Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 8/22/17 #75

Episode 75: Anuncio escandaloso

So now Amado understands all the mystery. It’s not Diplomático, it’s Diplomática. And he gets why she was so insistent about Mateo. Is he her boyfriend? Or did his sister take him away and that’s why she wants to kill her?

Bárbara says if that’s how he’s going to be, they can play. She’ll let him choose–he killed her sister. To be even, his has to to die, he can decide which one.

Amado says he’s offering the best deal he can. He’s giving up a lot. He understands Davis was her sister, and he promised to compensate her. And to be clear, she attacked him, he was only defending himself. The contracts he brought give her half the city through financing and public works.

Bárbara sips her tequila. Not everything is about money and he knows it. He killed her sister, so which one of his is he killing? And then they can talk about doing business together and his future.

Amado insists that’s not the deal he’s here for.

But here he is, and he’s losing. She tells the guys to bring someone in….

It’s Canseco. He tells Amado to calm down. He’s negotiated to let him live, but he and his guys aren’t going to die for Amado.

Bárbara explains they made an offer to turn him in to save themselves–she had nothing to do with it.

Amado tell her to just kill him already and they’ll end this.

First she has to review the documents he’s going to sign.

As she does that, Canseco says he made a decision to take care of his people. After what happened with Selva, Amado’s been off his head. And no one has forgotten he killed those loyal to him.

Amado suddenly wonders where Selva is. Canseco says she has security provided by the city. He doesn’t want to be Amado’s enemy, but they’re going to have to renegotiate…this time, under his conditions.

After Bárbara and the lawyer review the contracts, Bárbara agrees the offer is good. So what did Amado decide? Is he going to make her kill him or is he making a deal?

Amado advises her to kill him. If he leaves here, eventually he’ll kill them all.

Bárbara tells him to relax. They’re going to do business–isn’t that why he became a politician? From now on they’re going to work with Canseco and some of her people who have infiltrated the mayor’s office and state government. They’ll be partners.

Amado asks if this is a joke.

Hey, no one’s going to ask him to quit. Her banks will support him and his businesses so he becomes governor. But first they’re going to settle their scores. His sister is going to die like hers did. Which one does he choose? Because if there’s no deal, then they’ll finish with him and decide for him. She’s thinking the little one, that’s the one who would hurt him more, right?

Amado says it’s an interesting proposal, but he’ll have to think about it. In LA.

Bárbara wonders why and he makes the excuse that Selva’s got “no” security thanks to Canseco and they recently lost a child, so he’s worried. Unless she plans to kill Selva too?

Bárbara says she has no intention of doing that. OK, he can have until tomorrow to make a decision and arrange whatever he has to. He can go.

Mariscal asks what she wants him to do. She says to let him go.

Rancho Zabala

Mateo tells Rafa they can trade videos and that will get Manara and his family out of this. Otherwise Rafa’s going down.

Rafa says he’s not handing over anything. If Mateo wants to ruin him with his video, Rafa will ruin Manara with the video he has.

Mateo grabs him and whispers to him that when he goes to the concert, he’s going to play that video in front of everyone…and then he’s going to find him and break him.

Rafa says he’s going to the concert and when he publishes HIS video Mateo will see he’s not lying. He’ll see how they both enjoyed it! (Bluffing or delusional?) He walks out and Mateo looks sick. He chases Rafa back to the main house, knocking over a cymbal that never did a damn thing to him.

Rafa runs upstairs and straight to his safe to grab the phone with the video on it. From downstairs, Mateo screams after him to come out. Rafa pulls out a case with a gun. (Is this the one Amado gave him?) He goes downstairs with it and Mateo’s waiting on the lawn.

As Rafa comes outside, Mateo disgustedly repeats “Enjoyed it?!” What, he enjoyed ordering his brother killed? He starts screaming at him to shoot if he’s going to and advancing until the gun’s pointed at his forehead. Then he knocks it out of Rafa’s hand and punches him.

They fight on the lawn until Mateo ends up straddling Rafa with his hands on his throat. Nico shows up and dives onto Mateo, knocking him off of Rafa. Mateo starts screaming at Rafa to tell Nico how he killed Julio César and raped Manara. Nico tells him to shut up.

Mateo tells Nico this has nothing to do with Nico, but that’s his father. He tells Rafa he’ll see him at the concert and walks off. Nico just stares at Rafa.

Neto called and told him to get there quickly because Mateo was there. Is it true what he said? Rafa just sits there, not saying anything. Nico screams at him to answer. Rafa tells Nico to leave him alone.

He destroyed their family for what? To become a killer? A rapist? He asks Rafa to tell him it’s not true. Rafa walks away.

Casa Matamoros

Agustina is adjusting Julia’s bed when Selva comes in to say hi. She’s on her way to the concert. Julia pouts that she’ll have to watch it on her tablet, but tells Selva to have a good time for her.

Selva kisses her and tells her to take care of herself. She tells Agustina to take care of José and tell him she loves him.

Julia and Agustina agree that sounded more like a goodbye.

Lorenzo’s outside waiting for her. Amado didn’t leave a lot of guards and Canseco’s not here, so he thinks they can take advantage of that before the concert. Everything’s ready at the apartment. Selva instructs her one driver to take them to her brother’s apartment and then JC Records.

Casa Lorenzo

Selva tells the guard there’s no need to come inside with them. They’re just going to check on a few things and then go to the label.

In the parking garage, Lorenzo introduces Selva to Pedro. He’s got Lorenzo’s complete trust. The car they’re standing by has been there for weeks and the guards won’t see her leave, because…Pedro presses a button reveals a blanket and pillow in the trunk.

Selva says this has to be a joke. It’s “crazy”! What is Lorenzo going to do?

He says Manara will explain. She’s in on the plan, she helped with the negotiations with Megavisa, she’ll explain what they’ve arranged. There’s a plane waiting. Pedro will come back for him and he’ll go by land and see her in a few days.

Selva says “no” but she folds herself into the trunk.

JC Records

Raquel gives Team Mateo five minutes for sound check. Dylan asks her to tell Gilda he’s looking for her. She winks at him.

Dylan tells everyone to chill and do their thing.

Básico asks Lila if she’s seen Gisela. Supposedly she’s rehearsing with El Mayor. He makes a face. What, are they going to have problems before the show?

Valentín says no. But he won’t promise anything for after!

They start playing Sin Ti Yo Estoy Mejor and it blends into Mejor sin Ti as Team Rafa rehearses in the studio.

Raquel comes in to tell him the others are doing their sound check upstairs. Diego says they’ll wait for Rafa to go out there. If he’s not there, there’s no guarantee they won’t all break each other’s faces in for what he and El Mayor did.

El Mayor tells Diego he’s not the only one–Diego’s an accomplice. Gisela asks what’s going on, are they scared or what?

Diego proposes they get them tonight on stage and tomorrow with sales.

Rancho Zabala

Neto sent Santi on ahead to rehearse with out him so he could come back home. Nico says Mateo was “crazy.” He was going to kill Rafa. There was a gun on the ground. Nico thinks he got there just in time. Mateo said Rafa was into some horrible stuff and he’s going to accuse him publicly. He’s in the rehearsal space.

Rafa’s singing Yo Solo Quiero Cantar and I’m thinking maybe if the creep had just stuck to that! He stops when Neto and Nico come in and ask what they’re doing here. He’s sick of them.

Neto says the show’s starting soon. When is Nico leaving? Nico refuses to go, but Neto tells him he’d better get out there in front of the public and calm things down.

Nico tells Rafa that if what Mateo is saying he did is true, he doesn’t care about the family name–he’s also going to make sure he pays. He walks out.

Neto looks at Rafa sadly (like he’s done a million times before) and asks if he finally fell.


Amado calls. He’s on his way to LA and he heard they’re still at his house. He wants to talk to Selva.

Lorenzo says they stopped by to look at some documents, but she started feeling sick. She’s taking a nap. Amado hangs up on him.

Amado’s driver asks if he should take him home, but Amado tells him to drop him off up ahead and give everyone the day off. (Didn’t have to tell that guy twice!)

Lorenzo calls someone to tell them Amado’s on his way and they shouldn’t risk the plan, but he thinks this is their opportunity.

JC Records

Isaac’s doing his sound check. Alexis shows him where he is in the program order, right before Rafa. And has he seen Rafa? Nope.

Gilda directs some guys to take equipment into the lounge. She turns around and sees Dylan and seriously it was one of those “Oh, just kiss already!” moments. Her eyes start to mist up and Dylan hugs her and says she’s as beautiful as ever.

Gilda pulls away. She’s got this concert thing and nothing’s going well and it’s all chaos. So…she’ll see him later? Her partners aren’t here and she’s going to go deal with stuff, so…see ya.

As she walks inside it looks like she’s wiping her eyes.

She goes up to the board room and asks Itzel if she’s seen Selva. She’s said they were going to Lorenzo’s, but now she’s not answering and Gilda doesn’t know what to do. Alexis comes in and says they’re about to go on the air and no one has seen Rafa–do they go on without him?

Nico pulls up by the temporary barricade they’re putting up at the curb. Mateo says they need to talk, but Nico doesn’t want to get involved in his fight with Rafa. Mateo says it’s not about that–it’s about him. Does he want to help Julia or not?

Casa Lorenzo

Amado gets to Lorenzo’s and sees his suitcase. “Where do you think you’re going.”

Lorenzo thought since his guards left, Amado wouldn’t come. But here he is.

Amado asks where Selva is.

Far away from him and his guards. He might not ever see her again. She knows all about him and she’s probably talking to Megavisa’s people now. They’re doing the fusion with them, not him or Rafa. “You lost.”

Amado asks what he’s talking about. He hasn’t lost anything.

He lost Selva. He lost her respect. And he lost the most valuable thing to him–his power.

Amado says Lorenzo thinks he’s going to screw him over, but Lorenzo’s the only one who has lost. There’s no way out for him.

Lorenzo says Amado doesn’t have a way out either. He had so many debts, sooner or later someone was going to make him pay.

Amado says things happen in the moment. He hopes Lorenzo has a way to defend himself. Lorenzo’s phone buzzes and he reaches for it, but Amado pulls out a gun and tells him not to answer.

JC Records

Itzel leaves Lorenzo another message telling him to answer so she knows he’s ok. She goes back into the board room where Alexis is saying they’re supposed to go on the air in a minute. He’s ready, the sponsors are waiting, but Rafa’s not here. Selva’s not coming. Gilda has to make decisions.

Itzel asks if he’s sure about Selva. Gilda says she got a message from Lorenzo that Selva was feeling sick and neither of them is coming, so she doesn’t know what to do.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa says he’s “vencido” (beaten) like Neto says. He wanted to change his life and it didn’t work. It’s time to pay for his mistakes.

He starts to walk out, but Neto wants to know what proof Mateo has against him.

Casa Lorenzo

Amado shuts the curtains. He supposes the plan was to distract the guards so Selva could get away. He probably thinks he’s a man.

Lorenzo says he’s more of a man than Amado. He doesn’t need a gun or 70 guards to prove anything. He’d do anything to save his sister, while Amado let his sister get raped.

Amado puts the gun down on the counter. He asks if Manara helped Lorenzo.

Lorenzo says she didn’t. She just told him that he let Rafa rape her to punish her. But she has nothing to do with this. Lorenzo planned everything on his own so it would go well.

Amado insists she’s involved.


Selva has joined Manara. She says Lorenzo said they had to change their route to distract the guards, but she’s worried about him. Manara’s worried too, for Julia, Agustina, and the baby.

Selva’s surprised they left them at Amado’s, but she says Mateo is going to take care of them.

Selva asks what Mateo has to do with all this.

“More than you can imagine.” Amado was behind his brother’s death, which Selva already knows. But he’s also the father of her child. She’s pregnant.

Selva’s face looks like she can’t handle one more piece of information.

JC Records

Mateo tells Nico everything he said was true. Amado ordered his brother killed and he has Julia. Does Nico want to help her or not?

Nico’s stuck on the fact that they broke up and even if what Mateo’s saying is true, he doesn’t know what to think. She’s been behaving like her brother. She was going to have someone deported!

Mateo didn’t know about that. But Julia doesn’t know what her brother is really like. If she’s behaving like him, she’s probably just spent too much time with him. Right now Nico needs to stop judging her and help her or Mateo will do it himself. And, by the way, Rafa is Amado’s accomplice.

Raquel comes outside and asks what they’re doing there. They’re about to go on the air! Mateo motions to Nico to get inside.

Alexis is out front with Gilda, complaining about the sponsors. She knows! He doesn’t have to tell her!

So if they go on without Rafa, who’s going to take his place?

Dylan walks up and says if she needs more content, he has two songs ready to go. Raquel comes over and says Nicolas is ready and he’s insisting that either he plays the opener or he’s leaving. Who’s making the decision?

Gilda’s suddenly ready to take the reins. (I think Raquel pissed her off.) Nicolas is going to open, Dylan’s going to get his songs ready, and Raquel can use her screaming to find Rafa–he’s the one who’s going to look bad if he’s not there.

Rancho Zabala

Neto says Rafa’s sons are different from him. One does Neto’s music, the other doesn’t. One likes girls, the other doesn’t (dude, stop, he told you he did, he just likes boys too). But they both have a sense of honor and Rafa doesn’t. He’s soberbio (arrogant).

From his silence, Neto can tell Mateo’s got him from–looks down–there. But if Rafa goes down, they’re all going down.

Rafa tells him not to worry about that. He’s going to be responsible for this. Just him. Neto needs to calm down.

How can Neto be calm after he’s found out all Rafa’s dirty dealings? He doesn’t trust him.

Rafa swears he’s being honest now. Is Neto not going to take advantage of this?

Neto says he’s not going down. It’s his legacy and his name and Rafa’s going to do what he says, got it?

Casa Lorenzo

Amado pours himself a drink. Lorenzo asks what he’s going to do now. Kidnap him again to try to make Selva get back together with him? Whatever he does, Selva’s not coming back.

Amado says that was his mistake, aspiring to a woman like Selva. Lorenzo’s raised eyebrow: “You said it, not me.”

Lorenzo says his error, among others, was a lack of loyalty. He lied to Selva and killed their dad, who was the one person who got him out of miseria (poverty).

Amado says he’s right. Lorenzo’s dad gave him and taught him everything. And the most important thing he taught him, the golden rule, he forgot. “Trust no one.” He forgot it because he wanted to trust Selva. He wanted to love her and his sisters and he wanted Lorenzo to be a part of his family.

But he’s not dead, and he acts quickly. He walks up to Lorenzo and shoots him in the gut from close enough that he ends up with blood splattered all over his face.


Alexis jokes that there are so many surprises in store tonight that even he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. He brings Nico up on stage and Nico starts playing Tantos Milagros. That sweatshirt looks way better on him than it did on the hanger when Itzel was showing it off.

Julia watches on her tablet. She remembers meeting Nicolas, hearing the song for the first time, going to see Nicky Jam, being in bed with him before her trip, him coming over to the hotel in Mexico. She reaches over for some water, but she can’t reach the pitcher and it’s empty.

From downstairs, Agustina can hear Julia calling her, but she’s on the phone. She says Petra’s busy and no one has gotten there and there’s no one in the garden. It’s strange–she’s never seen this house without guards. Is she sure?

Manara’s very sure. They’re waiting for her outside.

Agustina says she can’t leave Julia alone, but Manara says she’ll take care of Julia, just focus on José. Agustina reminds her he’s Amado’s son too. He’ll come looking for her.

Manara tells her to get out before he gets there with his men. Just trust her.

Agustina takes a breath and starts walking. Julia keeps calling from upstairs. As she’s making her way slowly down the side walk, an SUV approaches with lights flashing.

Mateo walks into the building and Gilda stops him to complain that Rafa’s not there and the show is in chaos. What did he do?!

Mateo asks what he could possibly have done.

Gilda tells him to tell his band they’re closing the show and after, he’ll tell her the truth. Mateo salutes her before answering his phone.

Chalino’s calling to say he has Agustina and the baby with him. Mateo tells him to take her where they arranged and be careful. “Of course. Like you don’t know me!” Chalino sends him hugs and end the call.

Chalino explains that Mateo arranged a house for them that’s far from here. She’ll be safe there. And they’ll meet her later. And what’s this cutie’s name? Agustina introduces José and then herself.

Chalino says it’s going to be a long trip. They’ll have plenty of time to talk and get caught up. Should they put some music on for José? He gets the radio going and starts driving. (I like this pairing!)

Amado leaves his bloody clothes in the dumpster in the parking garage and puts on a hat and sunglasses before walking out the garage entrance.

Raquel tells Nico he got the crowd all fired up. But where’s his dad? Rafa walks up, saying he’s ready to sing. Nico ignores him and walks away as Mateo watches from the lobby.

Itzel comes into Lorenzo’s apartment looking for him. She sees him sprawled on the couch, bleeding from his side and his face and runs over to him, begging him to wake up.

He opens his eyes and she begs him to stay with her. She asks who did this. For all her begging him not to go, he dies. Sobbing, she reaches for her purse and tries to get her phone out while seeming at a loss for what to do about the blood on her hands.

Mateo heads for the dressing room to tell the guys Rafa showed up. He actually thought he wouldn’t. Dylan supposes he did it to defy him. Valentín tells him to burn Rafa, live, on stage.

Mateo’s sure Rafa thinks he won’t. Anyway…has anyone seen his mom?

Alexis calls Isaac up, calling it his “reappearance.”

Isaac talks about how he’s happy to be here after having some difficult moments–his accident, and his dad’s death, which was painful for the whole family. But he found his refuge in music and in family and love. So he’s presenting this song he composed for Julio César, who’s watching from heaven, and dedicating it to Julio César Junior. And to his beloved Belinda.

He starts playing No Sirve de Nada. Celestina avoids looking at Isaac. Belinda is remembering her last night with JC, telling Isaac he reminds her of JC, the day they wrote the song, Isaac saying he’d take care of her, Isaac asking her to marry him.

At Manara’s old place, Santi shows the video on his tablet to one of the guys there saying Isaac’s with his cuñada. He guesses every family has their thing.

Cande comes downstairs and asks where his grandpa is and Santi explains he’s not there, but they can rehearse without him. From upstairs Bianco asks what he means.

Santi looks up and says his grandpa couldn’t make it, but he sent him. He knows all his songs and he can sing like him, and in his original keys. They can start rehearsing and he’ll be there later. Bianco shakes his head.

Santi adds that he knows all of Bianco’s songs too. It might sound weird, but Bianco’s been an example to him. It would be an honor to sing with him. Bianco starts to smile. (Maybe I could back this. If Bianco treats him right.)

Raquel tells Gilda Rafa has to close the show. He’s their main star. Mateo comes up and says that’s going to have to wait, he needs to talk to Gilda and it’s urgent.

OK, Rafa was late, they’re ending with the two bands confronting each other, and she’s not changing it again!

Mateo waits for Raquel to walk away and says he needs to talk to Gilda and their mom. It’s serious!

Gilda asks if it’s more serious than what just happened–Isaac opened his mouth on stage and said he’s with Belinda! He wants to steal the show, the press attention, and get everyone talking about him. Mateo calls him stupid.

Nico gets to Amado’s house and asks Petra if she’s up in her room. He offers to take her the water Petra was going to and heads upstairs.

Mateo goes into the lounge as Alexis is calling for another round of applause for Isaac. He says people are asking if he dedicated the song to his brother’s widow.

“Yes, because we’re going to get married.”

Mateo gives Belinda a “WTF” look. He pulls out his phone and the display says it’s Lorenzo calling.

Amado gets back to his house and Petra’s actually says there haven’t been any guards there all day. He asks where Agustina is, but Petra hasn’t seen her. She was doing laundry….

Amado heads for her room and finds it empty and José gone. As he’s tossing the crib, Petra asks if something happened. He tells her to shut up and goes to Julia’s room to ask here where Agustina is.

Uh, didn’t he give her permission to go visit Manara? And she’s glad he did–Amado cuts her off and asks what she’s talking about.

Nico comes in with the glass of water and Amado demands to know what he’s doing there. Nico says he’s helping Julia. He’s thinking of taking her to his family’s apartment at the beach since no one here is paying any attention to her. She’s been completely unattended. At least it can distract her a little.

Julia glares at Amado and says after everything that happened, the least he can do is say yes.

Mateo answers his phone and finds Itzel on the other end. She says she found Lorenzo, shot, and they’re saying it was suicide, but she’s sure this was Amado’s doing.

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