La Piloto Wednesday 5/10/17 #47


Wilmer finds the airstrip and a wounded Raúl…and Dave finds him. Raúl’s still alive, but his dad is dead. Wilmer swears he had nothing to do with it–he’s just looking for his friend Yolanda. Monica and Dave trade notes and find out Yolanda and John got away from them.

They leave Raúl out in the field for an ambulance to pick up and drag Wilmer back to their SUV, telling him he’d better talk now before they take him to the US. Wilmer tells them everything–he knows Yolanda through Olivia, he was helping her find her brother Cristian, he’s been tracking the Lucios’ phones. OK, sure the feds have been doing that forever, but the feds don’t know what they’re doing. As for Olivia, she’s back at the hospital with Cristian and Estela.


Lizbeth’s out of solitary and the lawyer got her a new court date–tomorrow. He tells her to stay in her cell and out of trouble so she makes it. She should review her testimony. She needs to be convincing to get paroled.

Liz asks if Raúl already knows. She finds it strange that he didn’t answer the lawyer’s calls.


Yolanda gets back to the hospital and parks the RV at the curb. She sobs over a picture of John and remembers their recent encounter.

By the time Dave, Monica, and Wilmer get there, Cristian’s having a second surgery. Monica didn’t see anyone in the waiting area. Dave figures they’re keeping a low profile.

Actually, they’re out at the RV. Yolanda confesses she lost Wilmer and oh, by the way, John knew everything and he’s the one who wanted her killed. She explains she got away because Dave, Monica and Raúl showed up.

Immediately, Olivia says they have to get rid of the RV, in case one of them saw her leaving in it. Yoli’s still stuck on “It was John, not Oscar!” She declares John her enemy. Estela’s like “John knew I was lucked up all that time?!” At least she’s willing to share her hooch.

Dave drives around the hospital, looking for the RV. He and Monica go in with guns drawn, but it’s empty.

Yoli, Estela, and Olivia are splitting up, leaving Estela to watch for any suspicious activity at the hospital.

Club Evil

Zulima patches John up. He drops the “Yolanda is alive” bomb and watches Zulima and Oscar’s reactions. He tells them about the shootout at the airstrip with Dave, et al, and Zuli’s quick to jump on that, saying she must still be working with them. Oscar says obviously they’re willing to do anything to get to them, even if it’s illegal. John declares war. Oscar’s in ’cause, he’s Oscar.

Inside, they watch a news report about the shootout at the airstrip. This isn’t going to make them look good in front of the cartel. John wants more security…and where’s Roberto? Oscar claims he sent him to find a mechanic because some of the trucks are acting up.

They call Montgomery, but the only thing he knows so far is Argüelles is dead.


Santamaría and Rubio have now made it to Panama in their stolen jeep, which they load up with extra containers of gas. Rubio’s suspicious about where Santamaría got the money to pay the attendant, but Santamaría tells him not to ask so many questions and drive.

Inside, the clerk is tied up and the cash register is open. So…no longer leaving a trail of bodies, but still.

Reyes ends up out there, interviewing the clerk. He thanks her for the information and assures her they’ll be able to catch these guys with the descriptions she gave.

He calls to tell someone to alert the Panamanian police. He’s sure by now they must have reached Panama City.

Well…barring a flat tire. Which they have. They’re in the middle of changing it when a couple of cops bust them.


Dave has decided to wait outside the hospital entrance. As long as Cristian’s there, he knows Olivia will be and Yolanda will be with Olivia. He and Monica try to work out why Dave wants Yoli dead. Did he not realize she had been kidnapped? Monica doubts a guy like John would care. Dave drops her off and decides to make another round.

Yoli and Oli sit on a park bench, Yoli lamenting that someone’s always after her–the feds, the DEA, the Lucios, Santamaría. Oli agrees, when did their lives get so complicated.

Estela calls Olivia from the hospital, sobbing. Cristian didn’t survive the second surgery. She doesn’t even hear Monica calling her name. Once she sees her, Estela starts making a run for it.

Olivia’s determined to get her brother’s body out of the hospital so her mom can say goodbye. Yoli agrees–if they could get him out of that warehouse, this should be easy for them. She swears on everyone (they think) they’ve lost that she’ll make the Lucios pay for everything they’ve done. They start heading back.

Dave drives back up to the hospital entrance with Wilmer in the back seat, complaining that he doesn’t know Yolanda that well. Olivia thought she was dead. He only met her yesterday!

Moni walks up to the SUV and says Estela saw her and took off running. Cristian didn’t make it.

Club Evil

John asks Zulima if she’s SURE she didn’t know Yolanda was alive and accepts her protestations of innocence. Or maybe he would have questioned her further, but Oscar comes over to say Montgomery just called and Raúl is on his way to the police hospital. They decide to go get him.

Uh, but they were just on the news?

Like John cares. He’s all about questioning Raúl and showing him nobody messes with the Lucios or some macho crap.

Out by the SUVs, Oscar and John debate what to do if Raúl won’t tell them where Dave and Monica are. Oscar’s for bringing him back to Club Evil for torture. John’s for killing him in the hospital.

Zuli comes running up with baseball caps. For disguises. While he’s thinking about it, John wants them to ditch their cell phones. He’s sure that’s how Yolanda found him at the airstrip.

Zuli pulls Oscar aside and warns him that John’s asking questions about whether they knew Yoli was alive. And he’d better think about getting rid of Roberto, because if he talks…. Oscar says they’ll deal with it later and heads out with John.

On the way over, John remembers the day he gave Yoli his special gun. He mutters to himself that he’s going to kill her with it.

Oscar tells him the staff at the hospital has been bought, so they’ll have no trouble getting in.


Dave’s sure if Olivia finds out her brother is dead, she’ll come back for him. Moni starts talking about splitting up to wait for her, but her phone rings.

From across the street, Yoli’s like “Great. Friggin’ Dave Mejia again.”

Moni says Raúl’s awake and he wants to talk to her. She’s going off to do that and keep him company. Dave and Wilmer are staying behind at the hospital.

Yoli figures the grabbed Wilmer back at the airfield and he must have told them about Cristian.

Dave admits to Wilmer that he’s no longer a DEA agent, so it’s not like he can keep him here. But he does want to help Olivia and Yolanda, so if Wilmer could just stay put, he’ll go find them. He swears he won’t arrest them. ‘Cause he can’t. Wilmer obligingly sits in the SUV while Dave goes inside.

Yoli decides they’ll call Estela and have her find out what paperwork they need to get Cristian’s body.

The OTHER hospital

Monica visits Raúl and makes awkward small talk about how’s he doing and that she heard it was a complicated operation. Raúl’s a little concerned that he can’t feel his legs, but she reminds him he’s gotta let the anesthesia wear off. She tells him Dave’s at the other hospital with Wilmer, this guy who knows Yoli and Olivia. They’re waiting to see if Yoli will show up to get Olivia’s brother’s body.

Raúl asks how his father is.

Moni breaks it to him that he’s dead.


Estela sees Wilmer hanging out in the SUV out in front of the hospital and tells him to come with her. Never mind what Dave said!

They meet up with Olivia and Yolanda back at the RV. He gives Olivia his condolences and says he’s here for her.

He’s glad to see Yolanda’s ok. When the shooting started, he went to find her, but he ended up getting “arrested” by Dave. He seems like a good guy. Keeps talking about wanting to help her.

Yoli’s like “Nope, Dave’s a bad guy.” Wilmer just goes with it.

Estela breaks it to them that because Cristian was shot, they can’t get his body from the hospital. It has to be sent somewhere for an autopsy and that could take three or four days. Oli’s not willing to wait–if the Lucios find out what happened they’ll be able to find them.

Yoli asks her seriously if she wants to take the body to Tres Fuegos. Wilmer starts freaking out. That’s illegal. And Dave’s inside. What if he sees them? Yoli snaps at him not to worry about Dave. They’ll make a plan and get it done.

Inside, Dave’s alerting hospital security and taking up a position in the morgue.

Wilmer gets the honor of stealing the coroner’s van.

Yoli’s the decoy. She accidentally on purpose runs into Dave going one direction so Olivia can take the body the other direction. She dares Dave to shoot her since he’s pointing his gun at her.

Estela and Olivia wheel the body out to the back door, where Wilmer’s waiting.

Yolanda applauds Dave for finally busting her. Since Wilmer never did tell her Dave’s no longer with the DEA, she doesn’t put up a fight when Dave handcuffs her. To him.

Other hospital

The Lucios arrive.

Monica’s in the hallway, telling Lizbeth’s lawyer not to tell her about Raúl. He wants her to be able to concentrate on her hearing. She turns around and catches sight of John and Oscar and runs back to the elevator to call for backup.

She heads for Raúl’s room with a wheelchair and gets him the hell out of there. Without pants. But with his life, so…priorities.

John and Oscar find Raúl’s empty bed. And empty room.


Dave drags Yoli back to the SUV, complaining that Wilmer got loose. But he’s got her, right? So what else does he want?

He wants John. Sure, at first Yoli was just a way to get to John, but then…. Yoli disagrees that it was “at first.” She’s always just been a way to get to him. He’s always used her.

Dave denies it. Why does John want to kill her anyway? “Because he thinks I’m working for you.” But why does he think that? Yoli has no idea, but she’d like to know.

Dave swears he wants to help her, if she’ll just tell him the truth. Yoli thinks the handcuffs beg to differ. She’s practically got one foot in jail, just like he’s always wanted. Dave thinks it’s the best way–she turns herself in, he gets her protection.

Not anymore. She’s not working for John. They have no connection. And how many years would she end up in jail? Dave tries to say it’s none, but she’s not buying that. And she’s not telling him anything without a lawyer. He whines at her for making things difficult, takes off the cuffs, and puts her in the front seat of the SUV.

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