La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 3/22/17 #91

Marcela is sad her dad isn’t with her on this important day, but her dad is there with her, and he sends the winds with little bits of pollen/fur/dust/feathers to prove it. Sil is right Ale is very handsome in his wedding suit, but saying he reminds her of his dad on their wedding day is too much for him (and me) And he’s nervous. Nestor comes in to see if he wants him to do anything but Ale insists, no work, he’s a guest.

Rosa won’t stop fussing w/Mateo’s tie and she’s really messing it up and Mateo looks like he’s ready to truss her up. As Alba enters Amadeo looks at her and pronounces her ready to go even though she’s not even fixed up for the wedding yet. He’s smoother and more confident, but his compliments still seem completely sincere.

ML and Nisa convo. ML is celebratory and confident but Nisa is worried. ML envisions the scene Marce and Alessandro kissing on the steps of the church when the cops come and take Marcela away and Ale can only look on helplessly. (nice touch having Marcela’s dress in ML’s imagination be different since ML hasn’t seen her new one. ) ML looks forward to her triumph and laughs

Ale would like to move the wedding up but his mom and Nestor tell him he has to wait. Rosa comes to tell him Cris and Nuria have arrived and he leaves to greet them and then Nestor tells Silvana they have a problem.


At the Hotel Luc sits and remembers his fight with Ale and getting yelled at by his wife.

A secretary comes in to ask if he isn’t going to his son’s wedding and he, surprisingly, doesn’t yell at her but he does give her a severe look as he asks her to leave and close the door and not let any one in. So he can sit alone and promise that Al will regret marrying that woman


Ale is happy to see Cris and Nuria, and they’re not telling him their problems so everyone’s happy, or at least acting it.


Sacha takes Sil and Nestor to the grave and tells them ML & Nisa’s nonsense. Nestor digs up the bag and pulls out the necklace. (ok, now, was the necklace in the bag when Marce buried it, or did ML sneak over and put the necklace in the bag after Marcela buried it but before anyone else could unearth it and check? Cause, its been a while since it was buried, and we did see ML walking toward the grave and making Nisa stand guard to make sure nobody/Sacha came back. So was she digging up the bag and replacing whatever was in there with the necklace? What was in there anyway?)

Silvana is of course horrified to see her necklace again. Sacha is baffled, she looked everywhere on the ranch many times and never found it, something is up. Sil can’t believe it. Nestor says evidence is evidence, and we better call the cops. Sil says no we’re not going to turn her in.
Silvana insists Alessandro and only Alessandro will be the one to decide Marcela’s fate


Emiliano straightens his tie and fantasizes he’s the one marrying Marcela (I can’t get a good enough look at her dress in his fantasy to tell what it looks like but it seems to have sequins and sparkly things on the bodice and she’s wearing a flower in her hair) and then quickly shakes it away with a, ‘no what am I thinking?’


Oct and Mauro greet Eulogio and July. Eulogio is polite as always, July is silently snubbing them, though they don’t seem to notice. After Oct is gone Eulogio makes July happy, telling her he thinks she’s a thousand times prettier than Oct, and gets playfully slugged on the shoulder way too hard by July for it.


Back in the master bedroom, everyone is still raving over how pretty Marce is and she thanks them all, then they run off to get ready leaving her having to wait in that dress for however long till the wedding. She takes the time to talk to her dad about the story so far.


Ale is filling Nuria in on some of Marcela’s more outrageous habits (the shotgun) and Alba comes in. Nuria is in her pretty new dress (but with a red scarf around her head instead of the black one to match the dress OR am I remembering wrong? I thought there was a black scarf when she modeled it for Cris.) and Alba hasn’t changed yet and she’s visibly taken aback to see Cris and Nuria but Nuria tries to make it better saying how pretty Alba is.
Just then Silvana comes in looking like she’s ready to drop and Cris and Nuria run over to greet her and compliment her. She greets them halfheartedly and asks to speak to Al. Cris and Nuria notice something’s wrong. Just then Amadeo comes in complimenting Alba. Cris is impressed at how he’s changed and Amadeo kind of has a chip on his shoulder about Cris’s previous treatment and makes it look like he’s with Alba now. Nuria just looks confused. Cris and Nuria leave for the church, but stop on the way so Nuria can ask if Cris isn’t dying to tell Alba all about their problems and remind him she’s his wife and she loves him. Alba asks Amadeo why he did that and Amadeo says so Cris will know he hasn’t got a shot with you. Alba shakes her head and goes off to get her hair done by one of Conchita’s assistants, with Amadeo following.


Mateo comes to collect the bride and is moved to tears when he sees her. Marcela is suddenly afraid of something going wrong but Mateo banishes her fears and gives her a big hug.


Nestor and Silvana fill Ale in on Sacha/Norma’s true job at the ranch. He gets angry and rants and raves bout his dad’s obsession with pinning the missing necklace on Marcela, and then Sil tells him she found out about the operation and took over and so he yells at her for a bit. And then they show him the video. And give him the necklace. And he feels extremely foolish. And extremely angry. He tries to blame it on Norma and Nestor or find some other way not to believe it but Silvana is insistent, even though she’s crying too. that Marcela tricked them all.

When she says they have to call the police, Al refuses, no police. He wants to be alone, he needs to think, just don’t call the police, and he’ll meet them at the church. Yeah they heard right he wants them to go to the church and he’ll meet them there. They leave and he cries into the necklace clenched in his fist. (that necklace is having a rough life, it must be made of pretty tough materials)

Mateo goes to see if Ale is ready to go yet so they can set out for the church.

Alba comes in all dressed up and ready to go but Marcela can see something’s wrong and asks about it so Alba tells her Cristian came with his wife. Marcela reminds her that of course he came, he’s Al’s best friend and of course he came with his wife, he’s married. Buck up.(Alba does look very pretty in her dress. Is it weird that I want there to be more of it? It looks too small and not very comfortable. Yep I’ve officially become my mother “are you really going to go out in that? You look half naked” )

Sagrario and Mateo come in and say Ale has left so they can go to the church now.


Ale drives down a dirt road and stops suddenly so he can bemoan his fate and cry. (probably safer not to drive when you’re crying and raging like that)


All the characters are at the church socializing and waiting for the key players to arrive.

Marcela arrives in a horse drawn carriage. (Silvana looks at her very villainously, more so even than ML I think) Her family helps her down and gets her arranged, but Amadeo comes running to tell her Alessandro isn’t waiting in the church. She flashes back to her last wedding (and I get to see the other dress again so I can compare! Ooh I like the scroll pattern on the bodice. ) She remembers being told Camilo was MIA and surely ran off with that other woman. As ML observes that the show is really gettin started now, Marcela faints.

Emiliano is suddenly there to help catch her and help her back into the carriage to wait.

ML gloats to Nisa who seems to have had enough of it and goes to stand with Cami, though not so far away.


Then Timo arrives. Eulogio runs to stop him going over to Oct. Don’t start a furor, July’s here. July runs over and Timo pretends he came back just for her, he was determined to be here for her, he told Eulogio.And now Eulogio gets the blame for not telling July. ML comes over to admire Lencho’s makeover and ruin his day. Then Oct comes over to take possession of her toy and ML and Oct get into a minor squabble. Oct is ruffled and ML confident she has the upper hand.


Everyone is trying to contact Ale, and find out what’s taking him. Sil and Nestor are half sure he’s not coming and Nestor wants to just call the cops.

But here he comes with a look like he’s coming to his own execution, all steely eyes and clenched jaw.

The wedding is on?!??

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! Aaaaaaah! The tension! “but her dad is there with her, and he sends the winds with little bits of pollen/fur/dust/feathers to prove it.” Um, yeah, what’s that supposed to mean, Demetrio? ‘Cause that was my thought too. “Happy wedding day, have some allergens.” “that necklace is having a rough life, it must be made of pretty tough materials” I feel sorry for that poor necklace. It’s supposed to be priceless and it’s just getting flung around everywhere, tossed in the dirt, shoved in pockets. Has anyone even laid it out to make sure everything’s still properly attached? I’m’a… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I was just watching to see if any of that stuff would get caught in her mascara and if she’d start sneezing.

I’m gonna be watching the wedding through my fingers too.