El Gran Estreno de ¡Mira Quién Baila! 2017 9/17/17 #1

The Premise

Ten celebrities learn and perform a variety of dances. We’ll probably be hearing more about the charities they’re competing to support and what role the audience will play later on. For tonight, we’re just getting intros and performances–no one’s going home yet.

The Judges
  • Roselyn Sánchez (actor, singer, dancer)
  • Johnny Lozada (previous season winner, morning show host)
  • Poty Castillo (choreographer)
The Contestants
Alejandro Nones (actor, venezolano)
  • Charity:
  • Partner: Melisa
  • Style: Adagio
  • Song: Dónde está el amor
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Roselyn: Good technique, good acting.
    • Poty: A strong start, where will he go from here?
    • Johnny: Surprised he can move like that when his characters are usually so stiff.
Marlene Favela (actor, mexicana)
  • Charity: Cystic Fibrosis
  • Partner: Juan Carlos
  • Style: Lindy Hop
  • Song: It Don’t Mean A Thing
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Poty: He thinks she’s brave for doing this.
    • Johnny: She did well despite a lack of rehearsal time.
    • Roselyn: She should be happy she’s done a good job and got the first night out of the way.
Franco Noriega “The Naked Chef”
  • Charity:
  • Partner: Jamie
  • Style: Merengue
  • Song: No sabes tú
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Johnny: Good dancer, but he’d rather he left the shirt on.
    • Roselyn: She was cool with the shirt coming off, and the dancing was good.
    • Poty: Good job and he saw huge improvement from rehearsal.
Pablo Monero (actor, singer)
  • Charity: Substance abuse
  • Partner: Barbie
  • Style: Bachata
  • Song: Héroe favorito
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Roselyn: Seemed easy for him, but it looked good. No singing or counting next time!
    • Poty: Let go more and move.
    • Johnny: Enjoy it more. Loosen up.
Chikybombom “La Pantera” (social media personality)
  • Charity:
  • Partner: Francois
  • Style: Rock n’Roll
  • Song: Ex’s and Oh’s
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Roselyn: She’s a fan. She’s sure the show is going to be good for her career.
    • Poty: She’s got a big personality and she needs to not let it get in the way on something like an Adagio.
    • Johnny: She kept saying in rehearsal that she can’t dance. He likes her daring.
Ektor Rivera (singer, actor, puertorriqueño)
  • Charity:
  • Partner: Ema
  • Style: Boogie
  • Song: Tutti Frutti (yep, he was singing)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Johnny: It’s obvious he’s got technique.
    • Roselyn: Obviously he’s a star and because he’s got more experience, they’re going to judge him more harshly.
    • Poty: He’s spectacular and he and Ema are a great couple.
Victoria “La Mala” (singer)
  • Charity:
  • Partner: Juan Carlos
  • Style: Salsa
  • Song: No le pegue a la negra
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Roselyn: Good projection, good stamina.
    • Poty: She was up to the level of the other dancers.
    • Johnny: Good job, congratulations.
Ana Patricia Gamez (morning show host, Nuestra Belleza Latina winner)
  • Charity:
  • Partner: Jonathan
  • Style: Regional Mexicana
  • Song: Las Ultras
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Poty: She’s doing well when she’s dancing alone, which can be the most difficult part.
    • Johnny: She looked good and he’s proud of her.
    • Roselyn: She was impressed with the lifts, especially for it being the first night.
Danell Leyva (Olympic gymnast)
  • Charity:
  • Partner: Oksana
  • Style: Foxtrot
  • Song: 7 years
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Johnny: He doesn’t know a lot of gymnasts who can dance, but he’s one of them.
    • Roselyn: His frame is perfect and natural and he has great lines.
    • Poty: Watching the rehearsal he looked so focused and today he’s got great facial expressions.
Dayanara Torres (former Miss Universe, actor, model)
  • Charity:
  • Partner: Jonathan, Juan Carlos, Francois, and Thiago
  • Style: Tango
  • Song: A quién le importa
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Roselyn: Great job, great personality.
    • Poty: I didn’t think love at first sight existed.
    • Johnny: She just showed off her sensuality. Perfect.
Next week


Do you have any favorites yet? Contestant, judge, dance style?

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Linda F.
Visita/ Guest
Linda F.

Thanks for the great recap, Kat! This will also be a handy reference guide. Here are my reactions to last night: Marlene and Pablo – the two participants best-known to me, but the least inspired performances. Sounds like Marlene arrived late in the week for rehearsals, and one of the judges chastised her gently for it. Chikybombom – wow, her energy and charisma are amazing! Did you notice that she wasn’t at all winded after her highly aerobic dance? She must run on pure adrenaline. I can tell I’ll be rooting for her. Franco (the chef) – don’t remember much… Read more »

Linda F.
Visita/ Guest
Linda F.

Forgot to mention Jomari–I hope the give him more to do in the future. He was wasted last night.