La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 3/21/17 #90

Alessandro and Marcela

Ale has woken Marcela up to ask her what she fought with his mom about. She looks wary but tells him they she just changed the wedding plans because everyone else was making the decisions for her. Under his skeptical gaze she eventually confesses she also gave his mom what for about not thinking she’s good enough for him. Ale is all no babe my mom totes don’t hate you, but Marcela isn’t convinced.

Oh btw how did it go at the bank? Ale lies and tells her he got an extension and they have enough time till the next harvest to make a payment and she tells him about Operation Power To The People knocking down the gate and her getting the trucks out and selling most of the harvest and getting paid. Yay all around! When the celebratory kisses get serious though Marcela stops and kicks Ale out to sleep on the couch because its the night before their wedding.

Cris & Nuria

Cris feels lied to and betrayed. He rejects Nuria and heads out. Nuria wrecks the table and cries.

Nuria’s mom tries to comfort her and convince her Cris is not going to leave her for Alba, he loves her, Nuria, and now she’s got to fight for their love. Meanwhile Cris is sitting in the hotel restaurant staring at the piano and thinking of Alba, sure that she would never lie to him in this way.

Next morning Nuria is worried, she’s been calling Cris but no answer and he never came home. Mom says calm down, and be patient and look, he’s here now! Mom knows they’ve a lot to talk about so she clears out, but the conversation is pretty unproductive. Cris has to go to the wedding b/c he’s the best man, but Nuria can stay home if she wants. He goes to shower.

When he’s done and packing to go to the wedding, Nuria says she’ll go with him if that’s ok. Cris sighs and says whatever, he’ll see her in the car.

Bizarre Love Quadrangle

Timo, Mauro, and Lencho talk in the bar (since one of them is Timo and one of them is suuper drunk I wasn’t really listening, I figured nothing important was going to get said) while Octavia meets with Interbanco guy in a room somewhere, with champagne.

As Timo’s still waiting for Octavia in the bar Drunk!Mauro tries to tell him why she’s never coming but Lencho gets him out of there before he can spill anything incriminating. A waiter we’ve seen before tells Timo the restaurant he made his reservation in is closing soon and want to know if he’s coming or not so Timo goes there to wait for Octavia. He won’t order food till Oct comes but he orders drinks and gets so drunk the waiter has to call Lencho down in the middle of the night to help him carry Timo back to his room. Oct comes back just then and shakes her head disapprovingly.

Next morning Don T wakes up in Lencho’s bed and chews Lencho out for not leaving him in the restaurant, waiting for his Juliet.

Timo goes to Octavia’s office w/a box and insists he simply must see Oct to apologize. But she’s with Mauro loading up the car to go to the wedding, surely Timo won’t be there, I mean everyone at the ranch hates him. Nora connects him to Oct’s phone, and Oct rips in to him, he wasn’t in the bar or the restaurant. How dare he stand her up! She’ll never, never forgive him. She hangs up with a satisfied, ‘there, that should keep him out of my hair for a while’. Mauro says she’s soulless. Oct doesn’t care.

Timo wails about how he’s lost Oct’s love, oh noes. Also he forgot he promised to take July to the wedding today. Ooh oooh Timo’s in trouble.
July is already dressed up and waiting for Timo and has called Eulogio over to find out what’s the hold up. Eulogio is embarrassed and at a loss what to say.

Timo and Lencho are on their way back for the wedding, but Timo just had to stop for food and Lencho complains they won’t get there in time. Not that he wants to go, ML will be there and he doesn’t want to see her no how.

Wedding Day, Morning

Marcela gets the “bag of seeds and good wishes” out preparatory to planting it. Alba goes to get Conchita and her peeps so they can glam Marcela up. ML and Marce meet in the hall and Marce tells her she loves the gift and its working already, she’s so happy. ML is soo glad and she smiles smugly as Marcela goes to get to planting it.

Mateo and Ale breakfast and celebrate how great everything is going. Ale even seems happy about the crick in his neck from sleeping on the sofa. Silvana comes in and takes Al away to talk to him. First of all, he’s not giving up the vice presidency for his shares of Toscana. No ‘but mo-om’ about it. Ale only says ‘we’ll see’. Secondly she finds out he paid the debt on El V off, but shhh, its a surprise wedding present for Marce. Al only says he got the $$ from a private lender so he didn’t have to borrow it from the bank or the hotel. He doesn’t tell her its Octavia. Sil is seriously concerned he’s making a huge mistake, putting his entire fate and future in the hands on one person, specifically Marcela. Ale says that’s how marriage works and Marcela already had his heart and his future in her hands. But, but, what if she’s not who he thinks she is? Sil protests weakly to no avail.

Maria Laura wakes Nisa up so they can go and take a walk outside and gossip loudly where Sacha can hear them about how they saw Marcela heading out just a little while ago carrying something she tried to hide when she saw them and where could she be goin like that on her wedding day? Oh she’s probably goin to do some more of her witches spells at her father’s grave, that’s where she does all her spells and curses, ooooh scary, lets run away. Sacha’s ears perk up and she heads off to ask a worker where Marce’s dad’s grave is so she can spy on Marce as ML and Nisa spy on her.

Marcela is kneeling at the grave telling her dad how happy she is and how all her dreams are coming true. She pulls out a couple of flowering plants and scoops out dirt to make a hole for the bag, hoping for a bright future as she plants it. Sacha watches hiding behind a tree and ML and Nisa hide behind other trees and watch Sacha watching Marce. Now Sacha has a camcorder out and ML and Nisa hi five. Marcela scoops the dirt over the bag and re-plants the flowers. She tells her dad Mateo is walking her down the aisle, she knows he’d be glad, and she dusts herself off and gets up and leaves.

Sacha gets a call from Nestor, he’s here and wants to see her, and she goes to meet him instead of investigating the grave. ML goes toward the grave and sends Nisa to watch and make sure nobody comes back.

Ale asks his mom can he change in her room cause the bride needs his. Sil tells him she asked his dad not to come and Ale says that’s good and goes to get his shoes as Sil worries about her son putting all his eggs in one basket and why she is worrying so much now.

Conchita is in Marcela’s room, fuming that Alba got her there and Marcela isn’t. Alba tries to tell her Marce is surely coming right away and Al comes in for his shoes and then Marce runs in just in time, and Ale is pushed out as Conchita’s assistants arrive ready to make the bride beautiful. Marce is going to bathe, but first she has to do one thing….she just has to thank Conchita for helping her in spite of her. Conchita plays tough, but you can tell she’s moved and Marce gives her a kiss on the cheek and runs off to bathe.

It’s been a long silent trip for Nuria and Cris and she just wants a chance to explain, but her explanations don’t amount to much and Cris is still mad.

Nestor tells Sacha since she didn’t find anything her job is over. Sacha says there is one thing, its not incriminating, but it is weird, and shows him the video she made of Marce at her father’s grave.

Marcela comes in wearing too much make up and all dressed up in a beautiful wedding dress (that, am I wrong? looks nothing like the dress its supposedly made from) Everyone compliments Sagrario and her artistry and dressmaking skills and she’s all aw shucks, I just did my best. The real beauty is the bride, she’s perfect. Marcela says the only thing missing is for her father to be here, and sighs.

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth!

OK, most important things first…I’m with you, those two dresses have nothing to do with each other! I love the skirt, though, and the lace trim with the sparkles.

Sasha cracks me up. She witnessed that whole fakey conversation between Maria Laura and Nisa, but the “suspicious” thing is Marcela burying a bag of something at her father’s grave. Um, ok.

“Sil tells him she asked his dad not to come….” Best wedding present EVER!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

On the other hand, fake is pretty much ML and Nisa’s default mode so maybe she can’t tell when they’re faking a conversation for her benefit?
The wedding dress is beautiful, I’m trying to remember now how its different from the one from her first wedding, and the wrecking tables and crying in the rain scenes. More lace and sparkles maybe? For some reason I think I like the new one better.

3 years ago

LOL, good point, how can you tell if they’re being regular-fake or fake-fake?

I think the original one was more satin-y? And then there’s the wedding dress from ML’s arrest fantasies. We’re up to three dresses? Four if you count the giant tulle thing we never saw her wearing?