La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 3/16/17 #87

The great El Vendaval produce riot

Faced with the possibility of the crowd tearing down the gate, the cops are doing…absolutely nothing.

Marcela, on the other hand, has decided that if they do bring down the gate, her guys should take advantage and drive all but two of the trucks through. Carefully! After all, they wouldn’t be breaking any laws by doing it, right? One of the workers praises Marcela for her quick thinking. Plus, who doesn’t love putting one over on Timo?

Eulogio’s reading a graphic novel, with the help of a dictionary. He gets a frantic call from the cop at the gate, but he won’t make a move without calling Timo first. Too bad Timo’s phone is off. And so is the other one. What to do, what to do….

The crowd’s getting increasingly agitated and making a concerted effort to bring that gate down…and down it comes. Mateo does a little crowd control and the trucks start rolling. (I’m a little worried about them driving out over that gate, with the spikes pointed at them, but I assume we’re going to suspend reality.)

Eulogio chews out the guards for not stopping the trucks. They should have stood in front of them. That’s what they get paid for. (Knowing Timo, they neither get paid, nor do they get paid that much.)

Alba comes over to gloat about Timo’s plotting being a huge fail. Oh, they’re going to have to pay toll? Well, he can collect it from his grandma, ’cause they’re not paying a thing!

Eulogio goes back to ranting at the cops about Timo not being there because he has other “matters of state” to attend to.

Complications, financial and otherwise

Felgueres from the bank calls Octavia to give her the good and the bad news. Al was just there to say he can’t make the payments…but he’s going to try to pay off the entire debt. Octavia’s so surprised she doesn’t even have eyes for a mostly-naked Lencho getting out of bed.

Timo’s at a roadside stop on the way to Aculco wearing a retina-burning lime green jacket and fantasizing about himself as an Aztec emperor getting an “enthusiastic” welcome from Octavia. But even in his fantasies, Octavia is lukewarm.

The real Octavia is furious with Felgueres. Granted, he’s done all he can–he only gave Al one day to pay off the debt. If he pulls it off, there’s nothing more he can do to help Octavia. Octavia demands that he refuse to accept Al’s payment.

At his bank, the amount Al has available to him today isn’t going to be enough to pay off Marcela’s debt. He tries asking about a loan, and while that might be possible, he’s not going to get the money today.

Octavia’s stressing about Al paying off the debt. Mauro mocks her for being so friendly with Felgueres, and all for nothing. Mauro knows that Al’s finances aren’t looking as good as they did before Damiana cleaned him out. Still, Octavia wants to mess with his liquidity. As Mauro says, “How?” Apparently the answer is “By ranting about how all my plans are failing!”


Inés gossips to Nestor about the board meeting as they sign paperwork. They seem to be on Alessandro’s side, more than Luciano’s. Al has apparently implemented some policies that have been good for the workers.

Cristian and Al get back to the hotel, still arguing about Al paying off the debt. Cristian makes the mistake of talking like Marcela’s being lazy and Al reminds him about how hard they’ve both worked lately. And she’s so proud she’d be furious that he’s doing this. OK, exactly, she’s going to be furious with him if he pays off the debt.

Luciano calls Nestor into his office to complain that his “investigator” is doing a crap job. They haven’t found anything and he knows Marcela’s hiding a lot. Well, Nestor looks forward to meeting her tomorrow…assuming he can have time off to go to the wedding? Al invited him. Luciano tells him to go for it. Maybe he can bring him back a souvenir.

And speaking of Al where is he? Nestor knows he arrived yesterday, but he went out early with Cristian. Luc ponders the info.

No, no, and again I say, no

Al calls and tries to borrow money from Silvana without telling her what it’s for. When he does tell her, she says she can’t lend him the money.

Silvana doesn’t like the idea of Al selling off his stuff to pay the debt either, when it’s not even his hacienda. Helping is one thing, taking responsibility is another. He tries to call it a wedding present, but Silvana says it’s too expensive. Try the bank again–there must be some other solution. Al says the bank won’t negotiate again.

Silvana insists helping him will be hurting him–hurting them both–in the long run. She won’t budge. He doesn’t “need” to be Marcela’s hero…and maybe this is what she’s been after all along. Maybe now she’s starting to show her real self.

Silvana starts complaining about Marcela throwing away all Conchita’s work, having Sagrario make over the dress, and saying terrible things that hurt her. Al finds that difficult to believe. Silvana tells him Marcela accused her of throwing her a wedding just to embarrass her later.

Al thinks it’s the pressure. She probably just snapped and said things she didn’t mean. Silvana insists those were her real feelings. No, Al’s sure Marcela appreciates her. It probably wasn’t a good idea to bring Conchita in the first place.

OK, whatever, Silvana’s not going to argue. Marcela can have whatever kind of wedding she wants and Silvana’s not going to worry about it. And she’s sure not worry about fixing Marcela’s problems. Marcela went too far. She’s washing her hands of anything that may go wrong at the wedding, just like she’s washing her hands of this whole “loan” deal. She has nothing more to say.

Al wants her not to talk to Marcela about it, but Silvana has no intention of talking to her about anything that’s not strictly necessary.

When Al tells Cris about it, he figures it must have been one heck of a fight. Apparently, chicks be all “Naw, nothing’s going on” when really a bunch of stuff is happening and probably it’s just your typical nuera-suegra fight. (I question the wisdom of taking relationship advice from someone who never bothered telling his crush he was already married.)

No, Al says it’s like Silvana has completely changed her opinion about Marcela. But enough about that–how are they going to get rid of this debt? Cris has some cash, but it’s nowhere near enough.

Al contemplates talking to his dad and Cris finally has to break it to him that Luciano called a board meeting to try to buy his shares and kick him out of the company.

Silvana calls Luc to tell him she just turned Al down. He’s thrilled, of course, but she tells him not to get confused–she feels TERRIBLE about not supporting him. She just can’t let him take on responsibilities that aren’t his. Luc brays that this is what Marcela has always wanted from him–his money. Silvana doesn’t know for sure, but she needs to protect Al from himself. Luc tells her not to give in. Al needs to understand it would take a miracle to save the hacienda.

Making up for lost time

Marcela tries going to her “biggest” client who sure doesn’t look like he ought to be with that pathetic little display of fruit and veg crammed into what looks like a 99 cent store. Clearly, the dude needs produce, but Marcela’s having to talk him into giving them another chance, explaining that the dead body was planted (no pun intended) by the actual killer and it wasn’t them! Dude looks doubtful.

He’s at least willing to look at the produce and if it’s in good condition he’ll accept it.

Marcela’s hoping this is enough to make a few month’s worth of payments. And also hopefully it will keep Al from getting too upset when he hears about the big fight she had with Silvana and Conchita.

Sure enough, the store guy says the produce is perfect and he’ll make out a check right now. Marcela’s feeling all kinds of upbeat about this and plans to go pick up those papers at the lawyer’s office on the way home.

San Bartolo

Hey, Emiliano has a second patient! He’s treating the guy with eye drops for now. And the guy’s thrilled he no longer has to go out of town for his check ups.

As an added bonus, he gives Emi the chisme that a bunch of peeps tore down the gate at El Vendaval and Marcela gave away some of the harvest and drove the rest out in trucks. Yep, for “gutsy” no one beats los Morales.

El Vendaval

Silvana cries to Nisa about how awful it felt not to help Al. Nisa’s sure he’ll understand it was for his own good. All Marcela wanted was a rich guy to solve all her problems. And this whole planting and selling the harvest thing was all to get money out of him. Uh, Silvana’s not sure about that. Her heart says Marcela’s a good person, but Marcela’s behavior says something different. Nisa says she’s just a good actress.

But hey, happy thoughts, maybe the wedding will get called off or some other…unexpected…thing might happen. Silvana says Nisa’s always dreaming, but Nisa reminds her dreams come true sometime.


Cris tries to keep Al from going in to confront his dad. Inés stops him to thank him for the wedding invitation, but he still goes barreling in there. Cris waits outside, angsting.

Luc thinks he’s there because he’s regretting marrying Marela. Nope, his only regret is trusting Luc.

Cris bursts in, apologizing, but he had to tell Al about the meeting. Yeah, yeah, everyone’s been talking about it anyway when it should have been confidential. Cris leaves and the shouting match starts.

Why didn’t Luc tell him to his face? He’s barely even interested in anything but Marcela, he might as well sell off his shares….

Oh, cool, how much is he offering? Luc wants him out, right?

No, he wanted to teach him a lesson. Blah blah blah, you’re never here, etc. But he doesn’t want to buy the shares and help Al pay off Marcela’s debt. Yep, he’s been talking to Silvana. Al can find another buyer.

Well, maybe he will!

Luc complains he’d sell off the shares for cheap. And too bad, because thanks to Octavia, no one would buy them.

Al’s confused. And clearly so is Luc, because he’s decided that Al and Octavia are in cahoots to push him out of the executive board and take control.

In her office, Octavia is anticipating that by now Al must know about what Luc pulled at the board meeting. She’s sure Al won’t be looking to Luc for money. Mauro agrees–he’d go to Silvana first. Octavia goes back to whining about needing to keep him from getting the money. Mauro offers to check with the banks and see if Al’s looking for a loan, but Octavia tells him to find Al. She’ll explain why later.

In Luc’s twisted brain, Al and Octavia must be working together because Al would have known about Damiana making Octavia her heir.

Well, sure, he knew that, but they’re not plotting anything!

Now Luc goes after him for marrying Damiana por bienes mancomunados in the first place, but it’s not like Al knew she was going to die young! OK, fine, Luc’s not suggesting THAT, but he must have had some reason for marrying her under those terms in the first place!

Well, yeah, he thought it was the right thing to do at the time.

Luc tells him to shut up and not offend his intelligence. (These arguments leave me so confused I’m not sure if offending his intelligence means acting like he has some? Acting like he doesn’t have any? Who the hell knows.)

OK, seriously, Luc thinks that Octavia was only angry at Al after Damiana’s death because it was part of their “show.” And now she’s a shareholder thanks to Al.

Al says they weren’t that many shares. Just buy them from her!

Luc flips out and says Al’s not understanding–when he married Damiana those shares multiplied. (And this is Al’s fault how?)

Lawyer’s office

The paperwork is ready for Marcela to pick up and the only thing left to do is have Al sign it. Marcela says she plans to give it to him on the honeymoon. (Because why tell him now and avoid all the drama?)

El Vendaval

Sagrario is still working on the dress. Alba’s telling her the story about what happened at the gate while Sagrario just keeps on sewing. Alba’s suddenly realizing that Sagrario doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. She volunteers to go get her sewing kit and help.

In ML’s room, she and Nisa are both agreeing with Silvana’s wisdom in not lending Al money. Blah blah blah, Marcela’s so evil, it’s a good thing they’re ruining the wedding. ML can’t wait to expose her as a thief.

Except, um, that wasn’t her.

Oh, right, but Nisa did it for a good reason–love! And Marcela would have done it for realz because she’s so evil. Only the intention matters. She should pay. Everyone should know she’s a rat, a snake! They giggle.


Don Timo makes his triumphant entrance. The lime green is less obnoxious in the Toscana lobby at least. Though Timo is as annoying and verbose as ever. He starts blabbing about wanting to find Octavia and how they’re “intimate” friends. I can’t wait for THAT rumor to spread.

Upstairs, Luc’s still carrying on. Now he’s whining about how Octavia made him look bad at the meeting and it’s all Al’s fault, Al chose to make him his enemy, blah blah blah. Al says this is the most pathetic thing he’s ever seen in his life. He’s got no further business here, so he’s outta here.

Although, as Vice President he has the right to make investments. Luc threatens to sue him for fraud if he pulls one cent out of the hotel, but Al just tells him to go for it.

Timo’s still trying to get in to see Octavia and the two desk employees, plus Nestor, are making him wait for Nora, Octavia’s secretary, to come fetch him. He slobbers on one’s hand and she wipes it on Nestor’s shirt. The other was quick enough to put her hands behind her back.

El V

Marcela gets home with the check and shows it off to Rosa, Alba, and Sagrario. They can make the first few months’ payments! (If they weren’t already late….)

Aw, hell no!

Cris goes into Luc’s office to find out what they talked about…er…to find out how he should proceed.

Luc demands he put together a document informing the entire company that Al has zero privileges and his signature is worthless.

Cris says he can’t do it, but Luc says Al’s going to try to use the money to save the hacienda. It would be a huge crime and anyone would be able to ask that he be prosecuted. It’s for his own good. Plus, he’s not asking him, he’s telling him.

Cris still won’t do it, even if Luc threatens to fire him. He begs him to reconsider. All this will do is make the conflict between Luc and Al worse, and it’s going to hurt the hotel. He knows it was a bad fight, but he begs Luc not to make a decision he’ll regret later. Cris is saying this not just for Al’s own good, but Luc’s and Silvana’s as well. This could hurt all of them.

Luciano actually appears to be listening. He’s upset, but so is Al. OK, he won’t do it for now, but Cris needs to make sure Al doesn’t do anything stupid and doesn’t take any money out of the Toscana’s accounts.

When Cris goes off to do that, Luc calls to get someone from Legal to come down to his office. He still intends to put out that document and strip Al of his power today.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Ok I love Marcela’s plan for when the gate came down. I was cheering at my tv for this part And she sold stuff. And got paid! (the most important part of selling stuff!) The rest of the show I was just wishing the right people would talk to each other about the right things. Yeah “(I question the wisdom of taking relationship advice from someone who never bothered telling his crush he was already married.)”… not just that he didn’t bother to tell her, it almost seemed like it didn’t even occur to him that he should. I never… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Plus when Cris was all ‘this is a bad idea this will hurt the business, and also your relationships with your family’ Luc was acting like he was listening and seemed to see the sense of what Cris was saying and then he goes and is all like I don’t care about all that I’mma do it anyway. There is no room for logic in Luciano’s head, all the space is used up with ego.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Thank you! 🙂