Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 8/16/17 #71

Episode 71: Evidencia en video

Selva’s furious with Lorenzo. She expected this from Manara, being Amado’s sister, but him? She’s just realized that everyone betrayed her. Well, she’s not their fool anymore, she’s going to go talk to Amado and stop him! (Uh, good luck with that?)

Lorenzo tells her to lower her voice–the house is surrounded by guards. She asks if he’s afraid of them or what. Does Amado want him to convince her? Did he pay him? Lorenzo begs her to listen. He’s been trying to get her out of Amado’s house and his life for a long time. But it’s dangerous.

Selva says she’s not afraid of him.

Lorenzo breaks it to her that Amado kidnapped him. He made up the whole “arms business” thing to get her away from him.

Selva doesn’t believe him or his lies. Or anyone else’s. (Then what has this all been about? What answer would she believe? I really want to know.)

Lorenzo takes it a step further and says he killed their dad and he killed Julio César. He’s a psychopath. So she’d better calm down or the guards will tell him what they heard and he’ll kill them both.

This is what he’s been trying to tell her from the beginning. Amado’s a gangster. He’s dangerous. She asked him to stay out of her personal life, so he did. He investigated on his own and found out the truth and tried to attack Amado, but it went badly. Amado found out what happened and he just kidnapped Lorenzo, but he killed Elena.

He didn’t kill Lorenzo because he didn’t want Selva to suffer. He wanted her to have the baby in peace, but now she’s lost the baby and there’s nothing tying her to him and he knows it. He’s desperate.

Selva can’t believe that even though he knew all this, he convinced her to keep the baby and insisted she stay here. Lorenzo says that was a last resort. Amado threatened to kill him if he didn’t, so he’s been trying to gain Amado’s confidence and work from inside and attack him once Selva is safe.

Amado was always a step ahead, but losing the baby devastated him. Plus he’s at war with someone stronger than him. He’s desperate and insecure and Selva needs to act like nothing has changed. Lorenzo will keep gathering proof until he can get her out and then he’ll attack.

This is too much for Selva. She’s confused. Lorenzo says he’ll take care of everything. They just need to distract Amado so they can get her out and he thinks he knows who can help with that.


At her place, Manara remembers realizing Rafa had drugged her and Rafa talking payback before she passed out. She picks up the phone and calls Mateo.

Mateo sees the incoming call, but he tells Chalino he has to keep his distance from her until they have a truce. He promised Bárbara. Chalino wonders if asking for that promise was a legit tactic or if Bárbara wants him. She’s “throwing” her daughter at him, but maybe she does. She keeps talking about dinner and inviting him out.

Mateo admits she’s hot (dude…priorities) but what if she doesn’t like him? She’s likely to kill him in bed and he doesn’t want to die like that. Chalino says if she does she’d kill whoever he wanted. Seems like a dangerous game to him.

Casa Zabala

Itzel wants to show Nico some of her new designs. She wonders if it would be cheesy to call her line “Itzel Paz” but Nico thinks that would be incredible. She’s made a suit for him and one for Santiago. She wants Neto to take a look at them too.

Nico says he’s in the rehearsal casita with Santi, hopefully resolving their differences. He knows they love each other.

Itzel gets a call and says she has to go. Nico goes back to playing his guitar.

Neto’s still bugging Santi for an answer. Megavisa’s waiting for him to call and confirm his concert.

Santi accepts. He’s dying to play with Neto and he knows he can’t expect him to change how he thinks overnight. He hugs Neto while Neto stands there looking awkward.

He hopes Santi respects their agreement, because he’s a man of “codigos” (codes, honor). Santi tells him to chill. He’s not going out with anybody right now, so there’s nothing to hide. If he does start going out with someone, then they’ll talk about it. Neto snaps that he hopes it will be with a girl.

As they start rehearsing, Neto says he wants Leti to sing at the concert too, as a reward for her loyalty.

Secret meeting

Leti’s not sure if Isaac is doing this to screw over Rafa or her, but she doesn’t care. She’d rather be left out of it. What she has with Neto is deep. It goes beyond business and she’s not going to–

Isaac cuts her off and asks who did it. Rafa or Amado?

She has no idea. Why does he think it was them?

Isaac says Mateo said something…but he doesn’t believe him. He always does one thing and says another. He went to see them and they were practically handing over the Virgen’s pearls. That means they’re hiding something.

Is he going to believe her or Rafa over his brother? Seriously? “When are you going to grow up?!” Like they say, for someone who understands you don’t need a lot of words. Think about it. And she’s going to take the money. She doesn’t want to have even a debt keeping them together.

She walks out, leaving Isaac contemplating…something.


Bianco remembers asking Manara if there was even a possibility that Mateo could be the baby’s father.

Cande brings a couple of guys over who won some reality show. Bianco’s just going to finish his lunch and then they’ll talk. Cande tells them to have a seat wherever.

She tells Bianco that Neto accepted Ezequiel’s proposal for the concert. Bianco wants her to stay with Manara while he goes to work out the contract with Neto.


Lila and Dylan finish up a take of Sin Ti Yo Estoy Mejor. She’s copying his accent, heh! Mateo declares it a good take…they’ll have it once Dylan has the lyrics. Haha.

It’s about time for Azul to come over, so they need to get set up. They all start talking at once while Lila comes over to ask Mateo if he liked it. Mateo says he loved it. And he wants to apologize–his life is full of problems right now and he’s not giving her the time she deserves.

Does this mean they’re not seeing each other today?

He doesn’t know. He loves her work and he wants her to be involved. She’s helped them out a lot and he promises to help with her career. He’ll make sure she’s heard everywhere and a duet with Dylan would make for a big debut.

Lila doesn’t doubt it. She’s grateful for the opportunity, but she thinks she understands what’s going on here. There’s just one thing she needs so they’re even. She kisses him.

At the office, Bárbara gives someone instructions to send the money to Argentina instead of Panama. She needs it in cash, in euros, in planes. They should arrange it with Mariscal.

Azul comes in complaining that Mateo wants to see her today. Is she asking him to rush her song? She’s just starting out! It takes time!

Bárbara doesn’t want her spending months in the studio. It’s not safe. Azul sure wouldn’t mind spending a year with Mateo. He’s the best producer. And sooooo cute! Bárbara teases that he’s too old for her. No worries–Azul likes him more as a dad than a boyfriend. She noticed Bárbara looks nervous when she’s around him–she never looks at anyone like that.

Bárbara calls Mariscal in and asks him to take Azul to the studio. She tells Azul to go work, record her album, get her head clear, and stop saying silly things. Azul wants her to hear it when it’s finished and asks Bárbara to pick her up, but Bárbara says she has lots of work to do.

Back at the studio, Lila finally breaks off the kiss. She gets it, there’s going to be nothing between them. She’s sorry she insisted, but she really likes him. Although, she likes him better as a friend. “You’re a dog. You know I’m right.” (*snort*)

He gets a call from Manara on his cell phone and ignores it.

Manara leaves him a message begging him to call her, saying they need to talk. Cande says the truck’s outside waiting and she heard the stadium’s packed. Bianco’s not coming.

Rancho Zabala

Neto and Santiago are planning their set list when Rafa shows up. Um…Santi thought he was staying at his “friend’s” apartment (meaning…Raquel?). Rafa gripes that it’s his house too and if Neto had died it would have been Itzel’s, but look, he’s alive.

And where are Itzel and Nico? Neto says they’re both out. He and Santi are working on his concert for Megavisa. It’s his big return to the stage.

Cue hissy fit from Rafa. They’re his enemies! Is Neto trying to humiliate him!

Hey, if Neto had known he would be here, they would have done it somewhere else. But since he’s here, he should probably go say hi to the person who came to close the contract. He’s really shaking things up. They left him in the rehearsal space.

Bianco’s playing Que Pase la Siguiente in the rehearsal space. Rafa comes in griping about what’s Bianco doing in HIS house.

Playing his favorite one of Neto’s songs. Or maybe this one. He starts playing Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar, throwing the words in Rafa’s face. “Today I’m going to honor my family name…I was born of brave blood…in my line there are no cowards.”

Didn’t Neto tell him? They’re closing a contract for his concert, so he’ll have the support of the label.

Rafa laughs, saying that’s not really why he’s here. He’d better tell him why he is or Rafa’s going to make him pay for every single thing he did to him.

He’s just here trying to get the biggest ranchera star to record a concert with them. As much as it hurts Rafa, Neto deserves to have someone like Bianco come all the way to his house to convince him to sign.

Rafa insists–what does he really want?

Well, ok, he had thought of dropping by Rafa’s label, but since he’s here he wants to ask him about Manara. Did he really rape her?

Casa Matamoros

Julia watches footage from Manara’s concert, which the reporter is calling “unforgettable.” She sings along to Una Y Otra Vez. When Agustina comes in, Julia shows her the screen.

Julia’s starting to wonder what’s wrong. Agustina has this look on her face…and when Lorenzo came to see her he had the same one. What is it? Agustina insists it’s nothing. Everybody’s just all shaken up after the accident. She hands Julia her pill.

Amado comes home and asks Petra if Selva’s with anyone. She says the doctor was here, but he left and Selva’s upstairs resting in her bedroom.

She’s actually working in bed again, allegedly on the fusion. Amado tries to casually mention that the guards said Lorenzo was there, but it still comes off creepy. Selva says he was there, but he left when the doctor arrived.

Amado asks when they’re signing the contract with the label, but Selva wants to see how they work together first. She wants to do something that will work for radio, magazine sales, and promoters. And since they have these big names to work with, she wants to take advantage of that and do an homage.

Amado guesses for Julio César, but she was thinking Rafa. He hasn’t been live in a long time. Or does Amado have a better idea?

Casa Lorenzo

Itzel comes over. She never thought she’d be in this apartment again. Did he regret his decision?

Lorenzo says their last conversation hurt them both and he can still remember her face as she cried. But he asked her to come here because he needs help with her ex. Itzel just shakes her head at him. (Me too.)

Casa Zabala

Rafa laughs at Bianco, asking who he thinks he is to accuse him in his own house. Bianco says there are no cameras here, he’s not recording this–it’s just between them. Rafa doesn’t think the machito role suits him.

Bianco gets to the point–he came to buy the video. He brought his personal checkbook and Rafa can write in any amount he wants. Rafa throws the checkbook on the floor and says he wants nothing from Bianco.

Bianco warns him to accept or he’ll turn him in. When Rafa raped her, she was just starting out and she was in his hands. With Megavisa, she’s flying high, and solo. Rafa has everything to lose. He’ll leave the checkbook here. Rafa can write in any amount he wants. And now he’s off to talk to Neto, since he also brought Megavisa’s checkbook with him.

Rafa picks up the checkbook and throws it again.

He heads for the safe in his closet and pulls out the phone. He remembers stopping to pull the phone out of his pocket and start recording.

Itzel walks in as he’s watching the video like the creep he is. Rafa claims he was looking for some papers. Itzel says it’s good to see him and they need to talk. Whether he buys the label or not, she’s quitting.

“Good, I accept. What else?”

Well, she’s heard about the fusion…Rafa thinks she’s looking for a percentage, but Itzel says what she wants is to do the wardrobe for the event they’re planning, for free. All he has to do is agree to publicize her line if he’s thinking of doing a concert or something like that. That’s all. She clears out and leaves Rafa thinking.


Azul sings Tequila Pa’La Razon with Dylan. He does a little rap at the end and tells her to try it, but the music has stopped.

Over at the board Mateo tells Bárbara that Azul is talented before asking the guys to prep to do background vocals on the chorus of Once Again again. He explains it’s to add some support and a second voice.

He thanks her for what she did for Gilda. Bárbara says she got an advantage out of it. The way Amado reacted, she can tell he’s scared and lost. He’s realizing he’s just a mayor. She’s going to leave him with nothing, she gives her word on that. Mateo’s not going to forget.

She asks if they have a lot more work to do, but he says that depends on her. Azul said she was coming, so they got the song ready for her, but they also have a surprise. He owes her a dinner…can she stay?

After dinner, Mateo apologizes for not planning well. They don’t tend to think about vegetarians. He had no idea she was one. Bárbara will forgive them this once.

Mateo asks her to go back to talking about Azul and music. Bárbara says she thought Azul would study business like she did, but music is the only thing she likes.

And does she know what Bárbara does?

She knows there are things she can’t talk about and that she has to have guards, but she grew up like this. It’s normal for her.

Mateo says he needs to go to LA. He needs to go to the label–Rafa wants him out and he can get him out.

Bárbara questions how he’d be able to look Rafa in the face without wanting to break it. Well, if Mateo has to hold back while they’re working out their truce, he will. But he has to go–it’s about music, business, family.

Bárbara tells him to be calm and not confront Rafa until she’s resolved this business with Amado and the contracts. She needs everyone to be at peace right now. And later they’ll finish off Rafa and Amado.

Mateo gives her his word. She reaches for his hand across the table (oh, please, can we not?) and says that’s the most important thing to her. Mateo says it is to him too. Can he count on her? She nods and he pours them more tequila.

Post-concert confrontation

Manara and Cande get back after the concert and find flowers on the coffee table from Ezequiel. In the note he says they’ve added three more dates at the end of the tour. They’re both excited about it.

And then Manara asks if Ezequiel knows. Oh, come on, she knows Cande knows.

When Cande insists she doesn’t, Manara asks if she also doesn’t know about the letter Mateo brought over. Where is it?

Cande admits Mateo came over and gave her a letter and she gave it to Bianco. Manara’s furious at them for thinking they can manipulate her life.

Cande tells her she’d better not dare think badly of Bianco–the only thing he’s done for her is open doors. Look at where she is! He’s risking his image for her. He’s risking everything. She needs to appreciate him.

“Do you think I don’t?!”

Cande doesn’t know. That’s on her. She’s going to go. She hopes fame doesn’t go to Manara’s head. The first sign is thinking she deserves everything.

In the morning, Manara talks to Julia. She says she saw the news about the tour and the videos are incredible. Manara agrees, it was incredible. And how are things there?

Not so good. Boring, actually. Amado and Selva haven’t been to see her. Manara promises she’ll visit when she can, but she wants Julia to stick to the phone and call if anything happens and she’ll come right away.

Cande comes in with the stuff Manara asked for–veggies, fruit, and folic acid. Manara tells her not to pretend she didn’t know Manara was pregnant. She’s sure everyone knew before she did. The truth is, she doesn’t blame them. She’s an asset for the company. Obviously this will change things a bit.

Cande snaps that it doesn’t “change” them, it complicates them. If she were Manara, she’d have an abortion. Lots of women do it and wait to become mothers after their careers take off and they’re famous.

Manara’s not doing that. Not for her career or a contract or because of what Cande thinks she would have done in her place.

Cande keeps pressuring her, talking about how if she has the baby they’ll have to cancel concert dates and restructure the press plan and she doesn’t think it’s possible.

Manara says they’re not even at that point yet. She can just wear looser clothes if she starts to show. And if they have to cancel, then fine, they’ll cancel, what’s the problem?

Cande shrieks at her about how much money they invested in her image.

“But not my life.”

Cande says she’s got lists of artists who tried to oppose what the company wanted and does Manara know where they are now? What happened to their careers? They don’t exist.

Casa Matamoros

Selva comes downstairs while Amado’s having breakfast. He complains that the doctor said she should be resting, but she’s going to the office. If she stays here, she’ll go crazy. She’s got a meeting with Gilda, but she’s sure she’ll be fine.

Lorenzo shows up, asking if she’s ready to go and promising to make sure Selva doesn’t wear herself out.

Amado’s still worrying about her and would rather she just use his home office, but Selva insists she needs to go to her office. She’s spent too much time alone here, thinking about “stupid” stuff after what happened. Lorenzo will take care of her.

Amado tells her not to wear herself out and Lorenzo says he’ll take care of her. Amado insists on sending his guards and Lorenzo tells him to make sure he sends the best ones. Amado bugs Selva to say goodbye and kisses her. (*barf*)

JC Records

Gilda, Celestina, and Isaac are in the board room. Celestina asks where Rafa’s at. Isaac thinks he’s in the studio recording something.

In that case, they have time before the meeting. Gilda says they all know what happened, the losses Mateo releasing that song caused. And Guzman and Rafa are going to vote to fire Mateo. She and Celestina are going to vote for him to stay.

Celestina asks Isaac to think about it–the future of his brother is in his hands. She wants to know before Rafa and Guzman arrive, who is he voting for?

Rafa called Bianco to the studio. He asks if it’s so Rafa can hand over the video. Or is it because he wants Bianco to rent the studio? It’s pretty.

Rafa snarks that he wants Bianco to see what he’ll never be able to build. He knows Bianco’s angry because Rafa got his independence. He brought back his check to tell him to say whatever he wants to. They’ll see who goes down.

Bianco starts cracking up laughing. Yes, he’s laughing at Rafa. He knows Rafa’s acting like this because he has nothing. Not even the video. He knew it!

Mateo walks in the front door and the receptionist manages to say it’s a surprise to see him there. He asks where everyone is and all she can manage is “Um….”

Bianco knew the video was just a lie to scare Manara. Rafa drugged her so he could feel like she was his for a few seconds, but he’s a coward. He’s got nothing. He rips up the check and throws the pieces at Rafa, saying he takes back his offer.

Rafa swears the video exists, and he’ll see it when it breaks in the media.

He shoves Bianco just as Mateo walks in. Hey, Mateo wasn’t expecting to find the two of them here. Are they doing a song together? Is that what’s going to break in the media? Rafa and Bianco both stand there looking guilty.

Mateo picks up the check pieces and asks if they’re doing a song together or is this about something else.

Bianco says it’s good to see Mateo. Especially in the studio. They’re all animals of this environment. He’s just here with Rafa talking about doing a song for Neto’s return to the stage. Rafa mumbles that he didn’t know Mateo was here.

No one did. He didn’t mean to interrupt them. Bianco says this is his house–he’s the one interrupting.

But Mateo doesn’t want him to go until he’s heard what they’re preparing. Julio used to say that studios store sound, like an extra instrument. Bianco wouldn’t leave his studio without giving some of his voice?

Bianco says they’ll record the song if Mateo produces it. Rafa asks what they’re talking about. Mateo’s all set to head for the booth, but Rafa gripes that he has an important meeting.

Oh, wow, that’s like the birds shooting off rifles, coming from him. He’d rather go to a meeting than record in a studio? He loves singing! Rafa looks uncomfortable.

Isaac says of course he’s voting to kick Mateo out. Celestina says Mateo’s his brother! Didn’t he say he wanted to change his life? They he needs to start to understand that they need to stick together once and for all.

Well, “sorry” but it’s time for him to return the favor. Remember when Mateo voted against him. Gilda says she did too, but Isaac thinks it’s only because Moisés told her to. Mateo should have taken a chance on him because they’re family and men and they have a code. (The hell?)

Gilda asks what kind of “code” he’s talking about when he’s with his brother’s woman.

Isaac says he’s marrying her. And Celestina knows perfectly well–Belinda already told her. But getting back to the topic, Isaac’s voting against Mateo.

Celestina gripes at him for always competing against Mateo. Isaac says it’s because he never respected that he’s the oldest. Gilda says maybe the reason all his younger siblings are “against” him is because he’s selfish. And now he wants to take control of their nephew by getting involved with Belinda?!

Isaac swears that’s not for ambition, it’s for love. Just like the label–he wants to manage it because it hurts him to see it like this when it’s his dad’s legacy.

So he’s going to defend it by RAFA’S side?! Isaac whines that he had to since the family was kicking him out.

Does that mean he’s using Rafa? Isaac says they’re using each other. What, do they think he’s stupid? He’s not even a little.

Gilda doesn’t know how he always manages to turn things around so he’s the victim. Isaac insists the label is the victim–it’s going to ruin.

Raquel arrives. (Does she have more than one shirt?) She says the label’s going crazy and Isaac tries to grab onto that as evidence of what he was saying. Celestina walks out to see what’s happening.

They can hear a bunch of noise coming from downstairs and Raquel says Rafa and Mateo are recording a song with Bianco.

“Mateo?” Celestina goes running downstairs with Gilda while Isaac pouts.

Mateo’s sure he threw together a backing track when they were doing the homage to Neto. And by the way Rafa and Manara still need to record a duet.

Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar? Was that the one? Bianco jumps on it, saying it was the track they were planning. Rafa says they should do it some other time, but Mateo just found the track. It’s mariachi with a beat. He says Valentín, Básico, Dylan, and Diego did that a year and a half ago. He thinks it works for the two of them because it’s more pop.

Bianco starts off, but Rafa doesn’t come in when it’s his turn. He starts pretending he needs to clear his throat.

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