Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 8/17/17 #72

Episode 72: Mateo arriesga el pellejo

Rafa finally starts singing. They manage some harmonies on the chorus, but Mateo cuts them off. Bianco asks if they’re out of tune. Oh, not Bianco…Rafa, a little.

Rafa is incensed that Mateo would say he’s out of tune. (Deal with it.) Mateo and Bianco hold back their laughter, Mateo more than Bianco, as Mateo says it’s more like he’s arañando (scraping) the notes.

Their voices are unarguably their brands, but they need some more chemistry. They need to look at each other, listen, enjoy it. Bianco grins as he tells Mateo to start it up again. Rafa stands there making hand gestures to Bianco to sing softer and makes faces and takes his headphones off.

Plans going forward

Mariscal stops by Bárbara’s office and asks why Azul’s not recording. She says Mateo had to go to the label, they’re trying to kick him out.

Isn’t that going to cause problems with Amado’s partner? Don’t they hate each other?

Rafa? Mateo promised he won’t say anything to him, he’s just there to deal with business stuff. He knows how things are so, yeah, she believes his word.

At least until he demonstrates otherwise.

Bárbara likes him. Maybe because he comes from a completely different world. But Mariscal can relax–she’s not distracted. He knows how she is. She only gives her trust once.

Does she think Amado might go after Mateo while he’s there? Ramón already told them everything and he has to send guys in to confirm what Ramón told them. Amado might take that as an attack.

Bárbara says they’re negotiating and if he does feel attacked and goes after Mateo, that’s not her problem. Mateo knew what he was risking and he wanted to do it. Mariscal needs to just do what he has to do and not think about it.

Mayor’s office

Amado asks what Canseco’s come up with to offer El Diplomático. He’s still working on it, but like Amado said, he’s thinking they should offer construction projects in the western zone and the area north of the border for contraband.

So much? Did Ramón tell them everything?!

Well, he knows where all the caches are, so their hands are tied.

Canseco gets a text from security saying Selva and Lorenzo went to the radio station. Amado wants more security put on them. Canseco complains that they already have two full trucks. Amado tells him to make it four. And tell Alexis he wants to see him now.

Canseco makes the call. And a face.

Radio station

Alexis greets Selva with a big fake smile. The receptionist says there are techs in her office doing a software installation.

Lorenzo asks if there’s anyone in the studio and Alexis says they’re transmitting from Chicago right now. In that case, they’ll work in there and Lorenzo can show her the new console they bought.

Alexis watches them walk off, looking suspicious.

In the studio, Lorenzo says there’s only one microphone in here and it’s off. But there are several in her office. That’s probably how Amado found out she was pregnant. The techs in her office right now were sent by Lorenzo to get rid of the microphones there.

Also, Alexis is one of Amado’s accomplices. He told her not to trust him.

Selva thinks this is crazy. Mics in her office? How is she supposed to look at Amado? She can’t go back to his house. She can’t look at him. She can’t be there another day. He has to get her out!

Lorenzo says he can’t do anything now. Amado is hurt and insecure and he’s dangerous. She has to hang in there so he doesn’t suspect anything and they’ll act when he least expects it.

JC Records

Mateo swigs from his flask as he does stuff behind the board. Celestina walks in and looks surprised when she sees Bianco and Rafa.

They finish the take with Rafa looking cranky and Mateo says they’ve got it. Gilda lets out a huge whoop and suggests they pop open some champagne in honor of Bianco. He turns her down, saying he’s got stuff to do.

Mateo pops out of the booth and says Bianco can’t leave before he meets his family. He introduces Gilda, his mom, Isaac, and since she’s there, Raquel. They’ve met. Anyway, he does have to go. Neto’s show is coming up soon. He’ll send a camera down to do a making of video and Mateo can send over the track when he’s mixed it.

Mateo says he’ll get to work on it as soon as he’s had some mezcal with the family.

Bianco thanks him and congratulates him on Manara’s songs. They’re fabulous. And he thinks they’re the foundation of her success.

Mateo says she owes it to all three of them. Rafa discovered her, Mateo helped her “a little”, and Bianco opened the doors of heaven. Bianco thanks him for that and tells Rafa it’s an honor to share the studio with him. His dad’s going to love the surprise. Celestina seems to just be noticing the weird mood as Raquel leaves with Bianco.

She goes over to squish Mateo some more, asking why he didn’t tell them he was coming. Rafa stands there and makes the most childish faces!

Mateo’s just there to make it clear they’re not kicking him out of his own label. He’d have to be dead. So, after they have this meeting and some mezcales.

He walks out with his arm around Gilda telling her she shouldn’t be looking at Bianco…no he’s not hot…she can’t be looking at him…Dylan’s his friend! And Gilda whines that she’s just looking.

Out in his car, Bianco calls Cande and says Neto agreed to the concerts and he doesn’t think Rafa has a video. She wonders if Rafa really did it. Bianco finds it hard to believe. He thinks Rafa actually loves Manara and he didn’t dare. This complicates things.

Cande says they need to pressure her, desmoralizar (demoralize) her. She offers to do it, but Bianco says he will. (Creeps.)

In the board room finally, Gilda says there here to meet about the song that was released on the internet. Rafa says it was done on purpose. One board op said he was in contact with Chalino. Does Mateo want to say anything before they start?

Mateo says he’s sorry he was away, but he kind of had to go on the run with his friends after people made all those unfair accusations about them. But justice will take care of that.

Rafa screeches at him, asking if he thinks an apology is enough.

Mateo actually has no reason to apologize for the song, because he didn’t do it on purpose. And if a board op says he had something to do with it, that’s probably because Rafa made him say that.

But anyway, he’s not here to fight. He hands over a check and tells Gilda to take the losses out of that.

Gilda’s gobsmacked at the check. It’s way more than what they lost.

Mateo says it’s more than what Rafa will ever sell, but that doesn’t matter. He’s also going to give all the rights for his next song to the label, as long as it gets released along with Rafa’s. He sets his phone down on the conference table and starts playing Dylan’s version, Sin Ti Yo Estoy Mejor. Rafa’s face is hilarious.

Casa Manara

Cande calls someone and says Manara’s at the house and they can come over. Bianco’s going to be late getting back. She agrees, Bianco doesn’t know how to put her in her place.

Manara rehearses Un Día Sin Reloj with the band…until her phone rings. She stops the rehearsal to talk to Agustina. Agustina’s terrified Amado’s going to come in at any moment and grab José.

Manara says he knows Selva would dump him if he did anything, so stay calm. The one they have to worry about is Julia. She has a plan to get her out of there, but she doesn’t know how to get someone into the house without anyone noticing.

Rancho Zabala

Nico and Itzel haul a bunch of clothes into her room as she complains that all the Matamoros’ are alike. Manara’s an interesada (a selfish person), Amado’s a criminal, and now this girl getting people deported.

Nico asks her not to talk like that. Julia’s sorry and she thinks she deserves her broken leg.

Itzel says it’s his business if he wants to forgive her, but she thinks what Julia did speaks to her character.

Nico says they might still be able to avoid Sabrina getting deported, since she entered the country legally. He promised his dad if he helped him he’d sign on for another album with JC Records. For whatever reason, Rafa’s being nice to him.

Itzel thinks he should suggest to Rafa that he do a concert, since they’re getting along so well. As competitive as he is with Neto….

Wait, is she asking him to support his dad against his grandpa? That’s weird coming from her. Is he missing something?

Itzel makes a face.

Radio station

In Selva’s office now, Lorenzo explains that Itzel’s helping him plan the concert. That should distract Amado, and they can attack him from various sides so he doesn’t suspect.

Uh, isn’t this where all the microphones were?

Lorenzo says his techs didn’t find anything. Alexis probably got rid of them when he was in here.

OK, so what do they do about the fusion? Are they supposed to hand over the company to Rafa and Amado?!

Lorenzo’s less worried about the company than her.

Selva wonders if the concert will really be enough of a distraction. He doesn’t know. But it’s quick and it’s what they have on hand.

Mayor’s office

Amado talks to Alexis about needing to get Selva’s trust back. Having Lorenzo around gives her stability.

Alexis says it’s going to be difficult without the baby. But what happened to the engagement? A good wedding could dazzle her.

Amado says that’s not going to do it. She saw him hit his sister and it reminded her of her dad, who treated her badly.

Canseco comes in and announces that El Diplomático’s people showed up at a bunch of their warehouses. Not to steal anything, just to make sure they had good intel. He knows it was El Diplomático’s people because Ramón was the only one who knew those locations. He must have opened his mouth. Their people were humiliated. They’re really screwed now.

Canseco says they can either defend themselves or allow it–which would Amado prefer?

El Diplomático’s lair

Mariscal says the intel was good. He shows Bárbara the location on the map where Amado has lots of warehouses. But they’re full of illegal merchandise. And they’re exposed. Since he controls the police, they just look the other way.

Bárbara wonders if Amado’s feeling threatened. Because Mateo’s out there.

In a reversal of their earlier conversation, Mariscal says he did it on his own. She agrees.

Mariscal says Ramón has told them everything he can. What does she want to do with him now?

Kill him and take a memento to the mayor and the police chief. Maybe it’ll get them to hurry up and make their offer and realize what they’re saving themselves from.

JC Records

Gilda finds Mateo’s proposal generous. She wants to take removing him from the board off the table. Rafa says they can do that for now, but he wants to hear what Mateo’s real intentions are.

Mateo pastes on an innocent face and says his only intention is not to get kicked out of his own company.

Rafa mocks him for trying to say that’s his real intention. He’s not going to be the one to tell everyone the truth. Doesn’t Mateo have the guts to do it himself? (Oh, Rafa…you now how you sound right now, right?) Mateo makes a confused face.

Mayor’s office

Amado tells Canseco to move their people and weapons, in case they do try to take them. He asks how many people they showed up with.

“Too many.” There’s no way to fight back without creating a scandal–news, dead bodies, the feds. That’s how they roll.

Alexis tells him to avoid the scandal and bet on his profile. He can look like the victim in front of the press right now by talking about the loss of the baby. He’d get votes and support. While Amado’s considering this, his phone buzzes.

Rafa texts Amado to tell him Mateo’s at the label. Canseco’s all set to kill him and send a message, but Amado doesn’t want to make any rushed decisions. He doesn’t know what Mateo’s doing there, but right now his relationship with Selva’s bad and Selva’s working with Mateo’s sister….

Canseco angrily says he can’t be so cautious. They killed Ramón! And besides, the truce is with El Diplomático, not Mateo. Amado screams right back that if Canseco yells at him again, he’ll put a bullet in his head.

Alexis says if he wants to screw Mateo over, he knows how to do it.

He asks them both to sit down and calm down. They’re negotiating with a mafioso who works from the shadows. They need to attack Mateo head on, using the law. Amado asks if he means putting him in jail.

Alexis says they need to trap him before he can talk to the press and have one of their “friends” get to him. Amado asks Canseco how long it will take to get a warrant.

Hours, but he could escape by then. Amado doesn’t care. He tells him to do it fast and keep an eye on him.

JC Records

Mateo keeps insisting his only “intention” is to fix the damage that, according to Rafa, he caused and to keep his position.

Rafa says that’s a lie. He produced that song to defy him!

No, he brought a song to compete with him, but also to compete with others. Look, if they have two horses in the same race, they have a greater chance of winning.

Rafa insists he spied on them. Or did he really just happen to make an urbana track like they were going to do?

Mateo says it’s exactly that, a coincidence. No one’s screwing with him. And forget the genre, both songs could be hits for the company. He needs to stop thinking about himself and start thinking about JC Records.

Rafa scoffs at him some more. He understands this business because he’s not just some two-bit charro.

Gilda cuts him off and says they need to talk about business. She thinks they can cancel the vote to kick Mateo out.

Rafa knows she wants to hear him say that they’re not going to have a vote, but he doesn’t want Mateo back in the presidency.

Gilda assures him they’re not talking about that. That’s something they’ll discuss later. She asks Isaac what he thinks as Rafa grins.

Isaac says it sounds good to him to go ahead with two songs to bring in more money. Thinking about the good of the company.

Fine, then Rafa’s gotta go. He tells Gilda to tell him later about the fusion thing. Mateo asks what he’s talking about. They’re about to make a fusion between JC and the Treviños’ company.

Mateo gets down to look at Gilda’s face. When did they vote to decide that? Raquel says it’s a huge deal, it could multiply the value of the company. Gilda tells him they haven’t voted. She still has to meet with Selva on the details and when they get them settled then she’s bringing it to a vote.

Rafa says he thinks that’s happening tomorrow. Anyway, he’s going back to the studio.

Isaac wanders out and Gilda tells Mateo not to leave–she and their mom want to talk to him. Mateo asks if she means now and then downs his drink.

Isaac goes after Rafa, who doesn’t believe that he didn’t know Mateo was coming. He complains that he put Isaac back in the company to give him information on his family, not to be up in Belinda’s skirts, and he can take him back out again.

Isaac says Rafa hasn’t done what he agreed to. Well, he promised him the label, but it’s not his fault Isaac’s family keeps screwing him over.

Rafa tells him to stay close to Mateo because he’s getting his revenge on him today.

Inside the board room, they ask Mateo how he could show up without telling them. Is he crazy? Celestina’s worried he’s going to get arrested the minute he steps outside.

Mateo tells them to calm down. He wasn’t going to let himself get fired from his own company. And they can’t put him in jail. At most, they could ask him to come in and give a statement. But it’s all worked out.

With whom? Because Gilda talked to the mayor the other day and there wasn’t any arrangement.

Mateo begs her not to talk to Amado again or see him again. He makes her promise and I’m not sure she really means it. She’s going to go see Selva about the fusion. She asks Mateo to trust her, but he’s barely listening as she walks out and he tells her to pay attention to him.

Casa Manara

Manara’s rehearsing Sobrenatural with her band when Anahí shows up. She asks Manara to come upstairs when she’s done.

Manara gets upstairs as Anahí is finishing up a phone call, telling someone it’s not a good time to make a decision, but she’ll let them know. They’ll talk later.

Manara apologizes for the delay in getting up there, but Anahí ignores her and asks if it’s his.


The child. Is it Bianco’s? If it is, then they support her. If not, they’re taking everything away.

If it’s not Bianco’s baby she’s not just hurting the most important artist in Anahí’s company, but also him, personally. It’s going to hurt him. He gave everything so Manara could get to this point.

Manara says she doesn’t have to tell Anahí anything.

Anahí fires back that she knows Rafa raped her. Is it his child?

Manara declares the conversation over.

Anahí laughs and says Manara doesn’t even know. What kind of zorra–?

Manara slaps her and says she’s leaving before she shows Anahí just what kind of a [bleeped] she is. Anahí calls after her that her career is over. She’s fired!

We need to talk

Mateo tells his mom he never hid anything. He suggests she go home and relax. He wants to come by and see the baby later. How is he?

Beautiful. Fat. He takes after Belinda’s mom. She’s immense, poor woman. (Not cool.)

Mateo’s phone starts ringing he says it’s one of his friends calling from Mexico. She hopes one day he tells her what’s going on so she doesn’t imagine things that are much worse. Mateo asks her if she’s taking her pills, ’cause she’s been drinking. As Celestina walks out she says he just wants to drug her so she doesn’t ask questions.

It’s Manara on the phone. She can’t believe she had to use an unfamiliar number to get him to answer when she TOLD him she was looking for him!

Mateo says he’s right here and she doesn’t have to yell at him.

Manara needs to tell him something, but first she wants to know what happened with El Diplomático.

Mateo says things have calmed down. El Diplomático’s working out a truce with her brother. Involving money, obviously. At least it gets the focus off Gilda and Julia. If that’s all, he’s got things to do.

Manara says she has to see him. Can he come over now?

Uh, that would be complicated because he’s in LA. He took advantage of the truce to settle some things at the label.

Manara freaks out. He can’t trust Amado. He has to get out of there now!

Mateo says he can take care of himself. Anything else?

She tells him not to hang up. She has to tell him something urgent…

But Mateo interrupts her. This truce they made also includes that the two of them can’t see each other. If they doesn’t want people to get hurt, they need to respect that.

Manara says they have to risk it this time. It’s important. (Just say it already!) Mateo asks what happened.

When he walks out of the board room Isaac’s waiting for him. He asks for five minutes to talk to him and says it’s important.

Radio station

Gilda apologizes for showing up late, but Mateo showed up at JC and that meeting went over.

Lorenzo tells her not to worry. He starts talking about their idea for a concert as a test before the fusion. He thinks it would be great to count on Mateo if he’s here.

Selva says before they get “married” she wants to see how their teams work together. Lorenzo says it would help promote both their brands and help them get information out to the press, if Gilda agrees.

Gilda likes the idea. And they have two singles to release. They could do it at the concert.

Lorenzo wonders if Rafa would like to head up the show. Gilda pulls no punches–they all know Rafa has an enormous ego. He’d love to.

Lorenzo steps outside to make a call and leaves them to negotiate.

Good thing he cleared out the microphones, because Gilda brought blood draw supplies. Selva’s game to do it right away.

Outside, Lorenzo’s calling Amado to tell him Mateo’s there. Amado dismisses the people who were in his office and asks how Selva is before Lorenzo goes on. (Don’t even be trying to convince me he cares. And even if he does, I don’t care that he cares.)

Lorenzo says she’s distracted with Gilda and he’s staying close to her. But anyway, if Mateo’s here it’s time to go after him.

Amado says he’s working on that and thanks Lorenzo for letting him know.

Mayor’s office

Gloria comes in with Rafa and reviews Amado’s schedule with him. He needs to approve the money transfer for the event with JC and the scholarships for the church. And he’s supposed to go to an inauguration of a baseball field with night lighting to combat criminality.

She leaves Rafa with Amado and Rafa gets right to talking about Mateo being in town. Rafa whines that Mateo keeps poking him. He’s convinced he’s going to do something, like turn them in.

Amado says he won’t be able to. He’s going to do something Rafa has always wanted and never asked him. Rafa’s had too hard a day for guessing games. Amado asks him to imagine Mateo getting arrested in front of his mom and the investors. He’s having a judge prepare the arrest warrant and they’ll kill him in jail. He tells Rafa to call Isaac and have him watch Mateo. They’re doing it tomorrow morning. He gives Rafa a vicious grin. Rafa looks scared.

When he calls, Isaac says he’s with Mateo. He’s mixing tracks, then they’re going to go eat with their mom. He says he’ll stay with him and keep them posted.


Bianco gets to Manara’s house, but she’s not there.

When Cande gets there, he complains that Manara’s not there and Anahí crossed a line this time. Couldn’t she stop her?

Cande feigns innocence and says she’s the owner’s daughter.

Well, if Manara’s not back soon they’ll have to start cancelling tour dates. It’ll be chaos for the business and for him–he’ll have to give explanations to the press.

Cande, with her innocent face says the only way he’s getting out of this clean is if he destroys Manara. (Damnit, I remember when I liked these people. And what is Cande’s damage? Does she have a thing for Bianco? Because it doesn’t seem like it, but then sometimes that seems like the only explanation.)

JC Records

Diego and Gisela are trying another version of Mejor sin Ti and Rafa does NOT approve. He says it’s ugly. And Dylan already did an urbana version because they’ve got a bunch of gossips around here.

Isaac comes in, alone, and Rafa freaks out. Where’s Mateo?!

Uh, he’s not here?

Rafa complains that Isaac said Mateo was coming with him.

What, does he think they sleep together? Isaac sleeps with his girlfriend, who’s on her way over, by the way.

Celestina and Gilda get out of the car out front and Celestina says she was hanging out until late with Mateo and the baby. Did he sleep at home? Gilda has no idea.

They both watch a patrol car driving by Celestina wonders if they’re keeping an eye on Mateo or what. Gilda volunteers to call him.

She gets through to Chalino at the studio and he hands the phone over to Dylan. Dylan’s all “Mi amor,” and “How are you,” and Gilda’s like “Can it, I’m not calling to talk to you. Where’s my brother?” Dylan just sighs.

Rafa goes after Isaac and accuses him of warning Mateo and betraying him again.

We have to stop meeting like this

Mateo and Manara meet at a hotel. She’s sure no one knows they’re here. And she knows it was a risk for them to see each other, but she can only talk to him about this.

There’s a long pause and out of nowhere Mateo says “What do you mean, you’re pregnant?” which is really confusing, because we never heard her say that to him, so was it just a skip? Did she tell him on the phone and that’s why he showed up? Who knows!

Manara says she just found out.

And is the label pressuring her? Threatening her?

A little, but that’s not what she’s worried about. She doesn’t know if the baby is his.

Mateo starts flipping out, saying he knew they’d turn her into one of them. He saw Bianco yesterday and he’s sure he was dying to tell him.

Manara says it’s not Bianco’s baby. She hasn’t been with him. It might be Rafa’s. He raped her.

She slowly tells him the story…he said he needed to talk to her and she drank some water and he threatened to show everyone the video after.

Is that why she didn’t accuse him?

Manara says she’d just had her launch. It would have caused a scandal and ruined her career.

“Are you listening to yourself?!” Rafa raped her and she’s thinking of her career? (Dude, quit yelling!)

And also thinking about THIS! He always reacts like this! She needed her strength to fight her brother. He helped Rafa.

So here they are, in a room, hiding out while her career is about to be ruined. “What do I do?”

El Diplomático’s lair

Mariscal reports to Bárbara. Their pilot called and he can’t find Mateo and doesn’t know where he is. They wonder if Amado got to him. Maybe even killed him?

But his people called and they have an offer ready. Is she sure she wants to meet with him personally?

Bárbara wants to put off the meeting and find out where Mateo is first.

Mariscal has no luck. She suspects Amado has something to do with this. Mariscal says he’ll send the message they’d already agreed on and see how Amado reacts.

Mayor’s office

Canseco brings in a package that just arrived from Ramón. Amado looks inside and makes a face. Is it Ramón’s head? Because the box looks about that size. And Amado’s saying Ramón must have told them everything. That’s why they’re asking for the offer.

Amado asks how they got Ramón so easily. Ever since he put Canseco in charge, they haven’t stopped getting the drop on him!

Canseco whines that he didn’t think Mateo had any support in Houston. What do they do now? Mateo disappeared.

Amado asks why Canseco’s so afraid of them? Is he so little or what? He’ll just wait for Rafa to call and tell him what happened with Mateo. And in the meantime, he wants security on Julia and Selva reinforced. And he can take this (the box) and go. He calls him useless and Canseco just glares at him. As he carries out the box. With Ramón’s head.

JC Records

Isaac insists he didn’t betray Rafa. He handed over Mateo once and he can do it again.

Celestina comes into the studio and asks Isaac if he’s seen Mateo. (Ha!)

Nope, he’s not here. They should go talk outside since there are so many ears in here. Gisela, Diego, and El Mayor all give him the stink eye. *snort*

Gilda explains to Dylan that there are patrols her and she doesn’t know what to do because Mateo’s not answering his phone. He tells her there’s no arrest warrant out for them, they’re just supposed to give statements and that’s not enough for them to pick him up. Chalino’s the only one with a warrant out.

Gilda says she talked to the mayor about it and Dylan jumps all over that. He doesn’t know what Amado said, but she can’t go see him again.

“Why does everybody keep saying bad things about him?!” Oh, that’s right, he can’t tell her. She forgot, Mateo’s his boss and he’ll get bad marks if he passes on information.

Dylan says Amado plays dirty. He’s already pulled crap on them. That’s all. That’s why they don’t know if it’s safe for them to come back and testify.

He calls her “mi amor” again and she snaps that she’s not his love, so he’d better not get confused. And he can tell Mateo to call her when he talks to him. She hangs up on him.


Bianco and Cande walk out of the elevator as Cande says Manara’s passport isn’t at the house and they’ll have to cancel some dates this week. He tells her to find out how much it’s going to cost first.

Anahí pops out from the lounge and says it’s a fortune, but she knows how to get it back. She’s going to publish the story…Manara Raped By Rafa. And that she doesn’t know whose kid it is, but Anahí’s investigating.

Bianco asks Cande to give them a sec.

Mayor’s office

Amado thinks he’s made a mistake. This desk ties him down. When he gets out it’s to go to stupid inaugurations that take up his time.

Canseco says it’s just a step. Next is the governorship.

Amado thinks it’ll be the same, only the stupid events will be bigger. He had more power in the shadows. He could defend himself. He could attack. He’s so exposed here that all he can do is cede things.

Canseco says that’s what he’s there for–to take the hits and respond.

Amado doesn’t think that’s true. Canseco hasn’t been up to it. Ever since he showed up, Amado only loses power.

Hey, Canseco knows he’s having a tough moment, but he deserves some respect!

If he wants Amado’s respect, he can get back what he lost with the police. But no, he doesn’t even know who’s paying off his people. He’d better call El Diplomático and tell him they have his offer before someone else shows up to take away more power. He tells Canseco to stop making a fool out of him and calls him worthless again.


Mateo and Manara are just chilling on the balcony. He says he saw Rafa yesterday with Bianco. If he’d know, he would have killed them. What does her label have to say? Did she talk to them?

Manara says she fought with the daughter of the owner and got fired. She has no way to protect herself anymore. The only thing she knows for sure is that she trusts him.

They hug.

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