La Piloto Friday 5/26/17 #59

Yoli motions to Lizbeth to hang up, but instead, Lizbeth says Yoli’s not with her. Santamaría explains he’s got Carmen here at Cielito Lindo and he might let her live in exchange for the combination to the safe. Lizbeth agrees to give it to him if he lets Carmen go.

Santamaría has Rubio load the briefcases full of cash into the ambulance while he “takes care of” Carmen.

Yolanda’s pretty sure Santamaría’s going to kill her anyway, but she doesn’t want to call the police. THAT would definitely get Carmen killed.

Rubio comes in after loading up the ambulance and tries to convince Santamaría to just take the money and start over. He doesn’t even need half, just a little. He’s tired of this.


In her cell, Monica remembers telling Benavídez about the Lucios kidnapping her sister. Then she remembers kissing Dave in the parking garage.

Dave shows up to tell her they’re going to extradite John. Whatever. Monica’s busy being angry that Dave’s in love with Yoli. Dave’s got this idea that Monica will “understand” later. Good luck with that.

Dave checks in with Fajardo in the lobby and hears that Benavídez rescinded the extradition order.

Benavídez tells Bautista he can delay the extradition, but he can’t free him. Dave comes in, demanding to know what’s going on, and Bautista splits.

In the parking garage, John gets loaded into an SUV. They drive him over to the prison in the DF.

Benavídez assures his wife that nothing will happen to their daughter as long as he helps John Lucio, but it’s impossible to just set him free. Dave interrupts his phone call, insisting on talking to him. Dave knows he’s helping the Lucios. Benavídez tries to claim his lawyer pulled some fancy footwork, but Dave’s over it–he wants the truth or he’ll report Benavídez for corruption.

When Benavídez denies that, Dave asks if he’s being threatened. It takes two tries before Benavídez admits they kidnapped his younger daughter.

Dave calls to tell Yoli about the delay and she wonders if maybe they’re holding her at the same place they had Cristian and Estela. Dave and Fajardo head out there, asking Benavídez to stay behind and if he gets another phone call, stall.


Not only is John at the same prison where Arley’s staying, he’s in the same wing.

Arley starts looking for him when everyone gets released from their cells, but John’s meeting with Bautista. Bautista gives him the bad news that Dave is DEA!Dave again. And Montgomery’s dead. He “fell” out of a “helicopter” trying to escape the club.

John gripes at him to put pressure on Benavídez and get him some money.

Arley’s still looking for John and he’s getting antsy. He accuses Carimañolo of not being on his side when John’s not in wood shop like Carimañolo thought he was.

They find him in the mess hall and Arley accuses him of killing Amanda. John denies even having time to think about killing anybody. Arley tells John she was pregnant and starts the fight. John offers $1M to anyone who helps him against Arley and Carimañolo. Cañego’s the first taker. The guards eventually show up and put an end to the fight.

Club Evil

The Senator shows up and asks for an update. Oscar complains that nothing’s changed and The Senator hasn’t done anything. He walks out in a snit, leaving Vergara to give The Senator that report on Yolanda.

John calls Oscar from solitary telling him Arley’s here and he wants to kill him. Oscar says he’ll have to kill Arley first, then. I laugh. John whines that he needs Oscar to put pressure on Benavídez to let him out. Oscar doesn’t see the problem–as long as they have his daughter, Benavídez will do whatever they want. John hangs up on him.

Vergara doesn’t tell The Senator anything about Yolanda that we didn’t already know. The Senator says it’s too bad she has lousy taste in men. Vergara points out that she’s being sought both for drug trafficking and as the main suspect in her skeevy uncle’s murder. Vergara knows that Estela and Rosalba are in witness protection and he thinks it’s going to be impossible to find them. The Senator has more faith in his abilities than that.

Zuli calls The Senator to request a meeting. He tells her to come to the club, assuring her Oscar won’t be a problem. Zuli’s got that look on her face like she thinks things are looking up. Heh.


Dave, Fajardo, and some backup feds get to the warehouse. Really, the Lucios should be embarrassed about being so predictable. Cue shootout.

Moncada resorts to threatening Benavídez’s daughter, but all his focus is on Dave and Fajardo’s a good shot. Dave tries to get Oscar’s location out of Moncada, but he dies. Dave finds his phone and dials.

In the dining room at Club Evil, Oscar’s pointing out the obvious to The Senator–they have to keep John from getting extradited. I would think that it would have been better to get John out of the country and THEN call Oscar to gloat but…you do you, Dave.

Oscar takes it more calmly than I would have expected, but The Senator’s furious. Moncada’s a key member of the team. The Senator wants Oscar and his people out of the club in five minutes or he’s ordering them all killed. Like Oscar cares.

Dave takes Ms. Benavídez to her dad’s office. Dave suggests he get his family out of the country. Benavídez is already on it. And he’ll sign the paperwork to get the extradition process rolling again, but after this it’s out of his hands. It’s going to depend on the judge.

Oscar and his guys are loading up their SUVs when Vergara comes outside to give Oscar some “advice.” He’d better not open his mouth. If one falls, they all fall.

Oscar says it’s a long game and plenty of time for a rematch. This game isn’t over yet.

Fajardo’s impressed with everything Dave has accomplished, but Dave’s not letting up until John’s in the US. Fajardo says they need to get back to the office for a videoconference, but Dave wants to see Monica first.

She’s on her way to prison. And she’s so over it. She confessed, this is how it goes. She’s sure there are going to be a lot of people happy to see her when she gets there. She doesn’t need Dave’s help.

John calls Oscar for an update and Oscar tells him they lost Benavídez’s daughter. And the Cartel…forget about them. Oscar nearly got into a fight with The Senator. John says he always does that!

Yeah, whatever, it’s back to being the two of them against the world. Oscar doesn’t even know what terms they’re on with the Cartel–“not partners” or “enemies”–and he doesn’t seem to care. John tells him to DO SOMETHING and get him out of there.

Dave’s office

Fajardo explains to his boss that Dave’s going to supervise John’s extradition and escort him personally to Miami. The boss wants Oscar to be the next priority.

And Yolanda.

Dave whines to Fajardo that Yolanda doesn’t deserve to go to jail. Fajardo thinks there’s something…more going on between Dave and Yolanda. He advises Dave to prepare himself–he might be able to get Yolanda’s sentence shortened, but she’s still going to jail for a while. He thinks having a woman by your side is important, but it has to be the right one.

Club Evil

Zuli arrives. Vergara’s in on her “meeting” with The Senator. Once she’s assured that Oscar won’t find out about this, they get started.

Villa Antigua

Rubio’s had it. He threatens to shoot Santamaría. They’re not soldiers anymore–Santamaría’s not his superior. He’s tired of being treated like a dog…and all because of Yolanda. He accuses Santamaría of being “crazy” enough to think when he finds Yoli she’ll go for him.

Rubio didn’t tell Santamaría that at the gas station Yoli was helping the DEA agent try to capture him. He thought Santamaría would just give up on this stupid idea on his own, but he was wrong. He admired Santamaría and thought he’d be the person he was before, but now he’s just a killer.

And Santamaría pulls out his gun, shoots Rubio and says he’s right.

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