La Piloto Wednesday 5/24/17 #57


The Senator’s annoyed that not only do the feds have John, but Oscar did “nothing” to spring him and he can’t get most of Team Evil to check in. Vergara says the General and the Consul are busy in their respective countries. The Senator gripes that it’s all going to change when he’s president. For now, he wants Vergara to call Montgomery and get him to make sure John doesn’t rat them out.

Fajardo finally gets a chance to meet Monica and Raúl and get the cell phone. He looks at the screen and smirks.

Bautista shows up at the procuraduría to demand John’s release on the grounds that Garrido lied about not having him in custody in Villa Antigua.

Garrido insists the lie was necessary for security–did they not hear about the attempt to free John? Bautista says that’s proof this was an illegal arrest.

But wait! Because Benavídez has the authority to hold anyone he wants to for 48 hours to investigate and that’s what he’s going to do. As Garrido goes to escort John to a cell, John starts screaming that they should be arresting Monica for helping him and Oscar escape from Aerotours six months ago.

Bautista and I are both like “Shut it, John!” He insists on his client’s “innocence” but Benavídez isn’t budging.


Olivia, Lizbeth, and Yoli, plus a lurking Zuli, watch the news about John’s arrest. A hospital administrator comes over to talk to Amanda’s “family” and they tell her they’re as close as it gets.

The hospital will agree to release Amanda’s body…as soon as someone pays Amanda’s bill. But the baby can’t go with them–he has a father.

A father who’s in prison and pondering the need to get to the Lucios before the Lucios get to him. He’s in wood shop with Carimañolo when the news comes on, announcing John’s capture. Arley calls it a gift from Amanda, looking out for him from on high. He sure hopes the Cartel de las Sombras wants John killed the way John wanted him killed.

The administrator’s sorry, but if neither of the baby’s parents are available and they didn’t designate a guardian, she’ll have to have family services come get the baby. Yoli snippily thanks her for her help.

In the hallway, Liz reviews–not only are they taking the baby to an orphanage, they’ll bury Amanda in a fosa común (common grave) if they can’t pay the bill. They’re thinking about the money that’s supposedly at Cielito Lindo again. But Raúl’s probably already told his bosses, so….

They’ll just have to get to it first.

And keep Dave and Raúl from finding out how? Yoli says they’ll figure that out later.


Fajardo’s marveling at the totally awesome evidence on Montgomery’s phone when Montgomery comes down the stairs, hears him, and just nopes on out of there without anybody so much as looking up and noticing him.

Even Garrido, Benavídez, and the two cops with them, who were following Montgomery down the stairs don’t seem to find it at all odd that he’s just pulled a runner. They’re too interested in taking Monica into custody. Garrido explains to Raúl that John just testified that Monica helped him and Oscar escape from Aerotours.

In the bathroom, Montgomery’s looking for a back way out. He hides in a bathroom stall when he hears Fajardo calling his name. Fajardo’s there to arrest him, on orders from his boss. He steers Montgomery out to the sinks and attempts to take him in “the easy way.”

Montgomery slugs him. I guess we’re going for “the hard way.”

In the parking garage, Dave and Wilmer are starting to wonder what’s taking Monica and Raúl so long. Fajardo comes running out of the building screaming “Don’t let him escape!” He ends up getting into the car with Dave and Wilmer so they can go find Montgomery.

In Benavídez’s office, Monica sobs/screams at him about the Lucios taking her sister to force her to help them and then killing her.

In the car, Fajardo explains that Montgomery got away from him, but Fajardo’s still got the phone. He’s going to put out the alert and make sure he can’t get on a plane and leave the country. Oh, and by the way, they arrested Monica.

Benavidez is sorry, but regardless of the reasons, Monica was an accomplice. He’ll assign her a lawyer, since she doesn’t have one, but he’s going to have to hold her while they start an investigation.

Raúl and Garrido both remember how they had the Lucios surrounded at Aerotours and they just vanished. Garrido always thought they had inside help, but Monica? They agree she wouldn’t have helped them willingly–she hates the Lucios. Garrido thinks after everything she’s done, she deserves a medal. And so does Raúl.

Raúl’s not worried about that. He just wants to get back to work, although he’s sure he’d have to take a desk job…. But Garrido has already gotten orders that Raúl’s been let go. He’s sorry–he heard yesterday, but he wanted to tell Raúl in person.

Dave, Wilmer, and Fajardo meet Raúl coming out of the building. Yep, Monica got arrested and now Raúl’s been fired. Dave’s going in to talk to Benavídez and see what he can do.

Unfortunately, Benavídez is too busy to talk to Dave. But at least Fajardo has good news for him–he got his “circular roja” removed and now Montgomery’s got one at all the airports and borders. They’ll catch him soon.

Club Evil

Oscar’s home. He nearly shoots his own security guys for doing their jobs and stopping an unfamiliar weirdo on their turf.

Vergara can’t get Montgomery on the phone and The Senator’s annoyed. The Lucios were supposed to be unstoppable. Vergara says it was John’s ex who brought them down. Yep, that Yolanda turned out to be better than the two brothers put together.

Oscar walks in, threatening to shoot Vergara and griping at him for not helping John. Uh, John brought this on himself. And now they’re all screwed. Oscar lowers the gun and goes upstairs, after one last menacing point at The Senator.

Montgomery gets back and makes with the boozin’. He admits they found out about him and he had to escape. Oscar’s unsympathetic. Oddly, The Senator IS, saying they got hold of Montgomery’s phone, like “Hey, it happens.”

When everyone’s done pointing guns and blaming each other, The Senator announces that until they can get him out of the country, Montgomery’s staying at the club.


Monica’s assigned lawyer has arrived and it’s time for her to make her statement. Monica admits she helped the Lucios escape.

In the hallway, Dave’s hoping Monica doesn’t end up in trouble. Fajardo asks him what he knows, but Dave’s not in the mood to talk about it. Fajardo’s boss wants them both to go take over Montgomery’s office. Dave doesn’t want to leave until he knows what’s happening with Monica.

Monica explains that they were all set to go grab the Lucios, but her sister kept calling and when she finally answered the phone…. In a flashback Vergara tells her to get the Lucios out and get Arley and Dean released. She did what they asked, but it wasn’t enough to save her sister.

Garrido’s sympathetic, but only Benavídez can decide what to do. Benavídez understands, but he needs to keep her in custody while they investigate. He has one last question, though…did “the DEA agent”know about this? Did he help them too?

Benavídez comes out of his office, finally, and finds out Dave is “the DEA agent.” Monica’s right behind him, in cuffs, and hurriedly explains to Dave that she just admitted that she helped the Lucios because they threatened her sister and that she didn’t tell him about it, *hint, hint* John stopped her, but it’s Dave’s job now to get Oscar, Montgomery, and the cartel. No pressure.

The op

Family services is on the way and Yoli’s determined they’re not taking that baby. Time for a pint-sized jailbreak.

Yoli sneaks into the nursery to spring the baby while Lizbeth and Olivia distract security and doctors and keep them from heading in that direction. Mr. 5ft and I are frowning at them taking a baby out of an incubator.

Yoli makes it to the elevator, but on the ground floor she keeps turning around every time she’s faced with a doctor or security guard. Oh no, that’s not suspicious at all.

Olivia begs a taxi driver to just hold on a little longer for her nephew. Yoli makes it out through the garage and they drive off with the baby. Zuli just misses them.

Rosalba and Estela watch the news. Rosalba’s thinking that John’s capture means Yoli’s closer to being safe, but Estela and her bottle of booze disagree. Oscar’s still out there and he’s WAY worse than John. Hey, she’s just being realistic.

Rosalba’s about to call Yolanda when Yolanda shows up on her doorstep with Liz, Oli, and the baby.

Back at the hospital, Raúl and Wilmer are looking for the others when they hear a hospital administrator griping at the staff about a missing baby. Oh yeah, Raúl knows what’s up.

Rosalba’s on board with the three buds taking care of the baby–she would have done the same–but Estela’s being annoyingly realistic again, pointing out that they KIDNAPPED a BABY! Yoli assures her nothing’s going to happen and quit being so negative.

Estela keeps the realism coming…they’re not prepared to be parents. And this is a preemie in need of an incubator.

Out in front of the hospital, Wilmer stashes Raúl’s wheelchair in the back seat while Raúl explains that Amanda just died, leaving a baby behind and now there’s a baby missing and they can’t find Yoli, Olivia, and Lizbeth. It’s kind of obvious that’s not a coincidence. He tells Wilmer to step on it as a security guard comes outside, asking them to wait.

Villa Antigua

Rubio and Santamaría make it to Cielito Lindo and plan to leave the ambulance parked behind the building and go in carefully. (Oh, just get on with it!)

Rubio’s starting to think it’s ridiculous for Santamaría to think he can find Yolanda. But Santamaría’s not giving up. He tells Rubio to search the place. (Quit, Rubio. Just walk out and leave.)

They find the safe. Damn.

But Santamaría’s no safecracker. Rubio proposes breaking in with a crowbar, but Santamaría vetoes that idea and goes back to trying to hear the clicks of the correct combination being dialed.

Montgomery’s office

Dave and Fajardo are in and Fajardo’s boss wants Dave back on the job, in Montgomery’s place. They’ve decided Simpson’s death was self-defense, plus he helped capture John.

And still Dave’s not sure if he accepts.

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