Guerra de Ídolos Friday 8/18/17 #73

Episode 73: Amado a la caza de Mateo

In the board room, Isaac tells Celestina all he knows is Mateo left this letter with the receptionist. “Like it’s the ’80s.” Celestina mocks him for saying that as she opens the envelope.

Mateo took copies of the fusion contracts with him. If he’s expected to vote, he needs to read them so thanks in advance for delaying the vote. And if they don’t delay it, he votes no.

Isaac calls it irresponsible, but Gilda says the Treviños want to do things carefully too. She met with them yesterday and they want to do a concert to see how the companies work together. That sounds good to Celestina–doing things little by little is better, right? So they’ll delay the vote and see how the concert goes. Isaac looks suspicious.

Radio station

Selva tells Lorenzo and Alexis that Gilda also wants to do the concert before they close the contract. Alexis says they can count on him to emcee it, but he’s about to go on the air, so he’ll come back when he’s gone to his first break.

After he leaves, Selva tells Lorenzo she supposes Alexis betrayed their dad and handed him over to Amado, right? Lorenzo says it’s not worth thinking about that animal (Alexis? Amado?) but just stay calm, produce the concert, and he’ll get her out of the house.

She wants him to do one other thing–keep the company from getting into Rafa or Amado’s hands.


Manara says she met Lorenzo at this hotel a few weeks ago. Just so he knows, Lorenzo’s against Amado too.

Mateo says Lorenzo used him as bait to try to get Amado off his back. He doesn’t trust him.

Manara corrects him–he used everyone, to save his sister. But sooner or later he’s going to pay for that. Amado won’t be happy with Selva leaving him. It’s going to get ugly. She has to get Julia and Agustina out.

How does he get along with Nicolas? Mateo says he’s a good guy, but he’s still Rafa’s son. Manara thinks he can help them, but she doesn’t want to contact him directly.

Well, she just said things are going to get ugly, so he’s not sure involving someone so close to Rafa is a good idea. Anyway, he’ll take care of it. He takes her hand and pulls her closer.

Manara doesn’t know what he’s thinking, but she hopes he won’t say anything about her pregnancy. He doubts she can hide it for long. If Megavisa knows, they’re going to take advantage and tell the press.

Manara doesn’t want people knowing what Rafa did to her. She doesn’t want her child growing up thinking they’re a product of rape. They need to find someone with power to keep it from getting out. Bianco knows people. He even offered to be the father.

Mateo thinks it’s one thing for them to have a fake relationship so Bianco can hide that he’s “homosexual” but doesn’t she think saying they have a child together is taking it too far?

Manara doesn’t know how to make sure a scandal doesn’t harm her child. She wants them to know that Mateo’s the father, but doing a DNA test seems invasive. It would be horrible if it’s Rafa’s.

Mateo is sure Rafa won’t ask for a DNA test. It wouldn’t be in his best interest. Mateo could be the father. And they can just say so. No one would question it. Manara kisses him.

The truce

Bárbara’s remembering Mateo asking her to stay at the studio for dinner and smiling to herself. (Ugh, no.)

Mariscal comes in and says Amado sent the offer and they’ve got him on his knees.

She wants him to call and find out what happened with Mateo, but Mariscal doesn’t think that’s a good idea. They should give him time to offer more, like they always do.

She insists it’s an order. She’s doing this for her daughter. Mariscal doesn’t think she needs to worry about Azul. She should just be patient. She repeats that it’s an order–if Amado has Mateo they need time to keep him from doing anything to him. So make the call.

Rafa calls Amado to tell him Mateo’s not coming back. He’s gone into hiding. Isaac must have warned him. It was stupid to trust him!

Amado tried to tell him–once a traitor, always a traitor.

Rafa wants him to pay. If he did betray him, he should be punished. Amado offers to send some guys over to rough him up. Rafa’s good with whatever, as long as it hurts him. He’ll come over and see him as soon as he’s done at the label. Mateo’s plotting something and they need to get ahead of him.

Canseco comes over to tell Amado he has El Diplomático’s people on the phone. Mariscal asks if he got “the present.” Amado says he did, and the visits to his warehouses. They have a weird idea of what a truce is. But he’s glad they called quickly. He thought he’d have to wait.

Mariscal asks if they have Mateo. Amado admits he’s bothered by Mateo, so he bought an arrest warrant and the police are out looking for him. Can’t find him, though.

Mariscal mutes the phone and asks Bárbara if she’s sure she wants to include Mateo in their negotiations? This weakens them. She insists when Mateo shows up, they can set a meeting. “You’re making him too important!” She says those are her orders.

Mariscal tells Amado when Mateo Solar shows up alive they’ll call and schedule a meeting. He hangs up on him.

Amado finds it odd that El Diplomático won’t show his face, but he’ll put his hands in the fire for Mateo. Canseco supposes Mateo must be useful to him. Amado dismisses his “usefulness” as making cheap music and getting involved with the wrong women. He has to find out why Mateo’s so important to El Diplomático and he thinks he might know who can tell them, without it getting them into trouble.

Bárbara tells Mariscal to quit making faces at her and find Mateo. She’s not stupid, she knows what she’s doing. She’s not going to screw up her life. They’re all going to pay, so do as she says.

Mariscal gives her an “of course” and walks out.


Bianco asks Anahí to forget about Manara. If she makes what happened public, it’s going to hurt him–he already told the press they had a relationship. It would be like saying she cheated on him. (What?)

Anahí says Manara defied her, and hit her, and she doesn’t let anyone “beat” her (in the non-physical sense).

Did her dad approve this? Because Bianco will call him right now. Anahí says if Manara doesn’t show up and she has to cancel concerts, she has the authority.

And she’s already got interviews set up for Bianco. She agrees with Cande–the only way for him to get out of this is to destroy Manara. Or does he want her to do it to him?


Mateo holds Manara as she laments that they’re going to have to get back to reality at some point. She doesn’t know what’s happening with her, but she feels like she’s afraid to take a risk. Is he sure he wants to say he’s the father of her baby?

Of course he is. And they’ll find the moment to say it, but for now they have to play their cards right, put everyone in their places.

For starters, Megavisa can’t fire her just for being pregnant. They have to respect her as an artist and a woman. Plus it’s illegal. Manara doesn’t know how to get people to understand what happened and respect her. He thinks maybe they should talk to a lawyer.

He promises she won’t lose her career. Not because of her pregnancy or anything else. He promises he’ll put Rafa in jail.

And Amado?

El Diplomático will take care of him. That’s their deal. But first Mateo will take care of Rafa.

Mateo’s phone keeps buzzing. He complains that everyone’s looking for him. He has to go back. Manara asks him to stay longer, but he assures her it’s all going to be ok.

She knows she always seems strong with him, but the truth is she’s scared. He thinks that’s normal. And she should use the fear to help her defend her career. She can’t let them take what’s hers. If she trusts Bianco, then talk to him, but be honest. Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t sing or give concerts.

And if things go badly? If they do, then it’s bad for both of them. They’re in this together.

Even though El Diplomático forbids him to see her? Mateo sighs that it’s not like that. He’s not forbidden to see her, El Diplomático just thinks she’ll betray him. But he’ll take care of that.

Manara asks him, whatever he does, not to put her sister at risk.

Casa Matamoros

Julia’s listening to Sobrenatural on her headphones when, Surprise!, Nico walks in with a tray. Julia says she’s happy to see him (seems like an understatement). He says Agustina said to take her pills.

Julia asks if he’s going to forgive her for what she did to Sabrina.

Julia says she’s very sorry for what she did. Nico says if it all gets resolved he might be able to forgive her, but right now he doesn’t know.

Is he saying he doesn’t want to be with her?

Well, one reason or another they haven’t been able to be together. She can count on him as a friend, but he needed to tell her to her face. He’s sorry. This is his decision.

Julia doesn’t blame him for it, but she needs him to leave her alone now. She’s not feeling well.

Nico walks out and she cries.

He meets Selva in the foyer as he’s on the way out and says he’s sorry for what happened, but glad she’s doing better. Alexis pounces on him about the concert they’re putting together and says he wants him there.

His mom mentioned it. Alexis says she’s presenting her clothing line. If she’s confirmed, then Nico says they can count him in.

Mayor’s office

Amado gets off the phone with Alexis and tells Rafa that Selva wants to do an event with the label, for the fusion. Rafa knows, she wants to see how their teams work together before closing the contract. And they asked him to be the main event. He smiles his ego-riffic smile.

Amado says Mateo’s also participating. Rafa’s face falls. Rafa will have to share the stage with him. Uh, is he really going to show up after Amado threatened to put him in jail?

Amado’s lifting the charges. Isaac betrayed Rafa, so they’ll use Gilda to get him there. He wants Rafa to call her–Mateo has to show up one way or another. Believe it or not, El Diplomático demanded it as a condition of their deal. So Amado wants to get him there and they can see what he’s worth.

Rafa calls Gilda and hands Amado the phone.

When Amado ends his phone call with her, he calls her “beautiful” and tells Rafa he likes her. She’s beautiful, powerful, and fragile.

Rafa’s grossed out. She’s just another of those filthy…but getting back to the topic, did she tell him where Mateo is?

Nope, but he’s going to use her to make sure Mateo comes to the concert.

Is he planning to kidnap her?

Amado says he’s going to do something to calm things down so Mateo will think he’s not going to arrest him.

Rafa doesn’t like it. He knows Mateo’s planning something.

Yes, and they’ll respond. Amado scoffs at Rafa–what’s happening with him? First Manara got him and now he’s going to let himself be beaten again?

Casa Manara

Manara gets back home and Cande walks in right after her asking where she’s been. They’ve been looking for her everywhere!

Yeah, Manara knew someone would tell Cande as soon as she was back. Where’s Bianco?

At the restaurant, but she’s not sure Manara can get there in time to stop what Anahí set in motion against her. Manara’s out the door before she finishes, leaving Cande to stand there and make faces by herself.

News, news, and more news

Bárbara asks Mariscal if he’s had any news.

Mateo walks in with a couple of guards. “Ah, finally!” She asks the guards to leave them alone.

She thought he might have been killed. Mateo smarms that he knows how to take care of himself. Well, she’s glad. “Did you miss me?”

She wouldn’t go that far. She was worried, on behalf of Azul. Where was he?

Mateo says Amado set the cops on him and he had to take a different plane back. “Whose?” Uh, one that belongs to people who don’t ask questions and ask for discretion. How’d it go with Amado?

Good. He’s losing. Even the people he trusts don’t want to support him. How’d it go with Rafa? Did he keep his word?

Mateo serves them both tequilas and says it went well. He confronted him, but he didn’t touch a hair on his head, just like he promised. “I think I’m maturing.” (Smartass.) But he also thinks he’s tired of this. He wants to get Rafa. She wants to get Amado….

Bárbara agrees. Their time has come. And for that, she has something that’s going to help them. She makes a call and tells her guys to bring in what she asked for.

It’s a bunch of research on Amado, starting with the stuff Davis dug up. Mateo asks if this is all going to help send Amado to jail.

No, he misunderstands. The idea isn’t to send him to jail, it’s to manage him, little by little. They never stopped the investigation that Davis started. She’s had people looking for things to implicate Amado. And she found something that won’t just get him, but will put an end to Rafa too. Does he know Lucho Lacalle?

Mateo says he does.

Vidal’s in Lucho’s cleaned-out office. He calls to tell Alexis the guy didn’t even leave fingerprints. They found his assistant in Miami, but she’s apparently a señuelo (decoy). They’ve been pressuring her, but she doesn’t know anything. He’s disappeared.

From Amado’s home office, Alexis gripes at him that he TOLD him to be alert. Vidal snaps back that Alexis isn’t his boss. In that case, Alexis declares himself on his own.

He tells Lorenzo and Selva he’s just breaking in a new announcer. So, do they have a date for the concert? Selva hands over a folder.

Bárbara explains that she found out through intermediaries that Amado has his eye on this guy. So she offered him protection and money in exchange for a video.

According to him, he recorded conversations with the mayor’s press secretary. But she thinks he’ll like this one–he can use it to burn Rafa. It’s the video of Rafa and Leticia in Lucho’s office. Mateo laughs when Rafa starts snogging her on Lucho’s desk.

Bárbara says that’s Neto’s wife. And that was just the beginning–it gets “triple x” later. Mateo laughs again. He wants a copy, but she tells him to chill. They’ll make a deal for it later.

For right now, Azul doesn’t want to stop her training and Bárbara can’t say no to her, so she wants to move the equipment to her house and have Mateo work with her there. For security.

Mateo grins. To get his hands on a copy of that video, and because of his affection for Azul, he’ll work wherever Bárbara wants.

Should she tell her people tonight’s the last night at the studio, or does he need more time? Mateo says he’ll finish today.

He just keeps staring at her and maybe it’s that or maybe it’s all the standing too close, breathing in her personal space, etc., but Bárbara’s wondering what’s up with him. He seems a little…anxious?

Mateo says maybe it’s because he finally has a way to screw over the two people who messed up his life. Anyway, he’s off to see Azul. He leans over to kiss her on the cheek like that’s not where he’s really aiming for and bumps against her as he reaches for his sunglasses.

As he leaves, he thanks her for the tequila and says he’s liking her more every day. (I’d say he’s being way too obvious, but she doesn’t seem to mind.)

Casa Lorenzo

Itzel mentions Mateo was at the label today. Did Lorenzo get to talk to him?

Nope. He tried to reach him through Manara, but Mateo never called back.

Itzel asks if he was calling him to join forces.

Nope. He wants to hand him over to Amado.

Itzel laughs at that, saying he’ll do anything to gain Amado’s confidence.

Yep. He doesn’t care about Mateo and Amado doesn’t do halfsies.

Speaking of that, he wants to make up for lost time, but Itzel tells him to hold up. She doesn’t understand his plan. Nico saw him today and from what she understands the concert is confirmed. What else does he have planned to get his sister away from Amado?

Lorenzo says he’s going to take advantage of the event and when everyone’s distracted, he’ll get her out with no violence. Because that’s his thing.

That’s his thing, huh? Itzel asks why he’s so charming. They snog. I roll my eyes.


Manara shows up and Bianco asks her where the hell she’s been.

Manara doesn’t answer him. She says she heard Anahí’s going to publish the story about her. He needs to stop her.

“Give me one good reason.”

Because he loves her. And because she’s not going to let it happen. She doesn’t want her child growing up knowing what happened. She’s going to take care of her child, starting now. If Bianco helps her, then they can stick together. If not, then he’s against her.

Does he want to be her enemy?

Bianco looks confused for a while, then he laughs. He can’t believe she’s threatening him. They have a deal!

Yes, they do, and her child is more important. She’s not going ahead with this farce and having her child grow up with lies. She can’t mix the personal and professional anymore.

Bianco gripes at her that they have contracts. And she gave her word.

Again, she says her child is more important. If he wants to take away her contract he can. She would have loved to work with him, musically speaking.

He mocks her, saying if she still wants to, “musically speaking,” then she has to finish the tour. Ezequiel didn’t believe the baby was his anyway and he doesn’t want her to have it. If she doesn’t do what he wants, he’ll destroy her and Bianco’s not going down with her.

Manara doesn’t care what Ezequiel thinks. Bianco’s the only one who can help her against him and Anahí. “If you really love me, help me.”

Casa Matamoros

Selva takes some hairs off a hairbrush and stuffs them in a plastic bag just before Amado comes in. He whines about finally being home and the mayor’s office seeming like a labyrinth he can never get out of. (Oh, shut up. You wanted it.)

Selva suggests he have a bath and relax. She’s just getting ready for bed. Amado invites her to share his bath, but she says the doctor hasn’t cleared her yet and she’s not feeling up to it. Amado thinks it’s because she hasn’t been resting.

There’s a knock at the door and Petra announces that Gilda’s downstairs. Amado says he asked her to come to discuss the situation with her brother. Selva wants him at the concert, right? Selva says she does. She tries to simultaneously not let him kiss her and look like she enjoyed it at the same time.

Amado meets with Gilda, Selva, Rafa, and the DA in his office. In honor of his conversation with Gilda and at Selva’s request, he’s got a statement prepared by the DA. If Mateo and his friends sign it, they’ll have no more legal problems.

Gilda gets all emotional and thanks him while Selva tries to keep a bland expression on her face. Gilda says she’ll get it to Mateo and see what he says, but Rafa wants to call him right now. Gilda agrees…assuming he answers, because he’s been busy lately.

She catches him at the studio and despite Básico bugging him not to answer, he does.

She explains where she is and who she’s with. Mateo flips out. Didn’t she listen to him?!

Gilda puts on a fake smile and says she’ll put him on speaker, but Mateo tell her to leave. She doesn’t understand!

Gilda says Selva’s also here and they’ve “closed” the deal for the fusion. They’re doing something good for him, so talk to them. She’s putting him on speaker. “Don’t!” She does.

Amado thanks him for taking the call. He explains about the statement.

Selva says they’re doing a show and she wants him to participate. It’s a pilot event to see how their companies work together. What does he think?

Mateo says he has no idea what to say right now about the fusion or the concert.

Rafa greets his “buddy” and says he wants to use the show to release those songs they had their “differences” over, in their original versions. The bands can confront each other in person. And well, between them, he wants to see who sells more. He wants to kick his ass. Rafa gives a big fake laugh while Amado smirks at everyone else like “Yep, total loser.”

Mateo says he’ll have to read the proposal and get back to them. He thanks them for their time, hangs up, and calls his sister stubborn and stupid. (That’s what you get for not telling her.)


Bianco got Anahí to halt publication on the story, at least until the tour is over. Manara thanks him. He bitterly says he didn’t do it for her. He did it because the dates are already sold and it’s bad for the company’s image to cancel them. Ezequiel’s on his way over and he’s in a bad mood.

Manara’s phone buzzes and he gets up, giving her a disgusted look.

Manara’s glad Mateo called. She needed to talk to him. She asks how he is and says she’s fine.

Mateo says her brother just called him. He was with Gilda. “Again?!” Yep, Rafa and Selva and the DA were there. He needs her to make a call–he’s thought of a way to get her away from her label and get Julia and Agustina out of the house.

“Who do you want me to call?” She says she’s not sure if she can contact that person quickly, but if he gives her time, she’ll try.

Casa Matamoros

Julia’s watching her video for No Perdamos Tiempo. Agustina comes in and asks why she’s torturing herself.

Julia asks why she let Nicolas bring her pills. Agustina thought it would make her happy. What did he say?

Julia sobs that he doesn’t want to be with her. She should have died instead of Selva’s baby. Agustina begs her not to say that. She hugs her and says everything will be OK…everything will change.


Sabrina and Nico go back to her/his place. She can’t believe she’s out. And it’s all thanks to him.

Nico says there’s nothing to thank him for. He felt responsible for what happened and he’s glad it’s resolved. Now she’s got her whole future ahead of her to do whatever she wants.

Sabrina says she wants them to be together. And hey, they’re “legal” now.

Nico says they have to talk. He doesn’t want her in the band.

“Why are you doing this to me? Because of Julia?”

No, and he needs her to stop this stupid rivalry. Julia broke her leg and he thinks that’s enough punishment. She might not be able to dance again.

Sabrina says she “loves” him. Is he going to be with Julia out of pity?

Nico says he’s not going to be with anyone. He’s dedicating himself to his music and that’s it. He wishes her luck and walks out, leaving Sabrina with a look on her face that I don’t think bodes well.


Mateo listens to a Un Millón de Veces in the studio. He bugs Dylan about not using hand gestures if he sings it to Gilda. And he’s not getting involved anyway. Gilda’s weird.

“Weirder than Isaac?” Básico wonders. Yeah, he thinks she actually thinks she’s president. She’s being weird. (Mentally kicking him in the shin right now.)

Básico has this theory that Isaac’s the one who tipped off the cops.

Mateo has a flashback to his conversation with Isaac. He said he and Belinda were getting married and Mateo said he’d kill him first. Isaac can’t believe he’d kill him for doing things right.

Mateo insisted “right” wasn’t marrying his brother’s wife, but Isaac corrected him. She WAS his brother’s wife. Now she’s going to be his wife. Who better to care for their nephew? And also, Isaac thinks Mateo’s the best leader this label could have.

He suggested they collaborate and help each other, but Mateo said he Isaac wanted him out.

Isaac agrees he did, but that was because he was full of anger. Now he wants to change and do things right. Like, he wants to listen to Mateo. He wants them to talk and support each other. Mateo’s his little brother and he’s tired of this war. They’re family.

Mateo said he didn’t trust him. Isaac said he should. Because they’re sending the cops after him. Rafa told him. He’s planning it with the mayor. Isaac said he was there to help and begged Mateo to trust him.

Mateo snaps out of his memory and tells them that Isaac helped him get out in a friend’s plane. They all marvel at how things have changed.

Bárbara’s guards arrive, but with Bárbara, not Azul. She says Azul is on her way and she came early so she could talk to Mateo. The guys take it as their cue to clear out.

She brought him some healthy food, not that stuff he likes to eat. She dismisses her guards and Mateo tells them there’s a good taco place downstairs. And what’s wrong with his food? She doesn’t know how he thinks, eating like crap. “Who says I need to think?”

Well, she’s been thinking about their meeting today and she thinks there’s something they should talk about. She didn’t tell him that she sacrificed a lot of money because she thought they’d kill him. Mateo offers to pay her back, but she’s not asking for him to do that. She knows money’s the least of either of their concerns.

She’s more interested in loyalty and honesty. Mateo agrees with her.

Good, then they can talk without lies. Mateo agrees with that too.

He thinks if she’s feeling like he’s being weird it’s because Amado’s all over his family again. He was with Rafa and Gilda and not even to try to blackmail him, but to straighten out his legal issues and talk about this concert, which is really just a pretext for them to kick each other’s asses. He thinks it’s time they do something.

Bárbara agrees. If it sounds good to him, she can get Amado to Mexico to negotiate on the day of the concert. Rafa will be alone and Mateo can get to him himself. He’ll be weakened. She can do that and more.


Manara tells Ezequiel that when she came to him she agreed to conditions she won’t be able to fulfill. If he wants to see that as her owing him, he can.

Ezequiel says if she’s going to fulfill her obligation she knows what she has to do.

Manara refuses to have an abortion. Or to lie to people. She’s not continuing her relationship with Bianco. She needs people to value her for her talent. She knows they’re clear about what she’s worth. They’ve seen her ticket sales.

Ezequiel complains that a little fame has made her think she deserves things, but fame can end quickly. After the scheduled dates, he’s canceling her tour and telling the entire story they’ve kept covered up–about Rafa and the rape. After all, he has to get back what he’s lost.

Manara tells him to go ahead and punish her, but she needs to be released from her contract.

Oh hell no!

Mateo asks for a copy of the video and Bárbara agrees she can get him one and she’ll get Amado out of LA on that day.

Mateo thanks her. He doesn’t have any way to repay her.

Bárbara says he does, climbs into his lap, and snogs him. Mateo tells her to wait…and then it’s like Davis all over again.

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