La Piloto Friday 5/12/17 #49

Club Evil

Zuli denies knowing that Yolanda was alive. She blames it all on Oscar and tells John he didn’t kill Cristian and Estela like he was supposed to. She heard one of the guys saying something about Yolanda last night. John’s furious that Oscar’s been lying to him.

He figures Oscar didn’t kill Estela because he knew Yolanda was alive. He asks if Zuli knows where Olivia lives and hell if I can remember whether she’s lying or not when she says it’s somewhere in Tres Fuegos, but she doesn’t know where. And besides, is he really going to fight with Oscar over someone who’s not even worth it? He should be focusing on the cartel and making money.

John agrees with her. Yoli isn’t worth it and it’s time for him to think about family. He and Zuli make up, but we’re spared the visuals.


Rosalba thanks Dave for not letting the DEA grab Yolanda. He says it’s the least he could do, but he wants them to convince Yolanda to help him.

Estela reminds him he “owes” her what he promised before she got kidnapped. Too bad, though, Dave’s not DEA anymore. He’ll talk to Monica and see what she can do.


Santamaría and Rubio are hoofing it.

Reyes breaks the bad news to Dave. They found the abandoned Panamanian police car, but they don’t have any idea how Santamaría’s getting around now. Reyes isn’t going to stop until he finds him, though.


Monica’s pissy about Dave’s continued Yolanda obsession. She’s a criminal! Monica intends to kill her if she has to.

Dave insists Yolanda is the only way to get to John. And she and John aren’t even working together anymore, they’re enemies.

Whatevs. All Monica saw at that airstrip was a bunch of criminals fighting among themselves.

Montgomery calls Monica to faux-casually ask if she heard what happened at that airstrip…. Some feds could have sworn they saw Dave there. “So call him.” Montgomery say she doesn’t have a way to. Well, Monica hasn’t heard from him. Montgomery attempts to invite himself over for coffee, but she says she’s got a call coming in and hangs up on him. Heh.

Dave and Monica both agree they think Montgomery’s working with the cartel.

Club Evil

Zulima wakes up in bed alone.

Oscar doesn’t know where John went and he’s not answering his phone. Zuli claims all that happened last night was John vented about Yolanda. Oscar says this is the first time John has taken off without telling him where he’s going to be–which makes him think John has something against him.

He heads for the house, screaming at one of the gardeners on the way.

Tres Fuegos

Yolanda makes it to Olivia’s house. She fills Oli in about Dave taking her to see Rosalba and giving back her medallion. But she still doesn’t know if she’s going to help him.


Estela complains about sleeping on the sofa last night after five months of sleeping on the floor. I’m trying to be sympathetic here, but this is really about Estela being manipulative, so I completely support Rosalba not giving up her bed.

Yolanda calls and now Estela unloads on her, whining about what she’s supposed to do now. Yoli doesn’t have a clue.


John shows up to pay a visit to some underling and his people. He announces he’s turning the airstrip here into their main one, since the one in Mexico City was discovered.

Underling objects–they don’t have the capacity and it’s just going to attract the attention of the feds.

Too bad. Those are John’s orders.

Mexico City

Monica’s giving Dave instructions for Raúl’s meds, but when Raúl says he still can’t feel his legs Dave decides they need to take him to a hospital. Monica suggests the clinic a couple of blocks away.

What Raúl’s more worried about, though, is Lizbeth’s hearing. He wants Monica to go explain to the judge what happened.

Joanna wishes Lizbeth goodbye on her way to her hearing and hopes she never sees her again.


Cañego breaks it to Bautista that Arley’s still alive. Hey, he wasn’t head of security for nothing. They sent him to the infirmary with a scratch, but that’s it. And now Cañego’s worried about what Arley’s going to do when he gets out. Bautista’s more worried about what the Lucios are going to do to Cañego.

In the infirmary, Arley whines to one of the guards that he can’t believe Cañego stabbed him in the back like this. He’s going to kill them all.

The guard tells him to chill. And now that he’s been patched up, he needs to get going.


Oscar tells Zulima about John’s trip to Guadalajara to see Yáñez, one of their partners. Oh, I’d completely forgotten about that guy. He runs the airstrip where Yolanda ended up when she had to make an emergency landing once.

Oscar thinks he’s there to ask Yáñez to be his second.

John gives orders to have the runway cleaned up, stock up on fuel, prepare rooms for the pilots. Yáñez doesn’t like him showing up and giving orders.

Too bad. John’s giving the orders now. If Yáñez wants a job in the organization, he can be the new head of security…and his first job is finding Yolanda.

Instead, Yáñez follows John outside and gets into a fistfight with him. John’s not super offended by it, he just kicks his ass and gets Yáñez to agree he’s in charge. Not that Yáñez looks very happy about it.

Tres Fuegos

Wilmer has been monitoring the Lucios’ cell phones, but there’s been no activity. He thinks they’ve gotten new lines after what happened at the airstrip.

Oli’s leaning toward Yolanda working with Dave, but Yoli doesn’t want to trust him. Plus it would mean working with Monica and Monica wants her in jail. She thinks they ought to find someone else on the inside who wants to screw over the Lucios.


Santamaría’s on a bus with Rubio, plotting their route. The bus has a TV. It’s tuned to the news. And guess whose face is on the screen? At least one passenger notices.

An INTERPOL agent calls Reyes. They got an anonymous report about Santamaría being on a bus. Reyes checks a map and says they have to stop it before it gets to Upala.

Reyes gets a roadblock set up in time…and stops the wrong bus. None of the passengers admit to seeing them and Reyes can’t figure out what happened…unless Santamaría was the one who called to give them the wrong information? He wants all the buses taking this route stopped.

Meanwhile, Santamaría and Rubio get off the bus they were on and start walking again.

Los Nieves

Yáñez drives John to Tres Fuegos as John explains they’re going to Olivia Nieves’ house. He’s sure Yolanda’s there. If not, they’ll just grab Olivia and her family (not to be flippant, but don’t you mean what’s left of her family?) and find out what they need to know.

Olivia can’t get Margot to get out of bed and go to Cristian’s funeral. She’s been afraid of funeral homes since Omar died and she doesn’t want to say goodbye to Cristian. Nothing has any meaning anymore. She just wants God to take her to Omar and Cristian. She remembers begging Cristian not to go.


The judge is late, Raúl’s not there, and Lizbeth is worried. The lawyer says Raúl’s busy. He just needs her to focus on what she’s going to say to the judge. Instead, she’s distracted by the arrival of Monica.

The judge arrives and wants to cut to the chase–what does Lizbeth have to say for herself?

Lizbeth says she’s sorry for working with the Lucios, but she’s paid her debt and she’ll always have this on her conscience. She asks him to release her, saying she’s ready to start her life over with someone who’s been there for her and never abandoned her.

Raúl’s in the clinic, wishing he could be at the hearing. Dave tells him to be calm, Monica’s there, she’ll call if anything happens.

Raúl’s convinced there’s something wrong with his legs.

The judge believes Lizbeth didn’t act maliciously, but that doesn’t relieve her of responsibility. Narco-related crimes are serious and that gives him reasons to lengthen her sentence…but he thinks the time she’s spent in prison was enough to pay for the crimes she committed. He’ll give her one chance. She’s on parole, effective immediately. Someone comes over to unlock her handcuffs and the judge dismisses the proceedings.

Monica comes over to tell Liz she’s lucky. As for Raúl….

As they head out of the building, Monica explains about the shootout at the airstrip. And now it looks like Raúl’s not going to walk again. She thinks Lizbeth should be the one to tell him.

Raúl’s at home worrying about Monica not calling. Dave’s phone rings and it’s Lizbeth. She gives Raúl the good news and says she and Monica are on their way and she can’t wait to see him.

Dave’s happy for him. But Raúl is insisting he has to stand up.


Well, damn.

Instead of Reyes finding Santamaría and Rubio, they find him. And carjack him.

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