La Piloto Tuesday 5/23/17 #56

Los Lucio

John’s getting lippy and Monica’s had about enough of it. She threatens to shoot him.

Yoli tells the others about the plan to hand John off to the DEA. Now they’re just waiting to grab Oscar. Wilmer wants all the details.

John keeps goading Monica, but Dave pulls her off him and slugs John. Garrido gets a call from their decoy SUV saying two others are following them. Dave’s sure Oscar’s in one of them, but John scoffs at that idea. (Dude, have you met Oscar?) Dave tells Garrido to plan an ambush. John looks over at Monica crying on the other side of the office and giggles.


Yoli wraps up her story and asks about Amanda. Lizbeth and Olivia explain that they’re kind of strict around here and they got kicked out of her room earlier. But they can go see the baby. Yoli hands off the cell phone to Wilmer, who immediately pulls out his laptop to get to work.

The baby’s doing better. He’s starting to take a bottle. The nurse says they aren’t going to be able to see Amanda since Liz and Oli’s earlier bust put the head nurse on alert. Her phone beeps and she suggests they go talk to the doctor.

In the hospital garage, an officer finds the car Zuli used to hit Amanda. Zuli herself walks in as he’s making his report and keeps on walking.

In Amanda’s room, the doctor gives a nurse instructions for filling out the death report. The nurse who was with the others brings them in so the doctor can explain that Amanda stopped breathing and died. (I seriously can’t believe she’s dead. After all the crap she’s been through and frickin’ Zuli gets to her!)

They all start flipping out on the doctor, because to them she was doing fine, but to him it’s not all that surprising that it happened given the accident. He gives them a few minutes with the body before someone from the morgue comes to pick her up.

Yoli remembers that first day they all met at CAA and the day at Aerotours when Amanda told them she was pregnant. She feels like somehow this is all her fault. A nurse comes to take the body.

Wilmer isn’t sure he can decrypt Montgomery’s phone. He gives Raúl a long technical explanation. Raúl opts to leave that to Wilmer while he goes to follow the cop that just walked through the waiting area with his radio blaring the news that they found a car in the garage that matches the description of the one that hit Amanda at the prison.

Los Lucio

Rubio has hidden the ambulance behind the cabins. He heard over the radio that there was an attack on the police station. Santamaría thinks that’s worth checking out.

They drive over to the station and Santamaría sends Rubio in.

John keeps taunting them about not being able to catch Oscar, but so far the decoy SUV is still being followed. Dave gets a call from Fajardo. He’s just landed, but nothing has changed–until John has officially been arrested, he can’t do anything. With John screaming at him in the background, Dave decides to take John to the DF and make things official there.

Rubio was only able to find out that the “attack” involved tear gas and was possibly a rescue attempt. Santamaría’s still intrigued. Rubio would like to get the hell out of the police station parking lot in their stolen ambulance.

Out behind the station, Dave shoves John into Garrido’s SUV and they start making their way to the DF.

Garrido gets word that they’ll have an ambush set up for Oscar in about half an hour in an unpopulated area. Monica mocks John, saying he should be happy because he and his brother will be reunited soon.

Oscar’s getting antsy. He’s ready to attack the convoy NOW. Instead, he and his guys get caught in an ambush. They open fire and shoot everybody. As usual.

The DF

Yoli, Lizbeth, and Olivia are all agreed, they want to take charge of the baby. Lizbeth brings up what Amanda told her about the hidden money while Zuli eavesdrops from the waiting area. Olivia says Olmedo told her narcos always have hidden stashes. She explains he was her father’s friend who helped her find Cristian. They were going to get the stash from Cielito Lindo, but he died.

Yolanda wonders if the money might be the reason Amanda died, but as far as Raúl has said, that was an accident. Oli figures if they can get their hands on the money, they can afford to raise the baby, but Liz says it’s not so simple. She had to tell Raúl and he said if the money’s there, it would have to be handed over to the feds.

Yoli suggests they table this discussion and find out how to get Amanda’s body released to them.

They make their way back to the waiting area eventually and tell Raúl and Wilmer what happened to Amanda. Raúl finds it suspicious, after they found the car in the garage. Zuli listens as he says it’s possible the person who killed her is here.

Yoli wonders why someone who would have hit someone by accident would flee the scene and then follow them to the hospital. She wants to go down to the garage, but Raúl says the cops are already checking out the SUV for fingerprints and talking to the owner. It was stolen from valet parking this morning.

Wilmer’s sure the person who stole it would have left already if they’d seen that the cops had the car.

Arley’s waiting for a couple of other guys in the prison yard to get off the phone so he can call the hospital and check up on Amanda.

Dave and crew are just getting into town when Yolanda calls to get an update. He tells her he’s got John, he’s going to make his arrest official, and they should have Oscar soon, so thanks for the help.

Yoli tells him Amanda died. Monica asks about the baby. Yoli says the baby’s fine. Yeah, they all thought Amanda was doing fine, but she stopped breathing.

A nurse approaches with the phone, saying the baby’s father is on the phone and she’d rather one of them give him the news. Lizbeth takes the phone and tells Arley Amanda died last night. One of the other guys makes fun of Arley for crying and it’s ON.

Some time later, Wilmer cracks Montgomery’s phone. Yoli calls Dave to tell him. He passes on the news to Monica as John glowers from the back seat and warns Yolanda not to be seen. John echoes him, saying she’d better not let any of his guys see her and she’s going to pay, blah blah blah. Dave tells her to chill, John’s time is over. They’ll arrange to pick up the cell phone.

Garrido gets word that the ambush failed and the SUV they think Oscar was in was abandoned. John and Monica snipe at each other.

At Club Evil, Vergara’s kinda hoping the feds shoot Oscar. Montgomery just doesn’t want them getting caught or he’s sure the Lucios will sell them out.

Garrido goes into the procuraduría with John alone, being the only one in the car who’s an actual cop at the moment. Dave calls Fajardo to let him know. Fajardo’s just hoping there’s not another attack. Dave tells him they also unlocked Montgomery’s phone and he’s going to make sure it gets to him.

Oscar and the two guys with him are hiding out in a neighborhood, being stalked by a helicopter. Oscar’s getting winded and he looks like he’s in pain. Also, no one’s answering his phone calls.

Vergara’s not seeing any official news. The Senator’s anxious. He gets a call that they just brought John into the procuraduría.

Garrido marches John into Vice Procurador (Assistant DA?) Benavídez’s office and announces he’s arrested John Lucio. And then Fajardo walks in to offer them the support of the US government and to start the extradition process. It’s all good with Benavídez. He calls a couple of guys over to start booking John and congratulates Garrido.

Raúl’s checking out Montgomery’s phone and he confirms there’s plenty of incriminating evidence there, tying Montgomery to the narcos. Yoli wants to get the phone to Dave, but Raúl starts talking about not giving Montgomery any advantages. He explains that they haven’t heard anything about John because he would have to be handed over to the procuraduría before his arrest is official.

Wilmer suggests they go to the procuraduría to give Dave the phone. Yoli tells them to go for it, while she, Olivia, and Lizbeth find out what they need to do to get Amanda’s body and the baby. Wilmer confirms that he has a full backup of the phone on his laptop.

Vergara can’t get Oscar on the phone. The Senator wants Montgomery to go to the procuraduría and he doesn’t care that Montgomery has a “bad feeling” about it. Unless there’s something going on they don’t know about? Montgomery packs up his laptop and leaves.

The press start arriving in the garage at the procuraduría. Dave gives Monica a celebratory hug, which she parlays into a kiss. Yeah, yeah, she knows–Yolanda.

In the prison yard, Arley’s having a hard time dealing with the fact that Amanda’s dead and his son’s in the hospital. Carimañolo says we’ve all gotta go sometime. And it’s not like he could do anything about the kid from prison. It might be better for him to go to an orphanage.

Arley’s sure the Lucios killed Amanda. He takes exception to Carimañolo calling them “the bosses.” They’re his enemies! He’s sure they killed Amanda because they couldn’t get to him. And they’re going to pay.

Oscar and his guys are still hiding. The helicopter’s still looking for them. He’s thinking of taking a taxi out of the neighborhood.

Villa Antigua

Santamaría wakes Rubio up. He’s ready to go check out Cielito Lindo.


Wilmer and Raúl arrive with the phone. They chat with Dave and Monica about John’s capture and Wilmer says maybe Yolanda could start doing what they do. Monica scoffs.

Raúl hands Dave the phone and says there’s plenty of incriminating info and Montgomery won’t have any way to justify it.

Montgomery pulls up and they watch him walk in as Dave says he’s rushing to save his boss.

Montgomery greets Benavídez and Garrido and congratulates them, pretending he’s glad they’ll finally have John Lucio behind bars. He goes over to ask Fajardo what he’s doing there. “Following orders.”

But why wasn’t Montgomery informed?

Fajardo’s phone rings–it’s Dave calling to say he has the Montgomery’s phone. Montgomery watches him nervously.

John gets booked while the news reports his capture. Out on the front steps, Benavídez holds a press conference while Garrido, Montgomery (heh), and Fajardo stand beside him. Fajardo sees Raúl and Monica approaching, but he says he can’t take the phone from her until after the press conference is over.

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