La Piloto Wednesday 6/7/17 #67

Once Yoli and Vaquero establish that neither of them is working for the Lucios and Zuli gets everyone to put their guns down, he explains that he’s gone into business for himself. He got a tip that they were going to dismantle La Consentida and he thought that sounded like a waste so he stole it during transport.

Yoli checks it out and it is indeed La Consentida. Vaquero would be more than happy to sell it to her now and tell the guy checking it out later not to bother showing up. Yoli has her guy hand over the money while she remembers all the good times in La Consentida with John.

She and Vaquero banter about it missing pieces and dismantling it so she can drive it back home. John pulls up outside and starts firing.

Yoli starts screaming about taking off in the plane. John decides to announce his identity and Yoli and Vaquero start shooting in his general direction for all they’re worth while some of the others raise the hangar door. Yoli, Zulima, Vaquero, and one of the guys Yoli brought with her manage to get into the plane and get away, thanks to John not wanting anyone to shoot his baby.

Unfortunately, one of Yoli’s guys got left behind alive. He lives long enough to tell John Yolanda’s the one who took his plane, but he won’t say where. John shoots him.

Yoli has Zuli try to call him, but John picks up instead. On speaker, he tells Yoli to bring his plane back or it’s war. Uh, then what was it before? Eh, before he was just going to kill her. Now he’s going to kill her entire crew and then hand her over to the Coronel.

Yoli tells him to go to hell and forget about ever seeing La Consentida again.

Unfortunately, John and his guys get away with the money Yoli was paying Vaquero for the plane.

Lucio HQ

Santamaría drives in, looking for John, having forgotten he’s out in Tres Fuegos checking out the plane. He demands to be shown where the guns and money are so he can do an inventory.

Uh…no. And Piraña doesn’t care if he’s John’s “partner” he only takes orders from John.

Santamaría starts trying to search on his own, but he gets into a fight with Piraña and has to be subdued by three other guys.

Piraña calls John and interrupts him reminiscing about Yoli on his way to the cemetery. He explains what happened, but he’s sure Santamaría doesn’t actually know they have his money.

Piraña wants permission to kill him already, but John wants him kept tied up. He’ll take care of him himself once he gets back. John remembers Santamaría coming to see him in prison.


Lizbeth sneaks in to see Raúl, who’s just on his way out. Olivia calls her, frantic, hoping she hasn’t left Club Evil or Vergara’s going to be pissed. Lizbeth says she just wanted to see Raúl. She’s not going to talk to him, but she feels better having seen him from afar.

Or anear, since now he comes around the corner and Liz starts running away from him.


Wilmer gets in to see Salvador. Right off, Salvador assumes he’s a reporter and he wants it clear he didn’t do any of the stuff they’ve accused him off. He’s just a farmer.

Uh huh, well, Wilmer’s not a reporter. He’s a friend of Yolanda’s. Salvador’s memories of Yolanda aren’t that great and he’s ready to end the convo, but Wilmer convinces him to stay and talk about…the rice export business. Yolanda’s prepared to offer a good price for his…rice. Sure, Salvador’s in prison, but he must have someone running the business while he’s away? Oh, his old clients? Yoli’s working for them. Wilmer suggests he take the deal because one way or another Yoli’s gotta get…rice…so he might as well profit from it or some other…farmer…will.

OK Salvador’s on board to supply Yoli with…rice. He needs Wilmer to memorize a number–he starts flashing his fingers at him–and call the person at that number. But he HAS to start off the call with “Dime pajarito, por qué hoy estás triste.” otherwise he’s wasted the trip.

Wilmer assures him he’ll remember. No offense, but Salvador hopes Wilmer won’t be the one going to Colombia ’cause they’ll eat him for breakfast.

Wilmer leaves and Salvador remembers showing Dave Yolanda’s medallion and telling him he tried to kill Yolanda while she was at Santamaría’s base.

Heading home

Zuli calls Olivia from the plane to tell her they’re on the way and ask her to be at the runway.

Vaquero’s not doing so good. Zuli looks at him nervously as he tries not to puke on her.

Olivia’s getting ready to head out when Estela comes in to find out about the plane. Yeah, they got it. She needs Estela to stay and keep an eye on things because Vergara can NOT find out that Lizbeth went out. Estela tries to brag about how Yoli got her bod and her ‘tude from her, but Olivia’s like “Yeah, yeah, gotta go!”

Yoli gets the plane landed in Tomuca and Vaquero makes a run for it so he can puke on land. Yoli’s bummed they lost that one guy, but Zuli reminds her it was for a good cause–sticking it to John.

Olivia shows up and Zuli can’t wait to tell her what happened.

Vaquero comes over and apologizes for splashing Zuli’s shoes. He remembers Olivia, but it takes her a minute to remember him. He explains he was trying to sell the plane to get some money to live off of, but now he’s got no plane and no money. Yoli offers him a job, but he’s gotta help them with the Lucios’ old contacts. He really doesn’t want to, but if it’s that or starve, he’s in.

Yoli says she’ll call him later and he wanders off. Olivia explains that Lizbeth isn’t with her because she went to see Raúl. But Oli swears she already told her to come back!

Club Evil

Vergara’s watching election news when Estela comes in to get some of the good booze. She tries to strike up a conversation, saying if she’d been able to vote, she would have voted for Camacho. There’s something about Sinisterra she just doesn’t like. Vergara tells her to shut up and get out. A typical response where Estela’s concerned.


John calls Paredes to make sure everything’s ready. He’s got the place all cleared out and the padre and the musicians waiting for John’s arrival.

Dave is JUST NOW rounding up two other agents to go to the cemetery with him.

Usually I like mariachi, but damn, can we just be DONE with Oscar and the endless goodbye already?

Praying, praying, John’s memories, more mariachi. John sings. Don’t quit your day job John. Actually, you’re not that great at the day job either.

And Dave’s stillllll on his way.

The priest sprinkles holy water on Oscar’s casket and on John. There is no sizzling. John tops the casket with a couple of guns and a carnation. And suddenly he realizes the password to the laptop is “toro viejo” after Oscar’s favorite mariachi song that the band has been playing.

John runs back to the SUV and puts in the password. Oscar had that video of him talking to Vergara and The Senator up on the screen.

John watches Oscar’s fake apology to Vergara and The Senator and praises him for always being there.

Dave and his guys finally pull up, looking super casual. He watches the mariachi’s starting to wander away while Paredes gets a scolding for the priest. He had no notice! There were armed men! It’s immoral! Dave remembers arresting him at the funeral home that one time.

And he walks over now and arrests him again.

John gets a panicked call over the radio that the feds arrived. He warns the others and tells his driver to take off.

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