La Piloto Thursday 5/18/17 #53


Yáñez has his men load John up in the back of the SUV just before Oscar arrives. Yoli takes off in the SUV, leaving the others to deal with Oscar. Which they don’t do well. Everyone, including Yáñez, ends up dead and Oscar and his guys start chasing Yolanda.

Olivia’s stressing, worrying about Yolanda. She’s annoyed that Yoli went alone, with no backup.

The phone rings, but it’s Dave…checking up on Yolanda. Olivia’s ok with Wilmer giving Dave Yoli’s cell number. Dave asks Wilmer about unlocking a phone and Wilmer starts giving him instructions…. While Dave’s sitting there removing the battery Zulima drives right past him, ducking down in her seat.

There’s no number under the battery like Wilmer was expecting, so he asks Dave to bring him the phone. They make plans to do that later.

Yolanda ends up calling Dave, telling him she’s got John in her trunk and no bullets left in her gun, so she needs to hand him over NOW. She’s sure the SUV has a tracker, all John’s vehicles do, so Dave tells her to ditch it and he’ll come find her. Before she can explain where she is, the call gets cut off. Dave starts driving anyway, leaving Zulima wondering what’s going on.


Arley begs Amanda for forgiveness again, but she won’t forgive him. He complains that the Lucios betrayed him and now they’re his enemies. He hid some money at Cielito Lindo and he’s sure no one has had time to retrieve it. He thinks she should go get it–half for her and the baby and half for him so he can escape. He begs her to help him.

He slips Amanda a map, showing where the money is hidden and warns her not to let anyone see her go inside. Amada’s not making any promises, but she’ll try. He suggests she get the other “viejas” to help hr, but NOT Zulima. She’s alive and she had a deal with John.

Amanda doesn’t think Zulima even knows where she is, but Arley warns her the cartel has eyes everywhere. The guards come to fetch him and Arley tells her to be careful, giving her a kiss.

At the entrance to the prison, Zulima’s trying to get in to see Arley, but only one visitor at a time is allowed in.

As Amanda walks out, she gets a call from Lizbeth.

Arley goes back to his cell, bragging that his morra came to see him and he’s going to be a dad. Carimañolo asks if Amanda’s not the one he was going to kill that one time.


Oh. Uh, congratulations. As long as the kid doesn’t turn out like them, right?

Arley’s sure he won’t. He’s got money saved up and he’s gonna make sure the kid studies…something…in another country. He starts flinging cigarettes in celebration.

Amanda tells Lizbeth about the visit, mentioning the hidden money. Liz thinks they should probably talk about that in person. Amanda’s about to tell her about Zulima when Zuli pulls up next to her.

Zulima can’t understand why Amanda’s not happy to see her. She offers her a ride so they can talk, but Amanda says Arley’s already told her that Zuli sold out to the Lucios. She remembers seeing Zuli coming out of John’s room at Aerotours and telling the others. Zuli whines that she’s been through so much–the Lucios tried to kill her!

Amanda doesn’t believe a word, and she’s going to make sure the others hear about Zuli. She starts walking off, crossing the street behind Zuli’s stolen SUV and Zuli backs into her, leaving her lying on the pavement before speeding off.

And then she freaks out and cries about it and remembers the day Amanda was going to tell Arley she was pregnant and walked in on him and Cindy in the Cielito Lindo office instead.


Oscar’s been looking for the SUV and his phone says it should be right where he’s at, but it’s nowhere in sight.

Yoli’s approaching Villa Antigua. She calls Dave and tells him to meet her at Aerotours.

Dave finally gets a good enough signal and checks his messages. Then he calls Monica and tells her he ditched Amanda at the prison to go meet Yoli. She’s going to hand John over to him at Aerotours. Monica doubts that’s actually going to happen, but Dave tells her to help him figure out who to hand John over to. Montgomery’s obviously out.

She suggests Garrido in Villa Antigua. He’s helped them before and has a good reputation. She says she’ll take a flight out there and asks him not to request reinforcements until he gets there.

Yoli watches John sleeping in the back of the SUV and remembers saying goodbye to him before she left for Colombia…and his greeting when she came back. She tells John she’s sorry, but he brought it on himself.

Club Evil

Oscar went back home to grab some guys and…I thought mount a rescue attempt, but it’s more like he expects Yolanda to show up there or call or something. He’s talking about getting trucks and a helicopter ready and being ready for anything.

Montgomery, Vergara, and Moncada show up to find out what’s happening. Oscar complains to them that Yolanda was working with Yáñez, but he took care of him. He has no way to call–he’s got John’s cell phone. The SUV no longer has a tracker, since Yoli got rid of it. He thinks it’s possible she wants to hand him over to the feds.

Montgomery asks for a phone so he can check–if Yoli did hand him over, they’d know already. The feds haven’t heard a thing. Vergara thinks it’s good news, but Oscar’s pissed off–that means they have no idea where John is.

John’s NEVER been caught before. Vergara finds it amusing that it’s his novia who did it. Oscar points out that they’d better prepare themselves. This could be the end of the organization.

Montgomery wonders if Dave’s involved.

Medical stuff

Zuli lurks in the hallway as Amanda is wheeled into the hospital.

The doctor explains to Raúl and Lizbeth that Raúl is paraplegic. She asks if there’s a treatment. He says the only one would be implantes de células madre (stem cell implants) but it’s experimental and he’d have to go to California. There have been some successful cases and it’s expensive. He leaves them alone to discuss it.

Raúl says there’s no way he can afford it. And no, his insurance as a police officer won’t cover it. Plus, something’s going on that his captain didn’t want to tell him. He had a bad feeling.

Lizbeth suddenly remembers Amanda telling her about the hidden money and smiles. She tells Raúl she thinks they can get the money.

Before she can explain how, her phone rings. It’s the hospital calling to tell her Amanda had an accident.


Arley complains to Carimañolo about the Lucios turning against him and sending Cañego to kill him. He got himself thrown in to solitary, but he’s gotta get out sometime. Carimañolo wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

Oh, no worries. As long as he’s on Arley’s side, nothing’s going to happen to him.

Carimañolo says he’s not interested in taking sides, no offense.

Arley’s not trying to pressure him, he’s just explaining how it is. At some point he’s going to have to choose–Arley or the Lucios.

While Carimañolo’s thinking about that, one of the guards comes in to give him the bad news about Amanda. Arley begs him to find out more information. He hands over all his cash to make it happen and promises more if he gets the information.

He sits in his cell remembering Amanda crying as he asked her to forgive him.

Villa Antigua

As Dave arrives, John wakes up. Dave tells Yoli to hide–the feds are on their way. John pretends to be asleep.

Dave opens the back of the SUV and John springs at him. They fight over Dave’s gun as Yoli watches.

John ends up on the ground with Dave’s gun pointed at his head. He tries to convince himself Yoli had nothing to do with this, but Dave says she was working with Yáñez. John had better forget about Yolanda because he’s going to jail in the US.

The cops pull up and surround them as John vows revenge.

In the cabin, Yoli prays to the Virgen that everything goes well.

Monica’s there, watching John get handcuffed and gloating. He wants to see Yolanda, but Dave says she’s not there. John screams at her anyway, saying he knows she lied to him. Yoli thanks the Virgen as John gets loaded into the back of the police car.

Unfortunately, Garrido points out that he has to arrest Dave too. Dave hands himself over. Monica explains that Dave only had an alert out because he’s been going after the DEA agents who were working with the Lucios. In other words, Montgomery. They can’t tell him they have John.

Dave agrees, they need to keep it secret. If Oscar finds out they have John, he’ll attack the station. Garrido says they’ll talk about it there. He uncuffs Dave, though. And then he starts giving orders for everyone to keep this quiet.

And they do, but Montgomery hears there was an op at Aerotours and Oscar thinks that’s too much of a coincidence. He tells the guys to get the helicopter ready to go to Villa Antigua. Vergara thinks that’s a lousy idea, but Oscar still tells the guys to be ready to go at any minute.

Monica can’t believe they finally caught John Lucio. Yoli comes out of the cabin and Monica grudgingly says she did good handing John over. Dave says it’s all over now.

But what’s going to happen to Yoli? Dave suggests going to the police station with them and hiding in the car while they’re inside.

They take John into the back entrance to the station as John screams at them all that he wants his lawyer and it’s better for them to be on his side.

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