La Piloto Tuesday 5/09/17 #46


Zuli’s moisturizing when she gets word from Oscar that Yolanda accepted the deal. It’s her job to keep John occupied while he goes to deal with her.

He assigns Roberto to go take Estela out of the warehouse and to the meeting place and wait for Oscar’s orders. Sure, they were going to kill Estela and Cristian, but all at the proper time. Right now he’s sure Yolanda’s planning something, so–best to hold on to her mom, just in case.

Yoli and Olivia sneak over to the warehouse and confirm that Cristian, at least, is in there. But Yoli wants to go back to the RV and plan some more. They’re not being the least bit stealthy. Her phone starts ringing and they head back.

Roberto gets busted packing up money and clothes by some dude named Javi. Roberto starts off with “This isn’t what it looks like!” and begs Javi to put his gun down. When that doesn’t work, he struggles with Javi for the gun and ends up shooting him.

Zuli distracts John with sex.

Roberto steals an SUV.

Oscar’s having no luck finding Yolanda at the meeting spot. He insists on going back and checking out every car.

Wilmer still hates the plan. While Olivia and Yolanda are getting ready to go back out there, they see Roberto pull up in the SUV. Oli’s ready to go out there and kill him, but Yolanda and Wilmer hold her back.

Roberto’s desperately trying to free Estela and Cristian, but guess what? Neither one of them trusts him and Estela’s under the mistaken impression that once Yoli hands herself over Oscar’s going to release them anyway.

Oscar calls and Roberto makes an excuse about the car breaking down. Oscar can’t find Yoli so the deal is off. He’ll meet him back at the warehouse.

Roberto tries again to get Estela and Cristian to budge, this time by flashing some cash at them. There you go, that’s Estela bait right there!

As Olivia and Yolanda are asking the guard at the front for directions and taking him hostage, Roberto is telling Estela and Cristian to act like they don’t want to go with him. Yoli and Olivia come inside with their hostage, who almost immediately gets shot by another guard. More shooting follows, confusing the hell out of Roberto. He’s about to shoot guard #2 when either Yoli or Olivia does. Olivia walks over and ends up face to face with Roberto again.

He’s more than willing to hand over his weapon and tell them where Cristian and Estela are, saying he owes Olivia. Unfortunately, they missed a guard, who now pops up and shoots Cristian.

When Oscar arrives, he finds it suspicious that no one’s out front at the warehouse. Wilmer watches his SUV drive around to the back.

Roberto tells them to get going while he waits for Oscar. His excuse is that Yoli and Olivia showed up with a bunch of guys and took Estela and Cristian.

Outside, Wilmer gets the RV going as everyone piles in.

Heading for the DF

Raúl talks to Lizbeth’s lawyer. He can’t get a new court date until she’s out of solitary. He tells Monica this judge gives really harsh sentences for narco-related offenses. She hopes things turn out well, but she advises him not to put his heart into it.

Is she saying that because of Dave and Yolanda?

Obviously! They’re chasing the woman Dave’s in love with. How ridiculous is that?! Sooner or later it’s going to work against them.

Raúl thinks he and Lizbeth are different. Plus, she’s paying for her crimes.

That’s a huge difference, to Monica. If she has to, she’ll put a bullet in Yolanda to get the Lucios and the Cartel de las Sombras.

Club Evil

Oscar calls Zuli. John’s so wiped the ringing phone doesn’t wake him and she can barely get out from under him to reach it. She says she’s on her way.

She gets dressed (seriously, who accessorizes for a clandestine meeting in what’s basically their own house?) and heads for Oscar’s room. He gives her the bad news–Yoli and Olivia have Estela and Cristian. Well, she hopes Cristian doesn’t tell her where they are or it’s gonna get ugly. They’ll have to keep a very close eye on John.

Oscar tells Zuli to leave him alone so he can summon Roberto.


Santamaría and Rubio have made it to middle-of-nowhere Panama. But they’ve got flashlights and a map and apparently a compass, so they’re going to head for Panama City.

Santamaría’s getting himself all worked up imagining that Yolanda must be home, comfortable in her bed, screwing John, while here he is trampling through the brush.


How long has Estela been in the RV? ‘Cause she’s already found the booze. She complains about how long Yoli took to come get her and explains that she and Rosalba were on their way into witness protection when Oscar’s guys grabbed her. Yeah, just Oscar…she never saw John. They got moved around a lot and she couldn’t tell Yoli where any of the places were.

Wilmer comes back after dropping Cristian off at the closest emergency room. He says they’re taking him into surgery now. Olivia wants to go wait inside, but no one’s willing to let her. Yoli sends Wilmer back, but Estela says she’ll go. She wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Cristian, so, she might as well do something for him. She sticks the bottle of hooch in her purse. (Why do I not trust her?)


Cañego meets with his lawyer. Bautista says the Lucios are very pleased with him and they’re going to reward him with lots of cash, plus he’s getting out soon. All he has to do is kill Arley. They’ll even give him guys and weapons to help.


If the coordinates are correct, the Lucios’ airstrip is on the south side of Mexico City and right now Dave and crew are on the north side. Raúl really wants to check on Lizbeth, but Dave talks him into coming with them. He’s the only one who’s still an actual cop and can ask for reinforcements. He promises they’ll help him with Lizbeth after.

Speaking of coordinates, Wilmer’s been tracking calls on the Lucios’ phones and there are a lot coming from someplace south of the city, in the mountains. Yoli’s sure that’s one of their hidden airstrips. John always did like hiding them in mountains. They go check it out while Oli stays behind to wait for news on Cristian.

Road trip

Why are Santamaría and Rubio in Colombia? I thought they were in Panama. They flag down a jeep and Santamaría decides to just shoot the driver and take it.

Club Evil

At the club, a maid finally finds the dead body in the laundry room.

I’m not sure what we’re supposed to assume was going on between Oscar and Roberto since he summoned him last night. He now asks if Roberto’s going to tell him why he’s acting strangely. Roberto says he’s just angry that Olivia got away again.

Oscar gets the call about the body and responds with “Are you sure?” Uh…sure there’s a body? Sure it’s dead? What kind of question is that?

In the laundry room, there’s a crowd around the body now, including the maid, Oscar, Zuli, and Roberto. Zuli says there’s also money missing. Oscar orders Roberto to turn this place over and find out who did it.


At the airstrip, a plane lands and John has his guys get the pilot to a clinic. Argüelles notices a smell in the cabin. John figures it’s probably something that wasn’t sealed off properly. Argüelles thinks they should be taking the pilot to a hospital, but John knows they’ll call the police for that kind of chemical exposure.

He wants the plane cleaned so he can finish the trip. There’s no one else he can send. Zulima’s hung over and he wouldn’t send her on a solo trip to Brazil anyway.

Yoli and Wilmer get the RV parked and start heading for the airstrip. Basically, she’s banking on luck to keep them from getting shot. She’s also hoping John’s there.

This is all Oscar’s fault, she tells Wilmer. He hates her because he hates all women and Yolanda wasn’t going to be the exception.

While he’s waiting for the plane to be ready, John asks Argüelles if he knows what’s going on with Oscar. He’s being weird lately. John wants Argüelles to investigate.

Team Dave think they’re close to the airstrip. They get out of the SUV to go in on foot.

Argüelles is supervising the work on the plane when Roberto calls him. He thinks Oscar’s hiding something important from John. He gets as far as “Yolanda is,” before Zuli puts a gun to his head and tells him to hang up. She thinks they have some stuff to talk about.

Yoli and Wilmer split up. She gives him a short lesson on how to use the gun–point, shoot–and tells him to pray he doesn’t have to use it. She goes in the rest of the way alone.

The plane’s ready. John asks Argüelles if he’s found anything out about Oscar. Argüelles mentions Roberto’s call. He wanted to tell him something about Oscar, but all he got out was Yolanda’s name before the call cut off.

John decides the best way to find out what’s going on is to ask Oscar. (Yeah, good luck with that.) As he’s starting to make the call, Argüelles gets word they have an intruder, a woman, who’s about to make her way through the trees on the west side.

Yolanda sees John and goes running happily to him. He lets her hug and kiss him before telling her not to play the victim. He knows she was going to sell him out in Villa Antigua–that’s why he ordered her killed. Yolanda stares at him in confusion.

Yep, she sold him out to the DEA, so he told Pinto to kill her. Yoli swears she didn’t sell them out.

Oh yeah, well, the DEA nearly caught them in Villa Antigua. Dave’s probably here now, right?

Yoli says she’s not with Dave. And what does he mean he ordered Pinto to kill her?! Oscar’s the one who told him all this, right?

John threatens to shoot her in the head and Yoli dares him to do it. He can’t…but he’s determined to do it because no one betrays the Lucios.

And then Dave shoots up into the air, Monica screams at them to put down their weapons and things get shooty all around. Raúl calls for reinforcements and screams at Argüelles to stop. In response, Argüelles makes a run for it.

So does Yoli, heading for a hangar. Dave stops John from catching up to her, but Monica chases her inside and Yoli gets the drop on her, taking her gun.

Raúl fires his weapon in Argüelles’ general direction, which he was really not expecting. He refuses to throw his gun down and says he won’t go to jail.

Monica blames Yolanda and the Lucios for her sister’s death. Yoli swears she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And Monica had better not try anything or she’ll shoot. Yoli runs out the hangar’s other door.

And John rides out in an SUV, firing back at Dave and missing every time.

Argüelles is still trying to get Raúl to just let him walk. Raúl can’t let him and he won’t shoot either…until Argüelles turns around and they both shoot at each other.

Club Evil

Zuli handed Roberto over to Oscar. After some beating, he admits he was going to tell Argüelles that Yolanda was alive. And also he helped Estela and Cristian escape. But he didn’t take the money! He only helped Cristian because he felt like he owed it to Olivia’s family.

Zuli accuses him of still being in love with Olivia. So what was he doing in bed with Oscar? Roberto apologizes, but he’s just not into those things. He only did it for the job.

Oscar reminds Roberto that he’s the one who came to him, begging to work with him. Roberto says he can’t handle this life.

Well, like Oscar’s dad used to say, everything in this life has consequences. What consequence does Roberto think he deserves? He seriously tries to ask Oscar to just let him go, but Oscar’s going to keep him for a while. He’ll let him take Cristian’s place.

As Zulima and Oscar walk back to the house, she whines at him about what would have happened if she hadn’t realized his boyfriend was going to stab them in the back! John would have found out everything!

First off, it’s “Roberto” and second if she talks about a man that way in front of him again, he’ll kill her. He radios John.


Yolanda gets back to the RV and can’t find Wilmer. Too bad, she’s taking off without him.

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