La Piloto Monday 5/15/17 #50

Tres Fuegos

Yolanda remembers Dave giving back her medallion and helping her get away from the feds. She remembers telling Olivia she hasn’t felt so important to anyone in a while. Olivia knocks on the door and asks if she’s ready yet. Yoli grabs her stuff.

John gives their driver directions and tells Yáñez to get that cranky look off his face. Oscar calls and John starts giving him ‘tude. He doesn’t have to tell Oscar anything, Yáñez is their new security guy, and nobody gets a say–including Oscar.

Oscar wants to know if he’s getting pushed out, but John says they’ll talk when he gets back. And he wants Oscar to deal with Yolanda.

Club Evil

Oscar complains to Zuli that John doesn’t trust him and he’s going to kick him out at any minute.

Bautista shows up to report Cañego’s failure. Oscar finds it funny that Arley wasn’t so easy to kill.


Cañego’s walking past the wood shop when he sees Arley and starts to panic. In the time it takes the guards to search Arley so he doesn’t go after Cañego with a hammer, Cañego has already picked a fight with a guard and gotten dragged off by two others.


Reyes has gotten roped into being Santamaría’s driver. He doesn’t think it’ll last beyond the first border, but Santamaría’s sure if he just says he’s going into Nicaragua on a secret mission, they’ll have no problems.

Tres Fuegos

At Olivia’s house, John sends Yáñez in alone. He takes two guys with him, but they don’t find anyone in the house.

Margot went to the funeral after all.

John comes into Olivia’s house, demanding they search AGAIN because someone MUST be here.

While Yáñez’s men search the house, John starts flipping through all the paperwork in the living room, looking for who knows what. When Yáñez and his men get back, he tells Yáñez to help. Luckily for Yáñez, someone rings the doorbell just then.

John finally gets his clue, in the form of a flower delivery guy. He checks the card, sees it’s one of condolence and calls someone to find out who died. As for the delivery guy, he gets hauled out back.

Casa Monica

Lizbeth and Raúl have their reunion. He mentions he’ll need a few days before he can walk again and Monica looks guilty.

Lizbeth breaks it to Raúl that he’s not going to walk again. Monica sobs and apologizes, but the doctors did say the bullet hit the spinal cord. Lizbeth assures him she’s not leaving him.

Dave paces the kitchen, anxiously talking to himself and begging Yolanda to call him already. Monica complains about him expecting Yolanda to change.

Lizbeth walks in on this argument. Raúl finally got to sleep. She says he really didn’t deserve this and it sets Monica off. She goes on a tear about “people like you.” Lizbeth agrees her rant is justified, but everyone makes mistakes. She made one and she’s sorry, but she’s starting a new life today. She hopes her friends do too.

Speaking of them, Dave tells her Cristian died. Monica bitterly adds that the Lucios killed him. Lizbeth wants to call her.

Phone reunions

Standing there by the coffin next to Olivia and her mom, Wilmer’s phone rings. I mean, seriously, did the priest need to start off the funeral with “Everyone please silence your phones”? He answers and hands it to Olivia, telling her it’s Lizbeth.

She gives Olivia her condolences and explains that after Arley tried to kill them she turned herself in to the police. She’s been in prison for the last five months, but she’s out on parole now. Olivia gives her Yolanda’s number.

John gets off the phone and tells Yáñez that Cristian died and where he’s being buried. He wants Yáñez to take two of the guys and go check it out while the other one stays with him in case the Nieves come back to the house. He warns Yáñez to be careful–Olivia’s not stupid and if she’s with Yolanda, he’d better not underestimate her and end up on the list of people she got the better of. He gives him a fairly insulting tap on the cheek and calls him a dog. He couldn’t do a better job of turning this guy against him if he tried. Yáñez is already giving him hostile glares every chance he gets.

Lizbeth gets hold of Yolanda while she’s driving a car somewhere or other–she wasn’t at the funeral. As she happily says they’re all alive, Monica makes a face behind her. Raúl’s the one who’s in bad shape after that shootout–he might never walk again. She says Dave gave her the number.

And now Dave grabs the phone, just in time to hear Yoli telling Liz to hang up. He wants Yoli’s answer. She says she’s not ready to give him one and hangs up on him. Lizbeth asks him to understand.

Instead he takes off. Monica decides to follow him, telling Liz the house keys are on the fridge and there’s a gun in a drawer in case she needs it.

In Villa Antigua, Carmen’s in the kitchen, popping pills behind Amanda’s back. Lizbeth calls and tells Amanda she’s out of prison and Olivia and Yolanda are both alive. She also gives her the bad news–Olivia’s brother is being buried today.

Amanda’s sorry to hear about Raúl, but Liz is optimistic things are all going to turn out OK. They’re going to Villa Antigua tomorrow for Raúl’s dad’s funeral. She’s looking forward to seeing Amanda again, and her belly.

She wonders if Raúl knows anything about Arley. Liz thinks he’s still at the same prison. Carmen listens at the door as Amanda says she feels like she needs to see him and let him know she forgives him and she’s not holding a grudge.

Amada also feels like she needs to leave, and the way Carmen has been acting lately makes her nervous.


Oscar’s smacking Roberto around at Club Evil when Montgomery calls to ask if they’ve replaced the main airstrip. Oscar tells him to quit bugging him if he wants to stay on John’s good side. Does he have any news about Dave?

Montgomery says he tried to ask Monica, but she’s loyal to Dave. Oscar doesn’t care, he just wants Montgomery to find him.

Montgomery hangs up the phone, frustrated…and suddenly there’s Dave, walking into his office, saying he’s here to turn himself in.

Oscar’s washing Roberto’s blood of his hands when Montgomery texts telling him Dave showed up and asking if he wants him arrested. Oscar facetiously asks Roberto’s opinion before texting Montgomery not to arrest him, just keep him there. He radios for three guys to meet him at the car and bring “an arsenal.”

Dave’s ASKING to be arrested and sent back to the US. He claims he regrets coming here and wants to go back. Montgomery advises him to go on his own. Getting arrested could complicate things for him. For old times’ sake, he’s going to let him go, but he advises Dave to go back right away, for the sake of his career.

Well, OK, then, Dave’s going.

But now Montgomery wants him to stick around, talk, have a drink. Dave knows it’s a ploy to give his bosses time to get there. He tells Montgomery to enjoy that chair, because he won’t be in it long. Montgomery chases him out of the office, begging him to wait.

He follows Dave to the parking garage, where Dave gets the drop on him and takes him hostage. They get into the back seat of a car to wait and see who shows up. Montgomery keeps denying he has anything to do with the Lucios, but Dave demands the password to his cell phone or he’ll blow his head off.

Oscar tells his driver to slow down and look casual. He calls Montgomery and Dave answers. Neither one says anything. Montgomery slams his elbow into Dave’s nose and it ends the call. Oscar tells his driver to pull over. He sends a couple of guys to walk over to the police station and check things out. Sometimes Oscar’s surprisingly good at his job.

In the parking garage, Montgomery runs back to the stairs and shouts up to someone that Dave Mejia just attacked him. As a bunch of cops head down the stairs, Montgomery orders them to stop Dave.

Dave jumps into the front seat of the car and drives off just as the men Oscar sent make it to the parking garage. They get into a shootout with the police Montgomery sent after Dave.

Montgomery runs down to Oscar’s SUV parked out on the street somewhere and jumps into the back seat. He says it was all a trick–Dave just wanted to prove they’re working together. And now he has his cell phone…but it needs a password to unlock it. Oscar complains that if Dave has proof they’re going to have trouble with the cartel.

Tres Fuegos

Yáñez watches the line of cars going into the cemetery. Yoli’s in one of them, about to hide her gun, when she sees Yáñez and starts driving again. Yáñez screams at his guys that he wants her alive. They jump into their SUV and start chasing her.

They chase her out of the cemetery and block her car, making her get out and forcing her into the back seat of the SUV.

John starts getting frustrated that Yáñez isn’t answering his phone.

Yolanda remembers meeting Yáñez in Guadalajara. So does he. And now the dance begins.

John will be happy to see her.

Uh, huh. No offense, but wasn’t he John’s partner and not his employee?

Wasn’t she John’s girlfriend and not the woman he wants to kill?

Seems like they have more in common than he thinks. Maybe they should stop the car and talk.

Yáñez’s cell rings again. He takes John’s call this time and gets a barrage of verbal abuse. John’s now demanding that Yáñez update him every half hour. Yáñez says they’re on the way to the cemetery. No one was at the funeral home.

Yáñez has his guys pull the car over. He’s never seen John fall so hard for a woman before. Olivia keeps calling. Yoli offers to answer, but Yáñez says he’s only giving her a few minutes, so she’d better make the most of it. What happened between her and John?

She says John thinks she was screwing around with him and she betrayed him, but until now she was always good to him. He’s sick with power, thinking everyone’s out to get him. Maybe it’s because of the money? He doesn’t even trust his own shadow and he has no problem getting rid of anyone who bothers him. And Yoli bothers him, so he wants her dead.

Yáñez says John showed up at his ranch acting like the boss and demoted him from partner to head of security. But he’s not letting John humiliate him like that.

Yoli tells him to think about it–what could his business be like if the Lucios were in jail? Yáñez looks uncomfortable.

Club Evil

The Senator’s hanging out in the back yard, setting up a press conference. Zuli saunters up. She’s good at sauntering.

He flirts. But he’s sure she’s dating one of the Lucios. Zuli says she’s John’s girlfriend. And does a guy like him, with his lack of class, treat her right?

Casa Monica

Raúl complains that the pills the doctor gave him made him sleep. He feels like he’s sleeping too much, but Lizbeth is sure he needed it. She hands him a mug of tea with a smile.

Dave gets back, explaining that he confronted Montgomery and he’s working for the Lucios and the Cartel de las Sombras. Raúl asks if he has any proof, but Dave says they’d have to unlock his phone.

And where’s Monica? Lizbeth doesn’t know. She didn’t say where she was going.

Tres Fuegos

Monica’s taxi pulls up at Olivia’s house. She rings the doorbell and tells Margot it’s her.

Instead, the guy who stayed behind with John comes up behind her and motions to her to face the wall so he can take her gun.

He walks her into the house where John’s waiting. He has some questions for her.

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