La Piloto Friday 5/19/17 #54


Lizbeth and Raúl get to the hospital, but since they’re not family members, Raúl has to flash his badge to get any information from an administrator. Amanda is in obstetrics after getting hit by a car, that’s all she knows. Olivia calls and Lizbeth passes the news on to her. Olivia rushes out with Wilmer to see her.

Zulima sneaks around the hospital, getting into a custodial uniform.

Amanda’s in surgery, remembering finding out she was pregnant and Arley shooting her. The doctor delivers the baby, but Amanda flatlines. For some bizarre reason there are only two people in surgery and neither of them acts like they know what to do.

While Raúl and Lizbeth wait for news, Raúl gets the call that John Lucio got caught. Lizbeth confesses that Yolanda was off using herself as bait to catch him. He’s not happy she didn’t tell him. And if his friend knew, that means other people do too and that can’t be good.

Police Station

At the station, Monica goes in alone to see what’s going on with John.

Yolanda notices there’s more security than usual. Dave hands her a cartridge for her gun, asking her not to tell Monica he gave it to her.

Raúl calls Dave to find out if it’s true they got John.

Inside, Monica’s trying to explain to Garrido that they need to give John to the DEA, but they can’t go through Montgomery. Montgomery himself calls trying to confirm the rumor about an op against John. Garrido says he can’t confirm anything…where did he hear the rumor? He insists he won’t say anything until he has something concrete to say. Oscar’s convinced that means they’ve got him.


Dave tells Raúl to come over, but Raúl explains he’s at the hospital with Lizbeth–Amanda got hit by a car. Dave puts him on speaker so Yolanda can ask how she’s doing. All Raúl knows so far is that they had to deliver the baby early. The hospital administrator comes over to tell Raúl that the baby and Amanda are both fine. (Whew!)

And then Zuli walks by with her cart. Uyyyyy….

Police Station

Monica sneaks off to call Dave and tell him about the phone call from Montgomery. She wants to send John to the US right away. Dave suggests they get him to Fajardo in Miami–he’s not the smartest guy, but at least he’s legit.

Fajardo can’t figure out why Dave’s telling HIM instead of Montgomery. So Dave explains. He doesn’t have evidence yet, but they’re going to crack his phone and try to get it. Fajardo warns him that without evidence, it’s his word against Montgomery’s.

And by the way, has he heard from Reyes? Nobody’s heard from him since his car crossed the border from Guatemala to Mexico. Huh…Dave thought he was going back to Colombia. He asks for the info on Reyes’ car. If he’s in Mexico, he can find him.


Santamaría and Rubio are still in Reyes’ SUV, hoping to make it to Villa Antigua by tonight. But they’re not going to have enough gas to get there and they’re nearly out of cash.

Police Station

Dave thinks there’s something weird about the whole Reyes situation. (Really, Dave? Ya think?) Yoli doesn’t want to wait around for Santamaría to find her. She suggests they go back to Aerotours and use the random helicopter that’s been conveniently left there to look for Reyes’ car.

Monica tells Garrido that they’re transferring John to the director of the DEA in Washington. Not that she knows when. She insists on talking to John, even without his lawyer, because Oscar’s still out there somewhere.

Back in the cells, John tries to bribe the guards–$2M each to help him escape. No? $5M, then?

Garrido walks Monica back. John mocks her, asking if their last encounter left her wanting more, and shakes the bars. Monica tells him to convince Oscar and the rest to turn themselves in. What would he rather–rot in a cell or get a lethal injection? He has nothing to say to her without his lawyer present.

Team Evil

Moncada walks into the police station, saying he wants to report a stolen car. The guy at the desk hands him a form. He asks to use the bathroom and the guy points him in the right direction. He walks around the corner, listens to some cops talk to each other while they ignore him, and then heads back for the lobby.

Oscar’s stressing that there’s been no word about John. Moncada calls Vergara to tell him it does look like John’s in the station at Villa Antigua, but they’re keeping it quiet. Oscar decides he’s going to go shoot the place up and free John. Vergara wants to tell the Senator and the rest of Team Evil first, but…well, it’s Oscar.


At the prison, the guard tells Arley that Amanda was taken to Divina Providencia hospital. He uses the phone in the yard to get the number.

The hospital administrator gives Lizbeth and Raúl Amanda’s personal effects. Lizbeth notices the map and explains to Raúl that Arley told her there was money hidden at Cielito Lindo. Raúl’s not sure if it’s true, but anything’s possible with those guys.

Off in the corner, Zulima mops while Lizbeth tells Raúl they could get the money and use it to pay for his treatment. Um…no. That’s dirty money. They should tell the police about it. Lizbeth refuses, but Raúl takes the map from her.

Arley gets through to the hospital, to the same administrator who’s been giving Raúl and Lizbeth info. He tells her he’s the baby’s father and she tells him Amanda got hit by a car and they had to deliver the baby. Arley gets all choked up. He asks how the baby is doing and she explains he’s in an incubator. Amanda’s in Intensive Care–he can visit if he wants, because he’s family.

Lizbeth and Raúl go over to check out the baby. He’s on oxygen for a few days since his lungs weren’t fully developed. Amanda lost a lot of blood and her pressure is high, but they can’t get in to see her. Zuli lurks inside the nursery.

Arley works out, laughing to himself that he’s a dad. The guard comes over and says he’s been reviewing the security videos and Amanda was talking to someone who backed their car into her after she walked away. It wasn’t an accident.

At the hospital, Raúl’s having a hard time understanding how someone accidentally hit a pregnant woman in the middle of the street. Something isn’t right. He’s going to call the prison and see if maybe they caught something on video.


As they’re getting into the helicopter at Aerotours, Dave gets a text from Fajardo with the description of the truck and the last place it was seen.

When Yoli can get him to focus on what they’re actually doing up there instead of her, he gives her the coordinates where they’ll start looking for the SUV.

He asks how she keeps from getting seen by radar and Yoli explains you have to fly low. She dips the helicopter lower to mess with him.

They do indeed find the SUV, just as Santamaría pulls into a gas station. Yolanda recognizes Rubio looking up at the helicopter. Yoli decides to land the helicopter and walk over.

As she and Dave sneak over, she recognizes Santamaría and has flashbacks to Colombia. She’s ready to kill him now, but Dave says he’ll get Santamaría–she should take care of Rubio.

Dave sneaks up on Santamaría, who’s checking a map. He disarms him and asks where Reyes is. Santamaría pretends he doesn’t know who Reyes is, then gets a passing security guard’s attention and claims Dave’s trying to kidnap him.

In all the confusion, Santamaría and Rubio get away, but they’re one gun short now.

Dave and Yoli start heading back to the helicopter. The feds will keep searching for Santamaría while they go back to Villa Antigua.

Except that Santamaría and Rubio carjack an ambulance. And kill the paramedic.

Police Station

Garrido’s starting to get anxious. The DEA isn’t calling and John’s a ticking bomb. He wants to get the feds to take John to a maximum security prison, but Monica insists, it has to be the DEA. Garrido agrees to give them one more hour, but that’s it.

Outside, Oscar gets word that they’ve beefed up security.

Sure enough, the guards were swayed and got a cell phone to John.

Bautista approaches Oscar’s SUV. His contacts haven’t confirmed that John’s inside…. So basically, Bautista just lost all credibility with Oscar. Montgomery’s sure they aren’t planning on keeping John in there forever. Montgomery thinks they should act when they try to move him.

John calls Oscar and says he’s in a cell in the jail in Villa Antigua. Oscar says he’s right outside and he’s going to get him out.

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