye and leaves.

And Manara immediately starts looking for that envelope.

El Diplomático’s lair

Bárbara watches a video of Azul recording her song. She likes it. She asks if this is the final version and Azul says Mateo says it needs some adjustments and she needs training and to get away from Manara’s style, but it’s so hard because she wants to be like her, but she’ll do it.

Mateo’s so incredible! She admires him so much. She thanks her mom for her support.

Bárbara says she has to work hard now.

Mariscal announces that the car is waiting. Bárbara congratulates Azul again and says Mateo’s going to polish her up. She sends her home while she deals with a few more things here at the office.

Mariscal has two things to review with her. First off, they were able to use an intermediary and contact Lucho. He apparently has hidden camera footage of people who know about Amado’s dirty dealings and/or are in on them.

Bárbara tells Mariscal to buy up everything he’s got. The more high-profile, the better. And the other thing?

Mariscal shows her a picture of Lila and says they brought in a new singer. Davis represented her, but it looks like she’s involved with Mateo.

Bárbara’s verdict is that it’s fine as long as Azul isn’t there when she’s with Mateo. Mateo can do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t go out with Manara–she doesn’t want information getting back to Amado. She mentions needing to do a money transfer, but as soon as Mariscal’s out of the office, she’s studying Lila’s picture again.

The other meeting

Mateo comes over to Manara’s, not even worried about whatever “war” she’s talking about. He brought wine. He wants to toast to their album. Did she go on a trip?

Yeah. She just got back from LA.

“Do you have a couple of glasses?”

“El Diplomático tried to kill my sister.” She tells him there was a bomb at Julia’s school and Amado’s gone all paranoid.

Mateo tries to insist it’s one of Amado’s lies, but Manara says El Diplomático is “crazy.” He caused an accident and her sister broke her leg. And she’s a dancer! Can he imagine? Selva lost her child. She wants him to swear he didn’t know.

Mateo gives her a confused shrug.

Amado welcomes Gilda, Rafa…and Lorenzo. According to Amado, Lorenzo’s here to review those contracts they have with JC Records for the concerts he promised the unions and it has to be done before the fusion.

Rafa non-jokes awkwardly that Gilda’s barely become president! He can’t scare her off or she’ll quit! He’s the only one who laughs, while everyone else just fake-smiles and looks at each other.

Manara reminds Mateo that he has dealings with El Diplomático. He offered her protection, remember?

Mateo says he knows him, but he wouldn’t hurt Julia or Selva. It has to be Amado.

Hey, he’s out there making deals with mafiosos, trying to kill her brother, so he’s responsible for the consequences. Gilda was at Amado’s house. He’s using her to manipulate Mateo.

Mateo’s upset that she didn’t tell Gilda to get out of there when she knows what Amado did. Manara reminds him that Amado has threatened to hurt innocent people. Amado has both their sisters. What did he want her to do? She told him not to mess with Amado and he didn’t listen to her–he never does!

Mateo tells her to call Amado and hand him the phone.

Amado’s pleased Mateo has finally shown up. Mateo got the drop on him and now Amado’s got the drop on Mateo. If Mateo really thinks he killed JC and hurt Gilda, well, now Mateo has hurt Julia and killed his child. They’re even.

Mateo says they’ll never be even, which seems to suit Amado just fine. Gilda’s here and if Mateo doesn’t want him to kill her, he’d better do what Amado wants.

Just to illustrate, he calls to Gilda over his shoulder asking if she needs anything else. Nope, she’s good. Amado excuses himself to finish his phone call.

Now that Mateo’s heard her, Amado tries to tell him he had nothing to do with JC’s death. That was all a bunch of lies Manara made up to get Julia’s guardianship. But he doesn’t want to argue about that now.

Hey, Mateo’s up for arguing about it anytime as long as it’s just the two of them–no threats or guards. He’ll see if Amado’s “man enough.”

Amado scoffs that he always thought Mateo made bad decisions because he’s stupid, but now he can see he’s also doing it for money. His partner came here to demand construction jobs, markets, work for their banks, and is asking Amado to pay rent in “his” city. Mateo insists he doesn’t have any partners.

Oh no? He’s not writing corridos for El Diplomático? He wants El Diplomático to come out of the shadows and get in touch with him, because they’re going to renegotiate those contracts. If not, he kills Gilda.

Mateo agrees, but he needs time. El Diplomático doesn’t always take his calls. Amado gives him until tomorrow at noon. And if El Diplomático won’t budge, he’ll kill Gilda, Belinda, and Celestina. Mateo hands back Manara’s phone and pulls out his own.

Rafa’s blathering about how his “thing” is finding talent, like he did with JC and Manara. And now he has this idea that he’ll find new talent and sign them and get the radio station to play their demos.

Lorenzo supposes those are the artists he’ll use for the concerts Amado promised, right? To promote them? But Rafa says other artists are already booked for those.

Uh huh, and is this all political or are they laundering money? Gilda wonders.

Amado comes in and tells Gilda they’re all “good people” here and obviously, the concerts are political.

Gilda ignores that he just denied it and says the family wouldn’t want to use JC’s image for that. Amado complains that the budget is already approved and they’re going to bring in a lot of money. Gilda asks to talk to him alone.

As Mateo tries to get someone to answer, he tells Manara that Amado’s swearing he didn’t do anything to Julio because he’s bought all the judges. They aren’t going to be able to do anything against him. Manara tells him to calm down and they’ll talk somewhere else.

She takes him to a bar and proposes they wait for Amado to screw up and get him legally. Mateo says there’s no more time to “wait.” He killed El Diplomático’s sister with his own hands–does she think El Diplomático is going to wait?

So is that what’s bringing them together? Anger?

Mateo says nothing “unites” them they’re just working together. On lots of things. What he needs her to understand is he’s incapable of doing anything to hurt Julia.

In that case he’d better do what he has to to get Julia and Gilda out of there.

Mateo leaves another message for Mariscal to call him back. He promises Manara he’ll do everything he can to get Julia out of there, but he’s not the one responsible for her being there.

Manara tells him not to play innocent when he’s working with “them.”

And who’s she to talk about being “innocent”? She’s Amado’s sister. She knows what he does and who he is. That’s what divides them.

In another part of the office building, Gilda explains that she accepted Rafa’s invitation to come here and discuss contracts, but really she’s here to talk about Mateo. Not that he sent her–he doesn’t even know she’s here.

She has no idea whether his friends had anything to do with the shooting, but she wants Amado to intercede for them, so they can come home without getting thrown in jail. In exchange she’ll ignore what’s going on with the fusion. The family will just move on and not worry about what weird business he’s up to.

Amado insists there isn’t any weird business, but Gilda just smiles at him. The multimedia company she’s going to build with his wife is going to be used to get him into government and launder campaign money. And her family will go ahead with it, even though it goes against their principles.

Amado puts it another way…is she saying she’ll support him if he drops any charges?

Exactly. No charges and no interrogations for Mateo and his friends. A clean slate.

Amado wants to put their conversation on hold for just a second to tell her she’s beautiful. Gilda thanks him, but she can’t accept the compliment. Oh, Amado’s not trying to confuse things–he loves Selva, but he just can’t contain himself when a woman deserves a compliment. Gilda awkwardly thanks him.

Amado says he likes having a feminine view of things and he likes her proposal, so it’s a deal. They shake on it. (I feel sorry for Gilda. If he wasn’t an untrustworthy creep she really should be patting herself on the back for negotiating this.)

Selva’s still in Amado’s home office. She tells Lorenzo she got some photos of documents, but the computer’s got a password. She doesn’t know what he was expecting her to find.

Lorenzo says he’ll see her tomorrow and tell her. She should get some rest now. It’s late. He says he loves her and sends her kisses.

Rafa thinks that was all to convince him he wasn’t talking to Itzel.

Well, no he was talking to Selva and Rafa’s comment is way out of line given his non-relationship with Itzel. Besides, she was always too much woman for Rafa. And besides, Lorenzo’s not with her.

Rafa says, between the two of them, she was always bitter.

Lorenzo supposes Rafa brought Gilda here to pressure Mateo. He knows he wants the label, at any price. What are they planning to do to her?

Rafa tells him to ask his cuñado. After all, if Lorenzo’s here, he must have some kind of plan for him too, right?


Cande’s still trying to argue that Bianco needs to find another “girl” and he’s still insisting he wants “this one” and she’s not going to use him because she’s a noob. (Ummm….)

He thinks he needs to tell Ezequiel about her pregnancy, but Cande thinks that’s practically obligating her to have an abortion. No way is Ezequiel going to let her cancel the tour…unless they go to the gossip shows?

Bianco says Ezequiel’s not going to promote that baby if it’s father is Rafael. And if it’s Mateo, even less. The Solars are associated with Rafael and they’re working with the Treviños and stealing his advertisers.

Bianco suddenly gets an idea and tells Cande to get him a meeting with Ezequiel.

Meeting with El Diplomático

Mateo understands that Manara wants to defend Julia. He’d do the same. But why didn’t she do more for HIS sister? Was it revenge for what happened to Julia?

Before Manara can answer him, his cell phone buzzes and he tells Mariscal he needs to meet with them urgently, in person.

Mariscal passes on the message to Bárbara, but she was only planning to be in the office for a few more minutes. She won’t wait for him. Mariscal tells Mateo if he hurries, he can catch her.

Mateo says he’s on his way. Manara tries to invite herself along, to help him, or at least to see El Diplomático face to face.

Mateo has to scramble for excuses. Didn’t she say in Houston it was best if they weren’t together? That them being together was always going to hurt the people they love? That it wasn’t going to work? He calls for the check.

Bárbara remembers postponing her dinner with Mateo and Azul.

Mariscal interrupts her thoughts. Mateo hasn’t shown up. Well, she’s tired and she’s going home. Mariscal says he’ll call and tell him not to come.

Bárbara gripes that he’s used to snapping his fingers and people do what he wants. But not with her. If he wants to see her that urgently, he can wait. He’s going to have to learn some patience.

Mateo finally manages to pay the check and tells Manara their big problem isn’t other people and it’s not his temper, like she says. It’s her ambition. She’s always been ambitious.

He’ll get Julia and Gilda out of this, but then he doesn’t want to hear anything more from her. She can get married and be happy and he’ll send them a wedding gift they can both use. Assuming it gets there, unlike the envelope he sent.

The truth

Nico comes over to visit Julia. She complains about her leg and her career being destroyed and says it’s punishment for what she did. She admits to Nico that she turned Sabrina in to immigration because she didn’t want to lose him.

Julia makes her excuses, including the one where she couldn’t let Sabrina get away with humiliating her online. Nico says if Sabrina gets deported, it’s going to ruin her life. Does Julia have any idea what she’s going through?

Julia knows what she did and she’s sorry and she’s having a terrible time too because she’s stuck in this bed watching everything she wants leaving her. Including Nicolas. Because she’s lost him, right?

Before Nicolas can answer, Agustina announces that the doctor has arrived. Nico says he’s gotta go.

Mayor’s office

Gilda thanks Amado for everything and says she’ll be waiting for what they discussed. Rafa says Lorenzo’s working on closing the contracts for them. Gilda seems a little skeeved by Amado’s cheek kiss.

Amado watches them walk out and goes back upstairs to Lorenzo.

Lorenzo’s surprised he let Gilda go. Amado smarms that he’s the mayor–everyone’s watching him. But the good thing is Mateo understood and El Diplomático’s going to call him tomorrow.

Lorenzo wonders if threatening Gilda is going to be enough to stop El Diplomático, but Amado’s seeing it as a way to see how much power Mateo has.

But what’s Lorenzo here for? Does Amado want him to keep manipulating Selva? Because she’s still hurting over what happened.

Amado says he’ll handle Selva. He’ll gain her trust back and have peace with her. If that means he needs to give up a little power to El Diplomático, then so be it. Lorenzo’s going to help him with the Solars from now on.

Lorenzo doesn’t see how when Manara won’t answer his calls and Mateo’s never going to trust him.

Amado was thinking of Gilda. Lorenzo can get information from her. Amado and El Diplomático are both businessmen, they’ll be able to negotiate. But given his “personal” problems with Mateo, they’ll never be able to. So Lorenzo’s going to take care of him. He’s going to kill him.

Lorenzo, with his usual bland face, says he’s not a killer.

“No one is, until they do it.”

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