La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 3/17/17 #88

(Ok this is an I lost my notes and have no time to go back and re-watch recap. Please forgive any missing bits)

Even after Cris’s talk, Luciano strips Alessandro of all his power in the hotel anyway cause that’s the kind of paranoid power mad despot he is.

Alessandro’s desperation

Alessandro actually is thinking of getting money out of the hotel to pay the debt, or selling his soul or doing something else crazy and desperate, but Cris talks him down and reminds him he shouldn’t do something that might get him thrown in jail, the day before his wedding. Octavia finds him and offers her support, emotional and financial, but Ale turns her down because of his dad’s paranoia. (Which makes no sense, Luc isn’t going to stop believing his delusions just because there’s no evidence for them. He’d be acting more like a sane person now if that was gonna happen.)

Rancho Celebration

At the ranch they celebrate Marcela’s great business move and the $$. Even ML gets in on the toasting.

Hotel Hijinks

Timo calls reception pretending to be Lencho’s grandma, for some reason, maybe just for fun, gets info on where Lencho is and goes looking for Lencho even after Norma asked him to stay in Octavia’s office and wait for her to find Oct.

Lencho seeing his dad at the door hurriedly hides Octavia’s stuff and answers the door in his skivvies. Timo isn’t bothered by his state of undress in the middle of the day, but starts to worry when he sees Octavia’s hair removal cream in the bathroom that Lencho forgot to hide. Lencho doesn’t help by saying Maria Laura made him hate all the womens. And Timo thinks Lencho’s new wardrobe, that Mauro helped him buy, is too, um, something a woman would pick out? Now Timo’s worried that Mauro is part of the homosexual agenda and a bad influence on Lencho, but when he expresses his worries to Oct, she laughs and assures him he has nothing to worry about, she’s completely satisfied with Lencho’s performance, and Lencho is just prettying himself up to be a big star. (In between a few places there Norma gets run ragged looking for Oct to tell her Timo’s there and then looking for Timo because he’s wandered off. She’s very dedicated for someone with such a thankless job.)

Betrayal and Rage

Inez gets the document stripping Ale of power and takes a copy to show Cris and Ale. Ale loses it. Seriously, the top of his head comes off and he goes looking for his dad to scream at him. Luciano and Alessandro have a screaming match in the lobby that is only stopped from becoming a physical fight by Nestor and Cris forcibly holding them back.

To end it, Ale shouts that he quits and renounces everything that comes from his dad since he has no respect left for him, and stomps off.

When they’re alone Cris chides Ale that he really shouldn’t say things in the heat of anger that will cause him problems later, but Ale has had it, he’s done, stick a fork in him, turn him over, he’s getting out. And he’s going to accept Octavia’s offer of a loan. She seems real nice now and who else can he turn to?

Octavia of course has her own plan, as she explains to Mauro, to put Ale so deeply in her debt he’ll never get free. Also she’s going to put some real nasty stuff in the fine print of the loan contract and work it out so neither Cris nor Ale has time to read it before signing. That’ll get him, and make him pay for what he did to her daughter. (Mauro’s face and my brain say, oh you mean marrying her and getting cheated on by her and giving her everything she wanted just to get her to go away?)

Octavia sends Ale and Cris hurrying over to Interbanco before they close and she’ll show up with the $$ and contract.

Silvana calls the hotel looking for Luc and gets Inez instead. Inez tells her Luc forced Ale out.

(I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve forgotten, but, as is the nature of forgetting, I can’t remember what they are. I’ll try to be more organized next time.)

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! This was indeed exactly how it all went down. I have to admit I was surprised that Al really was going to try to get money out of the hotel. I’m glad Cris talked him out of it, but that was a little tense there. I agree about Norma. Employee of the Month right there. She deserves a cocktail with two umbrellas. At the very least! Timo’s such a child. With the phone call and the not staying put. I don’t get what the “grandma” voice was about either. He just thinks he’s way more clever than he… Read more »

3 years ago

Timo has no boundaries. I found it amusing Lencho had his shoes on, though. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be so uncouth as to be in underwear AND barefoot! A gentleman always throws on some stylish footwear when welcoming guests into his home in his skivvies. Only a scoundrel would receive them barefoot!