La Piloto Monday 6/5/17 #65

Vergara and The Senator are definitely having some kidnappers’ remorse. Yoli’s not working out like they expected. The Senator is giving her a few more days to show some “results” or he wants her and her entire crew killed.

As for John, tomorrow is the election and The Senator is sweating. If he didn’t die in that plane crash, they need to find him.


Yoli checks out the new hangar. She figures it’s big enough for one plane and on helicopter, no? Olivia agrees. And Liz found them a plane online, with Wilmer’s help. He brings in his laptop to show Yoli pictures and it turns out it’s La Consentida.

Yoli takes an extended trip down memory lane. The last she heard, the feds had confiscated it. They tried to get it back that one time, but it was a trap. She has no idea why it’s being sold on the black market, but the price is good and it IS the plane she learned to fly in, so…she tells them to buy it.

Wilmer sets up a meeting for her. There’s just about enough money left for the plane and Yoli knows it’s going to piss John off that she owns it, so…bonus! She’s determined to make a trip to Colombia to talk to suppliers and buyers.

Mexico City

John is greeted with a round of applause that he’s quick to cut off. Oscar’s body is on the way and he wants it kept somewhere cool and dry until he can get it some expert attention.

Dave checks in with Fajardo. His bosses are upset about John getting away, but maybe the news of Oscar’s death will take some of the heat off. Dave tells him Santamaría seems to have teamed up with John.

Fajardo asks about the helicopter that showed up at the military base–could that have something to do with Yolanda? Dave pretends he doesn’t know, but Fajardo remembers their earlier conversation about how Dave’s interest in her seemed personal.

In the camper, Santamaría wants to start talking business, but John seems to be ignoring him. He asks Piraña to bring him Oscar’s stuff, including his computer, plus some clothes and a gun.

Then he turns on the TV and fumes as he watches Dave telling a bunch of reporters that John did escape, but refusing to say anything about Oscar or about how he got out of that plane alive. Santamaría says Oscar died because he failed at killing Dave. John doesn’t even respond to that, he just wants to make Dave pay for Oscar’s death.

Dave’s in Benavídez’ office suggesting they offer a reward for any info leading to John’s capture. Benavídez is about to make a call to get that going when John calls Dave’s cell phone.

Dave puts him on speaker and laughs at his threats–he’s not afraid of John! He warns him that Santamaría can’t be trusted–he emptied out Cielito Lindo. The best thing he can do is turn himself in and roll on the Cartel de las Sombras. John hangs up on him.

Santamaría notices John’s change of attitude after the phone call, but John says he’s just focused on getting to Dave. In that case, Santamaría knows where he’s staying. But he wants John to tell him where Yolanda is–he heard she’s working for some “Cartel de las Sombras.”

John denies having anything to do with them anymore, but if they get to Dave, they can use him as bait to draw her out. In that case, Santamaría will go get him tonight.

Piraña brings John Oscar’s stuff and the clothes John asked for. John gets all weepy over Oscar’s gloves and the fact that he had Piraña and the guys follow Santamaría to find out where he was living. “He was always two steps ahead.”

Now he’s gotta try to guess Oscar’s password to get into his computer.

Paredes, the guy who’s going to fix up Oscar’s body, shows up and after some small talk and some ridiculous platitudes about Oscar’s death (’cause seriously, “May God hold him in his glory”? Oscar?) he mentions that he was just hanging around on the Internet and saw that La Consentida is up for sale.

John checks it out on the computer and sure enough, it’s La Consentida. Bautista told him the feds had destroyed it. Paredes seems awfully invested in making sure John tries to buy it, but it doesn’t take much pushing to get John to make an offer for it.

Club Evil

Yoli, Zulima, and Wilmer arrive. Vergara’s testy. He summons them to the board room after giving them the news that Oscar’s dead, but John’s not.

Well, Yoli’s bothered by the idea that John’s still alive because she knows he’s never going to quit trying to come after her. Vergara angrily brags about how secure this house is and who does she think she’s working for. He demands an update on “the business.”

OK…well, they’ve got the runway. And they’ve got a lead on a plane, but it used to be John’s. And she thinks their best bet for building contacts is to find out who ended up with Salvador Moreno’s business in Colombia. Which means going to Miami and talking to him directly–something Yoli can’t do, Zuli won’t do and Wilmer….

“Why are you all looking at me like that?” Uh, ’cause you look like a guy with a tourist visa.

Vergara signs off on Yoli’s plan to have Wilmer fly out tonight, stay at a hotel, and visit Salvador in prison in the morning. Wilmer swears he can pull it off, but he’s super nervous.

Olivia’s likewise nervous about him going, but like he says he’s the only one the police aren’t looking for. He doesn’t have to be at the airport for a couple of hours and that sounds to Olivia like plenty of time for nookie.


Monica, her bloody hands, and her new knife take a little tour down the hall and into the rec area to make sure everybody knows who’s in charge now. She even makes sure to pocket the knife in front of one of the guards.


Dave has just finished whining to Benavídez about how poor Monica could really use a transfer to a low-security prison when Benavídez’ assistant announces that there’s a call for him. No, not Benavídez–Dave.

It’s Arley. He keeps calling Dave “stewardess” and telling him he needs a favor in exchange for some information Dave might find useful.

While Dave’s on his way to meet with Arley, Monica calls. She’s all casual about how she dealt with Joanna and she won’t be bothering her for a while. Dave fills her in on John’s new alliance with Santamaría and then says he’s gotta go–he’s meeting Arley.

John and Santamaría are waiting outside Monica’s apartment for Dave.

Raúl arrives at Monica’s place. Santamaría suggests they go after him instead, since Dave’s not here. He’s got Ruiz with him, though, and the taxi drove off, so we’ll see how that goes.

Club Evil

Yoli is showing Lizbeth some of the routes when Olivia and Wilmer make their very unsubtle reappearance. He, um, got Yoli a meeting to see the plane tomorrow at ten, near Tres Fuegos. Yeah, um, tomorrow.

Uh huh. Yoli’s sure she’ll be getting the details from Olivia.

She lists the route again and makes Wilmer repeat it, amid much giggling.

See ya, Oscar

John and the boys hold a little memorial service for Oscar. I’m not sure anybody but John really cares.


Dave meets Arley in some alley and takes his sweet time explaining that he doesn’t know where the baby is, because he doesn’t know where Yolanda is, and that the Cartel took the baby to pressure Yolanda into working for them.

Dave begs Arley for any info he can give him–the location of a warehouse, anything. He asks Arley to think about what he would do if he were Yolanda. Arley thinks she’d try to get herself some Colombian cocaine. And that she’d look for Salvador Moreno. Dave agrees.

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