La Piloto Tuesday 5/30/17 #61

Joanna and her new gang accost Monica in the bathroom. She’ll be waiting in the hallway with a list of Monica’s “chores.”

Club Evil

Lucky for Zulima nobody knows what she’s been up to. She gets a warm welcome from Liz and Olivia. Estela starts complaining about being “deprived of liberty” and Vergara explains that Yoli has taken over the Lucios’ position in the organization.

Oh. That’s cool with Estela. ‘Cause money. But where are Rosalba and the baby? Vergara says they’re safe and he saw to it there’s an incubator for the baby.

Now, what does Yolanda need to start doing her job?

Helicopters, planes, and a runway, for starters.

Vergara hands over a suitcase of cash and another one of cell phones and radios so Yoli can get started. Yeah, yeah, it’s a “loan,” it all comes out of her salary, if she screws up it’s curtains for Rosalba and the baby. This ain’t her first rodeo.


“Don” John is working out when a guard announces that “Carlos Pinto” is there to see him. John was going to skip it until he heard the guy was Colombian. It’s Santamaría and John guesses it as soon as he sees him.

After they get the small talk out of the way, Santamaria shows off his ruined eye and says he’s there to talk about Yolanda. They have unfinished business. If John tells him where to find her, he’ll take her out for free.

Unfortunately John doesn’t know where she is, but he has an idea she’s under Dave’s protection. Find him and he’ll find Yolanda. And John wants a favor–say “hi” for him and kill her slowly. Santamaría tells him to call Dave and get Dave to come see him. He’ll take care of the rest.

Arley gets called into the prison director’s office. He’s being extradited to the US along with John. LOL…sucks to be him! He throws a tantrum.

Santamaría watches as Dave pulls into the parking lot in his shiny new SUV. Inside, John refuses to speak to Dave, even though he’s the one who called him. A confused Dave wanders back outside. He takes a call from Monica in the parking lot. She asks him to bring her some clothes and toiletries from her apartment, and some cash. And something she can use to defend herself.

Santamaría follows Dave out of the lot.

Here we go again

When it’s down to former Team Sobrecargo members only, Yoli proposes they use some of the money to get the hospital to release Amanda’s body. Liz wants to call and let Raúl and Dave know where they are so they don’t freak out. And Yoli’s OK with that, but she doesn’t want to tell Dave she’s narco-ing again.

So Liz calls Raúl and says they’ve been kidnapped by the Cartel de las Sombras and Yoli has to work for them or they’ll kill everybody–including the baby. He starts accusing her of being after “easy money,” which…has he not been watching the show? What part of what they’ve been through has been easy? Anyway, Liz takes offense and breaks up with him.

Yoli decides she’d rather call Dave and break up with him than have to tell him the truth.

This guy

Dave’s shoving some clothes into a backpack when he hears the click of the door. Santamaría got into Monica’s apartment and he’s got a gun.

So basically, he wants to know where Yolanda is and Dave quite honestly doesn’t know. He even has Santamaría call her from his phone to prove she’s not answering his calls.

Dave asks what Santamaría’s obsession with Yolanda is. Does he want revenge? Santamaría’s completely ridiculous answer is that he wants to punish her for betraying him so she doesn’t do it again. Dave cracks up laughing at that–does Santamaría seriously think he’s getting back together with Yolanda?!

Raúl starts calling and Santamaría makes Dave answer. So now all three of them know that Yoli and the others were kidnapped by the Cartel and working for them again. Dave says he’ll call Raúl back later.

Santamaría gets a kick out of hearing that Yoli’s back in the narco business. He taunts Dave about her turning her back on him.

Santamaría finally decides it’s time for him to go. He’s about to shoot Dave, but someone rings the doorbell. Dave gets up off the floor while Santamaría’s taking his sweet time going to answer it, bumps into him, still handcuffed, and takes his gun. He shouts down to the random neighbor on the stairs to block the exit, but Santamaría gets past him.


Dave gets back to the office, with the backpack he still hasn’t dropped off for Monica (who’s busy cleaning all the toilets on Joanna’s wing, per her orders). He tells one of the other officers his phone was stolen and asks him to take care of it with tech. Then he steps into a conference room to watch a news report about John getting sentenced and extradited.

Oscar hears the same news report over the radio and starts screeching at his guys to find out about John’s transfer.

Dave tells Fajardo about his run-in with Santamaría. And that Santamaría has his phone. Which is too bad because Fajardo sent him a message with the details about John’s transfer. Eh, Dave’s sure it’s not a problem–he’s having tech block his phone and what can Santamaría do anyway?


Dave finally makes it to the prison and flashes his badge. The guard says he should have skipped the line. She’s still going to check the backpack, though.

In the visiting area, Joanna hits on Dave. Monica says that’s the one who’s messing with her. Dave tells her about Santamaría being at her apartment earlier. Under the table, he passes her something…a knife? Monica explains that she’s the one who put Joanna in here. She mocks him for asking if the guards didn’t do anything about her getting attacked. Do what? Has he forgotten she’s a fed? She’s determined to get out of here alive.


Santamaría’s back at the garage, reading up on the logistics of John’s transfer. He’s popping a new plate on the wood-panel station wagon when Oscar calls Dave’s phone.

Hey, Oscar, it’s your lucky day! Santamaría gloats that he has Dave’s phone…and some information that might interest Oscar.

John’s in his cell reminiscing about Yoli as he scratches his name into the wall. Benavídez comes by to tell him in person that he’s getting extradited. John mocks his “soon” asking if that means a month, a year? He tells Benavídez to get lost…and say “hi” to his daughter.

Santamaría comes to Oscar’s hideout to tell him in person that he has the details of John’s transfer.

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