La Piloto Tuesday 5/16/17 #51

Tres Fuegos

John tries to torture Dave’s location out of Monica. She refuses to say anything, despite having a plastic bag put over her head and John’s creepy flirting.

Her phone rings and John gloats as he sees Dave’s name on the display. He answers, taunting Dave and telling him to show up with Yolanda if he wants to get Monica back.

“We’ll see if he loves you as much as you love him.”

Yáñez and Yoli have made a deal. Yáñez is going to call the feds and tell them where to find John. When Yoli hears he’s at Olivia’s house, she takes her phone back from Yáñez to warn her before she goes back there.

Club Evil

The Senator suggests Zuli ditch John and hang out with him instead. He’s going to be the president soon.

Zuli thanks him for the offer, but she’s not up for being anyone’s mistress.

He doubts she’s John’s one and only, but hey, if she changes her mind.


Yeah, Santamaría’s plan worked. Now they’ve gotta get through Honduras and Guatemala. Reyes tries to talk him into turning himself in, pointing out that now he’s not just a fugitive in Colombia, he’s wanted internationally. Santamaría gloats that he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.

OK, then, Reyes resorts to insults. What kind of loser crosses through four countries just to get at a woman who’d rather see him dead? Rubio’s suddenly on alert. Reyes says Yolanda was never his girlfriend and she never will be. Weren’t the months she had to put up with him enough? Why doesn’t he just leave her alone? She’ll never be his.

Santamaría starts choking Reyes. As he’s driving the car. From the back seat Rubio screams at him to stop–they need him. He shoves them apart.


Dave’s freaking out. And he doesn’t even know where to start looking for Monica. He decides she must have gone after Yolanda. Raúl calls a friend in Tres Fuegos and asks for help looking for her, saying she’s been kidnapped by John Lucio.

Raúl gets off the phone, surprised. They’ve already gotten a call that John Lucio is in Tres Fuegos, in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood. Lizbeth says that’s where Olivia lives. The feds are already on their way.

Yáñez and Yolanda approach the house so they can watch John get taken in. They make sure to park far enough away not to get caught themselves. Yáñez thinks John’s got it coming after the way he treated him.

John wonders why Yolanda’s working with the feds and not the DEA. Monica says Yolanda isn’t working with them. If they showed up at the airstrip at the same time, it’s a coincidence. She would NEVER work with Yolanda. EVER.

Dave calls and says he’s going to turn himself over with Yolanda, as long as John doesn’t hurt Monica. He just needs to know where.

As John’s gloating about being the one who makes the rules now, he starts to hear sirens. The feds have arrived and they want him to free his hostage and turn himself in.

They send Monica out, still gagged and handcuffed. Yoli’s confused when she sees her, but then she realizes John must be using her as a distraction while he sneaks out the back.

And there he goes, over the roof, while the other guy shoves Monica at the cops. She pulls out the gag and screams at them to go around the back–John’s getting away!

They catch up to the guy John had with him and shoot him, but John makes it down to the street and steals a car and a cell phone.

Yoli and Yáñez still aren’t seeing John. And the cops are walking over to the SUV, so Yáñez tells his guys to get them out of there.

Raúl’s contact tells them John was at the house, but he got away. He doesn’t know anything about Monica, so Dave calls her. She admits she was there trying to arrest Yolanda, but she never saw her. John’s after Yolanda, though.

Club Evil

John’s back. Oscar, rather stupidly, reminds him of their Lucio Brothers Pact to try to get John to tell him what’s going on.

John tells him to have the guts to explain why he’s been lying to him. Dave and Monica both told him Yolanda was never working for them. If Oscar doesn’t tell him the truth, he’s going to forget they’re brothers.

So Oscar sets his gun down and says he and Zulima didn’t tell him everything. It’s true Yolanda was never working with Dave and Monica.

So Yolanda never betrayed him? Ever since Oscar told him she did, John’s been falling apart and Oscar didn’t even care, he just kept lying? He’d better not try to say he did it for John’s own good. He gave the order to kill the only woman he’s ever loved. Oscar clipped his wings and he didn’t even care?

Oscar swears the only thing he cares about is John. He knows he’s angry and not thinking, but sooner or later Yolanda would have killed him and he knows it. Doesn’t John remember when she admitted that she lied to him and told him she did sleep with Dave? He doesn’t want to see John ever looking like that again. So yeah, he did it for him.

John says if Oscar loved him he wouldn’t have stabbed him in the back. He pulls out his gun, not that he thinks he has the guts to shoot Oscar, even though Oscar tells him to go for it. Oscar admits he screwed up, but he just didn’t want John to suffer. So he apologizes for always wanting the best for him.

John pulls the gun away from Oscar’s face…and starts thinking about finding Zulima and making her pay.

She’s not in her room and Oscar doesn’t really care.

Zuli’s freeing Roberto.

Without explaining why, Oscar takes John down to the now-empty boiler room. Now he tries to make it sound like Zulima’s the one who’s been keeping Roberto locked up. He’ll explain later. He radios the guys to find them, but not kill them. John stares at the chain hanging from the ceiling like he’s thinking this story sounds a little bogus.

Roberto and Zuli sneak out the back and into an armored SUV, heading right out the front driveway despite gunfire from Oscar, John, and two other random guys. John and Oscar seriously starts shooting at the feet of their own men, screaming at them to go after Roberto and Zuli.

Casa Monica

Lizbeth changes Raúl’s bandages while Dave tries to crack into Montgomery’s phone. Monica said she’d be back later.

Lizbeth decides to try calling Olivia again. She’s been worried that she wasn’t answering her phone. Dave decides to call Reyes for an update on Santamaría.


Reyes is sure at the next border crossing this is all over, but Santamaría is going to try the “We’re on a secret mission” trick again–this time with Rubio pretending to be Reyes.

Dave calls and Santamaría puts the call on speaker. Reyes gets through the first part of the call naturally enough, since he’s genuinely shocked to hear that Montgomery is working for the Lucios. But then Dave starts asking for an update on Santamaría and Reyes falters. Er…he’s fine, he’s just…driving.

Santamaría tells him to say they’re headed back to Colombia. Reyes does than and then hangs up on Dave before he has to come up with an explanation for why Santamaría would have gone home after making it so far.

Casa Olivia

When they finally make it back, Margot’s upset to see the mess in the living room. Wilmer offers his place, but she refuses to leave her house on account of those narcos. Still, she’s had a rough day and she ends up sobbing and going back to her room.

Oli wonders if Yolanda has called, but Wilmer’s phone battery ran out.

Casa Monica

Lizbeth’s still getting no answer on Oli’s phone. Dave’s no closer to cracking Montgomery’s phone. And something about that call to Reyes seemed off.

Lizbeth’s worried something might have happened to Olivia, but Dave says they didn’t show up while the Lucios were there. Liz tries again and this time Olivia answers. Yolanda called them so they could avoid John, but now Olivia doesn’t know where Yolanda is.


Yáñez takes Yoli back home with him. There was nothing on the news about what happened in Tres Fuegos and they don’t know where John is.

He calls Yáñez and Yáñez asks Yoli how to play it.

They pretend Yáñez captured Yoli and they’re on their way back to his ranch…but he had to knock her out, so she can’t talk. Why does John care anyway, didn’t he want her dead? John just says things changed. He wants a call when Yáñez gets to the ranch.

At the club, Oscar says the guys are still looking for Roberto and Zuli. John tells him Yáñez has Yoli. Oscar looks less than thrilled.


At the border, Rubio flashes Reyes’ badge while Santamaría and Reyes hide in the back.

The guard’s not happy with Rubio’s lack of answers, but Rubio bluffs, telling him to call the embassy and they’ll back him up. The guard tells him to go ahead and Reyes takes his chance and starts screaming for help.

Rubio floors it, Santamaría shoots Reyes in the gut, and the border guards fire on the SUV, not slowing it down one bit.

They stop later to dump the body.

Villa Antigua

Amanda packs a backpack full of baby stuff as Carmen calls her to dinner. She catches her with the backpack and asks where she’s going.

Amanda tries to explain that she can’t stay here. She can’t keep living off of Carmen.

Carmen has decided what she really wants is to go running back to Arley and Carmen is determined not to let her make another mistake like she did sleeping with him in the first place. She forbids her from leaving and that’s an order.

But she thinks she’s Cindy. We get flashbacks of Cindy bringing Amanda home and Carmen getting the call that Cindy was dead.

Amanda reminds Carmen of who she is and insists she has to leave. Instead, Carmen chases her out to the street, continuing to call her Cindy. Amanda starts screaming for help and gets away when a couple of neighbors restrain Carmen.

Casa Monica

Raúl and Dave can’t figure out where Yolanda could be. If John had caught up to her, they’re sure Olivia, Margot, and Wilmer would be dead too. Lizbeth suggests Oscar might have gotten to her. Dave thought of that. He turns down her offered mug of tea and asks Raúl to see if his friend in Tres Fuegos can find the car she was in.

Lizbeth begs Dave to calm down, but he insists he can’t until they find Yolanda.

Club Evil

Zuli and Roberto are still missing. John intends to make Zulima pay for everything she and Oscar did…and there’s no point denying to him that they were working together.

But he’s going to make everything right. He’s going to get Yolanda back and give her back her place in the organization. And the family.


Yoli’s sure John is going to arrive with all his guards and with Oscar. Yáñez has to pretend everything’s normal. He’s planning to shoot them, but Yolanda doesn’t want them dead–she wants them turned over to the cops and extradited to the US.

Yáñez says it’s risky…but not a bad idea. Does she know who they can turn them over to?

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