La Piloto Monday 5/08/17 #45


Dave, Monica, and Raúl all hear the cell phone ring and pull their guns out. Dave now looks through the window again, at a different angle, and sees the guy hiding by the wall. He shoots out the lock on the front gate.

Yoli starts panicking and Olivia says they’d better go before the cops arrive. Yoli’s worried about her aunt and wants to go outside. Wilmer (I’m serious, show, leave the nerd alone!) volunteers to go out there and find out if Yoli’s aunt is here.

After some pew, pew, pew, Dave goes through the front door and takes one guy out while Monica and Raúl go around to the back of the house.

John’s sending Zuli to make a delivery in Maracaibo. He bugs her about doing it quickly and coming back immediately, no side trips. Zuli just stands there looking like a petulant teenager.

Oscar gets a call that Carimañolo, aka the guy Dave shot, got shot. The other guy with him got away and called Oscar to tell him Yoli didn’t show up, but some armed “men” did. Zuli complains that she’s tired of Yolanda. Oscar thinks it’s time to play the ace up his sleeve.

Carimañolo gets loaded up in an ambulance while Dave and Raúl, mostly, make plans. Raúl will go to the station and make this all “legal” and he’ll question Carimañolo as soon as the doctors say it’s ok. At Dave’s request, he’s also going to get some guys to guard Rosalba and Estela’s houses and set up some roadblocks–Yolanda’s sure to be here somewhere.

Wilmer gets back to the RV and says there wasn’t a woman in the house. The only one injured was a sicario, who’s being taken to the hospital. Yoli wants to go question him, but Olivia vetoes that idea. She will agree to taking a walk through the neighborhood, though I don’t know what Yoli expects that to accomplish.


When are these soldiers in Colombia going to learn to never do anything alone? When one hands a cup of water through the bars to Santamaría, he yanks his arm, chokes him until he passes out, and then he and Rubio take his keys and his gun and escape.

Except they don’t escape, exactly. They go to the armory and grab guns and grenades–because if this doesn’t go as they planned, Santamaría’s not letting them take him alive. Rubio pretends to be the guard at the cell and calls Coronel Fernandez to tell him Santamaría has something to tell him.

When Fernandez arrives, Santamaría and Rubio take him hostage so they can get off the base.

The ace

Oscar goes to get Estela from the shack where she’s being kept with Cristian. Cristian’s still as feisty as ever, ad Oscar roughs him up a bit before leaving with Estela.

Yoli, Oli, and Wilmer have made their rounds and found nothing, but somehow Yoli thinks if they just go look again….

Oscar calls Yolanda and Wilmer springs into action, trying to trace the call. Yolanda puts him on speaker, taunting him about the failure of his assassins. She demands to know where her aunt is, but Oscar hasn’t a clue. Nor does he care. He knows where her mom is, though, and Oli’s brother.

Oli loses her cool and starts screaming at him to tell her where he is. Oscar’s pleased to hear they’re together–he can save himself some work. If they want Estela and Cristian back, Yolanda has to turn herself over to him. Otherwise, it’s heads in boxes. And to prove he has her, he’ll put Estela on the phone to beg Yoli to save them. Wilmer motions to keep the call going.

Oscar hangs up and has some guys drag Estela off again.

As furious as Olivia is, she doesn’t agree with Yolanda’s plan to turn herself over. She swears they must have done something horrible in a past life to deserve all this! Yoli hugs her and tries to calm her down.

Oscar’s sure Yoli’s going to take the deal. He’s heading to the club to wait for her to call him back. Roberto doesn’t figure Oscar’s going to respect the deal. Hahahahaha, no! Roberto looks the tiniest bit bothered.

Wilmer traced the call to some warehouses in Mexico City. Yolanda’s sure that’s where Estela and Cristian are, and she’s also sure Oscar won’t keep his end of the bargain. They’ll get close to the warehouses, Yoli will call and say she accepts the deal, but Oscar has to come to her, and when they leave they’ll go in and save Estela and Cristian.

Uh, and if they’re not at the warehouse? Yoli says they’ll just wait anyway and then go in. Wilmer doesn’t like this plan, but Oli screams at him, asking if he’s got a better one.


Joanna volunteers to clean so she can sneak over and see Lizbeth while she’s mopping floors. She thanks her for not ratting her out. Bummer, though, that chick she stabbed survived. Liz is like “You’re seriously talking that way about another human being?” Joanna says in this world it’s screw over or be screwed over.

Anyway, Liz asks to borrow a phone and Joanna hands one through the bars.

Raúl found out that the guy Dave shot is named Carimañolo and he works for the Lucios. He’s not out of surgery yet, but he’s getting transferred tomorrow. Raúl ignores his ringing phone as they ponder trying to interrogate him in the hospital. Unfortunately, he’s already being guarded.

When he answers the phone it’s Lizbeth. He’s not thrilled that she’s breaking the rules–if she gets caught it’s just going to go worse for her. The lawyer’s trying to get her another court date, but it’s going to be difficult.

He tells her he’s with Dave and Monica in Altamirano looking for Yolanda who’s…surprise!…still alive. And they’re not the only one’s looking for her. She hears Joanna coming back and ends the call quickly and hands back the phone before they get busted by a guard.


Fernandez ends up tied to a tree while Rubio and Santamaría head for the brothel Which Rubio conveniently mentions in front of Fernandez. Yeah, he’s tied up good, though. They head out in a stolen SUV.

Reyes gets the news after Fernandez gets free and gets back to his base. Ha! He assumes they’re heading for the brothel in Las Palmas.

In Las Palmas, Santamaría asks Fabrizio, the manager, to get him a boat. As luck would have it, there’s a client at the door who has a boat and Rubio recognizes him as one of Salvador’s guys. Hey didn’t he sell them out? Fabrizio calls him over and they stuff him in the back of the SUV.

After he gives up the boat keys, Santamaría shoots him. Rubio’s getting alarmed at the mounting body count, but Santamaría insists it’s necessary to cover their tracks. (Or, you know, leave a TRAIL. Whatever.)

Back in Las Palmas, Reyes has arrived at the brothel and he’s quick to hand over some cash to Fabrizio to get him to talk.


As Yoli drives the RV, Oli tries to plan. Wilmer still thinks this is a terrible idea, but with Oli it’s help or go home.

Yoli alerts them that they’re heading for a roadblock.

Wilmer takes over the wheel, handing over his real ID and the RV paperwork. Alfredo? Oh, that’s his uncle. His record is clean, but they want to inspect the RV and Oli and Yolanda beg and plead that they don’t have the 20-30 minutes to waste, they’re rushing to get some medicine for Oli’s mom. The guy in charge lets them go in exchange for Oli’s phone number.

Yolanda is sure that roadblock was Dave’s doing. Oli agrees–he’s never going to stop looking for her.

She hopes Cristian and Estela are really there when they get there. Wilmer wonders how they plan to get in if people will recognize them.


Arley tells a guard to get him information about the judge who’s hearing his and Cañego’s case. I suppose there’s money in it for him, but Arley doesn’t mention anything.

The guard gets him the judge’s number and passes it to him through the chain link fence. Arley hands over some cash.

He calls Cañego over and kicks some other guy off the pay phone to call the judge’s office and claim to be his lawyer’s assistant. He’s calling to find out of someone dropped off the paperwork for Arley Mena and…he suddenly realizes he doesn’t know Cañego’s name. “Elicer Blanco.”

Turns out the lawyer hasn’t done a thing for them in the five months Arley’s been inside. Despite Cañego urging caution, Arley’s ready to go after the Lucios.

Cañego makes his own call later, to the lawyer. He says he has information on Arley, but first he wants him to tell the Lucios he’s still on their side.

The lawyer calls John, but John gives the order to kill them both.

Heading north

Raúl gets word that the roadblocks didn’t turn up Yolanda. Heh.

Reyes calls Dave. Fabrizio told him Santamaría and Rubio are looking for a boat and one of Salvador’s employees “loaned” them one. Dave assumes he’d head for Panama and then make his way north to Mexico, but Reyes is getting people together to keep him from leaving the country.

Sure enough, Santamaría’s planning to take the boat to Panama and then go over land to Mexico.

The thing is, Rubio’s not all that keen about going with him. He’d rather hide out with his family in Cali and get some fake papers, start a new life. This all just seems like too much fuss over a woman….

Santamaría pulls the SUV over to point out his eye and question the idea that it’s somehow too much fuss to go after the woman who ruined his life. Rubio backs off.


The guards at Carimañolo’s hospital room have been replaced by ones loyal to Raúl. He, Dave, and Monica get ready to go in and interrogate him.

Monica keeps watch while Raúl holds his arm down and Dave does the questioning.

Raúl’s upset after that they’re not exactly upholding the law, but Dave says they’ve at least found out that the guy was there to kill Yolanda for Oscar. Monica points out that they also know the Lucios are in Mexico City and if the coordinates of the hidden airstrip are correct, they know exactly where they are and therefore where Raúl’s dad is. They start heading in that direction.

Almost time

Amanda can’t reach Lizbeth at prison. She’s watching Carmen pack what looks like way too much stuff in her baby bag.

She mentions wanting to move to Mexico City, but it’s news to Carmen that she isn’t planning to live with her after the baby’s born. Amanda argues she can’t stay in this house forever and she has a better chance of getting a job there, but Carmen’s upset. This isn’t what they agreed to!


Yolanda and Wilmer are still working on a plan, looking over maps while Oli looks out the window. Yolanda complains that this would all be easier if she could reach John. She’s sure he doesn’t know what Oscar’s doing.

Thinking about Zulima’s rape accusation, Oli says she wouldn’t be so quick to trust John. Why? Uh, because he never went looking for her.

Yoli reminds her that’s because Santamaría said she was dead. And he did go looking, but…well, anyway, she’ll see once he finds out. And Oscar will never bother them again.

Oscar notices Roberto’s being a little weird about this whole Yolanda thing, but Roberto says it’s nothing. Yoli calls and says she’s going to take the deal. Oscar complains that he’s not near the meeting place they agreed on, but he’ll head back. He’d better not see any cops, though. And she should bring Olivia.

Wilmer says Oscar’s cell phone was moving and about 10km away from the warehouse. Olivia recognized one of the Lucios men guarding the warehouse and he hasn’t moved since they’ve been there.

Yoli proposes they wait ten minutes and if no one goes in or out of the warehouse, they’ll go in.

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