La Piloto Friday 6/2/17 #64


Santamaría follows the tracking signal to John. He’s less grateful than suspicious. After some banter, Santamaría tells him Oscar’s signal is coming from 10km away, which doesn’t sound right to either of them.

Dave gets the truck guys to position the truck underneath him so he can get out of the parachute and climb/jump down from the roof of the truck.

Yoli calls the team to tell them what happened at the base. John and Dave got away, but she saw Arley on the ground and she doesn’t know how he’s doing.

Arley visits the hospital where Amanda died, claiming to be Amanda’s brother “Pedro” who didn’t make it back from the states in time. The hospital administrator’s like “Yeah, the baby got kidnapped. Come to my office and I’ll explain.”

At the other hospital, Raúl and his new friend Ruiz stop in the lobby to watch the news report about the plane crash. But first things first, they’re here looking for Arley, so they ask a nurse about a guy who might have come in with injuries like he’d been in an explosion. She knows just who they mean, but when she takes him back to the ER bed, he’s no longer in it. They warn the doctor that if anyone sees him they should detain him and be careful–he’s dangerous.

Yoli claims Vergara was pissed off, but he just scolded her is all. She asks about the runway location and tells them to pay whatever the owner wants for it, but make sure there are at least two back ways out of there.

Yoli watches the news report about the plane crash and prays that Dave’s still alive.

Dave asks the guys with the truck to turn on their radio so he can listen to the news while he calls the DEA and tells them John got away. Haha, so much for that part of the escape plan!

In the administrator’s office, she describes Yolanda as the one who took the baby. Arley asks if she can release his “sister’s” body to him, but it’s already been picked up by two women who paid the hospital bill in cash. And gosh, his sister’s death was all so strange, what with the car that hit her turning up in the garage.

The what, now? Arley wants the plates, but she’ll have to ask their head of security about that. A call comes over the radio about a guy they should all be on the lookout for and she remembers Yoli and the others telling her that the baby’s father was in prison. She just stares at Arley.

Arley threatens her with a letter opener and takes the radio. Now she’s suddenly able to give him the plate number. She tells him where to find the back door and he tells her not to say a word.

Dave’s just hanging out in the truck, listening to the radio, when Fajardo calls. Dave explains what happened in the plane, but he doesn’t know where Oscar is. Fajardo wants him to get back to the office and give him a call. Dave asks the two guys for a ride back to town. For no apparent reason, they were busy having a little cookout that they now abandon to drive Dave back.

So somehow now they’re looking for Arley at the hospital he’s at and he hears them on the radio talking about him not being on the upper floors. He runs from Ruiz, which pretty much gave him away, and ends up knocking him out and taking his gun.

Outside, Arley shoots a hapless security guard and then runs from Raúl, who shoots at him a couple of times and misses.


Joanna’s back to giving Moni crap again. She checked with her lawyer and they’re not going to extradite her for killing a Mexican citizen.

Joanna has her peeps drag Monica into a hallway so she can beat her up again. Moni pulls out her knife and slashes Joanna on the thigh. The gang scatters. Joanna whines that Monica’s won and she’ll leave her alone now.

Oh, Monica knows. But she slashes Joanna’s face as an extra reminder.

Club Evil

Yoli calls Dave. It takes two tries before he picks up. He’s still bitter about her defection, so he’s not really feeling the “I’m so glad you’re alive!” vibe.

Yeah, Yoli was flying the helicopter…and she turned at the last minute so they didn’t drop a grenade on him!

Uh huh, whatever.

She tries to explain again that she’s being forced to work for the Cartel, that they’re threatening the baby, that she DID have a plan, but it failed.

Dave moves on to telling her that John’s still alive and he doesn’t know about Oscar. Yoli only has a moment to take that in before she has to hang up. Vergara walks in.

Yoli claims she was just talking to the team about the runway. He complains about everything being a mess right now and how she’d better hope one of the bodies in the plane is John Lucio’s. Yoli wants to go see the runway in Tomuca and Vergara acts like he’s surprised she didn’t just go on her own.

The runway

Yoli and her driver find the coordinates for the runway, but she has him stop on the road so she can check things out on foot after she confirms with Olivia that she’s in the right place.

When she gets to the others, Lizbeth says the news is reporting that the bodies they found in the plane crash don’t belong to either Dave or John. Yep, Yoli talked to Dave, so she knows he’s alive, but she doesn’t know about John. Still, they need to get ready. She has a feeling this is when the “war” with the Lucios is really going to start. Even Zulima looks worried.


Dave makes it back to the office, where Ruiz and Raúl are both happy to see him. Raúl tells him about the two bodies in the plane and Dave says they belong to the pilot and the other agent. Oscar must have jumped, just like John did.

John, Santamaría, and that other guy find the greenhouse and hassle the two employees about a guy who fell nearby. So basically, Oscar fell through the greenhouse roof, he’s dead, and these two were like “Not my problem.” and just left him lying there.

John cries and reminisces. I suppose it’s all supposed to be very moving, but mostly it gives me some time to finish my Solitaire game.

Ruiz got a call that there’s a guy who fits the description of one of the Lucios. He doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive.

John’s still crying over Oscar. Nice job by the makeup department on the open wound in his forehead. John takes Oscar’s Lucio Brothers Secret Decoder Ring. I keep waiting for Santamaría to come over and tell him to get a move on, but nope…more memories, this time about the ring.

Finally Santamaría tells John the workers called the cops and they have to go.

They load the body up in the back of the car just before they hear the sirens. Once the guy from the greenhouse has gotten them far enough away, Santamaría thanks him for his help and kills him. He explains to John his “no loose ends” policy, although I’m thinking a trail of dead bodies is something of a loose end, no?

Anyway, John wants to go back to wherever Oscar was hiding and he and Santamaría can figure out what they’re going to do.

Dave and Raúl know Oscar’s dead, at least, but given that the body’s gone Dave figures John took it and is therefore still alive. But how did Oscar know when and where to find John?

Dave remembers Santamaría taking his phone. He doesn’t know if he’d team up with Oscar, but he’d do anything to find Yolanda.

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