La Piloto Monday 5/22/17 #55

Villa Antigua

John’s a little suspicious…how did Oscar know where to find him. Oscar says it’s ’cause they’re family, blah blah blah. John says Yolanda turned him in. Oscar promises he’ll take care of her if it’s the last thing he does.

But first he needs to know exactly where John is so he can get him out.


Olivia and Wilmer arrive. He introduces himself to Raúl while she and Lizbeth hug. They get caught up on the baby (in an incubator) and Amanda (in the ICU) and then Raúl excuses himself to take a call. Lizbeth tells them John got caught, but it’s not 100% confirmed.

Villa Antigua

Dave and Yolanda get back to Aerotours and Yoli complains that she’s really sick of all this crap. Dave begs her to hang in there a little longer. They sneak in and he doesn’t even bother to shut the gate.

In the bedroom of the main house, the candles are lit and Yoli’s trying to clean up Dave’s wound while he calls to leave someone a message about his recent run-in with Santamaría and tell them he doesn’t know where Reyes is.

Dave jokes about Yoli being a good nurse and she reminds him they both learned the same thing in flight attendant training. Plus she helped the doctor while she was in Colombia. Dave wonders what else happened and Yolanda’s memories are like “Everything.” She tells Dave she doesn’t want to remember. Hasn’t he heard that saying–it doesn’t exist if you can’t see it or you don’t remember it.

He says he gets why she was so affected by seeing Santamaría, but he’s here now and he’s not going to let anyone hurt her again. (*roll eyes*) He continues with the mush while my brain wanders. And then it’s time to get their snog on.

While Rubio drives, Santamaría checks out the stash in the back–morphine, analgesics, penicillin. He has Rubio try to find Aerotours on the GPS.

And then they get a call over the radio from dispatch, complaining they should have been back at the hospital 40 minutes ago. They ignore it.

Dave and Yoli continue their reunion and ignore a call from Monica. She tells Dave she hasn’t heard from him or the DEA and asks him to come back to the station. Monica tries to plead for more time, but Garrido is ready to call the feds–he can’t keep waiting.

Bautista’s screaming at the desk guy and demanding to see his client. Garrido brings him to the office.

Dave wanted to say something to Yoli, but she begs him to keep it personal–she wants to be with Dave Mejia, not Agent Mejia. He just wanted to reminisce about the day they met at CAA.

In Garrido’s office, Monica tells Bautista it’s in his best interests to tell his clients to turn themselves in. Garrido denies having John and tells Bautista to take a hike.

Rubio drives the ambulance up to the gate at Aerotours, which is now SHUT. Santamaría sends him to check and see if anyone’s around.

In the bedroom, Yoli and Dave can’t hear him calling. Yoli’s talking about wanting to turn back time to the day they met, but Dave thinks everything happens for a reason. His phone beeps and he listens to the message from Monica.

Rubio’s not getting an answer, so Santamaría tells him to open the gate.

At the same time, Dave and Yolanda are getting into Dave’s car and taking too long being mushy.

Ah, it was the inner gate Dave left open. He drives right out and somehow Rubio and Santamaría don’t see their car as they drive in. They start checking things out.

Bautista’s still not budging without seeing John. Garrido has a couple of officers come in to escort him out. Now Bautista will go, but he’s talking about suing. On his way out, he leaves his briefcase by the front desk.

Bautista rushes out to the car, looking like he’s doing the potty dance. He tells them he left “the package” but Garrido denied John was there. Oscar gives him permission to go.

The Senator calls Vergara’s phone. Vergara hands the phone off to Oscar to explain what’s going on. Yes, John’s with the feds and Oscar’s going to get him back. The Senator tells him to do it fast before John opens his mouth. They have a “respect me…no, you respect me!” fight.

Dave and Yoli arrive at the station where someone has conveniently left them an open parking space right by the entrance. Dave’s sending her back to the DF alone to return Raúl’s car and give Wilmer Montgomery’s cell phone. Yoli begs him to be careful. She’s sure Oscar’s around here somewhere plotting how to get his brother back.

Inside the station, Dave says Bautista’s visit makes it obvious they know where John is. He’s been trying to call Fajardo, but not getting an answer. He tries again now, but Fajardo’s been in a meeting. His boss didn’t like what Dave had to say about Montgomery, especially when he knew the info came from Dave. He’s tried to reach Montgomery, but he’s not in his office or answering his phone.

Oh, right, that’s because Dave has it. Fajardo hopes he finds something on it or they’re all in trouble.

Now, they definitely have a problem when it comes to John. The DEA can’t come get him until he’s officially in custody. Dave’s like “What part of stealth don’t you understand?” That’s why Fajardo’s coming himself, but Dave says there’s no time to lose. Fajardo’s way too calm as he says there’s nothing more he can do.

And also, they found Reyes’ body near the border of Guatemala. He was shot. They’re investigating.

Rubio has apparently checked ALL of Aerotours and found it empty. Santamaría’s not even arguing. He figures they’ll spend the night there. Rubio starts looking for provisions.


Raúl has the info on the car that hit Amanda, but it took off right after. The police are looking for it. A nurse comes over to tell them Amanda’s doing better and they might be able to see her soon.

Lizbeth and Olivia walk right past Zuli on their way to the “bathroom,” which is code for “We’re sneaking up to the third floor to see Amanda.” They wake her up and tell her not to worry about the baby, he’s being well taken care of.

Lizbeth’s phone rings and she puts Yoli on speaker to say hi to Amanda and ask about the baby. Amanda asks if they really have John. Yoli confirms it. She’s sure they’ll have Oscar soon too. She’ll be there in no time.

Zuli pushes her cart through the hallway, stopping to clean the wall while she spies. Lizbeth asks If Amanda remembers what happened, but before Amanda can answer, Zuli complains to a nurse that there are a couple of women in there bothering the patient. The nurse kicks them out.

Zuli sneaks into Amanda’s room and prepares to kill her. Amanda wakes up as Zuli shoves a pillow over her face. Amanda’s arms go limp and she flatlines, or maybe it’s just that the heart rate sensor slipped off her finger. Zuli shuts off the machines and puts the oxygen mask back over Amanda’s face and clips the sensor back on.

Yoli arrives at the hospital, where she finally meets Raúl. She asks how Amanda’s doing and whether any of them have heard from Zulima. Raúl’s more interested in what’s going on in Villa Antigua with John.


Oscar calls John and says they’re ready to spring him.

Dave’s getting nervous. It’s too quiet. Garrido suggests they ask the feds for a helicopter and transfer John that way, but no–John and the cartel control the air. Monica agrees.

Dave checks the security monitor and sees John talking on the phone.

Bautista’s briefcase explodes and sends up a cloud of tear gas. Dave, Monica, and Garrido start making their way down to John’s cell.

John’s coughing from the gas and begging someone to open the cell and let him out.

Dave starts screaming at someone to get the briefcase out.

John’s still asking to be let out and even the guys he bribed earlier are reluctant to unlock the cell.

Dave, Monica, and Garrido are still working on getting to the cells.

Meanwhile, uniformed officers are coming down from the upper floors. By the time they get to the cells, John’s gone. They report back to Oscar that he’s not there. Oscar notices an SUV leaving and tells everyone to follow it–he’s sure John’s inside. Montgomery starts freaking out about how he can’t be seen with them. Oscar’s like “fuck it!” and tells ALL the suits to get out of his car.

John, meanwhile, is out back in an SUV, guarded by Monica and Dave. Garrido gives them the all clear and Dave yanks John out of the back seat and takes his phone before walking him back inside. Monica gloats. I’m OK with that.

Garrido has his men lock up everyone who was on guard duty that afternoon. He complains to Dave that they need to figure out how to get John to Mexico. He doesn’t want John hanging around his station anymore!

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