La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 3/23/17 #92

Get me to the church

Alessandro finally shows up at his wedding, looking furious. As Marcela gets out of the carriage, Silvana approaches to stop him, but Al’s determined to get married. He’s revenge-marrying her, a time-honored telenovela tradition.

Marcela approaches in time to hear Silvana saying she doesn’t want them getting married like Marcela assumes she’s “always” thought. Al keeps Mar from snogging him and says they need to get a move on–he’ll be inside waiting for her.

Silvana can’t resist screaming at Marcela that she hates her and she’s going to be unhappy for the rest of her life, on top of making Al unhappy. Alba keeps Marcela from starting a fight on the lawn and gets her inside.

At the church door, Octavia offers to walk in with Al so he’s not alone. The other guests start filing in after them. Mateo’s not on hand to walk Marcela in, so Emiliano offers to do it. He encourages her not to let Silvana and her ‘tude get her down. Mateo shows up just in time, leaving Emi to stand outside reminding himself that Marcela will never be “his.”

Conchita (loving that sparkly dress, btw) walks Silvana back to the house and tries to figure out what’s going on. Silvana just cryptically says she didn’t say half what Marcela deserved and now her son’s condemned to live with her.

The Padre snidely says they’re going to FINALLY start the wedding.

Silvana’s still dropping breadcrumbs, talking about Marcela having a “terrible secret.” She’s a bad, bad woman. She’s lied, manipulated, done things Silvana can’t even name. She’s going to be Al’s downfall. Nestor comes over and asks what she wants him to do. Silvana decides she wants to pack her things and leave. Conchita’s afraid that’s going to rouse the ire of Marcela and the shotgun.

Silvana’s the topic of conversation during the wedding–Sagrario mutters to Mateo, Valeria gives Emi an “I told you so.” The random townspeople are paying attention, though.

It’s time for the vows. Al’s way too serious, but his eyes are all teary, which makes it look like he’s just choked up with emotion. Maria Laura’s furious that the priest didn’t ask for objections before calling Cris and Nuria up with the rings. Nisa keeps holding her back and the two of them go stomping out of the church while Camilo calls them a “par de locas.”

After the rings, they do the coins. Yep, Al’s symbolically showering her with all his worldly goods.

Maria Laura’s frustrated not to see any signs of police activity outside.

The deed is done

Al gets permission to kiss Marcela and does it rather violently. A spot of blood falls onto her dress. Marcela wipes the blood off her lip and Al grabs her hand and makes his grouchy way down the aisle, pulling a confused Marcela along behind him.

Nisa and Maria Laura despair as they hear the applause from inside the church. Nisa suggests they go find her mom and ask WTF just happened.

Al and Nisa get hugs and congratulations from people with varying degrees of sincerity.

Timo’s insisting on going to the wedding reception. He wants Eulogio to get July to go back home.

Al’s had enough congratulations and yanks Marcela back into the carriage so they can get the hell out of there. Emi complains to Valeria about how Al’s acting.

Eulogio gives July the bad, bad “news” …Timo was having chest pains and Lencho took him to the clinic.

Angelo tells Tuti as soon as they’re done handing out fans as wedding favors (like), they’re to get ready to leave. Conchita sent him a message and neither she nor Silvana are staying for the reception.

Amadeo really seems to be enjoying his role as Alba’s escort. Cristian? Not so much.

Silvana’s got the suitcases out and she’s starting to pack. Nestor and Norma/Sasha arrive. Sorry, Nestor, but Silvana’s not going to go against what Alessandro wants–they’re not going to turn Marcela in. If he has a problem with it, he can go talk to Al himself. In her frustration, Silvana tries to pull her necklace off and gets it tangled in her hair instead.

Outside the guest cabin, Nestor explains to Norma that they can’t go against Silvana’s wishes. Either she or Al would have to give them permission to go to the police. Nisa comes up with ML and Nestor says her mom’s inside. ML fishes for info, but Norma tells her it’s none of her business what’s going on.

Silvana tells Nisa to pack–they’re leaving. Nisa refuses to go without knowing what’s going on. All Silvana will say is she just found out what kind of person Marcela is. Al’s made his decision and all they can do now is pray for him. She ignores Nisa’s question about what she found out and screams at her that she has 10 minutes to pack.

Al and Mar continue their scenic carriage ride through the hacienda. Hey, they have a playground out there? Who knew!

At the San Bartolo clinic, July screeches for Timo, but Eulogio says he’s at the one in San Jacinto. She goes running off, barefoot, because Eulogio’s holding her shoes.

Timo’s heading for the reception, wanting to get a word in with Octavia. He’s expecting Lencho to be his getaway driver.

Party time

The courtyard is all decked out for the wedding. (And seriously, why have they never tried to market El Vendaval as an event venue?) Octavia’s looking for Lencho while Timo’s spying on her.

Nisa’s packing. Maria Laura’s baffled. Nisa’s sure Sasha found the necklace, told Nestor, and Nestor told Silvana, but they won’t know unless ML checks on it. And ML will, when she has time, but from Silvana’s attitude, she’s sure they found it. OK, but if she told Al, then that means Al didn’t care.

Maria Laura curses Marcela for always getting her way. Nisa’s ready to give up–Al loves Marcela and he’s never going to turn her in. ML sobs in rage–she doesn’t deserve him! Nisa’s face: “Um, ok….”

Cristian can’t keep his eyes off Alba. He goes over to talk to her. There’s a chocolate fountain. Guess what I’m more interested in? Nuria turns around when she hears Amadeo call Nuria’s name, saying she’s needed in the kitchen. I don’t think Nuria’s looking at the chocolate fountain. Or the assortment of iced water dispensers with various fruits.

Back in ML’s room, Nisa’s so over ML’s insistence on Al, Al, Al. She goes off to tell Camilo she’s leaving while ML fumes some more.

Alba makes it all the way into the kitchen before Amadeo catches up to her to tell her no one’s looking for her, he just made it up to help her avoid Cristian. Alba’s like “Dude, I can handle this on my own.” Nuria walks in and asks to talk to her.

Nisa finds Camilo and says “they’re” leaving now. So he’d better go pack. Cami whines that he thought it would be another day. Nisa doesn’t have a chance to question him before everyone starts applauding the arrival of the bride and gloom (not a typo).

They’ve barely gotten out of the carriage when Nestor comes over and asks to talk to Al. He scolds him for complicating matters. Al says no one needs to know the necklace was found HERE and Marcela doesn’t need to know it was found at all. Got it?

In the office, Nuria whines about how difficult it’s been for her since Cristian found out that she can’t have kids. Alba’s sure Cristian was disappointed, but they’ll get through this. She doesn’t understand why Nuria feels guilty–it’s not her fault she had a disease that had serious consequences. Nuria comes clean about having always been infertile and lying to Cristian. (Well, that was unexpected.)

Nestor’s worried about what’s going to happen when Marcela goes looking for the necklace. Al doesn’t intend to give her time to do that before they leave for their honeymoon. And he wants someone keeping an eye on the site. And a fake necklace made to put in its spot. (Oh, please no…the real one has been enough trouble! Please not a fake one floating around!) Sure there are laws and jails and stuff, but Al wants his own brand of “justice.”

Nestor rightly calls that revenge and he’s worried about what it’s going to do to Alessandro. Al sobs about having given her everything, and now he’ll make her pay. Nestor just needs to do as he’s told. OK, but…his mom’s leaving. Al goes to say goodbye.

Nestor calls Norma, presumably, and tells her to keep an eye on the location. Yes, THAT location. And don’t let anyone near it.

Nisa deals with a whiny Camilo. What’s more important his “stuff” or her? His friends or her? Either he comes with her right the hell now or he can forget his job at the hotel AND Nisa forever.

Alba doesn’t understand why Nuria’s telling her all this. Nuria says Cris wants to leave her because he feels betrayed. Uh, she betrayed him! “But he doesn’t understand my reasons!” Alba’s not judging, but she doesn’t get it either–why lie to someone you want to spend your life with?

Nuria says it’s so she wouldn’t lose him. She never had the guts to tell him something so painful. She thought somehow their love might cause a miracle. Instead she got cancer. And there was no one like Alba around to talk her into letting Cris be there for her. She screwed up and she can’t erase her mistakes. She can’t erase her feelings for Cris either–without Cris she has no reason to go on living.

Timo finally makes his approach, which is bad enough, but when Octavia points out Marcela he hides under the table. Oh, hell no! Timo cops a feel and Mauro jumps up to cover Octavia’s screech, saying he’s, uh, got a cramp.

In the guest cabin, Al tells Silvana he doesn’t expect her to understand his decision, but he does expect her to respect it. He’s going to make Marcela pay and then he’s going to get his life back. Somehow that involves marrying Marcela as his punishment for not listening to Silvana. She begs him to leave with her–if he’s poisoned by revenge, he won’t be even a shadow of the man he was. She understands his pain and anger, but it will pass. She begs him not to carry this around with him forever.

Al’s sure he’ll be back someday. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Silvana hugs him and sobs while Al gives a dead-eyed stare.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

“He’s revenge-marrying her, a time-honored telenovela tradition.” and one I will never understand.

Also I hate this part, Marcela keeps looking so bewildered and she’s trying to be happy, its her wedding day gol darn it, but she can tell something’s wrong. I hate it.
Thanks for the recap though.