La Piloto Thursday 5/25/17 #58

Dave accepts Montgomery’s old job. He starts talking about dismantling the entire Cartel now that they’ve got John. He’s sure Montgomery is meeting up with Oscar and his business card is a clue–it has his personal information, not the office’s.

Club Evil

Vergara’s contact at the procuraduría says they’ve got so much security on John it will be impossible to get him out. Whatevs–Oscar’s doing it anyway. Other than that and the arrival of The Consul, the rest is posturing.


Based on a video Olivia saw once, they’re going to rig a home incubator out of a styrofoam cooler and a lamp. Yoli sends Estela to buy baby supplies, including alcohol–which she reminds her is the kind for disinfecting, not drinking.

Raúl calls. He pretty much knew they’d taken the baby already, so he takes it calmly, but he does want to meet and discuss things. Yoli gives him the address.

I don’t know how legit this is, but I sure wouldn’t try it. They’ve got the styrofoam cooler on its side with plastic film covering the opening and a table lamp pointing at it. And Yoli and Oli are both like “Yeah, the baby’s fine.” Estela comes back from the store with Raúl and Wilmer who are both completely freaked out. I guess knowing and seeing are two different things.


Vergara tells Bautista he just left The Cartel’s “offer.” Bautista wishes him luck and goes to the visiting area to meet with John.

John’s glad Oscar didn’t get caught, but he doesn’t want him taking any more risks.

That’s the end of the good news. The US government is pushing for extradition. The Senator is using his influence to try to keep that from happening.

The “offer” Vergara was talking about was a pile of cash in the men’s room. He makes an anonymous call to Benavídez to tell him where to find it and explains it’s his first payment for releasing John Lucio. Benavídez takes offense and turns the money over.

Bautista reports this to John, who says if Benavídez won’t help them the easy way, then they’ll do it the hard way. Oscar will know what to do.

Villa Antigua

Rubio comes back to Cielito Lindo with stolen groceries and the news that John Lucio was captured and taken to the Procuraduría in the DF. Santamaría assumes that’s where Yolanda will be.


Raúl fills everyone in on Monica’s arrest. Yoli’s sure Dave must be upset. She ignores a call from him so she can put off telling him about the baby.

And listen, she knows Raúl’s a fed, but….

Raúl says he’s actually not anymore. If they don’t want him, then he doesn’t want them. He’s not saying a word about the baby.

Lizbeth brings up the money at Cielito Lindo again. Olivia says they’d use it to raise the baby and pay Amanda’s hospital bill. Yoli says they’ll split it between all of them, as compensation for everything the Lucios have put them through.

A cell phone starts ringing. It takes a minute to figure out it’s Amanda’s. Lizbeth answers the call from Carmen. She wants to apologize for the way she behaved with Amanda the last time she saw her. Lizbeth breaks the news that Amanda died last night, but the baby survived.

Carmen wants to see the baby. There’s a long, awkward pause and a flurry of whispering. Lizbeth lies and says they’re bringing the baby to Villa Antigua. They all need to pick up some stuff from Cielito Lindo. Hey, could she do them a favor and swing by to see if it’s still closed?

Oscar’s on the job

Dave sends Montgomery an email telling him to turn himself and Oscar Lucio in and they’ll help him. Dave tells Fajardo if it were him, he’d take the offer. So now they wait. Fajardo goes to check on the extradition process.

In the Club Evil dining room, Montgomery’s bickering with The Senator and The Consul. Oscar interrupts and asks to speak to The Senator and The Consul alone.

Montgomery pauses outside the door and listens as Oscar asks why they’re keeping him around when he’s not even DEA anymore. The Consul reminds him that Montgomery knows a lot. Sounds to Oscar like he just needs to die.

Montgomery rushes to answer that email from Dave. He wants immunity and protection and to go somewhere that’s NOT the United States.

Oscar catches Montgomery trying to sneak out of the club. He brings him down to the boiler room to talk him to death. Or something. After much blah blah blah, he announces this is Montgomery’s new home, but Montgomery whacks him with a convenient stick and makes a run for it.

Whoops, Oscar shot him in the leg. He chases him up onto the roof and talks at him some more.

In the dining room, The Senator and The Consul are still discussing what to do with Montgomery when they hear shots.

Yep, Oscar shot him. And here I thought he’d just fling himself off the roof to keep from having to listen to any more of Oscar’s blah blah blah.

The Consul and The Senator look out the window and sigh at Montgomery’s corpse lying there on the pavement by the valet parking booth. Oscar saunters in, telling the guys over the radio to take a picture before they remove the body.

Alrighty, then, so about John …. The Consul leaves and Oscar makes a snide remark about women not being able to handle anything. He asks if Vergara’s gone down to the warehouse to deal with the Benavídez problem.

Benavídez is ready to send over the paperwork to extradite John. He gets a call and starts griping at Moncada on the other end that they should leave him alone, he’s not going to do what they want. Moncada tells him he just sent him a message….

It’s a picture of the teenager Oscar’s men brought to the warehouse where Cristian and Estela were being held.

Fajardo’s just waiting for the paperwork to take John back to the US. The plane and the security are all ready to go. He’s got a temporary badge and a gun for Dave. Plus a company “car.” Actually, they’re giving him this SUV, to make up for that whole Montgomery business.

Speaking of…Dave gets a message with the picture of Montgomery’s corpse. He decides he and Fajardo should go to the procuraduría. He wants to supervise John’s transfer personally.

John gripes at Bautista that he’s on the verge of being extradited and he’s not seeing any results! Bautista assures him it’s all going as he ordered. They have…the prisoner…and the lawyer knows and he’ll have to cooperate. “He’d better.”

The Senator’s starting to sweat. He asks Vergara to check with Moncada. He’s going home. Oscar makes a point of apologizing for his impulsiveness…after turning his laptop and camera around to get a nice shot of all three of them.

On his way out, The Senator tells Vergara to get information on John’s ex. Find out everything about her, but he doesn’t want anyone to know.

The money

Rosalba wishes Yoli and the others wouldn’t go after that dirty money. Isn’t it about time to leave that life behind?

Hey, Yoli would like that, but they’ve gotta support the baby. And everyone’s gotta eat.

Rosalba’s worried about what Dave’s going to think.

Raúl remembers the shootout with his father. He can’t believe after so many years of service, the feds didn’t care about him. He was trying to be like his dad, and for what? Lizbeth says the wheelchair isn’t going to hold him back. He helped her and now it’s her turn. It’s all going to be OK.

At Cielito Lindo, Carmen comes to check things over and gets taken hostage by Rubio and Santamaría. After Santamaría’s threats, Carmen explains her daughter used to work there. He seriously asks her if she happens to know the combination for the safe.

Dude, no, she doesn’t know! Are you kidding me? While Santamaría keeps terrorizing this poor woman, Rubio actually does something useful and checks her cell phone. The last call was to “Amanda.”

Santamaría recognizes that name. Is she on her way? Carmen sobs–she died last night. He gives his fake condolences. So who’s coming? Carmen just knows it’s some friends. Lizbeth is the only one she knows for sure.

Santamaría crows–that’s another friend of Yolanda’s. They should celebrate. He pours a drink for a baffled Carmen and tells Rubio to call that number and see who answers.

Lizbeth puts it on speaker phone. The minute Yolanda hears his voice she motions to Liz to cut it off, whispering that it’s Santamaría.

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