La Piloto Tuesday 6/6/17 #66

The night before the election

This “goodbye” to Oscar is taking forever. John talks a lot, has a bunch of flashbacks. Paredes tells him their appointment with the seller is tomorrow at noon outside Tres Fuegos. (Two hours after Yoli’s appointment.)

The Senator calls Vergara to complain that he wants John dead tonight. And Vergara says he’ll take care of it, though I doubt he has anything resembling a plan. The Senator wants to enjoy tomorrow’s election without worrying about any unpleasant surprises.

Piraña calls John from outside the garage. John wants him to go in and look for guns or ammo…or the money that was stashed at Cielito Lindo.

Santamaría’s still outside Monica’s apartment. One police officer takes up guard outside the door while the other goes inside with Raúl. Ruiz calls to say he’s coming over, so Raúl dismisses the two officers. He remembers Liz promising not to leave him.

Outside, Santamaría watches the two officers walk away and then drive off.

Arley tells Dave he’ll keep thinking about it and call if he has any other ideas. And obviously, his whole thing is that he wants to find his son, but the “favor” he wanted to ask Dave for is to keep investigating Amanda’s death. He’s sure she was killed, but he doesn’t know if he believes John didn’t do it. Dave says he’ll get a report on the SUV that hit her from the feds.

Arley’s got one more tip–the Lucios’ mom is buried in Villa Antigua. He does a spot-on imitation of them saying whoever died first wanted to be buried with her. Dave can decide if he wants to follow up on that.

Santamaría sneaks into Monica’s building and Raúl finds her gun in the sideboard and takes up a strategic position in the dining room.

Piraña calls John to tell him he can’t find anything in the garage. John tells him to check the cars. He goes back to trying to guess Oscar’s laptop password.

Raúl gets off a shot through the fireplace between the dining room and living room, but Santamaría dodges. He laughs maniacally as she keeps shooting at Raúl. Raúl heads for the back stairs as Ruiz arrives.

Santamaría finds Raúl. He begs him not to shoot, but Santamaría does it anyway. Downstairs, Ruiz gets jumped by the guy Santamaría brought with him. They take him hostage while Raúl tries to figure out where he got shot.

Piraña finally finds the stash, but Santamaría has it rigged–he gets electrocuted when he grabs for the grill in the floor.

Dave calls Fajardo as he’s leaving the office to explain that he met with Arley, but he’s not going to arrest him for now. He asks if Fajardo can get him a list of Salvador Moreno’s visitors in prison. Fajardo will get on it tomorrow.

Dave has just hung up when Raúl makes it back to his cell phone and calls him. He says Santamaría attacked him, but he doesn’t know if he’s OK.

Yoli and Zulima head out to Villa Antigua and tell Liz to light a candle and pray they get the plane.

By the time Dave arrives at Monica’s, the paramedics and police have arrived and Raúl’s getting loaded into the back of an ambulance. Santamaría’s shot grazed his leg. He thinks Santamaría was actually looking for Dave. He realizes Ruiz is missing–his car’s right over there, but Raúl never saw him.

In the wood-panel station wagon, Santamaría has Ruiz pull over and get into the passenger seat. Dave calls. Santamaría wants him to answer, but Ruiz tries to fight him for his gun and Santamaría shoots him.

Santamaría gets back to John’s hideout, where John’s pissed off that he went out for Dave and came back with some other random dead cop. And as for Velasco, the guy John sent with him, he’s dead too. Santamaría snaps at John to have his “slaves” clean up the mess while he goes to wash his hands.

John complains about Santamaría not being able to follow orders, but Santamaría complains right back that he’s not used to working with amateurs. He has a plan, though. He’ll just call Dave and pretend the cop is still alive and get Dave to make a trade. John will believe it when he sees it.

At the hospital, Dave counsels patience while they wait for the x-ray results. Santamaría calls, trying to do his stupid “let’s trade” bluff, but Dave asks to talk to Ruiz. So, uh, no, there won’t be a trade.

John mocks Santamaría for failing again. Santamaría just tells him to have his men take care of the cop’s body. And he’ll see him tomorrow to continue “planning.”

John calls Piraña, waking him up. Piraña explains about the trap and has John stay on the line while he disables it. Oh yeah, the briefcases (which sound pretty empty) are all under the grate and Piraña’s bringing them back.

Dave and Raúl talk next moves. Dave’s going to check out the cemetery in Villa Antigua, like Arley suggested. He remembers telling Yoli she could count on him…and Santamaría telling him he wanted to punish Yolanda.

Santamaría gets back to the garage and sees it open, unlocked, with all the lights on. From his reaction when he sees the moved grate, looks like the money was indeed in the briefcases.

Election day

Vergara watches the news. Sinisterra and Camacho are the front-runners. Results will be in later today.

Lizbeth gets driven somewhere and asks her driver to leave her alone for a minute. She ponders calling Raúl.

Raúl’s also watching the news about the election in his hospital rom. He takes the call from Lizbeth. She’s alarmed when she hears he’s in the hospital. Raúl tells her Santamaría’s after Yolanda and they’re all in danger. He wants to know where she is, but Lizbeth reminds him Rosalba and the baby are being held hostages.

She refuses to tell him where they are. She knows he and Dave want to help, but she can’t go against Yolanda. It’s best if they don’t talk again. She shouldn’t have called, but…she missed him. Raúl hangs up on her.


Wilmer checks in with Olivia. He’s just leaving the airport. He had no problem getting through.

He asks for an update on the plane, but Olivia thinks Yoli’s just getting to her appointment.

Tres Fuegos

John calls Paredes. He made it to Villa Antigua OK and Oscar is, uh, ok too. John reminds him he wants Oscar looking perfect. He’ll head over as soon as he’s seen about the plane.

John radios his guys, expecting this meeting to be a trap. He doesn’t plan on paying anything for “his” property.

Yolanda and her team arrive to check out the plane and the seller is…Vaquero. The guy she sent to drop Rosalba off at the bus station, who used to be her bodyguard when they were at Aerotours.

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