La Piloto Wednesday 5/31/17 #62

Oscar’s not sure he can trust Santamaría, but ok. He’ll trade the info about John’s transfer for help finding Yolanda. As long as Santamaría makes sure she suffers.

Santamaría not only tells Oscar the transfer is taking place tomorrow morning, he even offers to share the plan he’s come up with.

John hangs out in his cell, reminiscing about Yolanda. Oscar calls to tell him the transfer is tomorrow. Santamaría found out from Dave. They end the call so John can go back to reminiscing again.

Oscar hopes Santamaría’s plan works. The last time he tried a rescue, things didn’t go so well. Santamaría’s sure Oscar’s plan sucked. But his will work, because he’s a military man and this is his job. They’re going to create a distraction and attack.

Oscar thinks it all sounds “complicated” but ok. Santamaría will be there first thing in the morning. Oscar offers to let him stay there, but Santamaría turns him down. Oscar has some guys follow him.

Club Evil

Yoli and crew check over a map for a proposed runway location. She assigns Liz to handling the planes, Wilmer’s on communications obviously, Olivia will take care of security, and Zuli…uh, she has no idea what to have Zulima do.

Zuli innocently suggests Yoli teach her to fly and Yoli gets a kick out of that idea. They’ll be the new pilotas of this organization.

So, Yoli knows the routes, but not the contacts in South America. She assumes Vergara must know and sends their guard to go get him.

While he steps out, she gets Wilmer to work on finding her aunt and the baby. Zuli smirks, but that’s so close to her normal facial expression it’s not like anyone notices.

Wilmer’s not able to finish downloading his program before Vergara comes in. Um, no he’s not going to give Yoli the contacts–that’s her job. And he doesn’t like being interrupted. Yoli tries to bargain for a phone call with her aunt, but he says that’s up to “the cupola.”

Lizbeth and Olivia meet with one of the guards and explain they’re checking out a possible runway site tomorrow. Also, Olivia’s in charge of security, so she needs to know what weapons they have. The guy scoffs at her and asks if she even knows how to use a gun, so she loads one in the most bored way possible and asks what he thinks.


Monica thanks John for bringing her stuff. She’s sorry she’s been so cold to him. She remembers kiiiind of telling him she liked him after she’d been shot way back when. He didn’t get it then and he doesn’t get it now. He begs Monica to be patient, he’s going to see what Benavídez can do for her.

As for John, he’s getting extradited tomorrow…but Dave’s worried that when Fajardo texted the information, Santamaría had his phone.

Monica asks about Yolanda and Dave confesses she and her buds are working for the Cartel again. Possibly they’re being threatened. Monica knows he’s always thought Yoli was basically a good person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but…what if she’s not?

Dave gets the friendly guard to give him another five minutes with Moni at the end of visiting hours. This time they’re at a smaller table in the rec area just so that after Dave says she was right about Yoli and Monica says he’s still got her, he doesn’t have to lean quite so far over to kiss her. Not that it still isn’t really awkward and completely fails to look spontaneous.

Joanna interrupts and Dave tries to act all tough, telling them not to mess with Monica. He threatens her with extradition. Neither of us knows if he can really do it, but Joanna’s not taking chances. Monica just has this sad little smile like she knows it’s not going to work. The friendly guard comes back to escort Dave out.

Plans and schemes

Dave goes back to Monica’s and shows Santamaría’s picture to the cops who are guarding outside, just in case he comes back.

Yoli calls and tries to explain that she had to agree to work for the Cartel, but she has a plan–Dave doesn’t want to hear it.

Yoli’s reminiscing about Dave when Estela comes in to talk to her about Zulima. There’s something about her Estela just doesn’t trust. Zuli says she was being held? Well, Estela was being held and she never saw or heard anything about Zulima.

Yoli defends Zuli saying she’s the only one who helped her in Tres Fuegos. Um, and also got you into all this trouble in the first place? No? Not remembering that?

OK, Estela tried. She’s on her way out of the room when Vergara comes in to talk to them both.

Raúl comes back to Monica’s with Dave and offers to go with him to do the transfer. He asks Dave for a drink and starts complaining that Yoli and Lizbeth went back to working for the Cartel. Raúl’s just hoping they didn’t have a choice, but Dave thinks there’s always another choice. He whines that Yoli didn’t even consult him.

Vergara’s got a video call set up with Rosalba. Estela skips out on that.

While she’s on the call, Wilmer’s tracing it. Oh…I guess Estela could have skipped out so she could tell Wilmer to start tracing. Lizbeth pretends they were going over routes and thanks Zulima for her help. Zuli insists on staying to, uh, finish up their work.

She texts Vergara to warn him about Wilmer and Vergara grabs the phone from Yolanda and ends the call. He calls “M2” and tells them to grab Wilmer–he was tracing the call.

Wilmer ends up in the boiler room along with everyone else. Yoli takes responsibility, but Olivia gets a little more direct, defending her nerd at gunpoint.

Yoli has to pull Olivia back and there’s a lot of “Kill me instead” but Vergara opts for just giving Wilmer a beating.

Back in Yoli’s room, Estela suggests Zulima’s the one who ratted them out. And again, Yoli doesn’t listen. But she remembers Olivia saying that Arley tried to kill them all, but not Zulima…and Zulima claiming she’s been kidnapped all this time.

Transfer time

A guard tells John he has five minutes before his transfer to take a shower.

Yoli begs the Virgen to take care of her tía and the baby. Vergara bursts in and tells Yoli to get ready–John’s getting transferred this morning and she needs to kill him before the plane takes off.

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