Guerra de Ídolos Monday 8/21/17 #74

Episode 74: Rafa en serios problemas

Azul interrupts Mateo and Bárbara before things can progress past snogging. (Thanks, kid!) She asks if they waited for her to eat dinner, but Mateo says she took to long. They’re going to have to start now and she can eat later.

He starts babbling to the guards about there being cold water…not because they need it, just because it’s hot…although he could use some cold water. Meanwhile Bárbara looks like she’s trying not to laugh.


Ezequiel isn’t going to make a decision now about Manara’s contract or her career, but he insists she’s what she is because of him. He asks Bianco to come with him–they have other things to discuss.

Bianco tells Manara she can stay at the house until the end of the month. He tried, but he can’t do any more for her.

Concert prep

We get a brief shot of Lorenzo sneaking out of bed while Yo Solo Quiero Cantar plays over it. The scene switches to Rafa in the studio with El Mayor and Diego backing him up on guitar. He crabbily cuts off the take after Isaac walks in.

Diego thought he sounded great. They’ll put together the backing track and then he wants to work on his song. Rafa brags that he told him he’d find the perfect moment to debut it and doing it live is best. He hopes those creeps dare show up to hear him.

El Mayor asks when it’s his turn? He reminds Rafa that Gisela’s about to quit. Rafa swears he’s got something prepared and calls for a break.

Isaac come over with his guitar saying he’s doing a song too, but hey, he’s not going to outshine Rafa. Mateo might, though. If he shows up he’s going to be bringing a war both on and off the stage.

Rafa complains that at least he knows what side Isaac will be on. “The side that’s best for me,” Isaac tosses off (yeah, he’s gone back and forth so many times, I don’t even know when to believe him). When Rafa was sending the cops after Mateo, he needed to be on Mateo’s side, to gain his confidence. He can be on Rafa’s now, depending on what Rafa’s offering. Anyway, he’ll let him work. He walks out with his guitar.

From a hotel lobby, Mariscal calls Bárbara to tell her Mateo just got there and Manara’s been in the hotel for half an hour. He’s sure it’s her. What does she want him to do?

Bárbara remembers telling Mateo not to see Manara again. She tells Mariscal she’s going going to get rid of her, but now she has another plan. It’s going to be when and where she says.

Mateo gets to the room, apologizing for being late, but he was working all night. Manara brought Lorenzo. He’s quick to point out that he’s only there because of Manara. Mateo says that makes two of them.

Manara wants him to tell Lorenzo his idea for how to keep Manara from getting fired. He will, but he also needs Lorenzo’s help as a lawyer. He hands over the paperwork from Amado and asks if this means he can go to LA without getting arrested. Lorenzo says he’ll help, as long as Mateo does what he asks him to at the concert. Sounds fair to Mateo.

They’ve all got the same objective, right? To get them both? Manara and Lorenzo nod.

Mariscal calls Bárbara again. They’re still at the hotel. If she gives the order, he’ll act. Bárbara already told him she has a plan that’s more contundente (decisive). She tells Mariscal to do what she says and contact “that person.”

Lorenzo says the paperwork looks good. Mateo and his friends just need to include written statements and they’re fine, at least until a judge reviews it. Mateo knows it’s a cover. They want him to go to LA and get his ass kicked, but he’s going to get Rafa first.

Lorenzo is more concerned with Amado. He’s only here to help Selva. Manara asks if she knows what Amado did to their dad and Lorenzo says she knows everything. It’s going to be difficult for Amado to let her leave, so he came up with the concert idea to distract the guards and change her routine.

Mateo says he can help. He can get Amado out of LA for the concert. Never mind how. But if he does this, he wants Lorenzo to do something for Manara.

At JC, Raquel (there’s that shirt again) shows Rafa the stage setup and he complains. The last time there was already a huge picture of JC behind him. This time HE’s the one who’s important.

Raquel complains they’re supposed to be having a meeting with his ex about wardrobe, but she’s not there. She’d rather he call her since she can’t stand Itzel.

When Rafa calls, Itzel’s still in bed. She apologizes, but she got to bed late. He tells her to hurry up and get there. They negotiated this project so she could quit after. She’s still quitting, right?

Itzel says she is and gloats about how she’s already looking at an apartment she’d love to move into. She’s on her way.

She calls out for Lorenzo before seeing the note he left. He had to go out, but he left her a set of keys.

When she calls, Lorenzo says he didn’t want to wake her. He’s just reviewing contracts for the fusion. She says the concert is a done deal. Rafa’s rehearsing and he wants to see his wardrobe. Lorenzo asks her to keep him distracted and motivated. He’ll call when he’s done. He sends her a kiss.

Mateo asks if he’s still with Itzel. Lorenzo says she’s helping with the concert and they’re close. He knows they had a thing.

Mateo denies it–they’re two friends who supported each other. She’s a great woman.

Manara comes in and says she found out where someone will be, but if they want to catch him they have to go now. She kisses Mateo goodbye and leaves with Lorenzo.

Casa Matamoros

Selva’s working on the balcony when Amado comes in with a gift bag and a jewelry box. He tells Selva he knows he’s been ignoring her lately, but he’s going to stop and dedicate all his time to her. (Oh. Great.)

He has a surprise for her–he’s got a charity dinner to go to and he wants her to come with him. He brought her a red dress I don’t find particularly exciting and a flashy necklace. (I wonder if she’s thinking of her dad’s “Sorry I slapped you” necklace.)

Selva says it’s very pretty, but she’s not sure she wants to be around people.

In that case, Amado suggests they go to dinner alone. He’ll cancel the charity thing and even if they get angry, he doesn’t care. He kisses her.

Selva says today’s not a good day. She doesn’t feel well. She needs more time. Amado promises all the time she wants and says he loves her. He gives her an awkward hug.

Mayor’s office

Vidal reports to Canseco. He tells him Lucho got away and he knows a lot. There were camera and microphone connections in the office (seriously, show, after all the times I complained about him using a camcorder, don’t even think you can get away with that) and Vidal thinks he recorded conversations and phone calls. He points out that he’s telling Canseco first instead of the mayor.

Canseco says it’s good he did. The mayor’s busy trying to get into his wife’s skirts. He’s let being mayor go to his head. He doesn’t respect anyone. He won’t listen to Canseco and treats him like a servant. He lets his brother-in-law manipulate him.

Vidal says his colleagues think Amado risks them too much. They keep reminding him that before Amado got this job, he killed all his people. Canseco says he can tell the guys no one’s going to risk them. Trust him. He makes a phone call.

El Diplomático’s lair

Mariscal has brought the cash Bárbara wanted deposited in their banks in the cono sur. In euros, like she requested. Bárbara says they’ll have to keep it that way until they can get some $500 bills.

He says the “other” is outside. Should he send him in? Bárbara nods. The guys with Mariscal take the briefcases and leave.

Mateo comes in and says everything’s ready for the concert. He asks if she’s seeing Amado that day.

Yes, she gave her word. He completely misses the subtext.

He thanks her, saying he just wanted to confirm it in person, and starts walking out. Bárbara asks him to wait–she calls Mariscal in so they can call Amado now and plan this together. She stares at Mateo while they wait and he sits there on her desk trying to look innocent and failing.

After Mariscal arrives, they get Amado on the phone and tell him the meeting is in 7 days. Amado mutes his end and says that’s the same day as the concert. Canseco asks if he’s seriously going to reject the meeting for that. Amado gives a grumpy sigh.

They wrap up the call, Mariscal telling Amado that the security arrangements are non-negotiable and he’ll send the location in the DF so Amado can make travel plans. And he wants the offer contracts already signed from Amado’s end so the lawyers can review them and execute them right away. Either they’re going to leave this meeting friends, or fighting.

Mateo sits there on the desk making eyes at Bárbara.

After they hang up, Amado muses to Canseco that it’s the same day as the concert and Mateo’s been around. Does he think Mateo has something to do with this? Canseco scoffs at him to quit thinking Mateo’s so important. They need to focus on negotiating with these people.

Amado says he’ll take Canseco’s best men to the meeting, but he’d better stay and take care of Selva. He warns him not to let her out of his sight.

Change of plans

Manara gets to Bianco’s restaurant Bianco isn’t pleased to see her there. She knows Ezequiel has a meeting today with the senior staff at the label and she insists on talking to him. Bianco says he talked to her already.

Ezequiel comes down the stairs with some other guys in suits and asks what’s going on. Manara says she’s here to offer him a deal. Lorenzo adds that it won’t take long. He introduces himself and says he has a proposal Ezequiel can’t refuse.

Ezequiel sits down with Manara, Lorenzo, and Bianco and Lorenzo hands over some paperwork. He’s proposing that Treviño fuses with Megavisa and not JC Records. Ez calls him a n00b in this business–he never fuses, he buys.

“Even at a good price?”

Ezequiel asks what’s included.

A 49% share of their radio stations, plus their publishing house. Bianco manages to look both intrigued and worried.

Ezequiel reviews the paperwork and agrees it’s a good price. So what’s the catch?

Lorenzo says they have two requests. Manara wants to continue her concerts and she wants no mention of her pregnancy. Once the baby is born, she’ll give exclusives to Ezequiel’s people. Lorenzo’s condition is that his sister remains the head of the stations they’re bringing in. That way she won’t be taking his advertisers and they’ll be partners instead of competition.

Bianco starts laughing. Is this a media alliance or a press deal with a singer? He advises Ezequiel not to mix the two. Lorenzo says Manara’s the one who brought this proposal to him and put him in contact with them, so the least he can do is help her care for her child.

Ezequiel says he’ll think about it and get back to him. Bianco’s face: “WTF?!” Lorenzo asks him to do that before the concert with JC or they’ll sign with them instead. He shakes both their hands before walking out with Manara.

Life choices

At the radio station, Selva looks at the necklace again and remembers Lorenzo telling her that Amado had killed their dad and Julio César and if the guards heard them, he’d kill them too.

Gilda calls. They’ve set a date for the show, but she’s also calling to tell her that she has the test results back, and they still need a sonogram, but from what she can see Selva’s hormones look good. She and Amado can try again. Selva thanks her. Gilda’s sure she’ll be pregnant again before she knows it. She’ll call later with more details about the concert.

Selva thanks her, but she gets off the phone looking upset.

Gilda explains to Celestina that Selva had consulted her about the loss of her pregnancy, but all her tests looked good.

Celestina wonders if Gilda doesn’t want to go back to work. She was studying for so many years.

Gilda says being an obstetrician and being infertile isn’t so easy. She’s good here. She feels comfortable. And she’s got so much work to do it leaves no time to think.

Does she really think she can cover things up that way? She needs to think about herself. Does she want to be alone always? Celestina takes her hand as Un Millón de Veces starts to play over the scene.

At the studio, Dylan’s playing by himself. Valentín and Básico come in and say Lila’s in for the concert and Mateo accepted the competition, so they’re going to go kick Team Rafa’s asses. Dylan gives Básico the chord progression so they can play the song together.

More concert plans

In the studio, Alexis is talking about the concert while Selva watches. He promises a rain of stars, including Nicolas Zabala, Isaac Solar, and the “#1,” Rafa Zabala.

In the lounge at JC, Gilda tells Rafa, Itzel, Isaac, and Belinda the concert will be broadcast live on the radio, internet, and they’ll sell tickets so they’re doing it in front of a live audience. Itzel shows off the suits she has for Rafa’s group and for Nico. Isaac will be doing his own, with Belinda’s help.

Gilda asks Rafa to check the song order on her tablet. He confirms that it’s going to be his group, then Mateo’s, Nico and Isaac, and then Rafa will sing all his hits. Isaac jokes that it’s like Rafa’s homage. Rafa tells Gilda to tell Mateo to have his artists learn Rafa’s songs. Everyone else makes faces behind his back.

El Diplomático’s lair

Bárbara tells Mateo she’s going away for a few days. As promised, she’s got a copy for him of the video of Rafa with his dad’s partner…and like she said, it’s “triple x.” Mateo thanks her for keeping her word.

He asks if he’s going to the house today to work with Azul, but she says they’ll do that after she resolves things with Amado…and the things she and Mateo have pending. Mateo agrees, but he’s starting to seem suspicious.

Bárbara says she knows how she’s going to make Amado pay and she thinks it’s going to hurt. Mateo agrees it’s about time justice was done. Bárbara remembers telling Mariscal she’s going to get rid of Manara, but not until she says. She agrees, everyone will get justice. She kisses him and wishes him luck in LA before watching him walk out.

Days later

Diego, Lila, and El Mayor are rehearsing Mejor sin Ti in the JC Records lounge while Rafa and Isaac listen. Isaac asks why Rafa’s so quiet. The concert’s tomorrow. He’d be happy to listen to any proposals Rafa might have.

Rafa says the reason the two of them were such bad partners is they were both out for their own interests. Isaac wanted to get back into the label and Rafa never wanted him there. So if anything happens tomorrow, he’s taking it out on Isaac. Amado’s his friend and he’s got all sorts of cops and killers working for him, so…if Mateo tries anything, they’ll find Isaac and kick his ass.

He walks out of the lounge and Isaac wanders over to tell Diego, Lila, and El Mayor to stop. It’s his turn now. But they were good. Her especially. They all glare at him.

Down in that memorabilia room/office, Alexis is complaining that he doesn’t like the script Raquel wrote up and he’s going to say whatever he wants. Rafa smirks at him. He’s betting Alexis thought he would be in charge of the radio station after Selva’s accident. Well, he’s wrong–Rafa’s going to be his boss, so he’d better learn that script.

Alexis warns him to be careful with his tone. There are things he’s hushed up, like that congal visit. He has pictures of Rafa that are humiliating. Ones he hasn’t shown him yet.

Really? Rafa pulls out a tablet with a picture of…something…that makes Alexis look nervous.

Isaac’s alone in the lounge, singing No Sirve de Nada. Belinda walks in and starts remembering Julio César and the day he and Isaac were working on this song.

Isaac stops and asks if he’s doing it that badly–she looks sad. Belinda says it reminds her of JC, that’s all. But he does it well. She brought a jacket for him to try for the concert.

Isaac says tomorrow after the show, they should go to Las Vegas. He’ll finish his reality show and while they’re there, they could get married. “At a casino, or what?” He says he’d marry her anywhere. Belinda kisses him. (Nope. I just…still don’t like this relationship one bit.)

Rafa mocks Alexis. He’s always so talkative–why is he quiet now? Alexis knows Lucho gave him these pictures. Where is he?

Rafa says he’s on a trip. After that “band war” story went wrong and he made the enemy famous and Alexis put all the blame on Lucho, he’s protecting himself. And probably looking for payback.

Alexis says Lucho’s a mercenary. He knows things about them and Amado. For money, he’d sell them all out.

Casa Matamoros

Selva’s getting ready for her dinner with Amado. Lorenzo says Ezequiel accepted their offer. They’re going to be doing the fusion with them and not JC.

Selva grumbles that of course he would accept–they’re practically giving away their most popular west coast stations. Lorenzo points out she’ll still be in charge. And would she rather Amado get the company?

No. Of course not. How exactly is he planning for them to escape without getting killed? Lorenzo says tomorrow Amado will be gone.

She reminds him Canseco will still be there. She couldn’t come up with any more excuses to avoid this dinner. Lorenzo tells her to keep using the accident as an excuse. Manage him. She’s got him in the palm of her hand. He promises this is her last night in this house.

Downstairs, Amado says he had to move up the reservation. He’s leaving tonight. Canseco will be around if they need anything. Lorenzo walks them out.


Manara finds Mateo waiting for her. She tells him Ezequiel and Lorenzo have finally made a deal. And they’re not going to publish anything. “You saved me…us.”

Mateo says tomorrow they’re resolve even more things, but he wants her to be celebrating, not worrying. Any other day he would have brought nine bottles of wine, but things change….

There’s a bunch of baby stuff on the table behind him. He says he just went in for a hat…and then he thought that he didn’t know if they were having a boy or a girl. Manara doesn’t know either, but she’s happy she’s having it with him. They kiss.

He says they’re slowly getting out of all their problems. But he’s worried Amado will be in Mexico tomorrow with her and he won’t be. She says she’s got a press conference during the day and the concert in Tijuana at night. And Megavisa will provide security.

She’s more worried that he’ll get into trouble in LA. Mateo says he won’t and picks up a stuffed animal, saying he has lots of reasons to stay out of trouble.

She asks if he’s going to tell Rafa she’s pregnant. No, but he does want to try to get the video Rafa says he has. And he’s going to burn him with the press and his family. He’s going to ruin his life. Manara nods.

They kiss and he starts asking just how tired she is. Is she up to wear herself out. Manara thinks she can handle it. He picks up the stuffed animal again and says they’ll bring this with them. (*snort*)

El Diplomático’s lair

Mariscal and some guy in a suit walk in and find Bárbara already there and drinking tequila. Or as she puts it “Starting the day right.” Mariscal introduces the suit as Rubiales, the lawyer who’s been working on their evidence against Amado. She asks what conclusions he’s come to.

Mariscal says according to the recordings, Isaac’s the one who handed over Julio César. He explains that Isaac gave the address where he’d be, because he’d been fooled. The killer was a relative of Neto’s girlfriend. That guy worked for Amado, so that’s the connection. The also have a video video with the two reporters implicating Amado and Rafa. Rubiales says they’ve edited a video that’s ready for the news or the internet. It’s a bombshell!

Bárbara’s not interested in that right now. They’ll deal with it later.

Uh, but the meeting is today.

Yep, and what Bárbara wants from Amado, she’s going to ask him in person. She wants to take the measure of him.

Mariscal thinks she’s risking too much.

Bárbara says the vacation helped her disconnect and think. She thinks the death of her sister affected her more than she realized. It’s time for a change. She’s going to step out into the light.

Casa Manara

Manara’s getting hair and makeup done when Bianco comes in with a couple of guys and starts telling them to move stuff around. He apologizes for the invasion, but he needs to get things ready for his rehearsal with Neto. He’s singing a song with him tomorrow.

Manara tells him not to worry about it. She’ll be at the hotel all day for the press conference.

Bianco says he’s cooled off now and he congratulates her. She made a good move. It was a good business deal and she got an advantage out of it.

She thought he’d never forgive her.

He felt used. She got her contract and she got famous and he got nothing out of it. But she showed some cunning and he had to use that too when he was starting out. That’s the game.

Manara says she’ll always be grateful to him. And since he’s here, she’ll go ahead and tell him she’s moving out. She needs another place that suits her new needs. He supposes she means a place she can share with Mateo.

Did he go to the JC Records concert? Manara says he did. It was too late to cancel.

Well, if she told him about Rafa, Bianco hopes he’s smart enough not to try to get revenge, but seeing as how they hate each other it’s probably going to get ugly offstage. He goes back to setting up.

Los Zabala

Nico’s rehearsing Tantos Milagros in the lounge. Isaac makes a phone call about someone not being there yet and Nico saying his grandpa and brother are on a trip. So what is the person on the other end doing? Because it’s now or never.

The other Zabalas are all packed for a trip, but Neto’s surprised that Leti’s just got one bag. She says she’s not going with them. She’s going to the beach apartment for a few days. Neto thinks she’s pouty about her album and says he’s going to talk to Megavisa. Leti thinks it’s about time he launched her as a soloist.

Paulino starts telling them to get a move on before they’re late. Rafa comes in, complaining that they’re all leaving and not even going to stay and sing the last song at his homage. Neto says they have to go rehearse with his friend, Bianco, so…cada chango a su mecate (each monkey to his vine; everyone to your places).

Mateo bursts in, over Paulino’s objections that he needs to be announced. He greets Neto, Leti, and Santi and shakes hands with Neto. He wants to talk to Rafa before the concert. Well, Neto says they’re all leaving so, everyone says their goodbyes.

Rafa demands to know how Mateo got in there without any warning. Pfft…Mateo doesn’t care if he had warning or not. He’s here to have a serious talk with Rafa.

He always knew Rafa was a parasite, but he didn’t know he was a killer too. He knows he ordered Julio’s death, but the justice system will take care of that. He’s here to talk about Manara. Rafa visibly gulps.

He claims he had nothing to do with Julio César’s death and Mateo’s family is like his own, but Mateo cuts him off. Amado told Manara. He killed Julio so he could get Selva and get him out of Rafa’s way.

Rafa tells him to go talk to Amado about it, then.

Mateo asks if he knew the entire time–while they were watching him dying and crying over him? When they had meetings? When he came over to the house?

Rafa accuses him of making things up to discredit him, but how’s he going to keep up so many lies?

Mateo says the justice system’s going to take care of it, and it’s going to go badly for him. But what he came here for was to talk about Rafa raping Manara.

Rafa insists that’s always been the problem between them–Manara makes things up. He swears on his kids he had nothing to do with it. Then he says he doesn’t have to swear anything anyway, he’s got things to do.

Mateo says Rafa’s not leaving.

Rafa tells Mateo he knows the way out and reminds him this is private property.

Rafa heads to the rehearsal casita with Mateo following him. He asks if Rafa’s looking for a gun to shoot him with. Rafa scoffs that he doesn’t solve his problems with shooting, like Mateo does.

Mateo’s not letting him leave. Maybe Rafa won’t accept what he did to Julio out of jealousy, but he’s going to admit what he did to Manara out of cowardice. He shows him the video of Rafa and Leti on his phone.

Rafa gulps again. Mateo says the ending is even worse. So Rafa had better listen up before Mateo shows that to his family. If this gets out it would destroy them. His dad would probably die. His kids will never work again. (OK, that seems like an exaggeration, but Rafa’s enough of a coward to buy it. Plus he doesn’t know Neto already knows. Not that he’d appreciate seeing it on video.)

Los Matamoros

Manara walks out onto the roof where the press conference is taking place. A couple of guys in the crowd don’t quite look right for the part. Plus they’re giving each other significant glances.

Amado gets to the loft, still set up as a studio. Mariscal welcomes him and guides him back to the dining area, explaining that the other guy is their lawyer. The boss might not be there right away, but he’s interested in the proposal, so Mariscal needs to see the contracts.

Vidal slaps a briefcase down on the table.

Manara talks about how taking some days to rest are going to give her extra strength for the beginning of the tour. The interviewer lists off the cities she’s visiting, starting in Tijuana, and then she has three different arenas in Mexico. What more does she have coming up?

Manara thinks the next step for her is the US, but she wants to talk about that later. Right now she wants to sing a special version of one of her songs that she’s prepared for them.

The suspicious-looking guys snap pictures while she gets up and does a stripped-down version of Una Y Otra Vez with just keyboard accompaniment. One of the suspicious guys nods to the other.

Mariscal’s watching the video on his phone while Amado goes over the contracts with the lawyer. It catches Amado’s attention and he goes over to ask what Mariscal’s watching.

He says it’s Manara’s press conference, being recorded by one of his men. “Are you threatening me or what?”

Bárbara swans in, saying she gave her word her people wouldn’t touch his sister. She pours them tequilas as she says she keeps her word. She hands him one and says if he wants them to be even so they can do business–she clinks glasses with him–HE’s the one who’s going to have to kill his sister.

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