La Piloto Monday 5/29/17 #60

As Monica gets booked, she remembers her sister’s death, Benavídez saying he’d have to arrest her, snogging Dave.

Monica gets about the reception she was expecting from the other prisoners. Hey, it’s Joanna again!

A guard drops Monica off at her cell, talking about schedules and discipline and visitation hours. And hey, they really don’t like ex-cops in here, so she’d better stay out of trouble. And get that look off her face because it’s not going to help anything.

Monica realizes after she’s left that her cell isn’t locked, but the guard has already taken off.

Joanna and a few others come in later so Joanna can welcome her officially with a stab wound.

New digs

Oscar moves his remaining crew into what looks like it could be a half-constructed shopping mall.

It’s all about Yoli

Yolanda, Oli, Estela, and Rosalba watch the news report about the op at the garage. Dave shows up–they rescued Benavídez’s daughter and got the extradition rolling again. He asks about the baby and the baby starts crying in response. I can’t believe he’s naïve enough to ask how they got the hospital to “give” them the baby.

He checks with the feds and Yoli’s the main suspect of kidnapping the baby. She gets cranky as Dave reminds her of all the OTHER things she’s being sought for. And he was ordered to bring her in. He asks her to give herself up.

Yoli agrees. She announces her decision to the others and Estela flips out. Dave says he’s going to keep Yolanda from getting sent to the US. And he’ll try to have the baby given to them like, legit this time.

Who knows what happened at the “meeting,” but Zuli and The Senator embark on their disgusting new relationship. He’s gonna take care of her as long as she obeys all his orders…starting with putting him in contact with Yolanda. Heh.

Olivia doesn’t like the idea of Yoli going to prison, either. It’s not going to solve their current problems. Yoli gets a call from an unknown number. Vergara’s calling on behalf of the Cartel to ask to meet with her. They’ve cut ties with the Lucios for…irreconcilable differences…and they want to make her an offer. They want her to take over for the Lucios.

Yoli says she’s not interested and she’s not going to change her mind.

The Senator doesn’t like being told “no.” He wants Vergara to bring her to him, despite his claims that it’s impossible to find an address for someone in witness protection. The Senator asks Zuli if she knows where to find Yoli’s mom and aunt….

Dave and Raúl visit Benavídez. He sent his wife and daughter to Europe this morning. Dave wants to talk to him about Yolanda. He says she was never working for the Lucios willingly. She contacted him to turn herself in and he wants to get her a reduced sentence and keep her in Mexico.

At Rosalba’s apartment, a bunch of masked men come in looking for the baby. Yoli tells them to take her “instead.” Oh, please, they’re taking everyone.

Benavídez is grateful to Dave, but he doesn’t think he can do much for Yolanda. He thinks the best he can do is get her sentence reduced to ten years, but they’re going to have to really study her case. Why is Dave so interested in her anyway? Dave makes excuses about her being very young and not really a bad person. Uh huh…well, she’s done some bad things and she’s going to have to pay.

This guy again

Santamaría drives his snazzy new wood-panel station wagon to a garage in who knows where and asks to speak to the owner about a “business proposition.” He wants to rent the place out. The owner is offended at the suggestion that the cars in here are stolen, but the stacks of cash make up for it.

Santamaria still has the ambulance. He parks it in front of the garage, where it makes a nice barrier, and starts checking the place out.


The Senator and The Consul videoconference with The General and The Governor. John’s getting extradited after all. The Consul wants to spring him, but The Senator wants him and Oscar dead. The Governor’s on board with that.

The next order of business is finding their replacement. The Senator proposes Yolanda.

A black SUV pulls up at The Club and unloads Yolanda and crew.

Dave and Raúl get back to the empty apartment.

Yoli’s locked up alone in one of the bedrooms. I like the random wedding portrait on the wall. That’s a weird touch. Some guy in a suit shows up to bring her downstairs. She screams at Vergara that the baby needs an incubator.

He says he’s the one who called earlier and his boss doesn’t like being told “no.” This is her second chance. He urges her to reconsider their proposal.

The Consul scoffs at The Senator for drooling over Yolanda. He teases her right back about being jealous because they’re both in John’s “harem.” She limits herself to telling him not to make a mistake.

Yoli turns Vergara down. She wants nothing to do with narcos. It’s a little late for that, isn’t it? Hasn’t she heard that once you’re in you don’t get out alive? The law’s looking for her and even Benavídez won’t be able to help her. As proof, he plays the voicemail Dave left on her phone, saying Benavídez isn’t going to be able to help.

Vergara’s offering to keep her out of jail and provide for the baby. Yoli remembers Dave telling her to turn herself in. Vergara says if she turns him down, he’ll have to be a good citizen and turn her in, after getting rid of everyone around her–starting with the baby and ending with Zulima.

Yoli’s surprised to hear him mention her. She asks to see her.

The Senator is sure Yoli’s going to accept, but The Consul has her doubts. He’s sure if nothing else, her BFF Zuli will convince her. The Consul feels the need to remind him again that if John talks, they’re screwed.

Zuli and Yoli have their reunion. Zuli claims John had her kidnapped and now these Cartel guys do. She pretends to just be hearing about Amanda’s death, but we get a flashback to remind us Zuli killed her. You know, just in case we’d forgotten.

Yoli explains the “deal” she’s being offered and Zuli supposes she’d better take it. “But I’ll never see Dave again!” We get a flashback of the five good minutes they’ve had together since she got back from Colombia. Again, in case we’d forgotten.

Vergara comes back and Yoli accepts. She wants to meet her new boss, this “Senator” she’s heard so much about. Vergara says she’s going to have to content herself with dealing with him. And he has a logistical question–who’s taking care of the baby? Her mom or her aunt?

See, they need to make sure she does her job and that means they’ll need to take one of them, with the baby, to a secure location. It’s not negotiable.

Yolanda does what’s right for the baby and picks Rosalba. Which means everyone else is stuck with Estela. I hope she warned Vergara he was going to regret that later. Nobody bothers telling Rosalba what’s going on, so she’s just out in the car with a crying baby, freaking out.

Raúl calls the feds, but nobody knows what happened to Yolanda. Dave remembers talking to Oscar from the garage, so he calls to see if he’s got Yolanda and the others. Oscar honestly says he doesn’t have them…and if he did he would have killed them already.

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