La Piloto Thursday 5/11/17 #48

Hospital escape

Oscar’s sure Monica got Raúl out. Well, she is the queen of thwarting hospital assassination attempts. Oscar tells the guys outside to watch for her, for all the good that will do.

Monica’s heading for the Metro station and her apartment, but Team Lucio check the garage. They hear the police sirens from there.

Body snatchers

Oli, Estela, and Wilmer are starting to wonder where Yolanda is. Wilmer wonders if Dave might have nabbed her. Oli would call, but she doesn’t want to mess up a potential escape attempt. Estela gets tired of listening to the doctor they’ve now kidnapped and threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t stop making that noise!

Uh, Wilmer sees where Yoli gets it from. “De tal palo,” Estela agrees.

Yoli’s phone starts ringing and Dave hands it over. She asks Olivia if they got Cristian’s body…in that case, they need to go. She’s not going to make it. Estela asks if that creep Dave got her and Dave answers that nothing’s going to happen to Yolanda while she’s with him. Whatever, Dave. Yoli tells them to go on with the rest of the plan.

Well, if there’s nothing else to do then Estela’s out of here. She has nothing to do in Tres Fuegos and she can say her goodbyes to Cristian now. Oli suggests she turn herself in to the police and try to get into witness protection again. They give her a cell phone so she can stay in touch with them.


Santamaría and Rubio hear that INTERPOL is waiting for them so they kick down the divider and kill the two hapless cops in the front seat. I mean, didn’t they hear them plotting back there?

They take the car to the Costa Rican border and dump it. Santamaria’s not risking crossing the border in a car everyone’s looking for.


She’s not 100% sure no one will find them there, but this is a new apartment for her. Raúl’s still not able to feel his legs.

As Monica puts a fresh bandage on him, she says if the Lucios came after him at the hospital that must mean they have more people on the inside.

She tries to encourage Raúl to get some rest, but he can’t stop thinking about it being his fault his dad’s dead. She knows the feeling and she knows words don’t help, but his dad paid the consequences for being a criminal. Raúl was just doing his job.

Is there someone she can call about the funeral? What does he need? She offers to leave him alone, but says she’ll be there for him. Raúl sobs and beats his legs.


Dave takes Yolanda to Rosalba’s apartment. It’s hugs and smiles all around.

In front of Dave, Yoli explains to her aunt that she thought what happened with the plane was an accident, but now she knows it was planned. John told her.

Those were the hardest five months of her life. She was kidnapped, living in the middle of the jungle, and Santamaría made everyone think she was dead. He’s sick with power, he thinks everyone is just an object to be used. Yolanda avoids explaining what she means. Rosalba can’t believe John’s evil caused all this.

Monica calls to tell Dave the Lucios showed up to try to kill Raúl. She got him out and brought him home and she’s hoping his wound doesn’t get infected.

Dave has a plan to get the Lucios, but they’re going to need Yolanda’s help. He explains she’s with him at Rosalba’s apartment and gives Monica the address.

Club Evil

Zulima’s taking lunch to Oscar’s ex…er, Roberto. Oscar swipes the sandwich and juice and hands her an apple instead.

He gets a call over the radio that some people are here to talk to him from the cartel. He doesn’t know if that’s bad…it could be. He sends Zuli on to Roberto and hands the sandwich off to one of the landscapers.

Zuli mocks Roberto, saying he’s only alive because Oscar likes him. As he makes short work of the apple, he taunts her about hiding things. Zuli says at least she’s not stupid enough to steal. OK, he admits it, he took the money…and he’ll share it with her if she helps get him out of here.

Zuli’s not going for it, even though Robert’s talking about $1M. It’s not like she could ask the Lucios for that and they’d just give it to her. And Oscar can turn on her at any time. And how does she think John’s going to react when Yolanda tells him everything? When she grabs him by the throat of his hoodie, he can tell she’s worried, but Zuli walks out on him anyway.


Yoli thanks Dave for bringing her to her aunt’s house. He says she’s a nice person–she deserved to know Yolanda was alive.

Rosalba feels bad about Estela spending all that time with the Lucios. Yoli borrows Dave’s phone to call, but before she does, Dave proposes they bring Estela here.

Rosalba’s “Ay, Dave….” is hilarious. I mean, anyone who’s spent more than five minutes with Estela knows how insufferable she is! Rosalba will do it, though. She doesn’t have the heart to leave her out on the street.

When Yoli gets hold of Estela, she’s immediately cranky about how UNFAIR it is that Rosalba has an APARTMENT when she had to share a floor with rats and roaches! She wants to talk to Dave about this. He PROMISED he would help her!

Yoli finds out that Olivia went back to Tres Fuegos, but Estela stayed behind. Yeah, Yoli will hand Dave the phone so he can give her the address, but as soon as they hang up she’d better come directly over here and make sure she’s not followed!

Tres Fuegos

Margot opens the door for Olivia. It’s pretty obvious from her face what happened, but she manages an “I couldn’t bring him back with me.” They sob together in the entryway while Wilmer hovers.


Cañego talks to a couple of other guys in the caf about Arley being pissed off at the Lucios and wanting revenge. They have orders to kill him and there’s money in it for whoever helps.

Arley comes over and finds Cañego’s “What’s up?” suspicious.

Later, one of the guards brings Arley back to the boiler room so Cañego and his new friends can try to kill him.

Well, that’s probably an overstatement. The other two guys go down quickly, Cañego puts a scratch on Arley’s arm and then ends up trying to run from him.


Rosalba tries to convince Yolanda that it’s time to start cooperating with the authorities. Yolanda SO doesn’t want to talk about this right now.

Reyes calls with the bad news that Santamaría and Rubio got away. Again. And killed two cops in the process. He’s sure they’re heading north. Yoli’s ears perk up at that. Yoli’s sure Santamaría’s heading for Mexico, looking for her.

Dave tells Yolanda they have to get rid of the people who want her dead if she wants to start over. Rosalba begs her to cooperate and try to get a lighter sentence.

And Dave picks NOW to tell them he’s not with the DEA anymore. That someone working with the Lucios got him kicked out.

Wait, so does Dave want her to cooperate with the DEA or with him? And how’s he going to help her? He swears his (ex) higher-ups will help her and he promises to do everything he can. He wants her to act as bait to draw John out so he can grab him.

Suddenly, they hear sirens. The feds are outside. Dave swears he had nothing to do with this! It must have been Monica. “And you want me to trust you?”

Estela begs Dave not to let them arrest Yolanda. He and Yolanda head for the laundry room and go out the window.

They’re looking for a way out of the building when the feds burst into Estela’s. She keeps telling them there’s no Yolanda there, but no one listens to her. Monica doesn’t even bother looking at her ID before calling for Dave.

Dave gives Yoli back her medal and tells her to go up the stairs to the roof while he goes down the front stairs and distracts them. Yes, Yoli, it’s your medal, now get going!

The feds leave Estela’s apartment. Dave comes outside and argues with Monica. Of course she brought the feds! She doesn’t care about Dave’s “plan.” He’s helping a fugitive. I’m just confused about how she’s able to order those guys around when she’s no longer an officer.

Team Evil Meeting

The Consul assures John that she’s on his side here. John complains about not just resolving this with a phone call.

The Senator called this meeting to complain about what happened at the airstrip this morning and how it affects them all. Blah, blah, blah, bad press, what don’t you understand about keeping a low profile, maybe this job is too big for you.

John objects to that. These things happen. They need to get back to work instead of having meetings.

The Senator tells him to pipe down and pay attention to who he’s talking to. John objects that they’re all getting rich off him and Oscar’s work. And hey, he got shot at today–do they get shot at? He tells them all to hell and walks out.

Oscar has his turn to make a similar complaint. Now Vergara objects–what’s Oscar calling “pressure”? Problems with women? The argument John hand with that woman at the airstrip? Who is she and what was she doing with John?

Oscar claims Yolanda works for them, but tells him he doesn’t owe them any explanations. He threatens to shoot Vergara and then tells the Senator the important thing here is whether or not they can work together. So, do they want to work with the Lucios, or do they want war?

Tres Fuegos

Olivia can’t get her mom to do anything but cry. Wilmer comes back after getting rid of the van. She tells him the funeral home came to pick up Cristian’s body and they’re burying him tomorrow. Her mom just walks past them, ignoring them, and goes upstairs.

Yolanda calls on Wilmer’s phone. She’s on the way to Oli’s house. She tells her Dave took her to see Rosalba and she got away from the feds, but uh, she’ll tell her more later. Dave mentioned wanting to make a deal to get the Lucios in jail. Olivia’s sure he wanted something in return, but Yoli would rather tell her in person. She knows she’ll feel safer with the Lucios in jail, but there’s still Santamaría to worry about.

Panama-Costa Rica border

So much for dumping the car. Santamaría has decided that now that there’s no line of cars waiting to cross, they’ll use it to speed through, guns blazing.

Team Evil

The Senator tells Oscar to clean up the mess. He and John need to keep in mind that the election is soon and he’s not going to let his political career go down the tubes for a scandal like this.

Zuli trips in, apologizing for interrupting. I think the Senator likes what he sees.

Everyone but Montgomery splits. Montgomery stops to tell Oscar that John’s “crazy” for treating the big bads like this. Oscar now makes it Montgomery’s job to get Yolanda.

When Montgomery’s gone, Oscar tells Zuli the next time the Senator makes that face, she’d better show him what she’s got.

John’s upstairs drinking and remembering seeing Yolanda. Zuli comes to check on him. He slams her down on the bed and chokes her, insisting she and Oscar knew Yolanda was alive.

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