Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 8/15/17 #70

Episode 70: Embarazo dudoso

From his office, Amado calls security and tells them to follow Mateo’s sister and if he gives the order, put a bullet in her head.

Casa Mateo

Gilda brags (hate to say it that way, but if she knew everything she wouldn’t be so smug) that she’s doing good things, closing deals with Selva and Rafa and the mayor.

Celestina’s surprised she saw him in person. How could she?

Gilda says it was business. And she was trying to see if she could get him to let Mateo come back without getting arrested or interrogated. “So don’t complain–I’m saving your son.”

Isaac comes downstairs, asking whose car is outside. It’s been there since this morning. Did they hire bodyguards?

When Gilda and Celestina say they didn’t, Isaac tells them to be careful and says he’ll check it out on his way out. He’s off to announce that poker competition.

Outlaw Records

Chalino found out that Rafa’s releasing his song today and holding a press conference.

Básico thinks they should hurry up and release their song online. But shouldn’t they ask Mateo first?

Nah, Valentín thinks they’d better just do it. What if he’s locked up with Manara for days? They need to do it now. He’d agree anyway.

Básico reminds everyone this is also revenge on El Mayor.

And what’s their label name? Valentín asks. “Adrenalina,” Chalino supplies (I like mine better). In that case, they should live up to the name.

Chalino, who’s been sitting between Valentín and Básico while they go back and forth with cups and coffee tells them to just not spill coffee on him!

El Diplomático’s lair

Mateo’s behind Bárbara’s desk, sleeping in her chair. She startles him awake and blandly apologizes for leaving him waiting.

Mateo accuses her of lying to him and involving Amado’s sisters. Now Amado wants to kill his sister.

Bárbara wants to know who told him that. Yes, it’s important! Was it Manara? Is he still seeing her. Mateo pours himself a tequila (not exactly the breakfast of champions) and makes faces at her.

Mateo denies he’s seeing her and that has nothing to do with it anyway.

Bárbara’s pissed. Does he want her to pull out some plastilina (modeling clay) and explain?! She’s their mutual enemy’s sister. She’s the way Amado’s going to get to him. And the worst part is, it’s putting her daughter at risk! (Nice touch showing the fear in her eyes.) Does he think that if Azul didn’t admire him so much and want him as a padrino that they would have come to an agreement?

Mateo knows they wouldn’t have. But he needs her to call Amado before noon or he’ll kill Gilda.

Bárbara says he’s made a mistake. She only let him in and trusted him because of her daughter, but she doesn’t take anyone’s orders. She kicks him out of her office and has two guys start dragging him out as he keeps screaming at her to just make the call.

They stop when Mariscal comes in, wondering WTF is going on. Mateo tells them to shoot him if they want to, but he’s not going. He begs Bárbara to help his sister.

Bárbara gets some more details from Mateo. Gilda doesn’t know what Amado did and neither does his mom. Mateo promised his dad he wouldn’t tell her, for her own good. And now Amado wants to kill Gilda because Bárbara threatened Julia.

Bárbara doesn’t think she needs to explain anything to him.

Mateo says he doesn’t want to show disrespect, but he did ask her to leave innocent people out of this. She needs to think of her daughter–if Amado gets to Gilda, he’ll get to Mateo, and he’ll get to Azul.

Bárbara demands to know if that’s a threat, but Mateo says he’s just telling her what will happen. Azul is the most important thing in her life, and Gilda’s the most important thing in his. He begs her to call Amado.


Manara’s got a radio crew at her house doing a live show and interview. She pulls Cande aside and asks if the doctor’s on his way–she’s still not feeling well. Cande promises she’ll get him there.

Bianco pleads with Ezequiel–since Manara came back she’s working again. She’s doing a live radio broadcast from her house.

Ezequiel’s still furious, wondering if success has gone to her head. She’s been standing people up, including sponsors, and now she drags an entire team over to her house? If Bianco doesn’t put limits on her, then he will.

Bianco says there’s something more behind all this…she’s pregnant.

Bianco’s been trying to keep his voice down, but Ezequiel starts screaming a bunch of vile crap. He asks how she could be so stupid as to get pregnant right in the middle of her launch, like she did it all on her own, then he says he’s not losing money, so she can’t have it. He tells Bianco to get her, take her to a clinic, and “take it out.”


Gilda takes a call from Selva as she’s getting to JC. She tells her she has a clinic set up to do her tests and they talk about getting her an appointment. From another car, someone watches her.

Amado comes into the bedroom as they’re talking and Selva tells her to send over the info. Keeping her face on her paperwork she admits she was talking to Gilda, but makes it sound like they were talking about the fusion. She says it’s easier to work with Gilda than with Mateo or Rafa…who, by the way, she doesn’t like much.

Amado’s more worried about how he can get her to look at him the way she used to. (Um…amnesia? Actually being a decent person?) Selva asks him to give her time (…to formulate an escape plan). What she went through was difficult. Even though she was only a few months along, she had a lot of hope.

Amado suggests they get married, have the wedding she always dreamed of, and forget.

Selva refuses. Nothing’s going to cover this up for her.

Amado asks if it’s that she doesn’t want to marry him. Before Selva can answer, a maid comes in with a tray and announces it’s time for Selva to have her pills and breakfast.

As Selva tells her to go ahead and serve, Amado whines at her that he loves her and he’ll do whatever he has to do to get her to trust him again.


As soon as Gilda gets into the label offices, she notices the receptionist is upset. Rafa’s talking about cancelling the release and he’s all “crazy” but they’ve got the newspapers coming and catering and she doesn’t know what to do!

In the studio, Diego, El Mayor, Gisela, and Rafa are listening to the recording from Adrenalina and saying it’s obvious they were copied. Although, when Diego puts on their version I think the other one sounds better.

Rafa’s furious, saying the problem here isn’t the song, it’s that they have a spy. He talks about having it pulled off the Internet, but Diego says that’s impossible. It’s had too many views already.

Gilda comes in and asks what happened. Rafa screams at her that Mateo and his friends uploaded a similar song. Someone’s stealing his work! Gilda asks to listen and Rafa screams at her that he trusted her and he can’t believe she betrayed him!

Gilda asks if he’s insinuating that she’s a spy, but Rafa’s already on about how he’s not letting them get away with it. He wants a meeting to find out who they have to fire.

At Amado’s, he asks Selva what she’s thinking, since she hasn’t said a word to him. She says she’s thinking about the fusion, about work. She doesn’t want to think about anything else.

Amado praises her for being ambitious like him, but after what happened he realized she’s the most important thing to him. His phone starts buzzing and he pulls it out as she’s saying she knows it’s hard for him, but everyone grieves in their own way. She encourages him to answer his phone–he has important stuff to deal with. They’ll talk later.

It’s Rafa calling, from outside the label. Wasn’t Amado supposed to scare Gilda?! She’s still here and her brother burned their release.

Amado turns to Selva and says it’s his assistant…he’ll take the call outside. The maid comes in to take the breakfast tray and Selva asks her to tell Agustina to come see her.

From his office, Amado tells Rafa to go look out the window–there’s a car there, one of Canseco’s guys, watching Gilda. Mateo knows he needs to bring him El Diplomático and he has very little time left.

Rafa, the homicidal toddler, throws a tantrum and tells Amado to get rid of them, the whole family, he’s sick of them already.

Um, yeah, Amado’s got an incoming call, so he’ll have to call him back.


It’s Mariscal on the phone. Amado recognizes his voice and he’s not interested in talking to him, he wants his boss. Otherwise, they know what he’ll do to Mateo’s sister.

Mariscal says El Diplomático won’t talk, but he’s here listening.

OK, then. Amado knows who they are. Their money, their reach. He knows what happened to El Diplomático’s sister was serious to them and he wants to compensate them. Mariscal asks how.

By doing big business. He wants to sit and talk like businessmen, but he won’t be their puppet. If they don’t want talk, then blood’s going to start flowing, starting with Mateo’s family. It’s thanks to him they’re in this, right?

Mariscal puts him on mute for a second while Mateo pleads with Bárbara. Amado understands they’re stronger than he is. He begs her not to let him kill Gilda, because knowing Amado he’d do it just out of spite.

Bárbara looks briefly at her cell phone and tells Mariscal to tell him they’ll set up a face to face meeting. He’d better prepare a proposal. She leaves Mateo hanging while she gets a glass from the bar before giving the instruction to tell him to leave Mateo’s sister alone.

Mariscal conveys this to Amado. He wants to know when they’re having the meeting and what guarantees he has when he doesn’t even know what El Diplomático looks like. Mariscal tells him to worry about making a good offer and they’ll be in touch. Amado agrees.

Bárbara asks the guys to leave her alone with Mateo. She says Amado’s hers to take care of, but he can’t see Manara again, or anyone who has anything to do with her, at least until she meets with Amado and they clear this up, go it? Can she trust him? Mateo gives her a “Yes, ma’am.”

She wants him to finish Azul’s song and record her single ASAP. And then she kicks him out so she can get some work done.


Manara and her band perform Amor y Desamor as an acoustic ballad for the radio show (I like this better than the album version). Upstairs, the doctor arrives. He asks Cande if she knows yet and he’s annoyed to hear she doesn’t. What’s he supposed to do? She feels sick because of her…diagnosis. He can keep quiet about things, but he can’t lie!

Ezequiel demands to know what they’re supposed to do after everything they’ve put out there already.

Bianco when they can’t hide her pregnancy anymore, they’ll change her image and his. It’s his baby and he wants to have it. He’ll replace her on some of the tour dates.

Ezequiel scoffs at him–of course it’s his baby! Who else’s could it be? Rafa’s?

Bianco says it’s his. Didn’t Ezequiel ask him for a family? Well here’s his telenovela for the public. He’s got a wedding, commitment, baby. Ezequiel just needs to give him that percentage he asked for and he’ll multiply what he invested in Manara.

Ezequiel’s still cranky. The wedding was supposed to happen after her launch. Couldn’t they wait?!

Bianco says stuff happens. But he can resolve everything. What does he think of his proposal.

Ezequiel doesn’t like it. She needs to get rid of it and have another baby later. What’s he going to do with all those tour tickets?!

Like Bianco said, he can replace her for some dates and when she gets back on the tour she’ll be more popular than ever. Can he count on Ezequiel’s support?

Ezequiel says he’d better be sure it’s his baby. If he finds out it’s Rafa’s, he’s going to unleash a scandal…he’ll have no mercy on either of them. Bianco will look like a cornudo.

Manara finishes up the song and the interviewer says people are already talking about it online. He thanks her for allowing them to broadcast from her house. Manara thanks him and the audience and he takes the program to break.

He’s still got to wrap up the show, but Manara’s leaving him to do that on his own. Cande comes down to say the doctor’s there and Manara leaves him in the hands of “the guys.”

Upstairs, she apologizes to the doctor for making him come out here, but she’s still feeling so tired and decaída (down) and she doesn’t seem to be improving. He’s barely started listening to her breathing when Bianco shows up and says it would probably be better to examine Manara at his office, later. He needs to talk to her now.

Manara says he’s already hear. Is it that urgent? Bianco insists it can’t wait. Cande walks the doctor out.

Manara angrily asks what she has to do to get some privacy, rent her own apartment? He comes in and out whenever he pleases, and that includes her life too.

Bianco says there was something in her test results that could change all their plans–both hers and the company’s and they’ve invested a fortune in her. Manara says he’s scaring her. Bianco finally says she’s pregnant.

Casa Matamoros

Agustina comes to Selva’s room and Selva asks her to say what Manara didn’t dare. Agustina always tells her the truth, right? José’s Amado’s son, isn’t he?

When Agustina won’t answer, Selva says that’s her answer.

Agustina starts grabbing at her arm, begging her not to say anything to Amado or he’ll kill her.

Amado comes in and Selva says nothing’s going on. She’s just asking Agustina for a tea to help heal her uterus. You know. Women stuff.

Amado dismisses Agustina and offers offers to call the doctor, but Selva says he’s on the way already. She called him herself.


Mateo gets back to the loft and calls Gilda from the elevator, asking her to call him back right away.

The guys and Lila are rehearsing Cuando te Veo when he gets in and Lila teases him about being here finally. Mateo apologizes for last night. Is that Cristian’s song they’re rehearsing? Lila says he sent it to her and she likes it.

Básico says Chalino found out that El Mayor, Gisela, and Diego were releasing their song today and they got out ahead of it and put theirs online.

When Mateo looks upset, Valentín says he did it and the others shouldn’t take the blame for it. He shows off how many downloads it’s gotten.

In the board room at JC, none of the staff have admitted to leaking the song, so Rafa fires everyone. Gilda objects–he can’t run this place with no staff. Rafa screams at her about firing Mateo too–he lost them lots of money.

After he leaves, Gilda tells them all to chill. She’ll talk to him and get back to them.

Mateo asks Lila to give him a minute with the guys. Chalino’s quick to take his share of the responsibility. He says they were all so angry at El Mayor and Valentín made the suggestion and it seemed easy enough.

Mateo’s pissed and I can’t figure out why when this was his idea all along. He complains that this screws over him, the label, and how are they supposed to get money from a song that was uploaded for free?

Uh, Valentín thought they weren’t doing this one for money. Mateo screams at him that it was to get money for his nephew. OK, well Mateo didn’t tell him that!

Mateo’s complaining that Valentín should have asked and now what he’s going to say to his mom. Rafa has the tools to kick him out of the label now. And then he gives Chalino a sarcastic “thanks” cause…Chalino was supposed to keep the rest of them in line?

Back at JC, Gilda tells Rafa not to EVER talk to her again like he just did in front of the employees. She’s the president of the label!

Rafa says they’re ex-employees. He wasn’t kidding about firing them. And tomorrow at the board meeting, he’s getting rid of Mateo. Considering what he did, how much money he lost them, it should be enough. And Gilda should be more impartial.

Mateo explains to the guys that he wasn’t out all night because he was with Manara. Amado threatened to kill Gilda if he didn’t get El Diplomático on the phone. He got her to do it, but he’s sure Amado’s still watching his family.

Dylan encourages him to go back to LA and grab the bull by the horns before Rafa gets out of hand. Chalino agrees–if they can’t get Amado, they can at least make Rafa pay, right?


Santiago’s working on Yo Solo Quiero Cantar in the rehearsal casita. Nico applauds. He thinks the song sounds more like dad’s style than grandpa’s. Santiago says it IS their dad’s song. He was going to give to El Mayor, but he gave it to Santi instead.

Santi thinks Rafa’s behaving way better than Neto. Nico agrees, he’s been helping him out with the Sabrina situation. By the way, he talked to Julia and she confessed she did it. He saw her there with her broken leg and he thought about forgiving her…after the whole thing is resolved.

Santi advises him not to wait–do it now, for himself. Does he still love her?

Neto interrupts and asks to talk to Santi alone.

He tells Santi he’s had calls from various channels that are interested in his return to the stage. Can he count on Santi?

Who’d he choose?

The one that’s going to hurt Rafa the most–Megavisa. They’re offering him support on all their platforms, but before he signs he needs to know if Santi’s in or out.

So basically he’s just inviting him to make Rafa angry? Megavisa’s the competition–he’s signed with JC.

Neto ignores his objection and asks if Santi’s singing with him or not. He has to agree not to go public about his sexuality unless Neto and his PR agency agree to it. That’s his only condition. (I hate seeing Santi getting jerked around like this by Neto and Rafa both.)

Casa Manara

Bianco doesn’t mean to be indiscreet, but has Manara been with anyone since what Rafa did? She says she hasn’t. So he assumes that means it’s Rafa’s.

He thinks the best option is not to have the baby. She’s just starting out and she’d be risking her career.

Manara won’t do it. Even if she was raped, it isn’t the baby’s fault.

Bianco seems pleased with her answer. He thinks there’s a way she can have it all–career, success, baby. All they have to do is go ahead with the plan, have a big wedding, have the baby, and he’ll say it’s his. Rafa never has to know. No one does. Not even the baby.

Manara doesn’t know how to answer him just now. It’s all happened so quickly. Bianco repeats that it’s the best way to have it all and kisses her hands, saying it would be an honor for him.

Manara says she’s grateful for everything he’s done for her, but the truth is right now all she can think about is giving her best at tonight’s concert. Bianco says he’ll go and let her rest.

But he does have one last question, so he doesn’t leave anything hanging. Is she sure there’s no possibility it’s Mateo’s? Because she doesn’t have to lie to him. He wants to help.

Manara says she wouldn’t lie to him. (Which isn’t a no….)

Casa Mateo

Gilda tells Celestina they’ve got a huge problem at the label and it’s all Mateo’s fault. He released a song online that’s identical to Rafa’s. Rafa’s furious, indignant…he cancelled the launch.

Celestina gripes that this is going to cost them tons of money. How could Mateo do this? Has Gilda talked to him?

Gilda says she hasn’t. Rafa wants to fire him, and he’s got valid reasons for it. Right now, their votes are the minority since she’s sure Isaac will want revenge for the time he got fired.

Celestina says she’ll call Mateo, but Gilda tells her to relax and she’ll deal with this.

Instead, Celestina’s getting ready to leave the house and Belinda still can’t get her attention. Celestina already told her she needs to work things out with Isaac. And if she sees him, tell him to call.

Belinda blurts out that Isaac proposed and she said yes and they’re getting married.

They haven’t decided when. Belinda wants Celestina and Gilda to accept their relationship first. She’s already talked to Mateo and he didn’t judge her.

Celestina scoffs that it’s not because he approves, it’s because she’s the mother of Julio César’s child, so she’d better ubicate (know her place). And the problem isn’t her, it’s Isaac.

Belinda says Mateo said the same thing. And it hurts her because Isaac feels alone and she loves him. The only thing he’s looking for is a chance. He wants what’s best for the family, like they all do.

Celestina gives her a sarcastic “yeah.”

Version 2.0

Rafa’s back in the studio, listening to the song again. He says they have to change something or move something. El Mayor suggests making it more regional, but Diego throws a fit. He composed it and it has to have the DNA of its creator, so it’s going to be urbana and it’s going to be better than what those thieves did. If El Mayor wants something regional, he can write his own song.

Rafa tells Diego to do what he has to do and El Mayor to clap or whistle or whatever, but help him. That’s what he got hired to do–work! El Mayor glares at him.

At Adrenalina, the mood has lightened considerably, thanks to Junior sending Chalino the latest version of the single that Rafa authorized. They’re cracking up at how awful it is. Mateo says he’s destroyed it.

Yep, Básico agrees, they’ve won already. Mateo says they haven’t won anything yet. This is just the beginning of the fight. He asks Dylan what he thinks Diego will do.

Make it more urbana of course.

In that case, Mateo thinks they should do it as an urbana release and get it out before they do. They guys all start working on it.

Mateo answers his phone and Gilda’s on the other end yelling at him about how his release lost them money and threw away all that work she did dealing with Rafa, the mayor, Selva. “Well, who told you to make decisions without talking to me?” He says being president went to her head.

Gilda reminds him she earned this with the work that she did. (You tell him, sister!) Rafa’s threatening to fire everyone, tomorrow he’s going to propose kicking Mateo out of the board, and right now they’re in the minority. She wants to defend him, but he’d better give her one good reason to do it.

Mateo tells her to relax, he’ll fix it tomorrow. (Jackass.)

He tells Chalino that Gilda’s encabritada (angry, upset) and Rafa threatened to fire everyone if no one admits they leaked it. Mateo suggests they sacrifice Junior and he’ll find him another job until they’re back. It will help calm things down.

But what about the song, are they going to make the changes or what? Mateo says they’ll do it urbana and release it before them again and screw up their sales. Chalino says they ought to do their version faster, though.

Lila reappears, complaining that he forgot about her. Oops. Mateo says he didn’t and would she like to do an urbana version of the song with Dylan? Lila’s in.

Why now?

Isaac meets Leti in some bar. He says he’s trying to get his life back together. She says she’s sorry about his dad.

The hardest thing about that for him was that Moisés was angry at him. It’s why he wants to close circles…like theirs.

Uh, Leti doesn’t think he has any scores to settle with her. That’s all over.

Isaac says he owed her some money, so here it is. It’s clean money. He’s doing a poker reality show and that’s his advance.

Leti doesn’t need his money. He knows that, right? What does he want?

Isaac forces the money into her hands and holds it there. He says she gave Renzo the address he gave her so they could kill his brother. He wants to know who did it.

Leti tells him to let her go.


Canseco comes over to Amado’s. He’s already taken surveillance off of Gilda like Amado asked.

Amado’s talking about them needing to plan. He needs to put together a proposal for El Diplomático. He’s thinking of offering him projects in the western part of the city and financing for schools. He can’t think about defending himself–they’re too exposed.

Selva comes downstairs, saying she thought they’d gone. She’s just going to get another tea. Amado says they’re leaving and kisses her. He tells her to get some rest, like the doctor asked her to. They leave and Selva’s face gets hard.

Agustina’s on the phone to Manara, each one thinking they’ve got the bigger news. Manara says she’s pregnant and she doesn’t know if Rafa or Mateo is the father. Yes, Rafa raped her, but she had sex with Mateo several times and they were always “careful” but things always get out of control.

Selva comes in and demands to know if Agustina’s talking to Amado. She’s talking to Manara? Then give her the phone. Selva takes it and asks what lie Manara’s going to tell her now. She wants a good reason to keep her brother’s lover in her house.

Manara says if she fires Agustina, Amado will take away her child and he’ll hurt her. He’s more dangerous that she thinks and if Selva doesn’t calm down Agustina won’t be the only one hurt.

Selva wonders if that’s a threat or a warning. What do the two of them know about Amado that she doesn’t? She screams at Manara to talk.

Manara says Agustina’s not there because she wants to be or to fool Selva, she’s Amado’s prisoner. She’s sorry she lied to Selva for so long, but Amado threatened her too.

Selva doesn’t believe her. (Then why the hell did you ask?!)

Manara understands that Selva’s not going to trust her no matter what she says. Selva doesn’t know what the solution is, so Manara tells her to talk to Lorenzo. “What does he have to do with this?” Manara tells Selva to trust her and talk to Lorenzo. He’ll tell her what she needs to know.

At the mayor’s office, Alexis hands over the speech he wrote for Amado to give at the union convention. And El Mayor is going to sing a duet with a Boricua and his “friend” is going to sing backup–that girl who used to duet with Lila.

Amado says Canseco said Mateo’s in Mexico. Alexis brushes that off–he’s on borrowed time.

Hey, Amado would like to kick his ass, but someone’s protecting him. Alexis heard rumors that Mateo and Valentín and the rest of them are protected by El Diplomático. Amado says it’s true.

But he’s more worried about Selva. She’s delicate and he wants to be with her, so he’s making treaties with his enemies. He doesn’t want to be at public events. He wants to keep a low profile and focus his energy on her. He doesn’t want to lose her.

Lorenzo comes over to Amado’s, thinking Selva called because she found something, but no…she heard he’s been talking to Manara behind her back.

“Who told you?”

Manara said Agustina and Amado had a relationship a long time ago. She also said Amado’s the father of Agustina’s baby. Does he know how that makes her feel?

Relieved. She’s relieved that she lost that creep’s baby.

Lorenzo tries to get her to calm down, but Selva demands he tell her if he knew anything about this.

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