La Piloto Wednesday 5/17/17 #52

Casa Monica

Monica gets home and Dave feels the need to tell her she was stupid for going. Yeah, well, she didn’t expect to run into John.

Look, Dave’s the only one here who thinks Yolanda’s just going to show up and tell him where to find the Lucios.

Dave says Yolanda’s missing. She went to Cristian’s funeral, but she called Olivia to tell her John was at her house. After that no one heard from her. Monica’s sure she’ll turn up like she always does.

And how did it go with Montgomery?

Dave says he’s working for the Lucios. And he’s got Montgomery’s cell phone, but he can’t crack it. Monica starts trying to think of who can help them. (Wilmer?)

Raúl and Lizbeth come in. They’re glad Monica’s OK. His friend in Tres Fuegos called to say they found Olivia’s mom’s car, but no trace of Yolanda. And no, she’s not in the morgue.


Yoli’s getting ready to turn in for the night. She remembers her reunion with John and telling Yáñez she wants John and Oscar sent to prison in the US.

Tres Fuegos

Olivia thanks Wilmer for all his help, but he really doesn’t have any reason to. He wants to, though. And it’s more fun than sitting in an office all day.

Anyway, she…um…kissed him at the funeral. Why? Olivia says she wanted to. She cuts off Wilmer’s babbling with another kiss.

And someone calls. Damnit! Wilmer hands over the phone when he sees its Yolanda. Yoli fills Olivia in on where she is, who she’s with, and their plan. Olivia does NOT like the plan. She encourages Yolanda to get out before it’s too late. Yoli says she’ll call later.


Robert backs the SUV into a parking space. He thinks they’ve finally lost the Lucios. Zuli searches the SUV for a weapon, and then her purse for a cigarette, striking out on both. Roberto laughs at her–she’s had a falling out with the Lucios, hasn’t she? Zuli tells him to shut it and remember they have a deal. And she needs that money so she can get out of the city.

Oscar checks with his guys and yeah, they’ve lost Roberto and Zulima. He tells them to come back to the club so they can plan. John wants her found, no matter what.

Oscar tries calling Zuli, remembering that Roberto denied having taken the money…and then remembering finding Roberto at the warehouse and Roberto him saying Yolanda and Olivia showed up with armed men and took Cristian and Estela. He radios his guys and tells them to cancel all his previous orders–change of plans.


Dave remembers screaming at Yoli outside a hangar when she and the guys showed up to try to take back La Consentida.

Yoli remembers Dave giving back her medallion and Rosalba encouraging her to start over and cooperate with the authorities.


In the morning, Dave’s checking Monica’s laptop when the doorbell buzzes. He takes Monica’s gun out of the drawer and goes to answer. It’s Amanda. Monica rolls her eyes and welcomes Amanda to the “Ex-Lucio Employees Hotel” before stomping out of her living room.

The reunion continues at the kitchen table. Amanda tells everyone about Cindy’s mom starting to act stranger and stranger, trying to keep her from leaving, and chasing her down the sidewalk on the day she left. But now here she is, and she’s so glad to see Lizbeth again. Monica’s rolling her eyes again.

Amanda’s annoyed that Lizbeth didn’t tell her Yolanda was missing. Lizbeth calls Olivia to see if she’s heard anything. Olivia swears her to secrecy between whispering that Yolanda’s trying to trap the Lucios and DON’T TELL DAVE! Lizbeth tells the others Olivia hasn’t heard from Yolanda and she was busy.


Roberto and Zuli make it to the place Cristian and Estela were being held. Since it’s now abandoned, he has no idea whether the money will still be there.

Roberto pries open an air vent and checks–the money’s still there, all of it. He hands the backpack over to Zuli, but tries to convince her to give him some of it. They fight over the backpack until Roberto hears someone in the alley. They go out the back to get away from Oscar’s men.

What makes no sense is that Oscar’s guys start shooting at them and chasing them, but Oscar gets a call over the radio saying Roberto and Zulima are in the warehouse and what does he want them to do. When the guy mentions a backpack, Oscar assumes that’s the money and tells them to go ahead and kill Roberto and Zuli and bring back the money.

Zuli and Roberto are still running, but Roberto starts falling behind. He gets shot in the back and drops the backpack. Zuli tries to go back for it, but more shots drive her away. Roberto’s still reaching for the backpack when one of the henches comes up to shoot him in the back of the head.

John asks Oscar for an update. He says Roberto and Zuli were at one of the warehouses. He stole the money. He’s dead now, but Zulima got away. John wants her found, he just doesn’t care if she’s dead or alive.

And lucky him, Zulima calls. John warns her he’s going to find her. She starts getting weepy as John says she lied to him to keep him away from his one true morra. Zuli whines that she loved him, but he only used her. She was loyal to him.

John tells her to stick her loyalty…wherever it fits. Zuli threatens to go to the feds if he doesn’t leave her alone. She’ll trade her life for her silence. Oscar tells John to take the deal, so he does, but he warns her to get out of the country. If the DEA or the feds show up, he’s going to hold her responsible.


He’s decided to start his search in Villa Antigua, at Aerotours. Rubio doubts that the Lucios are still there, but that’s Santamaría’s only clue.


Amanda noticed that Lizbeth has been acting strangely since the call to Olivia. Lizbeth says the less she knows the better.

She’s not happy with the idea of Amanda going to see Arley. Especially alone–but she doesn’t think she could handle going to the prison and she doesn’t want to leave Raúl alone. Amanda says it’s not like he can do anything to her. She needs to look him in the face, prove she’s pregnant, and make sure he knows he tried to kill his own child. Lizbeth tells her to be careful.

Amanda promises she will…and now will Lizbeth tell her what Olivia said? *sigh* That Yolanda’s going to use herself as bait to try to trap the Lucios.

Arley’s getting the bandage on his wound changed in the infirmary when the guards bring in Carimañolo. Arley starts glaring.

Dave’s still trying to crack into Montgomery’s phone when Lizbeth and Amanda come in so Amanda can grab her backpack. She explains she’s going to go visit Arley. Because he’s the baby’s father. Dave insists on going with her and Lizbeth approves of that idea. Monica’s rolling her eyes again.

In the parking lot, Amanda says this baby is the only good thing that came out of her relationship with Arley. Dave insists on waiting for her–he’d walk her to the door, but it’s too dangerous for him. Amanda’s sorry about everything that happened with him and Yolanda. And his job. Dave’s sure it’ll all be resolved, but it depends on Yolanda.

In the infirmary, Arley waits to confront Carimañolo, assuming the Lucios sent him, but he swears they didn’t. That Dave guy got to him in Altamirano and the judge sent him here. He doesn’t know why. They sent a lawyer, but he’s done nothing but give him the runaround. Yeah, Arley warns him not to trust the lawyer. A couple of guards finally show up to hustle them out of there.

Arley’s surprised they’re taking him to the visiting area. He looks through the window and sees Amanda.

It’s a while before he says anything. He finally asks how far along she is and whether it’s a boy or girl. And what are they going to name him?

She hasn’t decided. It should be something that sounds good with his last name. Arley suggests his dad’s name–Carlos Mena–but Amanda’s only giving the kid her last name.

He’s sorry. He didn’t know what he was doing. Amanda remembers telling him if he killed her he’d be killing his child too.

Amanda says she can’t forgive him. He shot her after she told him they were expecting a baby. Arley swears he didn’t even know who he was then. Now he sees her and he wants to be the baby’s father. She says that’s too big a job for him. She’s not going to tell her child his father is still alive, much less that he’s in prison. Arley begs her not to do that, to let the child have a father.


Zulima hangs out in a park. She takes someone’s lunch leftovers and asks a guy in a parked car for bus money. The guy asks her how much per hour and Zuli gets the hell out of there. Creep.

Zuli gets some rest in a doorway, remembering John telling her their relationship was never going anywhere. She remembers Argüelles questioning her at Cielito Lindo and insisting the bar was a front and there must be guns and money hidden there. Zuli decides to go after the money.

She heads for a parking garage with valet parking to steal a set of keys and a car.

The trap

John’s headed for Guadalajara, ALONE. He’s sure if Oscar goes with him he’s going to shoot Yolanda on sight. Oscar swears he’s decided that all he cares about is John’s happiness, even if that’s Yolanda.

John wants Oscar to get on his knees and beg Yolanda’s forgiveness, but Oscar’s clearly not going to do that. So off John goes alone.

Yolanda’s reviewing the plan with Yáñez’s men when Yáñez comes in, on the phone to Oscar. He finds out Oscar’s not coming with John.

When John arrives, Yáñez has just handed Yoli a gun. They surround his SUV in the courtyard. Oscar radios him, saying something strange is going on, but John’s just figured that out.

He tells Yáñez it’s not going down like this. They should settle it between the two of them. He sees Yolanda peeking out from behind an SUV and the shooting starts.

John only brought one guy with him, so he’s outnumbered and soon all by himself. Yáñez and his guys surround John again and one of them knocks him out. Yoli returns the gun Yáñez loaned her and takes back her gun from John’s waistband.

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