El Gran Final de Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 8/23/17 #76

Episode 76: Manara, entre la vida y la muerte

Julia reminds Amado that Agustina’s not there. She’s alone. Is he going to take care of her? With the little time he has? Amado tells Nico they’re going to talk, but Julia demands he deal with her first.

Alexis announces the “heart” of this concert, the “number one,” Rafa. Rafa sings Yo Solo Quiero Cantar.

Julia screams at Amado that she loves Nico and she wants to go with him. She NEEDS to go with him. Amado reminds her she’s a minor and he’s her guardian.

Julia doesn’t care. She’s almost 18. Neither her nor Selva has been to see her in days and Agustina’s not there. She’s alone. What’s she supposed to do, just wait here to die? She’s going with Nico whether he likes it or not.

Amado tells her to do whatever she wants. He walks out of her room and down to his office, where Nico is waiting for him. He offers his silence in exchange for Julia. He knows what Amado’s into with his dad and he can keep Julia out of it. He’s the best solution.

Amado’s response is to go into his office and shut the doors in Nico’s face. (Go, kid. Just go.) He starts smashing the glasses on the bar cart and throwing everything off his desk.

Bárbara, Mariscal, Canseco, and Vidal have adjourned to Bárbara’s office. She says it’s Manara’s fault what happened to Amado. He’s such a machista that he underestimated her. She turned the world against him and became a hit as a singer. Now it’s him or her.

Canseco doesn’t think, even as angry as he is, that Amado would dare kill Manara. And with all due respect to Bárbara, he thinks it was a mistake to keep him alive. Amado’s like a scorpion–he’s always going to try to give one last sting.

Mariscal thanks him for his help. They’re going to start implementing their plan soon, opening bank branches and starting construction projects. Canseco says he’ll be waiting for them. He thanks Bárbara for the opportunity and says she can count on them.

After he walks out with Vidal, Bárbara tells Mariscal they need to take Canseco down a notch. And Mariscal needs to quit looking at her so seriously. Amado is the mayor of a huge city–it’s better for her to keep him than kill him. Besides, they have plenty of evidence against him. And if he tries to back out, they can manage him.

Mariscal agrees with Canseco–it was a mistake to leave him alive. And she went too far asking him to kill his sister.

“He killed mine. That’s the business, don’t forget.”

Mariscal asks her not to be offended, but more than payback, he thinks she’s doing it because Mateo’s with Manara.

Fine, she accepts that she trusted him and she’s angry he lied to her. So they’re all going to pay–Amado, Mateo, and Manara too. “And stop questioning me. Get the plane ready. We’re going on a trip.”

Manara says Agustina’s safe and so is Julia, from what she’s reading. But Mateo’s not answering her calls. Selva says Lorenzo’s not answering hers either.

How long has Manara known what kind of person Amado is? Selva can’t believe she hid something like this.

Manara tells her not to go there. They have to stick together. They both know what it’s like to have grown up in a violent environment with men who threatened them and locked them up. Amado’s her brother, but she’s going to do what she has to do to make him pay. Selva can be sure of that.

Selva needs time to think. And Manara has a concert tomorrow–she should rest. Manara offers to stay, but Selva insists, she wants to be alone. She asks Manara to let her know if she hears from Lorenzo.

Mateo arrives at the hospital/morgue. Itzel says the police are insisting Lorenzo’s death was a suicide, but she’s sure Amado was behind it. What does Mateo know?

Mateo denies knowing anything. Lorenzo is Itzel’s partner. If she doesn’t know…. He hugs her as Itzel weeps and corrects him. “Was” her partner.

And the show goes on. Rafa wasn’t thinking of singing this one, but it’s a special night and they all miss JC, so this one’s for him. The band starts playing Despertar. Rafa’s remembering complaining bitterly to Amado that Julio César stole everything from him and he wishes he would die. He remembers Mateo saying he knew Rafa was a parasite, but he didn’t know he was a killer too. He remembers JC in his coffin. I’m just waiting for a reappearance of JC’s ghost.

Raquel goes down to the dressing room to tell Team Mateo to be ready. They’re going on after Rafa, along with his band.

Básico is surprised Mateo left. Wasn’t he going to burn Rafa? Valentín thinks maybe he stayed quiet because Isaac went public about Belinda. He can get Rafa any time. All he has to do is give one interview and it will cause a scandal–Rafa’s not getting out of this. They’ll kick his band’s asses on stage then finish the fight after.

In the other dressing room, Raquel tells Team Rafa they’ll be on the air in a few minutes and the other band seems like they’re ready to go to war, so…let them start it. They’d better not create any conflict or she’ll fire them.

After she leaves, El Mayor scoffs at her for acting like she’s the boss. Diego says the talking’s over. Now they’ll see.

In the board room, Celestina screams at Isaac. Did he have to humiliate them like that? Did he need to steal the show so badly? She wants to smack him!

Isaac whines that he’s launching his first single and he needed the press.

Celestina calls him the most selfish person she knows. She’s breathing hard and has to stop screaming at him. Isaac takes advantage of this to serve himself a drink.

Gilda comes in, concerned about her mom, who insists she’s fine. She just wants to go home before the press catches her. She stops to scold him one last time, saying you don’t DO stuff like this! He betrayed his brother and they’re going to destroy him.

Isaac starts to say it’s not a betrayal, but she yells at him to shut up. He says it’s called marketing and now Gilda tells him to shut up, since Celestina’s out the door. If anything happens to her, this is his fault.

Then she asks if he’s seen Mateo. He was looking for her to tell her something–does Isaac know what it is? He gulps his drink and walks out and she yells at him to go ahead and keep drinking.

Mateo calls Nico from the hospital. He’s appalled that he’s still at Amado’s house. Nico tells him to chill. Amado’s was ok with him and he’s locked in his office. He’s just waiting for Julia. Is Mateo still at the label?

Mateo tells him to get Julia and get OUT. He hangs up the phone and starts running.

Nico helps Julia into a wheelchair. She says it’s a miracle Amado let her go. Nico says they should leave before he regrets it. But before they go she wants to know why he’s deciding to be with her again.

Nico says maybe it was the possibility of losing her. He says they should go–they have lots to talk about. He kisses her and starts wheeling her out of the house.

Manara gets to her former house, surprising Bianco and Santi. Bianco thought she was staying at a hotel. She greets Santi and explains she was, but she decided she’d rather leave from here to the concert tomorrow. She can go if it bothers him.

Bianco says they were done. But they can go to his restaurant and have drinks and keep talking. Santi loves that idea. They wish Manara luck tomorrow and walk out. (Oh yeah, it’s so on!)

She pulls out her cell phone and takes a call from Mateo. She asks how he is.

He says her brother killed Lorenzo. Itzel’s taking care of Selva and she should stay at the house. Manara says she has to go to Tijuana tomorrow and she can’t cancel, but Mateo doesn’t want her to go. She asks what he’s going to do and his response is “Don’t worry, I love you.”

Celestina’s on her way out of the label. Rafa walks out, with Raquel complaining that he has to close the concert. He can’t let Gilda get her way! Rafa says he’s not staying.

There’s a crowd waiting outside and he smiles for the cameras before turning back to Raquel. She’s worried the two bands will go after each other without him and Mateo there. Rafa gets up in her face and says they can kill each other, he doesn’t care. He goes over and starts greeting the crowd.

Suddenly, an SUV drives up with guys shooting out the windows. Celestina huddles behind the wall, holding her hands over her ears. They grab Rafa and shove him inside before driving away.

Raquel is talking about calling the police. Isaac comes outside and his mom says they got Rafa. He starts hustling them both back inside.

On stage, Alexis is declaring himself the arbiter of the fight that’s ending today. He’s happy this is going to be a non-violent musical encounter. Team Mateo starts off with Sin Ti Yo Estoy Mejor.

Amado runs his gun over the mantelpiece. He gets a knife out of a box in the living room. He drinks.

The bands are interacting with each other. Dylan flirts with Gisela. Diego takes over and starts Mejor sin Ti.

The police take Raquel’s statement as Isaac remembers how Rafa threatened to come after him if anything happened.

On stage, the singing and dancing continue.

Mateo grabs his gun and bangs on Amado’s door. Petra answers, but she says Amado just left.

The concert’s over. Team Mateo goes to the studio and Básico pulls out his duffel bag full of weapons. He starts passing them out to Valentín and Dylan and saying they can’t let the others get the drop on them.

Isaac comes in and tells them to put the guns away–they’ve got the cops outside. And someone’s coming….

It’s Cristian! He teases them about this being his welcome. What are they mafiosos now? He came because they changed his recording date and he’s about to record an album in English. He wants them to sing a song with him. It’s not with Megavisa, it’s a new label that he’s a partner on.

So, what do they say? Private jet? Tomorrow? New York? Women?

Isaac interrupts. He came down here because they’ve got a problem–they need to close the show and they don’t have a song. Gilda said Dylan had one.

Dylan says he’ll do it. And chill, they’re not going to kill his family!

But there’s one other thing. They know Rafa got kidnapped, right?

Blank faces all around.

Isaac says if they planned it, they’d better tell him.

Nope, everybody still looks confused.

Rancho Zabala

Neto tells Leti the police can’t find Rafa. She can’t figure out how, when they grabbed him right in front of everyone.

Santi comes in. He grabbed the first flight he could. No one’s answering his calls, not his mom or Nico.

Neto says Nico’s at the beach apartment with his girlfriend.

Girlfriend? Santi says the world can change completely 24 hours.

Neto asks how it went with Bianco.

“Excellent. We rehearsed. A lot.” (Uh huh.)

Neto excuses himself to take a phone call and Leti follows him.

Radio Station

Alexis announces the news of Rafa’s disappearance, saying witnesses claim he was kidnapped under “extreme” circumstances. (Oh, shut up, Alexis!)

Raquel comes in and slips Alexis a piece of paper. She says there’s no news yet on Rafa, but this is about Lorenzo Treviño, they don’t want it to go public yet. “What do you mean Lorenzo’s dead?”

Ex-Casa Manara

Selva says she had a bad feeling, but she just didn’t pay attention. She feels like she has to go back, but Manara tells her to wait until they know what happened. Let them do an investigation.

“What investigation? It was Amado!” Lorenzo sacrificed himself so she could be free. He stayed behind until the end.

Her cell phone rings and she asks Itzel where she is. She needs to go wherever Itzel is.

Itzel tells her to stay there. She’ll take care of everything. When this goes public, the press is going to be all over her. Lorenzo did this to protect her. Itzel’s there, Selva just needs to pay attention to her and stay calm.

Selva says Itzel told her to stay, but if she does she’ll die. Manara agrees that she should stay. She offers to cancel her concert, but the mere thought of it summons Cande. She’s sorry, but the plane’s waiting, they’re super late, the stadium is full, and people are starting to get nervous!

Selva tells her to go. She knows what she has to do. She asks Cande NOT to cancel her meeting with Ezequiel. She needs to see him.

Manara tells her to call if she needs anything and reminds her she’s not alone. She and Cande head out while Selva cries angry tears.

Casa Mateo

Mateo calls Bárbara. She’s guessing he had a good day yesterday–he got rid of Rafa in front of everyone.

Mateo says that wasn’t him. It’s more like Rafa got away. Mateo’s going to sink him–he just made a formal accusation with a lawyer against Rafa and Amado. Is Amado with her?

No, but she’s close by. She came to LA to see his businesses. They’re becoming partners.

“What do you mean partners?!” Mateo’s had enough of this. He left Amado alone, even though he killed Julio César, because of his deal with Bárbara. She got what she wanted from him, now he wants her to kill him, or he will.

Oh, he thinks she doesn’t keep her word? Well, neither does he! He kept seeing Manara behind her back, but what’s even more serious than that, he denied it.

Mateo asks where she is. He wants to talk in person. He scribbles down an address and says he’s on his way.

As he runs out of the house, Celestina emerges from a room just off the kitchen, having heard everything.


Manara’s in her dressing room, putting the finishing touches on her look. Cande comes in saying the place is filled to bursting, telling her to get that look off her face.

Manara can’t get Lorenzo out of her head.

Cande reminds her this is where all singers want to be. Whatever she’s thinking about, leave it here. Isn’t this what she fought for?

Manara tells Cande to tell them she’ll be out in five minutes.

Outside, Amado, looking NOT AT ALL SUSPICIOUS in his grey hoodie, skips the line of fans and tells the security guy he’s with the press. He backs that up with some cash and the guy lets him in. One police officer the hallway displays MILD curiosity.

Outside LA

Mateo gets to the warehouse and starts demanding explanations.

Bárbara says he failed her. She accepts that it hurt. Mateo realizes she had him followed. She told him several times, the most important thing to her was someone’s word. Mateo gave his word and she trusted him with her daughter, but he lied. She’s not going to forgive that.

Mateo looks around at all the guys with guns. He asks if all of this is about Manara. What is she going to do?


What did she ask Amado in exchange for letting him live?

To kill Manara and then they’d be even.

Mateo starts flipping out and immediately finds himself surrounded by guys with guns.

Bárbara tells him to chill. He can’t do that kind of thing here.

Mateo says Manara is pregnant. That’s why he went to see her! Bárbara’s face doesn’t change, but the hench standing behind her looks very interested in this news.

Mateo tells her to let him go to his partner and his child or she might as well kill him too.


Manara starts off her concert with Si Alguna Vez. It’s all gold and bling and sheer skirts and ballet.

Rancho Zabala

Leti catches the end of Neto’s phone conversation, where he tells someone he’s got the number and he’ll manage things. Right now everything’s “hot.” He’ll see them later.

She asks if he has him hidden.

“That was my agent.” Does she mean Rafa?

Yes. The kidnapping was a farce to scare him, right? Or so Mateo wouldn’t put him in jail and destroy his career?

If she wants to know the whole truth, he contacted some people to go find Rafa and they’re not very good people. He has to do what’s necessary. Is she not going to believe him now? He begs her not to abandon him when he most needs her.

Leti kisses him. They hug.


Mateo races down the road, calling Manara, begging her to call him back. (I guess this was his Julio César “My girlfriend is pregnant” moment and, like Selva, Bárbara let it go?) He calls 911 and says there’s been a death threat against Manara and they need to send someone to the stadium.

The concert continues.

Casa Mateo

Isaac is on his way home, remembering Rafa threatening him if anything happened to him. He notices some guys parked outside the gate in a truck staring at him and calls Mateo. He says some guys followed him to the house and swears he’s not afraid for himself, but for his nephew, Celestina, and Belinda. He needs to know what happened with him and Rafa.

JC Records

Gilda watches video of Un Millón de Veces in the board room, wiping tears away.

Dylan comes in to let her know he’s going to New York to record with the guys and Cristian. They’re doing a song in English. It’s an independent label, so there’s no problem.

He also wanted to invite her to spend the weekend alone with him in New York.

Gilda says she can’t. There have been too many problems, with Rafa’s disappearance. A lot of things are affecting the company, even if they’re not public.

Dylan says her staying here won’t make Rafa reappear or Lorenzo come back to life. Besides, she’s the president–who’s going to say anything? He says she’s so focused as he strokes her hair. Who would have thought she would end up with everything?

Anyway, he left the tickets in her mailbox.

He starts to walk out and Gilda says she liked the song yesterday. A lot. And thanks–Dylan rushes back to kiss her. When he’s relocated all her lipstick he says he’ll see her in New York, “Presidenta,” and struts out. (Mr. 5ft cheered louder than I did. He also thinks Gilda had better keep Dylan away from Mateo before Mateo gets him killed.)

Casa Mateo

Isaac asks Belinda if she’s ready to go, but she hasn’t finished packing. And she thinks they should wait a few days. Everything’s so confused right now.

He says that’s why they should go. Just forget the bags and get the baby. He begs her to trust him.

Celestina comes in from the other room and says he’s not going, he’s going to tell her who killed his brother!

He’d better not lie to her. She knows it wasn’t a fan, it was something more twisted. Now she understands all the hate and the fighting between the mayor, and him, and Rafa. And here she was the only “idiot” who didn’t know. Does Gilda know?

Belinda asks what she’s talking about.

Isaac says he can explain, but Celestina cuts him off. She heard Mateo talking about his brother’s death and he blamed the mayor and Rafa. So was all this worth it? And he’d better not lie to her–she’s his mother! He’d better not lie to his future wife. Was it worth his brother’s life, this sick fight?

Isaac says it wasn’t a fight, it was a matter of honor.

She mocks his use of “honor.” He can’t be saying that while he’s trying to run away. This is just a stupid war where no one wins. And where’s Mateo?

Isaac says he’s been calling him for a while….

Belinda asks when he was planning to tell her the truth, but Isaac ignores her and keeps yelling at his mom that he’s been trying to help Mateo, but you can’t do anything in this house. He whines that he’s in danger. He starts getting worried about Celestina as she sways and sits down.

Belinda starts hovering and Isaac takes her arm and asks her to call Gilda. Belinda snaps at him to not ever touch her again.

She goes for water and the phone as he tries to tell his mom to breathe. When he looks outside, the guys are now out of the truck, still watching.


Manara sings Una Y Otra Vez, finally in the outfit we’ve seen in promos and the show opener.

There’s a small crowd of fans backstage as she heads for the dressing room. She thanks Cande and asks for a few minutes alone. She needs the quiet.

Cande’s just closed the door to the hallway when Amado comes out of the bathroom. Manara screams for Cande and runs for the door, but Amado catches up to her and slams her into a chair. He wants to know where Agustina and his son are.

She tells him he’ll never know.

He starts choking her. He knew she wouldn’t help him. He gave her everything and the only thing she did was turn everyone against him. She ruined him.

They’re on the floor now, Amado still choking her as he says now she has to die or he does.

Mexico City

Selva gives a statement to the press to clear up the rumors about her brother’s death.

Behind her, Bianco, Anahí, and Ezequiel stand watching.

She says it wasn’t a suicide. He sacrificed his life for her. He was killed by Amado Matamoros, the mayor of LA. He’s an abuser, a killer, and that’s why she had to get out of LA.

Behind her, Ezequiel looks pensive, while the dollar signs flash in Anahí’s eyes.

Selva says Amado threatened her.


Mateo gets to the stadium and goes running in, shoving his way past the guards. They chase him up the stairs.

Manara goes still and Amado lets go of her, stumbling out the door. He runs through the backstage area until he finds a loading dock door and starts pulling it open.

One of the security guards tells Cande some guy got in and they’re looking for him.

Mateo finds the dressing room and Manara lying on the floor. He begs her to wake up and screams to Cande to call an ambulance.

Manara starts breathing.

Amado jumps out the loading dock door and finds himself facing a police officer who asks what he’s doing in a restricted area. The “press” excuse doesn’t work with him. They got a 911 report. He needs to see some ID. Amado whips out his knife and stabs him in the gut.

As he runs, the officer shoots him in the leg. He shouts at him to put his hands up or he’ll shoot again.

In the dressing room, one of the security guards pulls a gun on Mateo, but Cande has to explain he’s not the one. She tells him to call the police while she takes care of the ambulance.

Still on the floor, Manara asks if they’re ok and Mateo says they are. She says Amado did it. He wanted to kill her, but he couldn’t. Mateo tells her to breathe.

Amado starts crawling, but he’s suddenly surrounded by cops. One takes his gun. Another one cuffs him.

Manara begs Mateo not to let her go. They start smooching on the dressing room floor.


There’s no telling when or where this is, but Manara’s on stage again in the same outfit announcing the next song. She says it doesn’t just fill her with strength, it’s rebuilt her several times. She’s dedicating it to someone who showed her true love, good love, love that is Sobrenatural.

From the wings, Mateo smiles.

We get flashbacks of the recording studio, writing the song in the hotel room, playing it in the JC Records lounge, shooting a video on a rooftop.

Manara finishes the song and confetti cannons go off.


All in all, I found that just about the most convincing “ending” the story could have. Sure, there’s room for a “Season 2” but it wouldn’t really be the same show without the constant danger and intrigue. We could have done another few episodes of everyone putting their lives back together and figuring out how to go on, but good times and people being happy were never what this show was about. So instead we’re left with maybe a few questions, some foregone conclusions, and a lot of possible new beginnings.

I will never stop being bitter about them pulling this off the air, but I’m glad we got the episodes online at least. And yeah, I would totally buy it on DVD.

Your thoughts?

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