La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 3/18/17 #89


Al and Cristian make a run for the bank while Octavia angry-gloats about how she’s got Al right where she wants him. She marvels at how she can be so smart while he’s so naïve.

Timo’s sitting on the bed Octavia and Lencho have been shagging in and having delusions of being Julius Caesar. Not to be confused with Julio César Chavez. Octavia’s his desired Cleopatra, obvs.


Silvana’s shocked to hear Al quit and Inés is like “Mhm, after that memo his dad sent.” Silvana wants Luc to go apologize to Al right now, but Inés doesn’t think that’s happening

In the kitchen, they’re having a second round of shots to celebrate Marcela’s success…or maybe it’s a third? Emiliano and Valeria join the celebrations. Silvana watches Marcela hugging Emi with a distinctly not-celebratory look on her face.

Silvana can’t reach Al. She tells Conchita Al and Luciano had another fight. “¿Otro?” You said it, Conchita!

Valeria calls Luciano, upset that he fought with Al again. She has to hang up since Marcela’s right there. Marcela teases her about having a boyfriend and Valeria tries to distract her by talking about tables. Ew, no, Marcela doesn’t want to talk about wedding stuff after what happened last night.

Marcela fills Valeria in on all the changes she’s made to Conchita’s plans. Valeria approves of all of it, but she still thinks Marcela should have just taken off. Anyway, she hopes Marcela won’t tell Al that Valeria was the one who warned her about Silvana. She thinks Marcela should just go talk to Silvana and convince her that Al doesn’t need to know about their fight. She thought bubbles that it will make Marcela look like a liar to Al.

Silvana finally gets hold of Luciano and screams at him for humiliating Al. Not that he thinks he did anything wrong. She tells him he’d better not dare show up for the wedding.

Maria Laura and Nisa are plotting the reappearance of The Necklace. ML fills her in on Secret Agent Sasha and how she’ll be the one to find it.

Conchita wants Silvana’s opinion on the tables, but she’s hardly in the mood. She tells Conchita Luciano won’t be coming to the wedding. And she’s sorry, but she really can’t help her right now. Conchita’s feeling faint again.


Al and Cristian get to the bank just as Felgueres wants to leave, but Al says he’s here to save the ranch.

Al threatens to complain to Felgueres’ boss if he doesn’t stay and accept the sweet deal Al’s about to offer. Really it’s Octi that Felgueres is worried about upsetting–he calls from the hallway and she tells him to take the deal. It’s her money, it’s all good. He doesn’t have to understand anything, just keep Al from knowing they’re buds. Felgueres still wants a date. Octavia’s like “Ugh, ok.”

Al sees the missed calls from his mom, but he’s not going to call her back now. Felgueres comes back to his office to tell Al he’ll take the deal. He gets a call announcing that Mauro arrived with some paperwork and shows Al to the conference room.

Al looks over the paperwork Mauro brought briefly before signing. Apparently the terms of the loan repayment were all left blank, but Al trusts his new BFF Octavia. He asks Mauro to pass on his thanks and he hopes to see them both at the wedding tomorrow.

Al signs some paperwork for Felgueres. There’s going to be some more on the way, but for now he’ll give him a letter saying the ranch is debt-free. Al says it’ll be his wedding present for Marcela. Cris still thinks it’s “crazy,” but it’s done.

What Cristian wants to know after is how Al’s going to repay Octavia. Um…they’re going to talk about it later? Cristian warns him not to sign ANYTHING until he’s looked it over.

Al’s headed back to the hacienda. He’s worried about leaving his mom and Marcela alone. Cristian still needs to go visit Nuria’s doctor, but he kind of missed their appointment. Al wishes him luck.


Marcela has a box full of paperwork that she’s dumping out all over her bed, looking for her most recent medical records. She hands those over to Emiliano while Valeria looks at her old pictures and ogles Demetrio.

Nisa interrupts to whine to Marcela that Maria Laura’s crying ’cause Marcela doesn’t love her and rejected her gift. Oh, right…well, tell ML that Marcela’s going to take care of that tomorrow and stop crying or she’ll look awful!

Sasha approaches as Nisa’s going to ML’s room to tell Marcela that Conchita’s looking for her.

Out in the courtyard, Angelo’s complaining that Sasha needs to get a move on and actually do something to help! Conchita brushes off his concerns and he and Tuti take off. When Marcela arrives, Conchita wants to make sure she likes how things look out there. ‘Cause if not, Conchita can change it.

Marcela says it’s all great and she’s sorry, she’s just had ranch stuff to deal with. She never meant to offend Conchita. Meh, Conchita’s not worried about herself right now…she’s worried about Silvana. And a mother-in-law who looks that angry is a cause for worry.

Silvana’s remembering ML’s accusations that Marcela’s a thief, Marcela asking what she really wants, Al saying he was going to pay off the hacienda’s debt, Inés saying Al quit, Luciano saying Al was going to take money from the hotel…and finally Al asking her not to say anything to Marcela. Marcela comes knocking, but Silvana’s in no mood. From the doorway, Marcela says she had to set limits–it’s her wedding. She didn’t mean to offend Silvana.

Silvana decides to let her in to scold her for the way she’s acting. It’s like she’s another person–or maybe this is who she’s always been. When she saw how happy Al was, she wanted to meet the woman who made him want to live and love. But now she thinks Marcela doesn’t love Al the way Al loves her.

Marcela insists she loves Al more than anything in this world. Silvana doesn’t believe her. Yeah, well, she’s never thought Marcela was good enough, right? She probably thinks Marcela’s a thief.

Silvana swears she doesn’t–she gave her a chance. “Liar.” Well, time will tell which one of them is lying. But she hopes Marcela doesn’t hurt Alessandro. Marcela thinks they’re talking past each other–they both want Al to be happy. That’s why Marcela came by to ask Silvana not to tell Al about their fight.

Too bad ’cause she’s already told him.

Marcela scoffs that Silvana sure didn’t waste any time making her look bad. Silvana says all she did was tell Al what happened–Marcela wants the wedding done her way. Marcela keeps insisting she loves Al, she tried to get Silvana to like her, but that was never going to happen, and they’re just going to have to try to get along, for Al’s sake. Silvana agrees, angrily. They’re both going to pretend this conversation never happened.


Nuria’s doctor was just about to leave when Cristian arrives, but he stays to talk. He thinks Nuria told Cristian everything, but when Cristian blames it all on the cancer, the doctor tells him the truth. Nuria has never been able to “be a mother.”

The doc’s sorry, but Nuria lied. And Cris can talk to her gynecologist about it. Whatever the problem is, he’s been working with Nuria to try to solve it since she was a teenager. He confirms that Nuria knew she couldn’t have children before she married him. And if he has any other questions, he should ask Nuria.

The doctor begs Cristian to listen to her and put himself in her place. He hopes as a couple they can get past this. Cristian stops himself from screaming at the doctor and decides to leave. The doctor advises him to calm down before he talks to Nuria and try to find some other solution. And he’ll be there to help them.

Cristian gets home and asks Nuria why she hid the truth from him–that she couldn’t have children and she knew it before they got married. Nuria tries to lie, but Cris says the doctor already told him everything. She grabs him and sobs that she didn’t want to lose him.

So, basically, Nuria never found the right moment to tell Cris she was infertile and the longer things went on, the more guilty and scared she felt. And him being so supportive through her illness just made her feel worse. She agrees he didn’t deserve to be lied to and have to find out from someone else.


Mauro tells Octavia he’ll work up the loan docs with the terms she gave him. He’s thinking they should celebrate, but Octavia already has a date.

Timo’s talking to the front desk about making a reservation for an aphrodisiac dinner, to Lucho’s horror. And Timo thinks he’s having a “fiery” night after. Yeah, spoke to soon about the horror.

Timo shines up the gold tooth. He’s sure the shine will knock her out long enough for him to sneak a kiss. And it’s all down hill from there. Watch and learn, kid.

Octavia calls and Timo makes a production out of answering the phone. She begs him to get down to the bar, ASAP. Timo says he’ll be there…he’s got a surprise for her. Octavia looks worried (she’s probably having visions of turkeys), but she says she’ll be there.

Timo insists Lencho wish him luck and hand over his hat.

As soon as he’s gone, Octavia walks in. She sent Timo to the bar to distract him so she can dress for her business meeting. “But my dad thinks….” Yeah, he thinks a lot of things, but Octavia says she’s never given him any hope. He just has a big imagination.

She rushes into the closet and right back out. “Where are my clothes?”

Timo heads for the bar, where he finds an already-drunk Mauro, upset over Octavia…not that he mentions her name. Timo says he was starting to think Mauro was batting for the other team and was looking at Timo as a suegro. Har, har, har. (*glare*)

Octavia’s dressed for her date. She begs Lencho not to dump all her clothes on the bottom of the closet again. She won’t be late…and when she gets back maybe she’ll come find him so they can celebrate.

Timo. Babbling. No, Abraham Lincoln did not say “To infinity, and beyond.” There’s a Trojan horse metaphor, flaming arrows, etc.

And then Lencho shows up and says Octavia’s not coming. He saw her leaving the hotel. Mauro jokingly welcomes him to the club.

Marcela and Alessandro

Marcela complains to Alba that Silvana already ratted her out. Valeria was right–she can’t be trusted. Supposedly she just told Al that Marcela made changes in the wedding. In that case, Alba thinks she’d better tell Al her version of things.

Marcela’s not so sure. If Al didn’t call, maybe he doesn’t think it’s that serious, so how’s it going to look if she complains? She’d rather just say nothing and not screw up this dream.

Al’s packing to go home, grinning, and thinking about how he fell in love with Marcela and her mischievous face and the shotgun on her shoulder.

Marcela’s insisting she knew Al was the guy for her.

Marcela’s having a nightmare when Al comes home and sneaks into the bedroom. She’s glad he’s back. She doesn’t want to talk right now–it’s late–but he wants to know what happened between her and his mom.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

I really really don’t like Nuria’s doctor talking to her husband behind her back. Leaving aside the fact that she shouldn’t have lied, he has no right to tell her business to anybody and how he was going on about how it’s his duty argh! I was talking to my tv going no it’s not, your duty is to your patient. Too infuriating

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Lencho, Timo, Mauro,Octavia, Ick. All I have to say about that

Oh and Valeria can take a long walk off a short cliff.
Wow, I am complaining a lot this episode
But you are a treasure:) thank you for another great recap

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Ungh I know, ML seems not to be operating on the same plane of reality as we are. It’s like – I hate my family but I don’t want to move off the ranch without them. And then when she’s talking to Nisa about Marce getting caught with the necklace and going to jail, she seemed to forget that Marcela didn’t actually steal anything. She just really believes her own pr