¡Mira Quién Baila! 2017 9/24/17 #2

This Week

Julian Gil is filling in for Javier tonight. Roselyn Sánchez is back at home where her doctor can keep a closer eye on her pregnancy.

It’s been a difficult week for the contestants, watching what’s going on in Mexico and Puerto Rico. They’re dueling head-to-head tonight in five different styles. The judges will choose a winner for each duel, the five winners will dance again to narrow it down to two contestants, and the audience will vote. The winner gets $5K for their charity.

The Judges
  • Guest Judge: Casper Smart (actor, creative director, choreographer)
  • Johnny Lozada (previous season winner, morning show host)
  • Poty Castillo (choreographer)
Round 1: Duels
Marlene vs. Ektor: Tango
  • Marlene Favela, Vienen a verme (iLe Cabrera)
  • Ektor Rivera, Déjame entrar (Mala Rodríguez)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Casper: Thought they both did a great job.
    • Poty: He appreciates their development.
    • Johnny: He especially thinks Marlene has made great progress since last week.
  • Winner: Ektor Rivera
Danell vs. Chikybombom: Salsa
  • Danell Leyva, Que suenen los tambores (Victor Manuelle)
  • Chikybombom, La negra tiene tumbao (Celia Cruz)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Poty: He thought they were both great.
    • Casper: He thought Danell looked comfortable in some parts, but getting ahead in others. Chiky has clean lines, and he’d work on cleaning them up even more.
    • Johnny: They’re making things tough for the judges.
  • Winner: Danell Leyva
Pablo vs. Victoria: Regional Méxicano
  • Pablo Montero, Un aplauso (Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey)
  • Victoria “La Mala,” Completamente (Chiquis Rivera)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Johnny: He liked Victoria’s work, but he wants her to get closer to her partner. Pablo’s choreography wasn’t the most elaborate, but he executed it perfectly.
    • Casper: Pablo had great expression and used his charisma. He needs to not rush the beat. Victoria did too many tricks.
    • Poty: Victoria wasn’t helping her partner. He liked Pablo’s work.
  • Winner: Pablo Montero
Ana Patricia vs. Alejandro: Quickstep
  • Ana Patricia Gamez, Dear Future Husband (Meghan Trainor)
  • Alejandro Nones, Let’s Get Loud (The Baseballs, Jennifer Lopez)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Casper: He loves Alejandro’s smile, but he thought the steps looked forced. He liked how involved Ana Patricia was with her partner and it almost didn’t matter what they were doing.
    • Poty: Ana Patricia’s performance got in the way of the dancing. Alejandro messed up the Charleston, but it was a big improvement from last week.
    • Johnny: He agrees, they need to see more dancing from Ana Patricia. He didn’t expect this from Alejandro, also he got a little lost.
  • Winner: Alejandro Nones
Franco vs. Dayanara: Urbano
  • Franco Noriega, Ginza (J Balvin)
  • Dayanara Torres, Break a Sweat (Becky G)
  • Judges’ feedback:
    • Poty: With a hip-hop style dance you have to just do it, you don’t have a partner to rely on. Dayanara just keeps getting better and better.
    • Johnny: Franco’s gotten better, he’s sure the women are loving his lack of shirt. Dayanara was spectacular.
    • Casper: They both looked like pop stars. Dayanara’s choreography was fun, she did it well. Franco, he agrees with Poty, is probably killing the girls but it feels like there was a lot of wasted time with the panels and not a lot of dancing and the dancing was very basic.
  • Winner: Dayanara Torres
Round 2: Individual dances
Ektor Rivera
  • Style: Salsa
  • Song: La quiero a morir (DLG)
Danell Leyva
  • Style: Disco
  • Song: That’s The Way (I Like It) (KC and the Sunshine Band)
Pablo Montero
  • Style: Foxtrot
  • Song: New York, New York (Frank Sinatra)
Alejandro Nones
  • Style: Urbano
  • Song: Bailar Contigo (3BallMTY Ft Chyno y El Jova)
Dayanara Torres
  • Style: Broadway
  • Song: Nowadays (from the musical Chicago)
Judges’ Decision

Johnny’s favorites, if he had to pick two, are Alejandro and Danell, but Danell’s not one of the top 2 who’s being voted on tonight.

Poty announces that it’s Dayanara and Alejandro were the best two tonight.

To vote for Alejandro call 1-866-918-8801 for an hour after the show ends, or on the Univision Conecta app for the next 24 hours.

To vote for Dayanara call 1-866-918-8802 for an hour after the show ends, or on the Univision Conecta app for the next 24 hours.

You can vote up to 10 times per method.

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Linda F.
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Linda F.

Wow, great recap! I really appreciate you including the song titles, as well.

Linda F.
Visita/ Guest
Linda F.

I wonder if there’s something to what the women said about their job being harder. After all, how else to explain that 3 of the 4 past winners have been male? I was over the moon the year that Adamari López won, especially when she and her dance partner ended up falling in love and forming a family.