La Piloto Thursday 6/1/17 #63


John and Arley are traveling together. They leave the prison in an SUV convoy while Oscar waits for Santamaría to tell them when to do whatever it is they’re going to do.

Yolanda objects to killing John herself when Vergara has a ton of henches, but he just keeps holding that threat of killing the baby over her head. He mentions something about flying with her men, but he’s not forthcoming with the details.

In the SUV, John takes this opportunity to ask Arley why he’s so pissed off at him. For realz? Uh, because he killed Amanda and she was pregnant. John swears if he’d given the order he’d admit it to Arley’s face, which seems to ring true for Arley.

Back at Club Evil, Zuli’s having nightmares about killing Amanda. She wakes up and remembers Yoli telling her the baby is alive.

Yoli flies a helicopter over to the military base. The wait, the what?! They’ve got radars! Her copilot dude is like “Well, you’re supposed to be a badass pilot.” He’ll be throwing grenades when they’re close enough, over Yoli’s objections that they’re supposed to be killing JOHN not every single person at the base!

Santamaría’s distraction so far is having some guy drive a car up to the base and just abandon it.

In the SUV, Arley starts muttering about needing to find out who killed Amanda. John tells him to chill. He’ll have plenty of time to ponder his life when they’re in prison in the US. Arley laughs that off–doesn’t he mean “they”? Or is Oscar coming to save him?

The guys in the back get an order over the radio to stop the transport due to a suspicious vehicle at the hangar. John grins.

Oscar watches everyone fussing over the car at the gate. Santamaría calls and tells him to go to “Phase 2.”

Now Dave hears about the mystery vehicle and he’s sure it’s a distraction. He heads for the hangar with Raúl and the random guy in the back seat.

The Senator calls Vergara for an update. He conveniently explains the plan as Team Yoli (and Zulima) walk in–Yoli’s flying over to the military base and they’ll blow up the plane with John in it. Olivia’s steamed–THIS is what he’s having Yoli do? It’s “crazy”! They’re going to shoot her down. Vergara smarms that she should have more faith in her friend. Since it doesn’t occur to him that if he wants a pilot to run his drugs on a regular basis he might not want to get her killed on her first day on the job.

Oscar sneaks onto the plane. His challenge now is to hide himself in such a small space.

Dave is still convinced the car is a distraction, even though no one’s approaching the caravan and this isn’t Oscar’s style.

Olivia’s still complaining that this isn’t Yolanda’s job and Vergara needs to call it off. And he keeps insisting she needs to have more faith in Yolanda. He gets rid of everyone by asking if they weren’t supposed to be finding a new runway today…?

He calls the helicopter to tell them that John’s under cover and as soon as they start moving him to the plane, that’s when he wants them to strike.

In the hangar, Dave signs paperwork while Arley gloats–isn’t Oscar coming to save John? Dave comes over to officially tell them they’re extradited and he’s taking them to Miami. Dave and John trash talk.

Fajardo calls the base to find out what’s going on with the car.

John and Arley are paraded out to the hangar entrance so the press can get some photos. Dave asks the guards to hold up–he’s going to check the plane first. He looks up and sees Yoli’s helicopter and starts complaining that no one reported it to him. Arley breaks away and starts running, but Yoli sees Dave and she jerks the controls so the guy with the grenade can’t throw it right away. He complains that she nearly blew them up.

John grins, looking at Arley and some of the DEA agents on the ground. Dave calls for an ambulance for Arley and forgets all about his plan to check the plane first, telling them to get John inside and take off.

In the ambulance, a paramedic reports Arley’s vital signs are low. But apparently not low enough, since he sits up and starts choking the paramedic.


In the plane, John starts taunting Dave. He’s pretty sure that was Yolanda in the helicopter–so who was she trying to kill? Him? Dave? Both of them maybe?

Dave says she’s trying to take over John’s job, so he’s guessing it was John. John indulges in a little walk down memory lane, saying their pilot’s really flying high now as he remembers teaching Yoli to fly. He mocks Dave, asking if she also told him she loved him when they were in bed together. Dave has some memories of his own, but he doesn’t answer John.

The pilot calls Dave forward and Oscar springs up from behind the seats to shoot Dave and the other agent and deal with the pilot while John unlocks his handcuffs.

Oscar explains that when he called Dave, Santamaría answered the phone. He’s trusting him because right now they’re at war with everyone. The plan is, they’ll crash the plane and make it look like they’re dead. Oscar’s got the parachutes ready. They do a little “rah-rah, we’re the Lucios.”

Oscar gives John a tracker. John gets out the door and Oscar’s about to follow when Dave regains consciousness and starts fighting him. Dave steals his parachute and jumps, but there was a third one on the plane, so…I guess they just decided they needed an extra fight sequence.


By the time they catch up to the ambulance, Arley’s long gone. Raúl figures he’s still injured so he’ll probably head for the hospital.

Sure enough, Arley stumbles into a hospital or clinic and gets taken in immediately.

The doctor’s talking painkillers and oxygen and getting Arley a scan. Once again, Arley pops up in bed as soon as they leave him alone and starts getting dressed.

Raúl correctly guessed the hospital, but he and his new friend are distracted by the news that the DEA plane crashed. They don’t notice Arley walking out.

Club Evil

Vergara has his men electrocute Yolanda. She remembers Dave complaining that she didn’t ask for his help and he’s done listening to excuses.

Basically, it seems like Vergara’s overcompensating after what happened with the Lucios. He wants to make sure Yoli knows who’s “in charge.” Yolanda remembers being tortured by Santamaría.


Santamaría sees the signal coming from one of the trackers. John gets out of his parachute and wonders where Santamaría is.

Santamaría’s watching the signal from the other tracker, far off from the designated location and still moving….

Oscar crashes through the top of a greenhouse.

Santamaría suggests to the guy with him that they head out to find the closer of the two signals.

Dave, meanwhile, is stuck in a tree, hanging from his parachute. He flags down a passing truck.

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